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Even #leavers are waking up to the fact the #ToryManifesto is a #tyrantscharter.

Why the breakthrough?

Undermining the courts and parliament looks wrong if you think independence is coming.

Trouble is press is conniving. So no one is explaining it's far worse.

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Ok some of you know the headline.

Boris will make sure he has the final say. Overturning Magna Carta.

1000 years of British history and a normal democratic courtesy says no one should be above the law.


Boris knows best.

Thank God we can rely on his scrupulous probity
2. The courts are the final protection for democracy, but here are others to get rid of

Parliament itself is sometimes needed to make laws. Unless you extend the "royal prerogative" so you can make diktats.

The house of lords annoying too.

Guess what #borisisacoward also added
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Senior Conservative minister: "If we get the country not talking about our manifesto, we'll win."

If you're voting anyone but Tory - you can change the narrative by highlighting the austerity+, climate emergency denying, no-deal Brexit scam Tory policies.

#GE2019 #ToriesOut
#ToryManifesto con:

Whilst attacking others for "reckless spending plans," the fake news Tory pamphlet pledges a spend of 'only' £2.9bn more a year.

The sleight of hand is not to include the £129bn promised over four years in the Autumn spending review.

#GE2019 #ToryLies
Listen to the opening lines of @Newsnight by @maitlis.....
The last few days - post the Conservative Manifesto release - have Lynton Crosby's filthy hands all over them.

Do not be fooled yet again by the parasitic Tories.

#GE2019 #ToryLiars #ToriesOut

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Which policies in the Labour Manifesto directly target a marginalised group?

Tories have got rid of most legal traveller sites, what will happen to the children when their homes are seized and their parents locked up?
#r4today @bbcnickrobinson #VoteEducation
How about the fact the Tories are still trying to deport black British citizens?
The #Windrush scandal continues?
#r4today @bbcnickrobinson
#GE2019 #torymaths…
What of 9 years of systematic persecution of the disabled?

@bbcnickrobinson #r4today
#GMB #GE2019 #torymaths…
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My #ToryManifesto Review Thread

I read the whole thing and thought I would pick out a few things that caught my attention that might get missed out.

Some are just observations but there's there's a couple of alarm bells ringing.

I'll go in order of appearance
How will they back teachers enforcing discipline?
Schools already have enough powers, what they are lacking is the resources and we know that 83% of schools will still face real cuts.
We also need the services that support struggling families restored.
Is £500m enough to replace the many youth services lost since 2010?

More importantly, what's a Secure School? Is this a return of the borstal?

#VoteEducation #ToryManifesto #GE2019
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For decades we've been offered a choice between frying pan and fire.

Not anymore.

Our manifesto is the most radical plan for Britain since 1945.

We have over 200 policies.

Over the next three weeks, we're getting through all of them.

Welcome to the Labour Policy Megathread.
Over the next three weeks (on the days that I'm not working), I'll be producing another part of the thread, and I'll let you all know.

I've had fun researching this.

Our policies are fantastic and I'm proud to be able to promote them.

Let's get to it. Policies 1-25 #ForTheMany
1. Abolish Tuition Fees

I campaigned against tuition fees back when I first started campaigning.

I remember how the Lib Dems sold students down the river.

And I'll remember how we abolished them entirely when we right that wrong.…
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