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P2E, NFTs, and gamefi (games that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology) have all experienced a decline in popularity in recent months. However, there are a number of reasons to believe that these technologies will make a comeback in the future.
The underlying technology is still sound. all 3 are based on blockchain technology, which is a secure and decentralized way to store data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it's only a matter of time before it's adopted on a wider scale.
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It's sad that a big part of the #XRPCommunity still believes that XRP was created for banks or to help institutions. It was literally created to destroy the banks' monopoly and disintermediate them.

XRP was created as a better BTC for P2P transactions. For people, not banks. 1/7
And with features like the DEX, Ripple's initial vision was to "enable people to break free of the “walled gardens” of financial networks like credit cards, banks, PayPal and other institutions that restrict access with fees, charges for currency exchanges and processing delays."
This is what Ripple mentioned on their website in 2013. Ripple (Initially OpenCoin) started with a vision to build an open payments system & P2P credit network for people - not banks - on top of XRPL and by utilizing its DEX and other features.…
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[1/🧵] #THREAD — A (very brief) summary of what will change on the #XRPLedger as a result of these amendments (if passed). 👇

#XRPLCommunity #xrpthestandard #xrpholders #XRPArmy #XRPCommunity #XRPL #XRP #Ripple
[2/12] — #DisallowIncoming

ℹ️ Adds 4 additional "settings" (flags) to the #XRPL to better granularly manage the permissions specified on your account.

More Details 👇 Source:
[3/12] — #fixNonFungibleTokensV1_2

ℹ️ Several bug fixes across the board for #XRPL #NFTs (#NFToken Object).

More Details 👇 Source:
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Pictures explain in a million words
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There are good and evil extraterrestrial in all place even within their own population as if they have the same goal and ideals as human race as they to conflict war on each other and others. Rippled effects the whole constellation.
You think human are thy only race that is capable of being the only intelligence? If I were to answer that I would say no because we would of have free space traveling with ufo and all sorts of free technologies already and free operating system at feee will in a safe protocols
I’m not a teacher, a scientist, a math teacher, or anyone at all, I’m just simple a traveler who wants to study your world for a better procedure when things are at measurable scenario.
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FRAMING: In Aug, #Ripple published "Payments by the Numbers Guide." that sets their course very clearly, presenting 3 use cases; remittances, SME payments, & Treasury Flows. Surprised this hasn't generated more discussion as it's illuminating.

1/10, but there are pictures. Image
2. The doc is straight to the point, using 3 partners to demonstrate 3 use cases for #RippleNet.
TREASURY = Pyypl Image
3. This is important framing & clarifying as these are the major partner/investment annc's from the last couple of years that are using #RippleNet with #XRP. There are other partners of course, but these are the XRP users.
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🚨 #XRPCommunity , we need to talk about the rise of crypto scams targeting #Ripple holders.

Scammers are using fake Ledger Live apps & posing as Ledger employees to steal your hard-earned $XRP.

Stay vigilant and protect your crypto! Here's what you need to know👇
🔴 Fake Ledger Live apps: Scammers create counterfeit versions of the app to trick you into sharing your 24-word recovery phrase.

NEVER enter your recovery phrase into any app or website.

Always use the official Ledger Live app, available at Image
🕵️ Fake Ledger employees: Beware of unsolicited DMs from "Ledger Support" or similar accounts.

Ledger will NEVER ask for your recovery phrase or personal info via DM.

Report and block suspicious accounts. Reach out to the genuine @Ledger_Support account for help. Image
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🚀💼 #SECvsRipple: Despite their initial confidence, the SEC's case against #Ripple is looking increasingly shaky. Here are the top reasons why they're likely to lose. Grab some popcorn and let's dive in. 🍿👀 #XRP #Crypto $XRP 1/5
⚖️🔎 First up: Lack of clarity! The SEC has long struggled to provide clear guidelines on what constitutes a security. This lack of regulatory clarity puts them at a disadvantage, as Ripple can argue they were never explicitly told they were breaking any rules. #FairNotice 2/5
🌐💡 #Ripple's utility: XRP's widespread adoption for cross-border transactions and remittances is undeniable. This global use case strengthens Ripple's argument that $XRP is a currency, not a security, and therefore outside the SEC's jurisdiction. #XRPCommunity 3/5
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[1/🧵] @DigiEuro interviewed @moderndosh and @AntonyWelfare on the @Ripple #CBDC-Manager software.

The underlying private #CBDC-ledger based on #XRPL was also heavily discussed.

I summarized the most of the interview for you, along with my personal comments. 🧵👇 Welcome to the Ripple Digital Currency Manager
[2/19] To begin, if you are completely unfamiliar with #CBDCs and the #Ripple solution, here is a nice place to start:
[3/19] One important reason for using a private version of the public #XRPL is that a central #bank needs to be able to control the #money supply.

Why use a private ledger ❓
▶️ Central banks and #governments must be able to mint and destroy #currencies. CBDC Hierarchy of Needs
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⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️A PHOENIX RISES⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

#Proton #XPR #Metallicus

10B Circulating Supply ✖️
14B Circulating Supply ✖️
28B Circulating Supply ✅

🔴100% A SECURITY⁉️

🧵 Image
1) This is my opinion, not a declaration of future success of the project or an accusation of illegal activity. It's a non-technical evaluation of the proposal to double #XPR's circulating supply from 14B to 28B.

You decide what to trust.…
2) The first concept I'd like you to understand is the "Anchoring Effect." Anchoring involves presenting you with information upfront to influence your judgment of subsequent information. Its goal is to bias your thinking through the lens of the anchor.… ImageImage
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If institutional and big bankers is utilizing XRP to transfer from millions to trillions of dollars at ease with the speed of 3 seconds settlement can you imagine they can use this to transfer billions to quadrillion of dollars maybe more to fun extraterrestrial at ease in the
most trusted ways possible. By the time we reach this information in real time and era XRP probably worth few millions per coin.
Extraterrestrial technology for Human Resources and XRP can be our golden egg to offer them. They sure do like gold and XRP is technically better than gold. Imagine tokenize gold into xrpl and trade it in decimal of fractions worth of that gold in xrpl. Cheap and fast to send.
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Know the game so you can't be played. ~Coach JV~
I purposely chatted with a scammer for days & they told on themselves today! The wait game works every time! They blocked me! when I caught them
#XRPCommunity #bitcoin #ETH Image
THIS PERSON IS A SCAM! People new will fall for this savings agreement trash scam!
#XRP #ETH #bitcoin
within 5 mins they changed their profile name and pic. Image
The scam is to make you think you will provide liquidity using USDT on the fake savings agreement. & through your trust wallet attached to the savings agreement, you earn compounding ETH interest. 1.4-4%.
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When was the last time you did an analysis of the distribution of #XRP on the #XRPLedger?

How and where can you even do that?
And can you do it yourself at all?

I'm happy to show and I've also worked up the data (visually) directly.
Next, for those who might not know, @xrpscan ( and @bithomp ( are excellent blockchain explorers (and more) for the #XRPL!
Hearty shout out to the teams of both services whose provided data I used.
And also to @WietseWind with whose help the easy creation of the pure data of the #XRPL was possible at all (for me) as well as to @Ripple and its operation of the "S1" server ( from which I extracted the data of the XRPLedger for this.
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#XRPCommunity 👇
🚨 Is U.S gov already bankrupted?🚨
Did president @realDonaldTrump filed bankruptcy for the United States corporation back in May 4th 2020? This is official letter from the WH.
Notice the signature?
@realDonaldTrump The CEO of the United state.
They filed at United state bankruptcy court northern district of Florida.
⚠️ Case #: 20-40375-KKS ⚠️
If the Last president of the United state corruption is @realDonaldTrump if this is true, then who is the real president of the Country now? Who’s in charge now? Military?
I remember @looP_rM311_7211
Tweeted “Chapter 11” b4. Is this what he meant?
And some of his tweets related to the “13” | “17” = “Q” | “119”
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99% Of #CryptoCommunity Do Not Realy Understand The Concept Of #CBDCs & #XRPL People Keep Saying That #XRP Cannot Hit 100$ 1,000$ Or 10,000$. I Will Explain You A Bit Why #XRP Will Hit 4/5 Digits.
As Everyone Knows #XRPL Will Be Use By Central Banks & Hedge Funds. #XRP Will Bridge All #CBDCs But You Have To Understand That #CBDCs Is The New Digital Curreny. The Fiat Money Which You Have In Your Wallet & Fiat Money Which You Have In Your Bank Ac.
#XRP Is Not Going To Bridge Those Money. Central Banks Will Create #CBDCs Value Will Be The Same The Difference Is That Its New Digital Currency Which Is 1:1 Backed By Real $ € £ ¥ ₹. For Ex Old Fiat System Has 100 Trillion $ In Supply Then #CBDCs Will Also Have 100 Trillion $.
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[1/16] #XLS-20 ist live und es wird bereits wie wild drauf losgeminted (Ist das überhaupt ein Wort? 😅)

Wer hat Lust mit mir mal ein ausgestelltes #NFT auf dem #XRPL genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen?

3-2-1 ... Los geht's! 🧵👇
[2/16] Wie könnte es anders sein, nehmen wir uns das folgende NFT von @nbougalis vor.

Wer ihn nicht kennt: Er ist (genauer gesagt war 🥹) Director of Engineering bei @Ripple und war maßgeblich—in Zusammenarbeit mit @RippleXDev—in der Konzepterstellung von #XLS20 involviert. @nbougalis NFT mint
[3/16] Ihm, @JoelKatz, @aanchalmalhotre und den Programmierern bei @RippleXDev und der #XRPCommunity haben wir es zu verdanken, dass #NFTs nun in der Art nutzbar sind, wie wir uns das alle immer gewünscht hatten.

Das Ausmaß der Diskussionsvielfalt 👇🤯…
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[1/7] Es kann schon davon ausgegangen werden, dass das zusätzliche #XRPL Volumen sehr viel höher sein wird als erwartet. (Besonders am Anfang)

Ernstzunehmende Vorsicht wurde bereits vor Monaten durch z.B. @rippleitinNZ ausgesprochen, bezüglich der Stabilität des #XRPL.
[2/7] Im Vordergrund sollte stets die Funktionstüchtigkeit der #Payments und die Stabilität des Ledgers stehen. Sind diese elementaren Bausteine gefährdet, ist Vorsicht geboten. 🧐
[3/7] Laut den Testergebnissen von @nbougalis auf dem Blog von @RippleXDev sind "optimistische" zusätzliche 384 TPS zu erwarten, allein für das Minting.

Man kann also allen #XLS20 "#Mintern" nur anraten, vielleicht nicht sofort ab der ersten Sekunde in die Tasten zu hauen. RippleXDEV NFT Minting TPS Overview
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[1/16] Noch ungefähr ~16 Stunden bis das #XRPL #Amendment "NonFungibleTokensV1_1" (XLS-20) aktiviert wird und somit L-1-native #NFTs auf dem öffentlichen #XRPL das Licht der Welt erblicken.

Ein Überblick über alles, was für die #XRPCommunity jetzt wichtig ist.

Ein Thread 🧵👇 XRPL Amendments registry - vote ETA for "NonFungibleTok
[2/16] Jedes Asset, außer #XRP selbst, kann auf dem #XRPL als Token aus-/dargestellt und gehandelt werden. Zu den "austauschbaren"/"fungiblen" Tokens gehören:

• Stablecoins
• Gemeinschaftskredite
• [I]nitial [C]oin [O]fferings
• Utility Tokens
• Eigenkapital-Tokens
• usw..
[3/16] Im Gegensatz zu den fungiblen Tokens, können [N]on [F]ungible [T]okens nicht durch andere Tokens ersetzt werden. Sie sind demnach nicht einfach nur einzigartig und daher meist sehr wertvoll, sondern auch in ihrer Eigenschaft auf dem #XRPL als #NFToken Objekt unteilbar. NFT pictures
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Why short on $APT below $35 ?

서울 신축 아파트 건축시 최고 층수 제한은 35층 이었다.

지금은 그 제한이 없어진 상태다.

서울 아파트 높이가 얼마나 높아질 지는 알 수 없다.

정답은 항상 "I have no idea"


$BTC @binance @upbitglobal #upbit ImageImageImage
- If price wanna go higher and it is based on smart money like whales, there is always liquidity raid on both sides before Real Big movement.

- Party has not been started yet.

- So plz wait for a pull back or $35

Enjoy Image
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#XRPCommunity Thoughts on a wonderful win: 1st, although expected given the high burden @SECGov needed to carry, this win was amazing given J. Torres was making me sweat (but not @attorneyjeremy1 who called end of September!). 2nd, we have more context of J. Torres'...1/5
...judicial temperament in this case, and it does not bode well for @SECGov. The writing is on the wall, but I'm still not sure if the SEC has the literacy level to read it. J. Torres telegraphed how she will evaluate the MSJ papers and case law and it's not in SEC's favor. 2/5
3rd, J. Torres did hint that the documents sought--though relevant for DISCOVERY--may not actually be admissible for TRIAL (p4). But this is not a major concern because once they are disclosed the damage to the SEC is done. 4th, J. Torres did not have any harsh language for...3/5
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#XRPcommunity It was delayed, but I’ve been ½ in celebration mode and ½ in getting lawsuit against SEC ready mode, but here is my analysis on Ripple’s MSJ. TLDR is to watch @attorneyjeremy1‘s video. I will attempt to only add new analysis here (apologies for duplication). 1/22
Not what I expected, and it seems the other attys were likewise surprised. SoloMAN went right to the heart of the matter and made this as basic as possible. Normally I’m not a fan of citing case law more than 100 years old, but I get the reasoning. It will be interesting…2/22
…to see if there is solid case law that no written contract is necessary for an investment contract (what @SECgov must show). The SEC has shockingly little evidence to support its entire case. “When asked in discovery, the @secgov refused to identify a contractual basis...3/22
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#XRPCommunity #XRP 1/3 Here’s the SEC’s argument, as I interpret it.

“We aren’t saying XRP is a security per se. What we are saying is that any purchase of XRP, as a matter of economic reality, is an investment in a common enterprise with other XRP holders and with Ripple.
2/3 Whether it’s through horizontal commonality or strict vertical commonality, it is an investment in a common enterprise with other XRP holders and with Ripple. So while XRP may not be a security per se, there’s no other possible way to offer or sell XRP EXCEPT as a security.”
3/3 And when you realize what the SEC is saying, no matter how it is framed, the judgment that the SEC wants is one that incorporates secondary sales. See screenshot below where the SEC uses the words “a purchase” and “all units.” Image
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