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1/ Finally, they're on trial.
I have love and hate feelings on 47 #HongKong pro-democracy primary candidates & organisers. Some of them were my close friends and allies for years while some launched smear campaigns against me simply b/c I boycotted.

2/ Setting all political differences aside, they shouldn't be jailed in the first place. It is the Peking which implanted the draconian #NationalSecurityLaw through the backdoor in the Basic Law to make things which is perfectly legal on the books become "illegal".
3/ Most of the 47 defendants were with good guys: They want #HongKong to be a better & fairer place for everyone. And they have been doing that for years or even decades. I was glad to walk w/ them.

Claudia Mo's 2nd LegCo campaign in 2012.
Roy Tam & I in Occupy Movement in 2014.
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What an honour. A full page in #HongKong's #CCP Ta Kung Pao

First they deny me entry

Then they send me, my neighbours, mother & employers threats, lobby UK MPs to try to silence me, and send fake emails

Then they threaten me under #NationalSecurityLaw

Now it's Ta Kung Pao :)
To break it down, bit by bit, here's the first part :)

My response: if speaking out for the freedoms, democracy, human rights, rule of law & autonomy which #HongKong was promised under an international treaty and which #CCP has betrayed is a crime, then I plead very, very guilty
I did live in #HongKong for the first five years after the handover, from 1997-2002, where I worked as a journalist.

I love #HK and #HongKongers

If criticising #CCP and its quislings in HK is a crime, then I plead guilty - but guilty of telling the truth, not guilty of smearing
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A huge privilege to be at the totally packed London premiere of @RoOT_film, a profoundly moving & powerful film about #HongKong's #FightForFreedom, & Q&A with the courageous director afterwards

Huge congratulations to @nathanlawkc @HKFF_UK /
It was deeply moving to sing Glory to Hong Kong at the end & give the director standing applause along with hundreds of wonderful #HongKongers

This film is banned in #HongKong & I probably committed another #NationalSecurityLaw crime by going to see it, but I highly recommend it
I urge everyone who has the opportunity to go see @RoOT_film

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THREAD: Some reflections on @ReginaIplau very kind tribute to my work & that of @hk_watch, which is much appreciated


1. I was denied entry to #HongKong by #CCP in Oct 2017. So if she wants to draw parallels between me & #ChristineLee, perhaps UK should expel Ms Lee? /
2. The parallel, however, is ridiculous. I do not live in #HongKong, I have not influenced anyone in #HK, I have not donated any money to anyone in HK. I have merely expressed opinions & conducted advocacy in support of the wishes of #HongKongers.

In contrast to Ms Lee/
3. Ms Lee has allegedly donated funds to political parties in UK, gained access to Parliament, and, it seems, may have spied and lied on behalf of the #CCP

I have never even visited Legco in #HongKong (I went to old Legco when I lived there from 1997-2002 but that's different)/
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The verdict of HKSAR v Ma Chun Man, aka the 2nd #NationalSecurityLaw trial in #Hongkong,is expected to be given today. Ma’s case is indeed the 1st #NSL case that involves solely #SpeechCrime of incitement & that the defendant at first brought #humanrights arguments to the court.
A brief overview of his case can be found at @hkfp…
We will soon know whether the court will appreciate human rights jurisprudence that complies with international and comparative human rights law in its verdict, and follow the 1st NSL verdict that dismissed the critical review of the safeguarding human rights in NSL context.
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THREAD: Mr Tang: Wrong!

Your quisling government & its #CCP puppet masters are to blame

You, your police officers, your fellow quisling proxy zombies & the dictatorship you slavishly work for are covered in blood, Mr Tang

And in the next tweet in this thread I'll explain why/
Point by point:

1. If #CCP had kept its promise to allow "one country, two systems" & "#HongKong people running HongKong" & upheld basic freedoms, human rights & rule of law, we would not see the tragedy we see today/
2. If your quisling regime had not introduced the idiotic extradition bill in 2019, we might not be where we are today

3. If your quisling regime had listened to the millions of totally peaceful #HongKongers in 2019, we would not be where we are today
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THREAD: Yesterday we commemorated 4 anniversaries:

- 100th birthday of Chinese Communist Party
- 24th anniversary of #HongKong handover
- 1st anniversary of #NationalSecurityLaw
- 1st anniversary of #BNO policy

3 that represent death & destruction, one which offers a lifeline/
So for the four anniversaries, I wrote three op-eds and chaired one webinar

In case you missed them:

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1/ As Hong Kong slides ever deeper into authoritarianism, with the media, courts and arts scene being censored and repressed, more young people make the difficult choice to flee the city…
2/ We must ensure their safety, to preserve and protect the spirit and people of Hong Kong

Exodus of young people from Hong Kong.

Under the crushing fear of the draconian security law, young people are reluctantly leaving Hong Kong in droves to find safety & freedom elsewhere.

In particular, activists and anyone associated with the pro-democracy movement in the city simply do not feel safe anymore in their home city.…
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Internet censorship in #HongKong: A company that approves internet domain in #HongKong said they will now reject any sites that could incite “illegal acts." This is viewed as part of the repercussion that stems from the controversial #NationalSecurityLaw.…
Holders of .hk domains were advised of the policy change on Thursday, sources told Reuters, hours after internet service provider Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) said it had blocked access to HKChronicles, a site that offers information about the anti-government protest.
HKBN said it had blocked the website, which also publishes personal information on Hong Kong police officers, in compliance with the national security law, the first such censorship in the city of its kind.
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A #HongKong internet provider confirmed that it has blocked access to a website following a police order, making it the first such case since the #NationalSecurityLaw came into effect last July.…
"Internet users noticed the website HKChronicles was unreachable from some Hong Kong-based devices last week, and its owner put out a statement saying she believed authorities were blocking access."
"Police declined to comment, but on Thursday Hong Kong Broadband Network -- one of the city's internet service providers -- confirmed a takedown order had been issued.
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Hong Kong police arrested dozens under the China-imposed #NationalSecurityLaw in the biggest sweep yet.
- Arrests include lawmakers and activists Alvin Yeung, James To, Lam Cheuk-ting, Claudia Mo, Benny Tai
- Arrests by police’s national security branch
🇭🇰 Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Benny Tai arrives at the Ma On Shan police station after being arrested.

He is among dozens of people taken into custody on suspicion of violating the China-imposed national security law #香港 #戴耀廷
🇭🇰 UPDATE: Hong Kong police have arrested American lawyer John Clancey, who served as treasurer for the opposition primary election organizers, according to Jonathan Man, a partner at Ho Tse Wai & Partners #香港

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1. While #China imposed a new law that can expel elected lawmakers directly, HK regulators attempted to comfort foreign investors in this int'l city by claiming "financial institutions can implement US sanctions" w/o fear of violating #nationalsecuritylaw…
2. However, the advice completely contradicts #CCP's latest political red line, from its new sanction toolkits #UnreliableEntityList on foreign companies to the escalating economic sanctions on #Australia.…
3. When even #China's tech giant #AntIPO was suddenly halted, with recent restrictions on #Alibaba, it becomes doubtful whether foreign firms will be spared amid Beijing's unpredictable retaliation.
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[Birthday amid turmoils]

1. Today is my 24th birthday, but it has already been celebrated ahead of time in June, days before the enactment of the sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw.
2. Under #Beijing’s grip, when blank placards are regarded as subversive, w/ liberal books pulled from libraries and #TiananmenSquareMassacre censored, no #HKers can tell whether they'll be safe in the next minute. All we can do is fighting for the best & preparing for the worst
3. All I wish this year is another birthday meal with my family next year, the safe return of the #12hkyouths, and the release of thousands of freedom-seeking #Hkers now detained in prison. #save12
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#NOW HK education secretary Kevin Yeung said to weed out black sheep in education sector is for the purpose of "defending dignity of educators and public trust in them".
Since protests broke out last June, the Education Bureau received 247 complaints against teachers, among which 73 were found invalid.

Among the rest, 1 teacher has been deregistered (on 22 Sep), 21 were condemned, 12 got warning letter, 19 written advice, 18 got verbal reminder
Michelle Li, permanent secretary for education, said the punishment was "reasonable" and "proportionate" as the case is deemed "very serious".

Li said the teacher "placed emphasis on HK independence" and "induce students to discuss whether they agree with HK independence".
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[#China slams HK judges using judiciary independence to challenge its authority]

1. #CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily attacks HK courts for using judiciary ind to challenge its authority, days after #LiaisonOffice urged a “new struggle against 3 mountains” that targets legal sector Image
2. The essay blasted judges for regarding #hkpolice as “dishonest witnesses”, although courts have already explained their ruling regarding the inconsistency behind the police’s evidence.
3. The paper also criticized the local judges for misinterpreting the One Country Two Systems and failing to uphold their duty to protect #Chinese national interests and national security.
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[Cultural Revolution 2.0 in #Hongkong]

1. @mingpaocom reported, pro-#CCP lawmaker Junius Ho sent #China’s Liaison Office’s new directive to #Beijing loyalists’ chat group, urging for a “struggle against the three big mountains in #HK - legal, education & social service”. Image
2. For legal struggle, CCP reportedly calls for “more influence in judge nomination” & “requiring judges attending pro-China courses”. Edu struggle means sacking pro-democracy teachers & cancelling liberal studies, while struggle in social service demands NGOs supporting gov.
3. Twenty-four hours after Beijing’s directive of “new struggles” was leaked, CCP mouthpieces blasted the city's chief justice, #GeoffreyMa, for just reiterating the principle of judicial impartiality and refusing judicial reforms in the city. Image
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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[When even reporter's daughter was under #Beijing threat]

1. Really horrified to know the intimidation former #ABC reporter #MatthewCarney faced. #Chinese cops summoned even his 14yo daughter for investigation & threatened to detain her in a secret place…
2. Since 2016, Matthew was repeatedly harassed by Chinese authorities. After he decided to cover #Uyghur #ReeducationCamps in #Xinjiang, he and his crew were surrounded by 20+ security police. Cops even suddenly knocked on his door and asked about daily activities at midnight.
3. One night when Matthew woke up, he found his phone was remotely hacked by someone who accessed, thoroughly searched his email account and found an email concerning #TankMan footage from #TiananmenSquareMassacre.
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[First judge resigns amid #nationalsecuritylaw]

1. Appalled to hear that our prominent #Australian judge James Spigelman resigned from #HK appeals court over #NSL, days after #Beijing claims there is no separation of powers in HK…
2. Spigelman is the first senior judge to resign under #NSL, which allows city leader to select judges to handle national security cases. It sends an alarm signal to the world about the erosion of autonomy and judicial independence that this international financial hub relies on.
3. #HKers can also be taken to #China’s courts w/o legal access, just like #12hkyouths now detained for nearly one month. Their family-instructed lawyers are reportedly forced to quit the case under #Beijing's pressure.
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[HK judge hails pro-#CCP assailant while he stabs activist and throws death threat at me]

1. A pro-#Beijing assailant, Wong, was hailed by #HK judge for his “passion to society” while Wong stabbed democracy ex-lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung with a pointed metal chisel. Image
2. Wong said if he has a gun, he will use it to shoot Leung. He even publicly threw death threats on court, saying "Joshua Wong & Ted Hui must die”. But without slamming his reckless words, judge praised Wong for being “willing to contribute to society" and released him on bail. Image
3. That’s another case that #Hongkong judges biasedly praise pro-#Beijing assailants. Earlier in April, HK judge hailed another assailant for having "noble sentiments” after he slashed three #HKers with beef knife, causing one's lung collapsed and wounds on their necks and backs. Image
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[#Portugese 🇵🇹 & #UK’s #BNO holders 🇬🇧 detained in #China for over 3 weeks]

1. Of the 12 #HKers detained in #China, one is reportedly #Portuguese passport holder while another two are #BNO holders. They are held w/o legal access, sparking growing concern of inhumane treatment. Image
2. It is worrying, under #nationalsecuritylaw, foreign passport holders are deprived of basic rights of access to family-appointed lawyers, which is claimingly promised in #China’s law, esp when 4 lawyers were forced to quit the case due to unusual pressure from #CCP authorities.
3. The twelve could be in China custody for a long time, without any trace. This worse scenario may unveil a new form of Chinese hostage diplomacy under growing tension between #EU & #China
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[Arrests at #hkprotests hit 10,000 milestone]

1. Since #HongKongProtests last year, 10,000+ HKers were arrested with nearly 400 arrests solely in the past two months. It implies in every 700 #Hongkongers, one has been detained due to protests or #hkpolice’s arbitrary arrests. Image
2. While most are charged w/ rioting & illegal assemblies, the figure clearly indicates freedom of assembly is under assault amid #Beijing’s mounting influence. With the prosecution rate much lower than arrests, it suggests arbitrary arrest is a tactic to scare off protesters.
3. In fact, #policebrutality intensifies, especially with pregnant woman and 12yo girl forcibly tackled to ground, and a #HKer dragged along the ground just because he urged resuming election & demand releasing 12 HK #Asylumseekers now detained in #China’s prison. #save12hkyouth
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[On now-cancelled Election Day, I was tailed by unknown agents for 1.5 hours]

1. On the day supposed to be our election day, I was tailed by 4 unknown cars AGAIN for 1.5 hours+. At least one five-seater, one seven-seater Honda & one motorbike kept following me from east to west. ImageImageImage
2. Clearly #Beijing and #hkpolice attempt to create fear today when #Hongkongers staged protests urging gov to resume the #LegCo2020 election, opposing DNA collection and #nationalsecuritylaw and releasing 12 #hkers detained in #China.
3. #Police even fired pepper balls at #HKers that chanted “voting is a right” and expressed support to #Thailand and #Belarus, with nearly 100 arrested. #MilkTeaAlliance ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING Activist “Fast Beat” Tam Tak-chi was arrested this morning by HK’s national security police for allegedly publishing inciting content, Oriental Daily reported.…
Tam Tak-chi’s FB page just posted that Tam was arrested from home by national security police and would be taken to Tai Po police station.
#nationalsecuritylaw Image
National security SSP Li Kwai-wah said Tam Tak-chi was not arrested under #nationalsecuritylaw, but Article 10 of Crimes Ordinance for "uttering seditious words". Li said at the initial stage of investigation police suspected Tam of violating Article 21 of NSL. Image
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