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.@Ripple & #XRP are already tackling numerous of the top ways blockchain will change finance and business (video):
-micropayments & world’s 1.7B unbanked
-micropayments & content creators (from arts & music to platforms like @Coil)
-digital identity solutions

* USA needs voting
& Don’t forget about the BRICS SUMMIT on Wednesday (11/17/20)!!!



Just a few countries who haven’t been shy about their desire to dethrone the dollar. And 👀 at the timing... #XRP #XRPtheSTANDARD… ImageImageImageImage
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"...upgraded large-value interbank fund transfer system"

"The new system has established an additional account that allows financial institutions to receive loans from the Bank of Korea immediately when they lack money or liquidity in the process."…
2/ The Central Bank of Iceland will launch a new interbank #payment system tomorrow (10.23.2020) as well! @digitalassetbuy @cbpaymentsnews

3/ @cbpaymentsnews re: Central Bank of Iceland's new payment system launching 10.23.2020.…

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-- BANG .... SWITCH (@blayone #Reset Button)
-- Is this the "Decoupling from China" ("CCP" --> 'Central Clearing Counterparties') @realDonaldTrump has referenced?
-- @Barclays:…
@digitalassetbuy #XRP
2/ SOFR Switch Over:

** Weekend of 17/18 October 2020 **

-- DERIVATIVES, Counterparties, settlement ... #XRP anyone?!?!

@digitalassetbuy @Neloangelo314 @val5linx @thebearablebull @Kevin_Cage_ @xrp_hodl_ @_Crypto_Maniac_ @Fame21Moore @XRPcryptowolf…
3/ Have a look at the Barclays Key Terms list...

-- "ARRC" (for a FLOOD of LIQUIDITY?!) -- think: Noah's Flood, lots of biblical vibes imo
-- Remember @looP_rM311_7211's Coronal Mass Ejection ("CME") hints...?
-- CCP (acronym doesnt even really make much sense should be CCCP)
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1/ I did some calculations of the potential price of the based on its utility and how it works with .

A thread:
#XRPCommunity #XRP #Flare #FlareNetworks #Ripple #XRPthestandard #crypto
2/ Spark needs to be used as collateral to make . According to the whitepaper, there needs to be 2.5 for every 1 FXRP. Given that FXRP is the same price as , the price of Spark needs to be at least 2.5x the amount of XRP used in smart contracts.
3/ Examples:
If 10% of the 45 Billion supply is used for smart contracts, that's 4.5B XRP locked up. If XRP is $1 (for easy calculations) then you'd need $11.25B worth of spark (in ) to collateralize that much .
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Judy Shelton’s clues 👇 give us a little insight into what is coming after her probable Fed Board appointment.
RESTRUCTURE of the Fed & Central Banking System.
Once established on a GS, we don’t need CBs & IMF to ‘manage’ monetary policy & interest rates.
Exchange rates are fixed / set - not floating, no intervention is required or allowed.
“A GS in a cryptocurrency way”
= no more SDR & a de-powered or redundant IMF.
A settlement asset ( XRP) will replace the function of the SDR
( basket of currencies)
While simultaneously solving the X-border payments/ settlements problem ( FX) and the trade flows/ balance of payments problem between Treasuries / CBs.
The magic bullet if you will...
The Fed/ CB will merge into treasury, & Treasury will mange / issue currency.
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My take on the #XRP price explained.

@Kevin_Cage_ @WorkingMoney589 @thebearablebull @BakkupBradley @MoonLamboio @XrpMr @jungleincxrp @HamEggsnSam @digitalassetbuy @LoveForCrypto17 I would love to get your opinion and feedback on this:
So many people are fixated on the price of #XRP and don't understand why it is not rising. I am going to try and explain what I believe to be true in a way that can be understood by people who know absolutely nothing about finance.
Visualise the economy as a massive car engine, and #XRP as the oil that lubricates the whole system. Taking away all the friction and making sure everything runs smoothly.
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The President of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)
calls for a NEW SUPER-SOVEREIGN CURRENCY to offset the global dominance of the USD.

"Global Trade needs a Super-Sovereign' Currency System"

"Disconnected from individual nations"

#LevelPlayingField… ImageImageImage
"Economic & political power would be more evenly spread"

"Gold, one of the most ancient forms of money, falls into the category, but it's supply is finite, limiting any role it can have in global trade".

Tell me, is that Chinese for 'LEVEL PLAYING FIELD'🤔

These aren't just the rambling musings from senior people out of China, we are being primed for a new concept, a new paradigm in world trade...
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I predict that #Ripple will disappear into the background and of the radar within a few years.

And #XRP will be a silent super power, working its magic behind mobile interfaces and apps.

At least, that’s what all the Banks would like to see happening.
Even though #ripple is working with them and being compliant - #XRP is a beast which will be hard to control, if the masses knows about it.

Cryptocurrencies by itself is still a valid threat. That’s why they need #xrp RIGHT NOW! Throwing the first punch, before #Libra’like
Coins are unrolled. And the masses start using it on a global scale.
Before that happens, digital Fiat aka CBDC should be up and running moving frictionless across borders, from P2P!

This puts pressure on all CB’s

Missing this window of opportunity is deadly for THEM!
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I think #bg123 and the #rippleriddler are two different entities. One is pro #xrp and anti #xlm, and the other is pro xrp and pro xlm....

Things that makes you go hmmm... 🤔


Nevertheless, "The Storm IS Coming" @589Society Image

People can say and think what they want. I had a great journey during this mega bear market and happy that I got to know those two entities. I love them and I hope to hear from them again.

They kept us entertained during these hard times, but time is near #hodl #xrp Image
You probably don't even know it, but you're all around Gematria! People are referring to you.

Today I went through the rabbit hole (conspiracy, gematria, ripple, etc.) and saw a lot of weird things, crazy! But it's all for fun and only if you want to believe in it!
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/1 Just wanted to check the Ripple site to find some information about #SWELL and guess who I came across. My very best friend bear... #0doubt

#xrp #XRPcommunity

@AlexCobb_ @Kevin_Cage_ @WorkingMoney589 Image
/2 Strange thing is that those words led me to this song of Ripple:

#xrpthestandard #0doubt


My thought:

"It’s like a parent or a good wise friend squaring with you and saying that they love you, but…for the deep stuff…you have to figure it out for yourself."

#xrp is the one #0doubt

If you cannot convince anyone left, it's their decision not to follow you.
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$XRP Where my buy levels are set. Big Bearish Divergences on the H4; Looking oversold for now. If you are a HODL'r, this is of no concern; solely for traders. Yes, I'm charting against USD. $BTC is in a downtrend. Chart USD in btc's downtrend, against #BTC in a btc uptrend. #xrp
And further; everyone and their mother is bullish on XRP right now. Guess what that typically indicates with price. 📉Again, if you are a HODL'r, ignore this. My posts are intended for traders looking for the best entries. #xrp $xrp #btc $btc #xrpthestandard
$XRP Update: Playing out as expected. The drop in #xrp was a bit clearer than $btc due to the massive bearish divergence (hard to ignore). Big brother #btc might get me my bids sooner than later. Hoping the lowest bids get hit. Will be a great spot to long.
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Global Imbalances and Capital Flows in the Era of New Technologies Madrid, 10-11 September 2019

And there we have it.... BOOMMM!!! Look at the program and speakers; MASSIVE Ripple partners!!!… Image
Speakers and Ripple partners:

MIT’s Sloan School of Management
Swiss National Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Federal Reserve of San Francisco
Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
People’s Bank of China
Bank for International Settlements
World Bank

I'm I the only one who sees 'Bretton Woods' more and more....?

#xrpthestandard #0doubt Image
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Gold is the Apex Predator in the financial kingdom-
It keeps Bankers, Central Banks and easy credit in check.

>Financial market upheaval
>Political upheaval
>Social upheaval
> Giant deleveraging event


+ XRP = the new Financial System

The Fall Of The US Dollar: Is The Return to a Gold Standard Inevitable?
Its going to be hard to argue against it!

via @YouTube
Gold needs to be a stable and relatively high price for currencies to be pegged to.
To alleviate the physical exchange/movement of gold btwn sovereign entities, a utility settlements asset/bridge currency is required, that is not hegemonic.
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We investigated which cryptocurrencies are the most and least overhyped on crypto Twitter.

In other words, which coins are being manipulated the most, which have the most bot accounts tweeting about them, and which have the most inflated engagement.

We created a metric called Hype-to-Activity Ratio, which measures the # of tweets each crypto has per $1M in trading volume. Across the 450 cryptos we investigated, there were an average of 1.02 tweets per $1M in volume.

We used 30-day averages for tweet and trading volumes.

Let's start with the least overhyped cryptos (which coins have the lowest number of tweets per $1M in trading volume).

At the top are Tether, EOS, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos, and NEO.
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When #xrp starts being used as a bridge asset as a standard it will be the perfect investment for any savvy investor. Why?

Consider first an investment into stocks. Stocks have over the last hundred years proven to be a great investment, averaging something like
a 7% yearly return on average adjusted for inflation. But stocks are volatile and companies often fail. They are a high risk investment. Many unforseen events can bring down the business.

Now, consider XRP. Imagine an ecosystem for XRP is being developed.
This may take some time. At this moment payment providers are using xRapid but banks are not really live yet. Regulations are not clear.

It is thus still risky. Imagine in the future, all regulations are passed and XRP enjoys a good traffic from banks.
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xRapid builds liquidity, both from the sender market and receiver market. So if it goes from USD - XRP - MXN it builds liquidity both in USD and MXN. So the competing bridge asset (XLM) has to compete in both markets.
So, in other words, it would not be enough for XLM to just target some exotic fiat to try to win that market. The total cost will depend on the spread and order book depth of both markets.
The more liquidity xRapid builds, the harder it will be to compete. First mover advantage is hugely important. If XRP gains billions of volume in a market and XLM has a few million, the software will pick XRP every time, since it’s automatic.
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Ripple and XRP are in a great position now since they have other very influential players pushing their technology.

- The IMF with Christine Lagarde talking about Ripple, telling banks to adopt this new tech or die. I believe the IMF has set up meetings with
Ripple and central banks as well. At the big meeting with central banks in New York with Ripple, the first presentation was by the IMF.

It would make sense the IMF set this up. How are Ripple otherwise meeting all these central banks? That’s not normal for a startup.
But to go straight to the top is huge for Ripple. Just look at their deal with the Saudi central bank. This sends a signal to the whole middle East.

- You have the World Bank that recently published an article showing the benefit of Ripple’s system, telling others to join.
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Today I felt like I was red pilled...

I feel like we’re seeing a genius plan being unfolded in front of our eyes by Ripple...

I thought about Codius and how it could be used on top of XRP to compete with the platform coins.
I realized that the issue the platform coins will have relates to liquidity and scalability, to a large extent.

Now what did Ripple do?
They focused on XRP as a bridge asset, in the most liquid market, the FX market.

Now, this is my belief:
I believe there will only be one winner in the bridge asset race in the end. I’ve touched upon this many times.

The reason being; liquidity will go to the asset that is already most liquid automatically on assets with same tech
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Today I gave a presentation at the @ethereum core devs meeting in Berlin about Sustainably Funding ETH 1.x/2.0 & why it’s a pandoras box. 🎁

Thread Below 👇 Take cover, because its Knowledge Bombs all the way down!💣🐢💣🐢💣🐢 /1
I peeked inside Pandoras Box 🎁 when I submitted ERC 1789 (… ). In this ERC, i made 3 arguments

1. Why ecosystem stewardship is important
2. Why ecosystem stewardship inflation funding is the right approach
3. How to design it.

Why is it a pandoras box? 🎁

In a system without sybil-resistant identity, there is a “tradeoff between either failing to incentivize legitimate public goods or over-subsidizing plutocracy” @VitalikButerin
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How much does DTCC use of DLT depend on ISO20022 adoption? They said they need "data standards to enable compatibility between ledgers" Swift might be driving changes in FIs that make Ripple easier to adopt as they digitalize. #xrpthestandard #xrp…
DTCC conversion to Swift's ISO20022 occurred last November, setting the stage for greater integration - at least for large companies. Apparently smaller companies struggle with infrastructure to convert to this "rich" ISO. (Also true of TCH, btw). #xrp
Co's can voluntarily reorganize w/ DTCC & ISO20022 with a real-time connection. and test a new DTCC Corporate Action web interface this year. Will the buildout make it more comfortable for co's to adopt Ripple? Interesting .pdf @Fame21Moore…
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"timeline" for the launch of the Global ILP

I kept reading about the BASEL III Liquidity Standard.

BASEL : Basel III is a global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk.
The original Basel III rule from 2010 required banks to fund themselves with 4.5% of common equity (up from 2% in Basel II)


...Banks have to hold a total of 7% CET1 capital ratio, from 2019 onwards"
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1/ The winning story to talk about is digital vs. paper, not centralized vs. decentralized. That’s what drives adoption. The decentralization will come, eventually, when the time is right. Here are my thoughts on why #XRP is indeed #xrpthestandard. @haydentiff @XRPTrump
2/ #Ripple’s current approach, to work with banks and money transfer agencies for cross-border payments, is truly genius for several reasons. First, they are solving real problems for real people, many of whom are those who need help the most…
3/20 low income people in impoverished regions who get remittances from friends and family abroad. It’s not just an idea being developed, it’s actually in production at countless financial institutions.
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