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I believe more #PoW than #PoS due to trust in Satoshi's original intention to create #Bitcoin, which is to associate energy & chips in the real world with value in the digital world, not left hand to right as $UST & $LUNA

$KDA #KADENA is scalable #PoW 😀

It's an amazing song👇
Find this old twitter ...

#PoW vs #Pos
#Bitcoin $BTC #Ethereum $ETH
#XRP $XRP #Cardano $ADA #Solana $SOL #Polkadot $DOT #Tron $TRX #Avalanche $AVAX #Polygon $Matic #Litecoin $LTC #NEAR $NEAR #Monero $XMR #Stellar $XLM #Cosmos $Atom #Algorand $Algo


+1) And this one twitter ...

When you feel scared, take a look at the hash rate graph😀

Don't forget they are #PoW #Blockchain

#Bitcoin $BTC
#Kadena $KDA

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Local currency, scarce, and traded at high velocity in Zimbabwe community 2015 (dirtier than money from the Continental Currency era...) How does that impact the velocity of money??? Of course its never charted... Image
community labor ceritifcates in Tyrol Austria authorized by the mayor in 1932 in use until 1933 (about a year) before federal govt made illegal. 1/3 went out of circulation bc of collecting, but the town treasury became wealthier and people worked happily and produced goods Image
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Versión en español ⬇️

Spanish Version ⬇️
🇵🇦 Ley Panamá blockchain, cripto, metales preciosos tokenizados.

21/04/2022 fue un gran día.

Panamá logró un gran paso hacia la integración del sistema financiero tradicional con las nuevas tecnologías y economías digitales🥇

Se aprobó en la cámara legislativa, el primer debate de una ley que mejora la economía de un nuevo Panamá.

Esta ley es un compendio de 3 anteproyectos de grandes mentes innovadoras y diputados del país; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, entre otros.
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🇵🇦 Panamá Blockchain, Crypto, Tokenized Precious Metal Law

21/04/2022 was a great day.

Panama achieved a great step towards the integration of the traditional financial system with new technologies and digital economies🥇

It was approved within the legislative chamber, the first debate of a law that improves the economy of a new Panama.

The law is a mix of the 3 previous drafts of great innovative minds and deputies of the country; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, among others
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#Stellar in 7 Tweets

The most important things you should know about the Stellar Network, the bridge between crypto and fiat currency.

A thread 🧵👇
1. The Stellar network is a distributed ledger technology that facilitates financial transactions. #Stellar allows users to create, send, and trade digital representations of currency. It’s designed for all of the world’s financial systems to work in unison on a single network.
2. #Stellar is extremely well suited for finance. The transaction confirmation time is 3 – 5 seconds, facilitated by its consensus mechanism. It can support thousands of transactions per second. Stellar also supports Multi-signatures and Smart Contracts.
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Stellar 101: bridging #crypto and fiat currency

Here’s your everything guide to the #Stellar network and $XLM. Stellar is a payment protocol based on the distributed ledger technology. It allows quick, cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies.

A thread 🧵👇
2. The #Stellar network is a distributed ledger technology that facilitates financial transactions. Stellar was launched by the in 2014. Since then, it’s processed more than 2 billion operations made by over 6.5 million individual accounts on the Stellar network.
3. #Stellar allows users to create, send, and trade digital representations of currency. It’s a decentralized system that is great for trading every kind of currency, including #cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency.
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Stellar 101: frictionless, instantaneous cross border currency transfers

Here's your everything guide to #Stellar Network, the network for just about every currency transfer.

A thread🧵👇
2. Stellar is an open-source network for currencies and payments.

Using blockchain tech, Stellar makes it possible to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, bitcoin, etc.
3. Essentially, it’s designed so all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network.

Stellar’s goal is that is anyone using a service powered by #Stellar can transfer anything from traditional currencies to asset tokens.
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Hey #Stellar community!

I would like to launch a, hopefully, fun social experiment: #StellarSpread!

The idea is that I will send 3 people 100 $XLM each. These 3 people should then split the amount among 1-3 people they trust to do the same. Each forming their own "chain". Image
We will keep track of the 3 chains to see which one is the most "infectious". Every person involved should pick people who they think will do a good job in spreading the #Stellarspread further!

Who is in and wants to help #StellarSpread by being one of the first "infectees"?
3/ Fun fact: 10 people spreading this to 3 other people, will lead to 177,000 people taking part in this experiment!

We'll keep track of the spread through a forms + google spreadsheet (🤓). Any help in automation, visualization is welcome!
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1/ $AQUA liquidity rewards for market makers launched 72 hours ago. Since then the trading volume on #Stellar Decentralized Exchange has grown 10x.

Very satisfied with the results so far.
And we have just doubled the $AQUA rewards, running at 4M AQUA/day on the chosen markets!
2/ Great to see this progress in such a short space of time. With increased liquidity, users can now take advantage of CEX style trading directly inside Stellar's Decentralized Exchange.

Take a look at these graphs and see for yourself!👀👇
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A lot is happening on the #Stellar network. Let me walk you trough some of the biggest developments. In this thread i'll cover:

🚀Turing complete smartcontracts
🚀#DeFi / #SmartDefi
🚀Liquidity pools
🚀Claimable balances
🚀Clawbackable assets
🚀Impact on $XLM

2. Let’s start with what what was already there.

#Stellar is made for interoperable payments and has an on-chain #DEX. Its consensus mechanism is similar to the Internet, making it:

✅Regulatory friendly

3. Tss
#Stellar uses operations and multi-sig to offer basic smart contract functionality. It didn’t have turing complete smart contracts like #Ethereum though.

With the new 2nd layer “TSS protocol", #Stellar now has full blown smart-contracts.…
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Fee comparison, mini-research

(Based on Binance withdrawal transactions, 03/2021)

@Bitcoin : 0.0005 $BTC
≈ $27.02

@ethereum : 0.008 $ETH
≈ $14.56

@Polkadot : 0.1 $DOT
≈ $3.61


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Polkadot #DeFi #fees
@OntologyNetwork :1 $ONT
≈ $1.19

@Cardano : 1 $ADA
≈ $1.18

@Dogecoin : 20 $DOGE
≈ $1.14


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ontology #Dogecoin #Cardano
@Dahspay : 0.002 $DASH
≈ $0.475380

@avalancheavax : 0.01 $AVAX
≈ $0.273549

@binance : 0.0008 $BNB on #BSC
≈ $0.218595


#crypto #Binance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #BNB #Avalanche #Dash
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"What’s the intrinsic value of $XLM? And what drives the price?" One of the most common questions from newcomers to #Stellar ecosystem.
A short answer – $XLM price reflects the locked value. There are other factors, but this one is the most important.
And here is why:

Stellar Network relies on the account reserve requirements to prevent ledger spam. Every account must contain at least 1XLM to exist on the network. Currently there are about 5 million accounts which effectively means that 5 million XLM are locked on the ledger.

But reserve requirements are not only for accounts. Each trustline (a connection allows an account to hold some custom token) also requires a base reserve – 0.5XLM. So if an account holds, say, some USDC, EURT, and ABTC tokens, additional 1.5XLM are frozen on the balance.

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Cryptocurrencies Thread
$BTC $XRP $XLM $ADA $VET #cryptocurrencies #cryptotwitter Image
$XLM #Stellar "to bank the unbanked population as well as to compete directly with the likes of SWIFT and Ripple in the space of cross-border transactions." Image
$XLM #Stellar Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations:
IBM, Smartlands, Stripe, HTC Exodus, Franklin Templeton, Wirex, Baracoin, Novatti Group, Saldo, Tempo, Bitbond, SureRemit, .... more
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A few tweets about the significance of P2P payments in #cryptocurrency and why interoperability with traditional financial rails is key to reach mass adoption.
In the early days, the #bitcoin narrative evolved around P2P payments. We needed a digital equivalent of cash.
This was inspired by the role of banks in the 2008 financial crisis.

IF #BTC would become the currency of the internet, as a result it should be valuable.
Since then, this has changed into a #HODL and #BTC = #Gold narrative. Scarcity brings value.

Where in the early days people wanted to spend #BTC, this has become quite rare. Why is that? There are a couple of reasons.
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1. ♥Ethereum is still the most actively developed Blockchain protocol, followed by #Cardano and #Bitcoin ;

♦Multi-chain protocols like #Polkadot , #Cosmos and #Avalanche are seeing a consistent rise in core development and developer contribution.
2. ♦In the year of its public launch, decentralized file storage project #Filecoin jumped straight into the top 5 of most actively developed projects;

#Ethereum killers #Tron, #EOS, #Komodo, and #Qtum are seeing a decrease in core development metrics;
3. #DeFi protocols took the space by storm with #Ethereum being the choice of the underlying blockchain and smart contracts platform. They saw an increase in core development and developer contribution activity over the year which was all open sourced.
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1/ Here are the posts from Kendra Hill on $XRP & $XLM 🌐
#xrpcommunity #0doubt #Stellar #crypto ImageImageImageImage
2/ ImageImageImageImage
3/ ImageImageImageImage
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1/x A thread on why this is big.

Since the #Bitcoin White-paper, we have unfortunately not seen widespread use of a "p2p electronic cash system" yet.

In part this is due to the inefficient interaction of #BTC with FIAT:

↔️ If I want to pay in BTC, but my friends USD i'm stuck.
#Stellar solves this by allowing for easy tokenization of assets on 1 interoperable network. This allows atomic transaction like:

- Paying $XLM while my friend receives $USD
- Paying $USD while my friend receives $EUR
- Paying tokenized $BTC while my friend receives $USD
This means you can pay $XLM or any other asset, while your friend receives FIAT in his bank account in seconds.

Here is an example of how @tempo_eu and @cowrie_exchange facilitate transaction from $EUR to $Naira.…
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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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A THREAD (1/9) about the evolution of my #CRYPTO #portfolio and the reasoning behind it.

I started investing into Crypto markets in Oct. 2017. I wasn't sure about any project so I started with equal amounts of $BTC $ETH $LTC. The amounts in total was 1% of my investment capital.

The purpose of this small allocation was to have "skin in the game". I make better decisions when I have real money at stake. So, with prices fluctuating I decided to research projects quickly to find my optimal portfolio. Here is what I found:

$BTC: 1st mover, store of value, most liquidity, proof of work converting value of energy into monetary value.

$ETH: 1st mover for providing decentralized smart contracts. Value of providing platform for dapps is reflected in its monetary value.

$LTC: Silver to $BTC
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Fractal! 🔥

Price ranged 1 whole year the same way & did and this week broke to the upside breaking both horizontal and trendline resistance.

High probability swing trade.

Great opportunity for those that have missed out on #ZIL #Zilliqa 👊

#XLM #Stellar Image
Looking at D1 that obvious Block that was holding us down in a range has fallen and all the range highs all alike.

Price has shown a continuation afterward.

Longing the retest here ✅

#XLM #Stellar Image
Also an LTF fractal of with

This is where I'll be looking to buy at 955

This trade has already paid out for me once big time so why not try it again? 😉😎

#XLM #Stellar

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This one is for my bro @DTCcryptotrades

Once this level is flipped there is nothing stopping us from 200% gainZ! 🔥

Keep it Clean & Clear

#XLM #Lumen Image
did exactly what I wanted it to do.

While many are giving up on this cause "it takes too long" I'm in #XLM and expecting in to go pretty high from here.

Very good looking HTF structure. Swing long

#Stellar #Lumen Image
One of these days this is going to pump big time and then you'll see it being shilled left and right.

Be there before it does. It's inevitable 😎

#XLM #Stellar Image
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Tell me one thing @StellarOrg has put as a goal and not accomplished, go ahead, I'll wait. They always state goals that they have already developed a plan for executing and then they follow through. I got into #XLM 3 years ago before the bull run and from then to now I see ....
... more projects being built on #Stellar , more opportunities created for the end user to benefit from the #Stellarblockchain such as #ABRA & #DSTOQ. The ease of conversion with #pathpayments , especially with @KeybaseIO wallet makes it a breeze to send Venmo like payments in...
....any denomination that the end user wants to recieve(fiat vs crypto). There are projects in the pipeline showcased with the #stellarcommunityfund challenge ( such as #StellarTip, #Nicetrade, #SendIt and #Coinqvest that'll only help increase adoption...
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@mrmasa88 gives his DETAILED analysis on whether #Stellar is a worthy investment. The analysis is very good even though he DOES NOT give XLM a passing score. HOWEVER, the analysis is heavily based on Stellar focusing on B2B > B2C. Today, @JedMcCaleb ....
had an Q&A today at #ConsensusDistributed2020 where he specifically stated he was more concerned with the individual more than catering to banks (recap here…) . This, along with Stellar enterprise fund supporting #ABRA & #DSTOQ which are aimed at the...
...common end user rather than institutions, makes me firmly believe Stellar will be the Sun in the crypto space that will gravitate other projects via its interoperable anchors making value transactions seamless to the end user receiving value in their preferred denomination.🚀
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