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How to vote in the local elections on May 4th.

Together we can remove 1000s of Tory councillors from 100s of Tory councils.

A thread 🧵


To find out who to vote for to remove, or block, Tories from your council on May 4th:

1. Visit StopTheTories.Vote

2. Put in your postcode

3. Tell a friend, download a poster, signup for updates

4. Show up and vote tactically!

(Remember your Voter ID!)

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Joke as we must that the Tories could squeeze 2 more Prime Ministers into office before Christmas, we must accept that they will probably form an uneasy confederacy behind Sunak. A period of stability is now essential to them if they are to stand a snowballs chance in Hell of...
..winning another period in government at the next General Election. Given their current standing in the polls I could forgive anyone for thinking that this must be a forlorn hope on their part. They will suffer deserved annihilation and humiliation at the ballot box; we hope.
But the Conservative mindset mostly outside of government at the centre of the hive does not function on the principle of accepting honest defeat, they still think they can win!
They are determined and ruthless individuals at home in the boardroom of Global banks and businesses.
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They've already restricted voting rights, gerrymandered seats = there MUST be #TacticalVoting for whichever local party can best #UnseatATory to save lives/species/the planet as in June.
Then a #ProgressiveCoalition + immediate #VotingReform=PR to make every vote count.
The eternal seesaw of Fascist Tories/hard left or outright communist Labour can't be trusted to unpick all the damage done these last 12 years, so no single party can be trusted to try. Lab+LibDem+Greens should share the task + work together to get the job started =undo the havoc
such as rebuilding the NHS/care system, reinstating national utilities, replacing fossil fuels, restoring farming/fisheries, fair taxation, regaining international trust, banning 'thinktanks'/dark money, restoring transparency/accountability, strict Nolan principles, banning ....
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Tory MPs: 1)#traindrivers are not on strike; 2)the voters created their own #TacticalVoting scheme + executed it because they wanted to spell out just how much they want anything but #ToryLiars; 3) we like our #HumanRights...leave them alone; 4) loyalty to a liar will end careers
5) smashing things up/ defunding, then claim to be fixing stuff is not a sustainable strategy and we see what you're doing.#SaveOurNHS
6) your Twitter bubble may love hideous policies like #RwandaDeportation..the country as a whole does not;7)#foodbanks are not a photo opp but a
source of shame; 8) we aren't stupid...unlike your front bench; 9) we know where levelling up money goes and why...10) not mentioning #Brexit doesn't make it less of a sh*tshow.
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Citizens of #NorthShropshire. What can you do to deprive Tories of power?
1. Pressure oppo parties to co-operate. To make cross-party plan based on local voting behaviour & needs #ProgressiveAlliance.
2. Campaign for tactical voting. Ideally combined with 1.
Local people can come together to:
1. Encourage @NShropshire_CLP @DemsNorth @NShropsGreens to co-operate. (P.S. don't be put off by @UKLabour saying their party rules don't let them. Time for excuses is over).
2. Encourage people to vote tactically.
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GOV2 is a non-partisan group of over 4500 UK citizens organising to restore:

1. Truth

through access to information free from propaganda, party politics, bias or third party interference by combating fake news and misinformation.

2. Democracy

that has been subverted..

🧵1/13 the use of AI in election & referendum campaigns and party-political goals that have been placed above the welfare of UK citizens.

Please Join Now to help restore Truth & Democracy and follow @GOV2UK on Twitter for updates

The Plan

The erosion of Truth & Democracy..

.. has been overseen by the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Our goal is to remove Conservative MPs from every seat in the next General Election using #TacticalVoting in favour of #ProgressiveAlliance 5+ opposition party candidates.

Stage 1: We will create a platform..

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Simple fact

Tony Blair worked together with Paddy Ashdown

In 1997 to bring the Tories down

@UKLabour did not win on its own then

@UKLabour can not win on its own now @Keir_Starmer

#DemocraticAlliance #ProgressiveAlliance
#TacticalVoting #ProportionalRepresentation
Real reason the "left" SWP/Lexit types don't want a

#DemocraticAlliance #ProgressiveAlliance formed by


Would be a progressive centre left Govt with no space for SWP/Lexit types, their grip would be lost on Labour
My own alignment puts me in the area of Chomsky

These so called "left" SWP/Lexit types would rather have another 5/10/15 years of Tory rule if they can't have a 100% SWP/Lexit run Labour Govt majority run by them

So will condemn us to continued increasingly fascist Tory Govt
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Is it a waste of time to campaign for a #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance?

There are multiple hurdles, including:

*and NB please add, as I want to hear about any I've omitted.

- The continuing conviction of some libdems/some Labour that they can win an absolute majority (aka #SwinsonSyndrome or #CorbynComplex)
*They can't. This is the decision now: keep shouting in the wilderness or gain power with others who share your values if not your policies.
- Division in @UKLabour party, both between centre/left, & ideologues/realists.

*Both debates are frequently prioritised higher than any push to get power.
Power is the only way to forge change and having the - well, power- to implement policy.
Isn't power what it's about?
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This is so full of erroneous statements and assumptions. ‘The issue of the vital list vote needs to be discussed & debated until a consensus is reached.’ Sadly, there’s been too much uninformed discussion and a total failure to look at what modelling the data predicts.
To state that the SNP can’t win any more list seats is false: if it’s percentage goes up, so will the list seats: the reason there were only 4 in 2016 was because the list was 5% below the constituency %. If they matched, the SNP would have doubled it’s list seats.
To state SNP can’t win in Glasgow is false. Latest Panelbase poll predicts seats in Glasgow and Central (YouGov poll has SNP on two seats in Central). If there’s enough defection of SNP votes to list parties, those SNP seats will go to Labour instead (as well as H&I seat to LDs).
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'Tactical voting' in the Scottish Parliament election. #SNP #Greens #Holyrood #TacticalVoting #AMS #DHondt…
“The brutal but honest truth: anyone who still persists in their beliefs about ‘tactical voting’, in the face of all the algorithmic evidence to the contrary, is as impervious to the facts as any Brexiter or anti-vaxxer.” #TacticalVoting #DHondt #AMS #Indyref2 #Yes2
"The single most important aspect of the discussion witnessed over the last week, is that it has once again highlighted just how widespread is the failure to understand the practical operation of the Additional Member allocation process”
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@Andrew_Adonis 1/
With Labour politicians gaslighting the public like this I don't think the Labour party deserves to exist anymore.
You are all too politically tribal, including you.

Labour have deliberately given us a far right government and a very damaging Brexit.

@Andrew_Adonis 2/
The main issue was a Labour policy of a GE before a referendum.

Keir Starmer lost the referendum before GE argument in the shadow cabinet meeting.

The LibDems should not have gone for a GE either and didn't vote for it in the end.
@Andrew_Adonis 3/
You Gaslight us on the issue being the LibDems with a GNU.

The issues was the independent Tory MPs and support for Corbyn.

Greive thought that he had the numbers for Margaret Beckett or John Bercow.

This gaslighting by you and others is why Labour deserve to die now.
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So the meaning of life, the universe and... #tacticalvoting sites is:


but probably:

... but perhaps a dozen or so "saved"

Read on to find out what I mean!
This evening I set out to assess how well my tactical recommendations had done in the 187 constituencies I had made recommendations for #GE2019

I got 9 wrong, but none that mattered - as I explain here
But that's not the really interesting point

The interesting one is where did the sites differ in their recommendations, and did *that* matter

I added constituencies that I'd not assessed, coming to a total of 227 constituencies for this thread
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Just checking how well my #tacticalvoting recommendations did when compared to reality

In the end I recommended explicitly in 187 constituencies

I was wrong in just
Eddisbury (rec Lib Dem, should have been Labour)

Isle of Wight (rec Green, should have been Labour)
Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (couldn't recommend SNP due to candidate suspended for anti-semitism, recommended Labour, and the ex-SNP candidate won)

Maidstone and The Weald (rec Lib Dem, should have been Labour)
New Forest East (rec Lib Dem, should have been Labour)

New Forest West (rec Labour, should have been Lib Dem)

North East Somerset (rec Lib Dem, should have been Labour)
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Today is the most important election I can ever remember. Here is a recap of why I think it’s important to keep Boris Johnson’s Conservative party away from any more power over our lives #StopBorisJohnson #VoteNotTory #ThursdayMotivation

They have lied!
They have treated EU27 citizens like dirt! #xenophobia
They have treated Brits in the EU like dirt!
They have treated our public services like dirt!
They have treated the most unfortunate like dirt!
They have even treated business like dirt! #fuckbusiness
Here is the outcome I desire -
A minority Labour government working with the other parties on a policy by policy basis. Only a cross party approach can bring us back to a balanced and cohesive body politic! #TacticalVoting
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May calls an early election, based on Labour's perceived weakness and wanting to strengthen her own position

The Conservatives run a mediocre campaign punctuated by gaffes and May seeking to avoid scrutiny

The more the campaign goes on the more the Tories see their party leader as a liability, but having put her front and centre there is no way out
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Tactical voting #CitiesofLondonAndWestminster

Polls & sites seem to suggest vote for Lib, not Lab - data shows there will be a Tory win without strong Lab movement to LibDems now.

In our strong Remain constituency, make your Remain vote count - however hard to cross that box.
A serious threat: Cities of London & Westminster will end up without an MP that reflects strong Remain constituency, by a split vote.

Most #tacticalvoting polls now advise LibDem @ChukaUmunna.

Get closer to another ref & deprive Johnson of a majority. Strong switching needed.
Whatever your usual voting habits, tactical voting really matters now.

It can stop a heavy Johnson majority - or unseat him/Raab.

This isn’t only about Brexit, but the country we become, as Johnson cracks down on the institutions that hold him to account. We can stop that.
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Right then, people of:
Cities of London and Westminster

NEW #TacticalVoting advice. And this is serious. #GE2019
A large majority of you voted Remain - 69% in Kensington and 72% in Cities of London and Westminster, according to @chrishanretty's estimates

But there is a very real chance you will all be waking up on Friday morning to...


I presume you don't want that
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Right, as @UBFriccardo correctly says, if no one knows what's actually going on, make a clear recommendation and stick to it.

So here you go:

Kensington: LABOUR (switching that)

Cities of London and W: LIB DEM (sticking with it)


Recent Deltapoll Constituency Polls in both

Cities of London and Westminster


And for the latter the voting sites now also agree: Labour
Also Kensington has a solid Labour incumbent, and Cities of London and Westminster elected a Tory last time.

That is IT. These recommendations for these two seats will now NOT change from me.
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Boris Johnson et al are responsible for having wasted the last three years on the massive folly of brexit. Would a child be on the floor if the country’s energy and money had been put into solving problems instead? /start
They told you they would have more money for the NHS. They lied then, they are lying now. We will continue haemorrhaging money on stupid brexit unicorns, negotiating them, duplicating what we already have, chasing a fantasy and losing our standing in the world! #stopbrexit
At the same time we will lose trade and growth and we will lose people, lots of people, expert people, smart people, caring people, interesting people, and be left with uncaring self interested power hungry brexit politico bots in power. #VoteNotTory #Braindrain
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You want to know how to vote tactically at #GE2019?

To stop the Tories, stop #Brexit, or both?

And you want the Twitter thread of all Twitter threads about #TacticalVoting?

Here you go!

186 constituencies. 186 recommendations. 186 candidates, with Twitter handles. 186 videos!
This is a summary of my tactical voting mini site:

And my tactical voting guide:…

The FAQs might be helpful too:
I am *neutral* between any Remain or Remain-ish parties - whoever stands best chance of beating Tories is recommended

I am independent here - I am not affiliated to any party or any tactical voting site

This thread might take a while to come through - videos slow to upload!
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Hard Fact: Being tribal and not tactical WILL deliver #Brexit.

How to avoid a Brexit Friday 13th? #TacticalVote or @SwapmyVote [1/21]
This is an update to my last tactical vote thread, viewed over 100,000 times, based on the most recent figures from the YouGov MRP, DeltaPollUK, Survation and the Datapraxis MRP. [2/21]
If stopping a Tory majority and #Brexit is the goal then I’ve selected 55 key seats which REQUIRE #tacticalvoting.

I have also included in brackets how the party which stands no chance of winning the seat is polling at, according to the polls. [3/21]
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This tweet provides objective voting advice for Kensington #Remain - bookmark this tweet for updates.
The thread will change with any new data.
Who are you?

Remain account with contributions from multiple Remain-supporting, cross-party groups locally in Kensington.

We came together because no-one understands this dilemma better than we do locally, or faces the horrible difficulty of our choice.
Why should I take advice from an anonymous handle?

You should never take advice without checking.
This account is anonymous to protect contributors who may advise against party view.

Tweet or message followers of this account for authenticity, and check our reference sources!
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I want to share a new paper. Its relevant to #GE2019. The findings are quite exemplary of the misguidedness of much of economic & social policy under the #ConservativeParty. It should be a harbinger to wary voters: there is more of the same under the Tories & with #Brexit. 1/..
The short summary: the reform to housing benefit from 2011 onwards was intended to save the public purse hundreds of millions. But quite the reverse happened: not only did it create huge amounts of misery and agony, it also ended up not saving the public much money at all. 2/..
What happened? From April 2011 onwards, local housing allowance was massively cut from covering up to the median level of rents, to only cover up to the 30th percentile of market rents. Here is a map of how this affected households in terms of expected losses per week. 3/..
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Planning on voting for Johnson next week?

Then please don't ever lecture anyone ever again about honesty, probity, integrity or morality.

And don't bother moaning, either, when you realise Brexit will rumble on for years to come. You really, totally, absolutely were warned...
Good, when a tweet brings out a load of Tory & Brexit ranters - nice and easy to block. Interesting, among the nutters screeching "bloody leftie, EU traitor, pity your students" = number who denounce my membership of / support for Labour. Neither of which exists. #TacticalVoting
Best of all? Those who think Johnson will get us out of EU then it's done and dusted... Sorry, but if that happens, campaign to rejoin starts immediately. And it will happen. So your wee Brexit is just a temporary waste of time, money and energy: please pause over that thought...
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