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"...upgraded large-value interbank fund transfer system"

"The new system has established an additional account that allows financial institutions to receive loans from the Bank of Korea immediately when they lack money or liquidity in the process."…
2/ The Central Bank of Iceland will launch a new interbank #payment system tomorrow (10.23.2020) as well! @digitalassetbuy @cbpaymentsnews

3/ @cbpaymentsnews re: Central Bank of Iceland's new payment system launching 10.23.2020.…

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"a digital asset, backed in physical gold could replace the dollar more easily than actual physical bars of gold could" - Bloomberg Markets and Finance - July 2020
Presented by ? The first FI who shorted the f##k out of BTC, the one and only, CME Group
CME Ventures which is one of earliest Ripple investors presents via Bloomberg this video where they show us a gold-backed economy could be on the way. But a gold-backed economy in a digital age, so a digital currency backed by gold
So how do you get a digital gold interoperable with the the worlds' FI ?
Well, as funny as it get, there is such a thing being developed for almost a decade
As Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said in 2017 they build a : "gold that you can teleport into any vault in the world instantly"
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1) Kendra Hill revealed a few things back in 2018.

1. XRP + XLM were the chosen ones.

2. Ripple and Amazon (AWS) announcement coming.

3. Codius was not dead.

4. Cross-border payments was only a Test, the 100+ trillion dollar Derivatives Market is the real Target!

2) We're witnessing the development of a new megalithic financial infrastructure on a scale never seen before. The Protocols include:


2. ILP.

3. Codius - smart contracts.

4. Polysign - custody.

5. PayID - payment routing.

6. Vega - derivatives trading platform.
3) These open protocols were designed to be interoperable across many if not all financial and blockchain networks.

Together they form the infrastructure for the new global financial network designed to handle ALL THE MONEY.

The latest protocol to the Ripple network is Vega.
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So, this article I wrote back in December 2017 about @Ripple and #XRP market penetration strategy is gaining traction again, I'll provide a summary at a glance in the following thread. Time is precious & I tend to write long-form so I can share my ideas while saving you 10 mins.
If you agree, “that the value of a network is positively affected by the number of geopolitical dispersed locations it serves and the number of its users” then you agree with Network Effect Theory as per Saloner & Shepard in1992:…
Saloner & Shepard discuss ATM technology adoption by commercial banks by arguing there is an incentive to create internal value by increasing access to technology that becomes inherently valuable to the depositors of that system.

More ATM's = higher average chance to deposit $$$
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You have to think about this. #Ripple has worked with 50 Central Banks. If they launch their CBDCs' on the ledger, that eats through XRP supply, massively, per David Schwartzs' video 9-10 months ago. There would be no reason why he would provide this content if it wasn't coming.
Open your eyes, and keep a myopic view point to a minimal. "When" (Noted in #WEF20: Tharman Shanmugaratnam: "That doesn't necessarily mean the public sector is going to be the provider of the infrastructure OR THE DIGITAL TOKENS."
they launch their #CBDCs' on the #XRP Ledger, they will have "settlement" capabilities of 4 seconds. They will have the ability to settle cross-border payments in 4 seconds, on top of that, they will have the ability for atomic swaps with #InterLedger.
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I predict that #Ripple will disappear into the background and of the radar within a few years.

And #XRP will be a silent super power, working its magic behind mobile interfaces and apps.

At least, that’s what all the Banks would like to see happening.
Even though #ripple is working with them and being compliant - #XRP is a beast which will be hard to control, if the masses knows about it.

Cryptocurrencies by itself is still a valid threat. That’s why they need #xrp RIGHT NOW! Throwing the first punch, before #Libra’like
Coins are unrolled. And the masses start using it on a global scale.
Before that happens, digital Fiat aka CBDC should be up and running moving frictionless across borders, from P2P!

This puts pressure on all CB’s

Missing this window of opportunity is deadly for THEM!
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@ipinky77 came with the link which confirms the amendments of an existing law, Which is mainly focused on AML, crypto currencies and crypto custodianship has been added to this law, which goes into effect in Jan 2020.
Which makes my question even more important to think about.

“How will banks prepare themselves in order to maximise their position?”

Will banks step into the market and start buying?

#Ripple isn’t selling anymore....!

Exciting times.
Put this together with the US coming online with their RTGS early 2020, as one of the last nations to do so.

2020 holds a lot of potential to get to the next level.

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What if...?

What if, it is a slow rise in price?
Well for me personally, it doesnt change anything!
Just like the opposite, if we would get to a 2 digit level before EOY, I would still hold for 2-3 years.
At least until a certain % of derivatives and Securities
are going over the XRPL.

Crossborder is JUST step 1!

I still believe, when the price moves, it will go fast!
Its just uncertain when that first move will come.

2-4 corridors, doing maybe $20-30M a day in total, didnt brought any change in the #XRP price. It actually
Dumped even more!

People could be worried about this.

To me it only tells me, that the #XRPL is made for TRILLIONS a day, not Millions or Billions.

We keep saying it, we're early.
This means:
- Bigger gains
- A longer wait
- You're on the safe/right side of time
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/1 Just wanted to check the Ripple site to find some information about #SWELL and guess who I came across. My very best friend bear... #0doubt

#xrp #XRPcommunity

@AlexCobb_ @Kevin_Cage_ @WorkingMoney589 Image
/2 Strange thing is that those words led me to this song of Ripple:

#xrpthestandard #0doubt


My thought:

"It’s like a parent or a good wise friend squaring with you and saying that they love you, but…for the deep stuff…you have to figure it out for yourself."

#xrp is the one #0doubt

If you cannot convince anyone left, it's their decision not to follow you.
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Global Imbalances and Capital Flows in the Era of New Technologies Madrid, 10-11 September 2019

And there we have it.... BOOMMM!!! Look at the program and speakers; MASSIVE Ripple partners!!!… Image
Speakers and Ripple partners:

MIT’s Sloan School of Management
Swiss National Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Federal Reserve of San Francisco
Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
People’s Bank of China
Bank for International Settlements
World Bank

I'm I the only one who sees 'Bretton Woods' more and more....?

#xrpthestandard #0doubt Image
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Remember Microsoft Azure and #Ripple…

Microsoft just published their Q1-2019 report
Their Intelligent Cloud is their biggest profit maker (22%)
Azzure's growth --> 73%!!

Groundwork is being done, don't be fooled by the price!


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"timeline" for the launch of the Global ILP

I kept reading about the BASEL III Liquidity Standard.

BASEL : Basel III is a global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk.
The original Basel III rule from 2010 required banks to fund themselves with 4.5% of common equity (up from 2% in Basel II)


...Banks have to hold a total of 7% CET1 capital ratio, from 2019 onwards"
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