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30 Jan
#बसंत_पंचमी #शहीद_दिवस

वीरों का कैसा हो बसंत

आ रही हिमालय से पुकार
है उदधि गजरता बार-बार
प्राची पश्चिम भू नभ अपार
सब पूछ रहेहैं दिग-दिगंत
वीरों का कैसा हो बसंत

फूली सरसों नेदिया रंग
मधु लेकर आ पहुँचा अनंग
वधु वसुधा पुलकित अंग-अंग
है वीर देश में किंतुं कंत
वीरों का कैसा हो वसंत
भर रही कोकिला इधर तान
मारू बाजे पर उधर गान
है रंग और रण का विधान
मिलने को आए हैं आदि अंत-
वीरों का कैसा हो वसंत

गलबाँहें हों या हो कृपाण
चलचितवन हो या धनुषबाण
हो रसविलास या दलितत्राण
अब यही समस्या है दुरंत-
#वीरों का कैसा हो #वसंत
कह दे अतीत अब मौन त्याग
लंके तुझमें क्यों लगी आग
ऐ कुरुक्षेत्र अब जाग-जाग
बतला अपने अनुभव अनंत-
वीरों का कैसा हो वसंत

हल्दीघाटी के शिला खंड
ऐ दुर्ग सिंहगढ़ के प्रचंड
राणा ताना का कर घमंड
दो जगा आज स्मृतियाँ ज्वलंत-
वीरों का कैसा हो बसंत
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5 Jan
योगी मतलब शक्ति, योगी मतलब भक्ति
योगी मतलब विकास, योगी मतलब इतिहास
योगी मतलब धैर्य, योगी मतलब बल
योगी मतलब शिक्षा, योगी मतलब दीक्षा
योगी मतलब ज्ञान, योगी मतलब विज्ञान
योगी मतलब धर्म, योगी मतलब कर्म

@myogiadityanath @narendramodi

#श्रेष्ठप्रदेश_उत्तरप्रदेश #एकभारत_श्रेष्ठभारत Image
@myogiadityanath @narendramodi @myogioffice @PMOIndia @BJP4India @BJP4UP @RSSorg @VarierSangitha @_ankahi @AB_BJP #BestCMYogiJi

Biggest achievements of @myogiadityanath ji are :

1. Elimination of all dreaded gangsters by police encounters & rounding up surrendered criminals for faster expedited conviction process set up.This has brought tremendous change in Law&Order situation in whole UP Image
2. Total improvement in power situation: Like Varanasi UP used to get only few hours of power everyday. Now it's 24 hrs in whole UP.

3. #BestCMYogiJi has embarked on a big transformational building of infrastructure on a very big scale totally unprecedented in history of UP. Image
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30 Dec 19
A brief look at General #BipinRawat, India's first #ChiefOfDefenceStaff #CDS

General Bipin Rawat, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, ADC, who has been named as the first Chief of Defence Staff of the country, has had an illustrious and long career as an officer of the Indian Army.
General #BipinRawat #CDS took over as the 27th Chief of Army Staff about three years ago on December 31, 2016. Before being appointed as the Army chief, Gen Rawat was tenanting the appointment of the Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) of the Indian Army from September 01, 2016.
General #BipinRawat is an alumnus of St. Edward School, Shimla, & the NDA, Khadakwasla. He was commissioned in the 5th Battalion of the Eleven Gorkha Rifles in December 1978, from IMA, Ddn, where he was awarded the ‘Sword of Honour’.
@Ramesh_BJP @adgpi @vanitajain21 @Hamara_Desh
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25 Dec 19
A detailed thread on the life and facts of #BharathRatna Sri #AtalBihariVajpayee Ji: A visionary, statesman, politician, leader of people, and loved by all. In his political career which spanned several decades, he created a legacy which will ensure that he'll never be forgotten.
A respectable figure & one of the greatest politicians of India. Also known as the “#BhishmaPitamah” of Indian politics,#AtalJi's personality was able to win over not only all the countrymen but also his oppositions. He was a gem of a politician who always put his #country first.
He was born on 25 December 1924 in Gwalior.

His father was Pandit Krishan Bihari Vajpayee.

He was a teacher. His mother's name was Krishna.

He studied at Victoria College, Gwalior, which is now Laxmibai College. He joined the RSS as a student & became a national level debater.
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16 Dec 19
My take on the recent Delhi Violence and Protest.

Views are personal, kindly give your inputs and suggestions so that such law and order situations should not happen again, anywhere.

@narendramodi @PMOIndia @AmitShah @HMOIndia @Ramesh_BJP @vanitajain21 @VarierSangitha
1. Debate, discussion and dissent are essential parts of democracy but, violent protests shouldn't be encouraged at any cost, by anyone, be it a student, politician, or a common person.
2. Strict action should be taken on the people spotted in the video destroying public property, all sections related to such crimes, should be put on such people, so that tomorrow, people don't try to repeat such a thing.
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14 Dec 19
Amit Shah Ji: The #NewIronMan of #NewIndia

The Man who Transformed #India: The #Chanakya of Indian Politics

The #MasterStrategist @AmitShah ji @HMOIndia

A thread worth reading
@BJP4India @Ramesh_BJP @SoniaGurnani19 @AB_BJP @vanitajain21 @VarierSangitha @nrajabpcl @ProfSRK
Amit Shah full name Sri Amit Anilchandra Shah, is a famous Indian Politician.
Currently he is the Minister of Home Affairs & an active President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 2014.
This leader is the Chief strategist of the #BJP & a close aide to #PM @narendramodi ji.
Mr. Shah was born to Sri Anil Chandra Shah on 22 October 1964 in Mumbai, a businessman from Mansa, who owned a successful PVC pipe business.
He was born in a wealthy well-to-do Gujarati Hindu Baniya family.
Amit Shah married to Smt. Sonal Shah and are blessed with a son Jay Shah.
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30 Nov 19
A. The Crusade against corruption should be taken to its logical conclusion.

B. Population Control Law is a necessity that must be immediately brought.
C. To Improve the Quality of Life in Urban India, Access to clear Air, Water, Land should be declared the basic right, with 100% mandatory waste recycling.

D. To Improve Life Quality in rural India, Dumping ground for waste shouldn't be shifted to rural areas outside cities
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29 Nov 19
A detailed #thread on the important #schemes launched by Sri #NarendraModi led #BJP Govt.

Sri @narendramodi ji has launched many #welfare schemes. These #schemes varies from welfare of #Farmers, #housewives, #labourers, #students to small #shopkeepers etc.
@PMOIndia @BJP4India
1. PM-KISAN: This scheme promises to pay all poor #farmers (small and marginal farmers having lands up to 2 hectares) Rs 6,000 each every year in 3 installments through Direct #Bank Transfer. It would reportedly benefit around 14.5 crore farmers all over #India.
2. Pradhan Mantri #Kisan Pension Yojana: To address the problems of farm sector distress, the Modi 2.0 Cabinet has approved a proposal to provide small and marginal #farmers with a minimum Rs 3,000 per #month fixed #pension, costing Rs 10,774.5 crore per annum to the exchequer.
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28 Nov 19
As requested by many, here is the thread on the #Vintage #Photographs Of #Indian Politicians From Their Younger Days.

1. #BharatRatna Shri #AtalBihariVajpayee Ji: was an #Indian #politician, #statesman, and #poet who served three terms as the #PrimeMinister of #India.
2. Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri #NarendraModi @narendramodi Ji: The man who changed the Nation, serving his second consecutive term as the #PM of India @PMOIndia. The nation is very thankful to him for improving India's image globally.
3. Shri Lal Krishna Advani Ji: One of the co-founders and a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He served as the 7th Deputy Prime Minister of India from 2002 to 2004 under Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. He also served as Minister of Home Affairs @LKAdvaniBJP_
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