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27 Sep
[How #Beiing treats #ClimateStrike at home]

1. While #China claims to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, it is better for the world to draw attention to how this world’s biggest carbon emitter actually treats green activists at home.…
2. Brave teen activist @howey_ou told @VICE, she was once taken to #police station after calling for #ClimateAction outside local gov offices. During interrogation, cops asked her about how she knew about #ClimateChange, why she protests every day and all ppl who had talked to me Image
3. She described green activism isn’t welcome at home when public criticism is viewed as acts of defiance and harshly punished, "It’s all about authority. They weren’t concerned about science or the planet at all.” Image
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25 Sep
[Cultural Revolution 2.0 in #Hongkong]

1. @mingpaocom reported, pro-#CCP lawmaker Junius Ho sent #China’s Liaison Office’s new directive to #Beijing loyalists’ chat group, urging for a “struggle against the three big mountains in #HK - legal, education & social service”. Image
2. For legal struggle, CCP reportedly calls for “more influence in judge nomination” & “requiring judges attending pro-China courses”. Edu struggle means sacking pro-democracy teachers & cancelling liberal studies, while struggle in social service demands NGOs supporting gov.
3. Twenty-four hours after Beijing’s directive of “new struggles” was leaked, CCP mouthpieces blasted the city's chief justice, #GeoffreyMa, for just reiterating the principle of judicial impartiality and refusing judicial reforms in the city. Image
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24 Sep
[Court rejects Joshua Wong bid over disqualification]

1/ As the only candidate being censored out from ballot in the 2019 District council election. I applied for Judicial review and to appeal how do returning officers just have abuse of power.
2/ Unfortunately the judge of high court claim that it could not be discussed or go through the process of judicial review. However, the civil servant, just act as the Beijing loyalist, just follow command of Beijing.…
3/ Even they violate the constitution of Hong Kong. It should be discussed in the court via judicial review procedure. And not being narrowly handled within the election petition procedure.…
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22 Sep
[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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21 Sep
[When even reporter's daughter was under #Beijing threat]

1. Really horrified to know the intimidation former #ABC reporter #MatthewCarney faced. #Chinese cops summoned even his 14yo daughter for investigation & threatened to detain her in a secret place…
2. Since 2016, Matthew was repeatedly harassed by Chinese authorities. After he decided to cover #Uyghur #ReeducationCamps in #Xinjiang, he and his crew were surrounded by 20+ security police. Cops even suddenly knocked on his door and asked about daily activities at midnight.
3. One night when Matthew woke up, he found his phone was remotely hacked by someone who accessed, thoroughly searched his email account and found an email concerning #TankMan footage from #TiananmenSquareMassacre.
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21 Sep
[#HKers doxxed by #Russia-based pro-#China website]

1. @AFP finds a shady site #HKLeaks ramps up doxxing campaign against pro-democracy #HKers from politicians, teachers, journalists, businessmen, ordinary citizens to expats, w/ names & addresses posted…
2. Promoted by #Beijing loyalists and #CCP’s state mouthpiece, this #Russia-based website moved its domain multiple times and now migrated to Pakistani domain address. While 2000+ #Hongkongers were doxxed, #Hkpolice has charged no one over the doxxing campaign until now.
3. Similar #China-style snooping model may expand overseas, esp when #Chinese #military contractor #Zhenhua Data was found snooping 2.4M+ of politicians, businessmen, academics, celebrities & individuals. Clearly Zhenhua is just the tip of the iceberg.…
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21 Sep
【Family members of Hong Kong residents being held in secret detention: No News and Whereabouts of 12 Hong Kong People Suspected to Have Been Kidnapped in Hong Kong Waters Relatives Ask Police to Investigate Thoroughly】… Image
1/ The Chinese authorities are detaining 12 Hong Kong people at the Yantian Detention Centre in Shenzhen. After their families held a press conference last week (12 September) and expressed 4 demands, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments have yet to respond formally.
2/ They only shirked responsibility and confused the public with mere excuses. However, up to now, the lawyers appointed by the families have been refused to meet with the detainees. The conditions of the so-called arrested persons are still known only to the authorities.
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19 Sep
【Global Petition: Immediate Return of the 12 HK Detainees from Mainland China!】…

We urge people to sign on the petition that translated into Deutsche, Français, Español, Italiano, にほんご, 한국어, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, فارسی. @save12hkyouths #savehk12youths Image
【Menschenrechte der HKer*innen bewahren und die chinesische Regierung zur Freilassung von 12 inhaftierten Hongkongern auffordern】

Die Rechte der Hongkonger*innen zu bewahren und die 12 Inhaftierten sofort von Festlandchina nach HK zurückzuholen.… Image
【Petición global:¡Proteja los derechos humanos de HK! Pide al gobierno chino que devuelva a los 12 hongkoneses arrestados】

Solicitamos al gobierno de Hong Kong que proteja los derechos de la gente de HK y que los lleve inmediatamente de China a HK.… Image
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18 Sep
[First judge resigns amid #nationalsecuritylaw]

1. Appalled to hear that our prominent #Australian judge James Spigelman resigned from #HK appeals court over #NSL, days after #Beijing claims there is no separation of powers in HK…
2. Spigelman is the first senior judge to resign under #NSL, which allows city leader to select judges to handle national security cases. It sends an alarm signal to the world about the erosion of autonomy and judicial independence that this international financial hub relies on.
3. #HKers can also be taken to #China’s courts w/o legal access, just like #12hkyouths now detained for nearly one month. Their family-instructed lawyers are reportedly forced to quit the case under #Beijing's pressure.
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17 Sep
[HK judge hails pro-#CCP assailant while he stabs activist and throws death threat at me]

1. A pro-#Beijing assailant, Wong, was hailed by #HK judge for his “passion to society” while Wong stabbed democracy ex-lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung with a pointed metal chisel. Image
2. Wong said if he has a gun, he will use it to shoot Leung. He even publicly threw death threats on court, saying "Joshua Wong & Ted Hui must die”. But without slamming his reckless words, judge praised Wong for being “willing to contribute to society" and released him on bail. Image
3. That’s another case that #Hongkong judges biasedly praise pro-#Beijing assailants. Earlier in April, HK judge hailed another assailant for having "noble sentiments” after he slashed three #HKers with beef knife, causing one's lung collapsed and wounds on their necks and backs. Image
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17 Sep
Twitter Suspends Account of Chinese Virologist Who Claimed Coronavirus Was Made in a Lab

1/ After publishing a report over the origins of the widespread Coronavirus, virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan who fled #China recently, had her Twitter account blocked.…
2/ Despite Yan’s disputed claim, suspending a user’s account is unusual, deviating from Twitter’s latest policy of labelling controversial posts since May.
3/ The repercussions brought by #Covid-19, ranging from pandemic and public health management, to economic consequences and geopolitical implications are unprecedentedly far-reaching.
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16 Sep
[#Portugese 🇵🇹 & #UK’s #BNO holders 🇬🇧 detained in #China for over 3 weeks]

1. Of the 12 #HKers detained in #China, one is reportedly #Portuguese passport holder while another two are #BNO holders. They are held w/o legal access, sparking growing concern of inhumane treatment. Image
2. It is worrying, under #nationalsecuritylaw, foreign passport holders are deprived of basic rights of access to family-appointed lawyers, which is claimingly promised in #China’s law, esp when 4 lawyers were forced to quit the case due to unusual pressure from #CCP authorities.
3. The twelve could be in China custody for a long time, without any trace. This worse scenario may unveil a new form of Chinese hostage diplomacy under growing tension between #EU & #China
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12 Sep
[My oped in @Independent: No one knows what happened to the 12 Hongkong asylum seekers China detained]…

Two weeks on with no further updates about their situations, it seems they've been thrown into a black hole of indefinite detention...
1/ As Beijing chips away at the city’s freedoms and our way of life, some Hongkongers choose to risk their lives and flee for asylum by speedboat. Two weeks ago, on 23 August, 12 asylum seekers were captured. They are now being detained in China.
2/ Under the national security law, it could be the first case that HKers will send to China’s court. Under the stricter legislation and criminal laws in China, all detainees may face graver offences. Throughout the criminal justice process, it could be a complete black box.
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9 Sep
[My oped in @washingtonpost: China is targeting and arresting HK dissidents. I could be next.…]

1/ To many dissidents in HK, one of the immediate effects of the new national security law is being forced to accept hostile strangers walking into our lives.
2/ I faced harassment from what appear to be state-supported personnel. Most often, they have waited outside my meeting places and taken photographs, possibly to report my whereabouts to national security agency. Or they are simply sending a message: that they are watching me.
3/ I have imagined what would happen if I were detained and sent to China. The physical mistreatment and deprivation of liberty and human dignity seem inevitable. Being separated from my beloved family and friends would also be heartbreaking.
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9 Sep
[An Open Letter to #BobChapek, CEO Walt @Disney Company]

Dear Mr. Chapek,

1/ Since the release of its teaser trailer last year, Mulan has already been under heavy global criticism.
2/ A few days ago, it was reported that Disney offers "special thanks" in its credits to eight government entities in Xinjiang where re-education camps are reportedly located, including the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security.
3/ According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security is responsible for running at least 14 re-education camps in the area "to extrajudicially detain minorities."
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9 Sep
[Arrests at #hkprotests hit 10,000 milestone]

1. Since #HongKongProtests last year, 10,000+ HKers were arrested with nearly 400 arrests solely in the past two months. It implies in every 700 #Hongkongers, one has been detained due to protests or #hkpolice’s arbitrary arrests. Image
2. While most are charged w/ rioting & illegal assemblies, the figure clearly indicates freedom of assembly is under assault amid #Beijing’s mounting influence. With the prosecution rate much lower than arrests, it suggests arbitrary arrest is a tactic to scare off protesters.
3. In fact, #policebrutality intensifies, especially with pregnant woman and 12yo girl forcibly tackled to ground, and a #HKer dragged along the ground just because he urged resuming election & demand releasing 12 HK #Asylumseekers now detained in #China’s prison. #save12hkyouth
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6 Sep
[On now-cancelled Election Day, I was tailed by unknown agents for 1.5 hours]

1. On the day supposed to be our election day, I was tailed by 4 unknown cars AGAIN for 1.5 hours+. At least one five-seater, one seven-seater Honda & one motorbike kept following me from east to west. ImageImageImage
2. Clearly #Beijing and #hkpolice attempt to create fear today when #Hongkongers staged protests urging gov to resume the #LegCo2020 election, opposing DNA collection and #nationalsecuritylaw and releasing 12 #hkers detained in #China.
3. #Police even fired pepper balls at #HKers that chanted “voting is a right” and expressed support to #Thailand and #Belarus, with nearly 100 arrested. #MilkTeaAlliance ImageImageImageImage
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5 Sep
[From elected lawmaker to exiled freedom fighter, in four years time]

1. Four years ago today, my former colleague @nathanlawkc was elected as the youngest lawmaker in #Hongkong's history. Four years later, he is forced into exile. Image
2. At that time it was like a miracle when the final result was announced. Everybody cheered with joy at the central counting centre, with hopes in our eyes to make some changes in the rigged system that had lost its touch with the people completely. Image
3. Four years ago, no one would believe what had happened in #HK, with #policebrutality, arbitrary prosecution, draconian #NationalSecurityLaw, censorship, disqualification, election cancellation and media meltdown, with 9000+ #HKers arrested and 12 youths now detained in #China. ImageImageImageImage
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4 Sep
[Trapped in the black hole -
After two-week detention in #China, still no update abt 12 HK #AsylumSeekers]

1. Only thing we know is they are all taken to detention centre in #Shenzhen & Chinese cops will decide whether to arrest them formally by Oct 1, according to #China’s law
2. But even after the arrest, there's still a huge question mark on when they will be prosecuted, put on trial and how long trial will last. Prosecution can be further delayed if Chinese prosecutors claim they need “supplementary investigation”. It will be like an endless tunnel.
3. Under #China's law, suspects can be released on bail. But in reality, especially when all the #asylumseekers may face further charges under #China's #nationalsecuritylaw and other criminal laws, the chance of bail is slim.
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3 Sep
[In every 700 #Hongkongers, one was arrested because of #HongKongProtests]

1. Since the outbreak of #HKprotests last year, 9672 #HKers have been arrested when they protested against injustice, with 2093 prosecuted.
2. With arrestees from 11yo kid to 84yo elderly, #hkpolice is now staging the biggest political purge across generations in the city, especially at the time when #hkgov attempting to rewrite history, whitewash #policebrutality and censor textbooks.
3. You may wonder what #HKers can still do under draconian #nationalsecuritylaw, arbitrary arrests, unchecked police violence that even targets pregnant women, and also the detentions of 12 asylum seekers in #China, with their fate still unknown for nearly 2 weeks.
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2 Sep

1/ 黄さんの外見だけをあげつらって投稿されたものと思われるが、当の黄さんは積極的に反応。回り回って本人の名を冠したチーズ牛丼が生まれてしまった。 Image
2/ ちなみに周庭さんも自身のYouTubeチャンネルで「チー牛」騒動に言及。黄さんについて「楽しんでいるというか、あまり気にしていないので、彼は日本で器が大きいと褒められました」と紹介している。…
3/ そして紆余曲折を得て発売されたのが「黄芝丼(黄之鋒のチーズ牛丼)」。本人のフェイスブックによると、香港の飲食店で食べられるという。

本家「すき家」にはありつけなかった黄さんだが、自身の名を冠したチーズ牛丼は「Wow~Oishi~!!!(原文ママ)」と感想を語っている。 Image
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