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29 Jun 20
Have you all read .@michaelgove's Ditchley Lecture?

"The Privilege of Public Service" runs to 139 paragraphs over 69 (double-spaced) pages.

The main topic is civil service *reform* —but it covers so much more & raises interesting QUESTIONS...

MG quotes Antonio Gramsci,"The crisis consists precisely of the fact that the inherited is dying—and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."

In our case the inherited was assassinated, the loss an uncompensated diminishment...

Brexiters have put NOTHING forward to compensate for stripping 66m of us Brits of our #FreedomOfMovement — a FREEDOM millions in service industries rely on it to do our jobs. Without it, we're less competitive on our own Continent.

Govt isn't even being honest abt it...

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28 Jun 20
@GoodwinMJ It's not true that the side formerly known as Remain has no ideas. We've been sidelined, ignored & treated as 2nd class citizens in our own country for the past 4yrs, and it's only getting worse.

Here, for what it's worth, is my manifesto for change:

@GoodwinMJ 1. Clean up public life by:

a) making the Nolan Principles a legal duty of care for all elected officials and their SpAds;

b) deepening, broadening & strengthening the powers of the House of Commons standards committee;

c) giving the public greater powers of recall of MPs
@GoodwinMJ 2. Make politicians more accountable to the public by:

a) making every vote count — introduce PR (too many are disenfranchised by FPTP as MPs' loyalty is to party not constituency)

b) a party-neutral boundary review;

c) limiting the power of the whip.
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27 Mar 20
@JMPSimor There were initially 2 UK producers, Smiths in Luton and Medtronics in NI.

Smiths formed a consortium with other UK manufacturers, shared its IP & has an order for 30k #ventilators, with an initial 5k to be delivered soon-ish (presumably part of the 12k that's really only 8k).
@JMPSimor Here's an article about Smiths:

@JMPSimor Smiths make the Parapac ventilator, which does not require external power & is intended for mobile use, such as in ambulances, BUT is not guaranteed to be suitable for longer-term use.

Medtronic (Galway) make Puritan Bennett PB980 & PB840 ventilators for critically ill patients.
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15 Mar 20
The UK HealthSec - paid £141k+expenses from taxpayers' £ - has chosen to put his #Coronavirus update behind a paywall.

For those of you who don't have a Telegraph subscription, here are the main points.

(Frankly, @MattHancock you should be ashamed of yourself.)

"The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime."

Then goes on to express sadness at 21 deaths. All victims had underlying health conditions.

Hancock claims we have a plan "based on the expertise of world-leading scientists" and that #HerdImmunity is not a part of it.

"The over-riding objective is to protect life."

[Note: Telegraph earlier reported #coronavirusuk could be a way to *cull* the elderly...🙄)

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7 Mar 20
March-4: .@LukePollard proposed a very sensible motion in response to #UKFloods, calling for an independent review into:
-Govt response
-Flood prevention/defence funding
-Insurance issues
-Lessons learned

Who could possibly vote against that?

You'd be surprised...

Dear constituents of #Telford, esp. #Ironbridge,

Your MP #LucyAllan voted against Mr Pollard's motion.

Instead she backed the watered-down version of the motion, committing to nothing very much.

If you want more than warm words, write to her.
#HoldThemToAccount #UKFloods

Dear constituents of #WyreValley, esp. #Bewdley,

Your MP #MarkGarnier voted against Mr Pollard's motion.

Instead he backed the watered-down version of the motion, committing to nothing very much.

If you want more than warm words, write to him.
#HoldThemToAccount #UKFloods
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2 Feb 20
@DPJHodges Just read your piece.

Difficult to cut thru all YOUR hate, scorn & vitriol, but I discern the kernel of an idea — that people want to be respected & *feel* Remainers don't.

That's actually a fair point, but don't you think you'd convey it better if you didn't hate-coat it?
@DPJHodges Is it actually *true* Remainers don't respect Leavers, or is it just folk like you putting that narrative out there?

a) you prime your readers' reaction by starting with the word *bitter* & using a string of pejoratives (As BITTER REMOANERS RANT... FRUITCAKES & LOONIES)

@DPJHodges Was Campbell being "bitter" when he mocked a 50p coin? Or was he merely thinking, like millions of us, that the inscription felt rather at odds with "17 million F*** Offs" proponents of the #Brexit ideology pride themselves on giving to the EU?

Was that just you editorialising?
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15 Jan 20
@LBC @NickFerrariLBC @Nigel_Farage NEWSFLASH: The world has seen us as a joke since 24-Jun-2016. #Brexit, innit?

(Do I really need to provide you with the links to articles from around the world over the past few years detailing what a joke UK is? Surely, being *broadcast journalists*, you've read them already?)
@LBC @NickFerrariLBC @Nigel_Farage AUSTRALIA

It is a bit like watching a loved grandparent in physical and mental decline. You care for them deeply. You appreciate all they have done for you. But each day they become more inwardly focused. Their world contracts. They seem increasingly incoherent.

N. Rowley, ABC
@LBC @NickFerrariLBC @Nigel_Farage AUSTRALIA

To see a country “deliberately throwing away a close, mutually beneficial partnership, wilfully damaging its economy and influence on a point of cultural principle … was a surprise.”

Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, Apr 2019
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14 Jan 20
@Bebe111 @derekjames150 a) if we stop paying £7.9bn/yr (official figure) to EU dues, we also lose the £80bn/yr in benefits it yields. What's the plan to compensate our economy for that?

b) the UK govt divied up the quotas & OUR fishermen sold them. Those contracts will still apply post-#Brexit.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Why will those contracts still apply? The #RuleOfLaw is a cornerstone of our constitution. Contract law is local, UK law. Without it nobody who trades or transacts business of any kind could have confidence in engaging in any form of commerce in the UK.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Furthermore UK will still have to operate fishing quotas to protect the sea from overfishing and the fish from extinction - something our govt has kept v. QUIET about!

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25 Nov 19
Morning, Remainers!

Few of us wanted a GE. We hoped a VONC->GNU wld give us a PV. So far #GE2019 has been grim. Tribalism has reared its ugly head.

STOP! Let's change things up. We cld have so much fun. Imagine waking up on Dec13 having toppled a Brexity Tory🥰

Voters in these constituencies can topple a Tory Brexity Beast by #TacticalVoting:

Chingford-Woodford Grn (IDS)
Esher & Walton (Raab)
N.E.Somerset (Mogg)
Richmond Park (Goldsmith)
Shipley (PhDavies)
Uxbridge-S.Ruislip (Johnson)
Witham (Patel)
Wokingham (Redwood)
Wycombe (Baker)
Baker w/ @CllrKhalilAhmed Lab
Davies (Philip) w/ @JoPike3 Lab
Goldsmith w/ @sarahjolney1 LD
IDS w/ @faizashaheen Lab
Johnson w/ @ARMilani_ Lab
Mogg w/ @nickcoatesnes LD
Patel w/ @SNorthLD LD
Raab w/ @monicabeharding LD
Redwood w/ @DrPhillipLee LD

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2 Oct 19

A thread of memes for @ByDonkeys

1. unelected bureaucrat & grand vizier #DominicCummings
@ByDonkeys #GetReadyForBrexit

2. Orwellian double-speak

3. Vulture capitalists
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19 Aug 19
@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard Why are you making fun of this?

Your colleague, Matt Hancock, said he couldn't guarantee that people wouldn't die (early) due to difficulty in procuring *some* life-saving medicine post-#Brexit.

#NHS & #BMA have both warned about this.

#NHS ordered a stockpile of body bags.
@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard Indeed, because your Govt has diverted taxpayers' £ (that's OUR money, not yours) from public services to pay for #Brexit (£6.3bn you're spaffing up the wall, to borrow a Johnsonian phrase), #Brexit has caused some premature deaths already.

I've seen tweets like this:
@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard There are already shortages of some medicines because of stockpiling or reluctance to supply #Brexit Britain.
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19 Aug 19
@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Some of us have been banging on about the loss of this precious right, repeatedly, since this whole #Brexit nightmare fiasco began.

Here's an example of a thread on it:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Stripping us of reciprocal #FreeMovement rights shows how regressive #Brexit is.

There are parallels between our country's lamentable treatment of the poor in the past (the Poor Laws from 1587 to 1967) with what the Tories are up to now:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 I've made dozens of memes to try to get the message across of just how damaging the loss of the right of #FreeMovement will be. Sometimes a picture can do more than words.

Two-thirds of Brits want to keep this right. There's no mandate for .@Conservatives to strip it from us.
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8 Aug 19
.@ByDonkeys might this be of interest?

Remember this piece of Leave propaganda from 2016?

Three years on, I thought it was a good time to see how their *claims* panned out, so I've tracked down the photos they used and made memes.

TL;dr — Leave was the real #projectfear!
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain we'll have no Parliament, no democratic voice

2019 Parliament is fighting for its sovereignty vs a dictatorial unelected govt intent on smashing our constitution & installing an Orwellian regime to inflict a no-mandate-#NoDealBrexit on us.
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain, it'll lead to UK break-up.

2019: #Brexit threatens UK union. 60% of Tory Party members wld rather the UK split than cancel Brexit.

Any sensible govt wld now stop this destructive project & help citizens get a grip on reality. Not this govt!
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23 Jul 19
Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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18 Feb 19
@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 Did Prof Tilley have full editorial control of this programme? The reason I ask is that there is an extraordinary lack of balance in the way he presents Leave & Remain voters, and so one could be forgiven for perceiving a bias against Remain voters.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 For example, prior to the #EURef, and persisting today, was the belief amongst #Leave voters (encouraged by Leave politicians) that the UK would be forced to join an #EUarmy.

In fact, it's constitutionally impossible for this to occur. UK has a double protection.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 This double protection against the formation of an EU Army (let alone being forced to join one) is that
(a) the decision must be unanimous per Art. 42(2) of the European Union Treaty and
(b) any move to downgrade "unanimous" to QMV must be approved unanimously!

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26 Jan 19
@JamesDelingpole Two issues with your piece.
N°1: you assert, "Britain traded perfectly well for the large chunk of history it has spent outside the EU." This is a spurious argument. The EU didn't exist then. We are going from the best possible trade terms with the EU (SM+CU) to worst (#WTO).
@JamesDelingpole This will not just impact our trade with EU27 + EEA/EFTA4, but also with those countries with trade with via EU FTAs and those countries we trade with on WTO+++ terms, the '+++' furnished by the EU's 759 facilities that improve on #WTO terms.
@JamesDelingpole Only 16% of UK's trade is on WTO terms alone.

You're proposing that we dramatically downgrade 100% of our trade to WTO terms alone, at the stroke of a pen. This is insanity. It has taken decades to reach to position we're in today. No wonder Mogg says 50yrs to recover!
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3 Jan 19
@IanDunt We are. Problem is distribution. We just aren't getting traction with those who have platforms.

I was an assoc. prod on a pro-EU documentary. Critics who usually review our director's films said sorry, no can do & some cinemas declined to screen it for fear of Brexiter backlash.
@IanDunt Here's one of my own small efforts:
@IanDunt There's a slower version of 101 Reasons To #Stay on Youtube, for anyone who may be interested:
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21 Nov 18
@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews Let's look at A's reasons for voting #Leave:
"Us being able to fix our our problems. I think the #NHS, our teachers are underpaid, and I believe that we put so much money into the EU."
a) We CAN fix our own problems. Public services are 100% managed by own Govt —

@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews — except the bits Govt privatised! The EU does not interfere with how our Govt runs the NHS or its education policy or the police force, etc.

The competences of the EU are defined by treaty. They tend to be issues that extend beyond national borders.

@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews Typical areas include trade, environment & security.

Think about it. When was the last time you heard the #NHS complaining to the EU abt underfunding? Or schools complaining the the EU abt kids going hungry? Never. They complain to our Govt cos' OUR GOVT is responsible.

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22 Aug 18
@TomTugendhat @Andrew_Adonis Let's look at the facts:
1. The Ref MPs voted for was advisory
2. Cameron then made it binding in the minds of voters who don't understand the niceties of our constitution, which was shabby & underhand of him, because he created a political imperative to take the Ref advice

@TomTugendhat @Andrew_Adonis 3. Parliament never formally made the decision to leave, but gave Mrs May the power to trigger #Article50 through the shameful A50 Bill (launched before its rubbish White Paper was released), which converted Parliament into an irrelevant rubber stamp in the #Brexit process.

@TomTugendhat @Andrew_Adonis 4. Under pressure from the Economic Ruin Group (ERG), Mrs May triggered A50 prematurely, without impact assessments and, crucially, without agreement in her party as to what form #Brexit should take, let alone a plan.

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13 Apr 18
It's excruciatingly embarrassing that our press has pumped out so much bilge about the EU that .@EUlondonrep had to have a page on its website dedicated to "A-Z of Euromyths".

As it's Friday, I've picked out my top-ten stupid stories by the British press on the EU #Thread
In at N°10 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The S*n claimed the EU wanted to ban BAGPIPES. I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen would have had something to say about that, of whom more anon...

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
At N°9 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The Daily Telegraph, which is now almost as bad as red-tops for fake news when it comes to the EU, claimed the EU wanted to ban that most famous of British icons, the doubled-decker bus.

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
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4 Apr 18
The stock statement in response to #Brexit petitions needs to be called out. "There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, & no 2nd Ref" is fundamentally UNCONSTITUTIONAL as it binds Parliament and the People too.

Parliamentary sovereignty means one Parlt cannot bind another. This invalidates the "cannot reverse #Brexit" subtext of the above statement, as we've had a general election since #Article50 was triggered, so technically this is a different Parlt not bound by the previous one. /2.
The idea the People cannot speak again is ludicrous. It'd take a MAJORITY to #ExitFromBrexit. How is that undemocratic?Given the false prospectus on which #Brexit was sold, the chicanery & cheating of #VoteLeave & Brexit impact, it's the DUTY of Govt to give us #FinalSay Ref. /3.
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