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22 Apr 20
.@just_security is introducing a new series today assessing #coronavirus responses across the globe and their impact on human rights.
We're kicking off the series with this in-depth look at what’s taking place in #Hungary under the leadership of Victor Orbán. justsecurity.org/69780/hungary-…
The latest contributions in our Assessing Emergency Powers During #COVID19 series:

Coughing into the Crowd: Bolsonaro’s Botched COVID-19 Response in #Brazil justsecurity.org/69960/coughing…
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15 Feb 20

We had a lot of important commentary and analysis this week.

Below👇is the complete roundup.

But we thought to highlight a few very special pieces starting with ...


"If you understand the Justice Department, the damage has already been done. The reputation and credibility of the Justice Department has been dealt a significant blow."

- Lisa Monaco, former Assistant to the President and worked for Reno and Mueller

3. Unredacted Ukraine emails newly obtained by Just Security:

"They also expose the extent to which OMB misled, and even lied to, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a congressional investigative body."

- @K8brannen

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7 Dec 19

A sample of our most impactful articles this week.

1. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (@SenWhitehouse) on dark money and the Supreme Court

2. Marc Polymeropoulos (@Mpolymer) with an insider’s view of CIA’s Russia portfolio under President Trump

3. Michael Carpenter (@mikercarpenter) on risks of Germany and France undercutting Zelenskyy in his direct talks with Putin

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23 Nov 19
With news that CENTCOM General “McKenzie said on Saturday about 500 US personnel in east Syria are expected to resume operations against Islamic State in coming days and weeks”

Read @jgeltzer’s recent analysis of the discombobulated US mission

Here’s the accompanying news report


General McKenzie today:

“It is our intention to remain in that position working with our SDF partners to continue operations against ISIS down the Euphrates river valley where those targets present themselves.”

Joshua Geltzer (@jgeltzer) eleven days ago👇
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13 Nov 19
A reminder of three Just Security resources for #ImpeachmentHearings

If you like 'em, please retweet 'em.

1. "TIMELINE: Trump, Giuliani, Biden, and Ukrainegate (updated)"

By @rgoodlaw @violagienger

2. "A Who’s Who of Ukraine Witnesses"

by @K8brannen

3. "Public Document Clearinghouse: Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry"

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25 Oct 19
.@ACLU said yesterday that the Trump admin separated 1,556 more immigrant children from their parents at the border than was previously disclosed, including more than 200 children under 5.
This summer, @carriecordero, @HeidiLiFeldman & @KeitnerLaw set out to survey all of the law relevant to the Trump administration's implementation of the family separation policy.
"We concluded that diverse legal grounds all indicate the unlawfulness of family separation as a policy tool for deterring immigration."

Their findings are available in a new article, titled "The Law Against Family Separation." You can read a preview here justsecurity.org/66717/assessin…
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19 Oct 19
Cyber law coming out of the Netherlands, use of force law coming out of Germany, and a range of other issues we covered this week, including FISA Court's 702 surveillance opinions, impeachment, Turkey's Syria operation, and more.


Thanks to our authors of the week!

Kristin Amerling
Phil Barnett
Sidney Blumenthal
Talia Dessel
Cassandra Deskus
Edwin Djabatey
Joshua R. Fattal
Jordan Grossman

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12 Sep 19
"What happened in Mississippi reveals the hypocrisy of how the law is being applied today."

@BrianOwsley1, a former US Magistrate Judge in Corpus Christi, Texas, on how employers are let off the hook while their undocumented workers are arrested.
His research shows that, since 2014, across the country, there have been no more than 200 prosecutions for alleged violations of 8 U.S.C. § 1324a, the law that makes hiring undocumented immigrants illegal.
As a comparison:

"When I served on the bench, I assisted in the McAllen Division and handled more than 200 prosecutions for illegal reentry in less than two weeks," Owsley writes.
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12 Sep 19
The United Nations released a major report on the #YemenWar

Today we've started a series by legal experts discussing the Report.

Introduction by @bridgewriter @rgoodlaw here:

The UN Report itself cites *five* Just Security articles, including...<thread>
1. Cited in the UN Report:

On siege warfare and starvation of civilians
By @BethVanSchaack (@StanfordLaw)

2. Cited in the UN Report:

On interference with humanitarian relief operations and legal issues concerning famine in Yemen
By @nweizmann

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10 Sep 19
Amid a new House probe into whether Trump is w/holding aid to #Ukraine for its defense v. #Russia in exchange for fake “dirt” on Biden, check out @ViolaGienger’s deep dive.

Thread ...

“President Trump and his personal attorney appear to have increased pressure on the Ukrainian government and its justice system in service of President Trump’s reelection campaign." -- @RepEliotEngel @RepAdamSchiff @RepCummings in letters to WH & State.
.@violagienger notes "It was the widely known & publicly espoused position of the USG, across a half dozen agencies, that the prosecutor’s ouster was among crucial anti-corruption measures the Ukrainian government needed to take to move forward economically and politically."
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5 Aug 19
A recap of @just_security's recent coverage of domestic terrorism and right-wing extremism: #ElPasoShooting #ElPasoTerroristAttack
How News Media Talk About Terrorism: What the Evidence Shows by @KearnsErinM and @AmarAmarasingam justsecurity.org/63499/how-news…
New Approach After Charlottesville Violence Protects Public Safety While Preserving Rights by Mary B. McCord justsecurity.org/62056/approach…
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5 Aug 19
Just Security is slowing down this week and taking a break from publishing to recharge and get ready for whatever is to come. justsecurity.org/65740/summer-s…
If you're looking for beach reading, we recommend The Mueller Report: justsecurity.org/63708/word-sea…
And if you appreciate our work and want to support us, you can do so here: justsecurity.org/donate/ Thank you so much for your readership! -- the Just Security team
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30 Jul 19
The Trump admin & the press have been calling the deal signed btw the US and Guatemala a "Safe Third Country" agreement.

It's not.

More from @UChiHumanRights's Susan Gzesh: justsecurity.org/65203/us-guate…
Neither government has released the text of the agreement.

A leaked version of the document does NOT say that the deported person must have previously been present in Guatemala to be transferred there.
This makes the deal seem more like the "arrangements made by Australia to transfer asylum seekers to the impoverished island nation of Nauru, than it does sound anything like the relatively equal relationship between Safe Third Country partners."
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24 Jul 19
"Top Law and Intelligence Experts’ Views on Mueller Hearings"

Wise words from a great roundup including:


@alexzfinley @jgeltzer @renato_mariotti @BarbMcQuade @Mimirocah1 @john_sipher @JoyceWhiteVance Updated with analysis from @normative:

"In the face of attacks on the integrity of his investigation, Mueller’s responses often seemed surprisingly anemic." justsecurity.org/65046/top-law-…
Updated with analysis from @AshaRangappa_ :

"In his testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, Mueller gave three main takeaways that concern the past, present, and future..." justsecurity.org/65046/top-law-…
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13 Jul 19
Russia Investigation, 2020 Election, Social Media and Disinformation, Countering Terroirism, the Trump Administration, and more. All here, in one place. justsecurity.org/64905/recap-of…
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26 Jun 19
1. @HouseForeign demands administration's legal opinions on use of force against #Iran

Letter cites this great essay by Just Security's Brian Egan and @bridgewriter which concludes that efforts to shoehorn #IranWar into #AUMF is "thoroughly unconvincing": justsecurity.org/64645/top-expe…
2. Letter by Chairman @RepEliotEngel and @RepTedDeutch:

"Given the life-and-death stakes of the current situation between the United States and Iran, we can think of no issue where it is more imperative for the Department to explain its rationale."

3. Readers may also be interested in this essay by @jgeltzer (former NSC, DOJ), @LukeHartig (former NSC, DoD) and @rgoodlaw (former DoD)

reaches same conclusion as Egan and @bridgewriter


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12 Jun 19
Busy day in Congress!

9am: House Intelligence Committee on Mueller Report
10am: House Armed Services Commitee on National Defense Authorization Act
10am: House Foreign Affairs Committee on "Emergency" Arms Sales

We've got you covered...
1/4 (including livestream links below)
"Unfinished Business: What Mueller Didn’t Cover, But Congress Can"


(Your reading accompaniment to Wednesday's House Intelligence Committee hearing on the #MuellerReport) #HPSCI

"What’s in the New Draft National Defense Authorization Act"


(Your reading accompaniment to Wednesday's House Armed Services Commitee's #NDAA markup hearing)

Livestream: armedservices.house.gov/hearings?ID=A6…
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25 May 19
Our analysis of the week. All in one place.

Pardons and military justice
Impeachment considerations
Russia probe
U.S.-Iran conflict
Assange indictment
European Union Parliamentary elections
Humanitarian assistance
Congressional oversight
and more

We're grateful for our expert authors of the week!

Evelyn Aswad
Bob Bauer
Andrew Boyle
Jason Calder
Stephen Gillers

and the list continues...
and the list continues...

Rear Admiral (ret.) Donald J. Guter
Rear Admiral (ret.) John D. Hutson

We're grateful for our expert authors of the week!
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22 May 19
We've completed our series on Sidney Blumenthal's Open Memo on #Impeachment

Thanks to extraordinary expert lineup!

Hon. Elizabeth Holtzman

Blumenthal's essay:
2. The next great piece in our series comparing the political conditions and effects of the Nixon-Clinton-Trump #Impeachment processes:

"The Precedent for Impeachment: Nixon, Not Clinton" | @KevinMKruse and @julianzelizer

3. The next great piece in our series comparing the Nixon-Clinton-Trump #Impeachment processes/prospects:

"Lesson from Nixon: With Today’s Facts, Impeaching Trump Won’t Work" | @walterpincus

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13 Apr 19
What a decade last week was.

Assange indictment
Barr hearings
Int'l Criminal Court nixes Afghanistan probe
Sri Lanka war crimes suit
Artificial Intelligence in security clearances (missed that one?)
DoD transgender policy
Sudan's al-Bashir overthrown
With thanks to our great lineup of authors this week!

Steven Arrigg Koh

With thanks to our great lineup of authors this week!

Graham Parsons
Paul Strauch
Zoe Weinberg

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11 Apr 19
Would charges for #Assange's role in disclosing classified national security information implicate #PressFreedoms?

Q&A with @rgoodlaw (posing questions) and @steve_vladeck (answering them)

Question: “What if the government’s case against Julian Assange is based primarily – and let’s say for the sake of analysis, exclusively – on allegations that he was directly involved in procuring classified information?...”
A: “If the government’s claim against Assange is not about publication or retention of national security information, but instead looks more like a solicitation or conspiracy claim...that might provide a thin-enough reed on which to rest a prosecution without crossing the line..”
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