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So, as many predicted, looks like #Libra is all but DOA unless @davidmarcus and FB pull off a minor miracle.

I’m going to say something that will probably get me shunned by some - I think this should upset a lot of people. Not because the result isn’t great for crypto (it is)...
but because the manner in which governments achieved this. I’ve been struggling to articulate just why I got this sinking feeling seeing this play out, but weirdly, seeing other “shadow” gov action curtailing innovation globally more recently has helped crystallize things for me.
That is, rather than using the formal mechanisms of democratic authority instilled in them, many have instead refused to articulate legal grounds (of which, I think there are many, like antitrust) to stop this, and have instead pulled from the mafioso playbook.
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We have a #NewMoon in #Libra on 9/28 as I have mentioned this is a great time to put your intentions out regarding balance, equilibrium, making choices, releasing indecision and meeting others halfway.
This #NewMoon is opposite Chiron the “wounded healer” so issues may arise that cause us to reflect on our wounds from childhood, wounds involving our own masculine & feminine energies & wounds that involve men & women in our lives. This New Moon may very well involve triggers
For this #NewMoon the sun & the moon are coming together in the sign of #Libra meaning this new moon is ruled by Venus. Venus is placed in #Libra and being squared by heavy hitters Saturn & Pluto
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A gente sabe que os signos não mentem. Por isso, fizemos uma thread pra mostrar que todos (até os geminianos!) devem lutar contra as privatizações. Siga o fio e RT no seu signo♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️ ♍️♏️
Áries ♈️
#Áries é filho de Marte, o deus da guerra. Por isso, vc vai lutar contra a privatização de programas estratégicos na defesa da soberania, como a Amazônia Azul Tecnologias de Defesa, Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil e a Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil.
Touro ♉️

#Touro é signo de Terra, e quer trabalho e pão pra todo mundo. Se for taurino ou taurina, organize-se para defender a segurança alimentar de brasileiras e brasileiros. Estão em risco a Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento – CONAB, CEASAMINAS, CEAGESP e CASEMG.
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THREAD: CF40 just concluded the third Yichun Forum in northeast #China’s Heilongjiang province. Here are some takeaways from the keynote speakers:… 1/7
Chen Yuan, chairman of CF40 Executive Council: China should reconsider the strategic significance of its foreign reserves, turning it into the focus of financial
battlefield in the future from its past role as a highly reliable core fortune. 2/7
Zhou Xiaochuan, former #PBoC governor: Only when #RMB is truly internationalized, can China effectively deal with the side effects of various distortions at the global monetary market which is now dominated by US dollar. 3/7
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🔥For the week of 8/5-8/12🔥

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Let’s begin!
#aries : LMAO I see y’all straight up NARUTO RUNNING straight towards your goals & dreams this week. It looks like this week will be a time where you get clear on one of your big goals & know that it’s time to HUSTLE to get it. Y’all are done playing small.
It doesn’t matter WHO or WHAT is in your way this’re done being small or “too nice” in order to be liked by the masses, you’ve realized it’s time to be the real you, & this version ppl might be intimidated by. Maybe you’ve blamed yourself for being too intimidating b4
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1. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, #Blockchain (#Blokzincir) ile rezerv para ve #dolar ilişkisinde kalmıştık.
2. Doları, Pandoranın kutusu yani kara kaplı defter olarak görelim, içinde ne var belli değil, kaydı tutan ne tuttu belli değil, açılırsa ne olur o da belli değil. O zaman açılmamalı/açılmayacak!!! Ancak yeni bir ihtiyaç ve talep olursa kutu bir kenara atılır ve açılmaz…
3. Mevcut ekonomi kurgusu çökerken/çökertilirken, #rezevr paranın akıbeti tam da tartışılacakken, ulus devletlerin sermaye üzerindeki etkisi sertleşirken, kaba kuvvet yönetilemez hale gelecekken bir makale ile #blockchain ortaya çıktı.
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1. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, bazı konuları sizin de katkılarınızla incelemenin faydalı olacağını düşünüyorum. İlk olarak #Facebook ve ortaklarının çıkaracağı kripto para olan #Libra’yı inceleyelim.
2. Facebook’a göre #Libra, “küresel bir para birimi ve finansal altyapı sistemi” olacak. #Blockchain altyapısı ile çalışacak Libra , emtialar karşılığında kullanılacak bir finansal değer.
3. İlk hedefleri, banka hesabı bile bulunmayan 1,7 milyar insan yani dünya nüfusunun %31’i…
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Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /2

💰 India's #fintech investments fell by 50% to 300 million in H1 2019, according to KPMG…
♎️ #Libra has to prove itself by winning in India says, @huwsteenis. India is Facebook's largest market, it has cracked identity via #Aadhaar, has a large remittances market, hugely competitive & against cryptocurrencies…
💉One year on, Congo hasn't found an answer to #Ebola outbreak. It's not about science but people. There is a vaccine. But half the people in the zone don't believe Ebola exists and they don't trust aid workers #podcast 🎙️
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[thread] Mettere #libra, la “moneta” proposta da #Facebook, sotto il controllo dell'#Onu? Lo propone Davide #Casaleggio in un lungo articolo su @L_Economia del @corriere.

Spoiler: è un’idea senza né capo né coda. Vediamo perché… 1/n
Le premesse di Casaleggio meriterebbero ciascuna un thread a parte: non è vero che “la moneta è un’invenzione recente” (; non si capisce la distinzione tra invenzioni “da zero a uno” e “da uno a molti” né cosa abbia a che fare col #goldstandard 2/n
Fa anche un poco sorridere la denuncia di #Casaleggio di Libra come di un'operazione poco trasparente gestita da un'associazione privata (tema su cui, comunque, bisogna riconoscegli una certa autorevolezza)

cc @lucianocapone 3/n
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1/ One of the great privileges I have when putting #MassiveAdoption together is meeting #Bitcoin #blockchain #crypto enterpreneurs across the country building ways away from SF/NY.

So I'm going to do a state-by-state series highlighting them.

(investors, pay attention)
2/ This is just a couple of companies to get us started. I'd love all of you to add your own picks & to tag folks in this state who are building around Bitcoin or on Bitcoin, crypto and blockchains. Let's shine some light inside the U.S., not just on the coasts.

3/ We start with #NorthCarolina to honor one of the stars of #Libra #LibraInDC day, Representative Patrick McHenry.

Bitcoin & blockchain aren't the first thing that come to mind when you think of NC, but you'd miss out on a lot, so let's get started.
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Members of the @FSCDems House Financial Services Committee question @Facebook #crypto chief David Marcus about their proposed #Libra cryptocurrency. We are clipping some videos of the hearing in the thread below 👇👇👇
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Good morning Washington. I'm back for Day 2 of the #Libra hearings: the @FSCDems/@FinancialCmte edition. @davidmarcus will be on deck for the second round in 15 minutes. Here's a preview of what we might expect from our other witnesses:… #LibraInDC
"Today we’re here for a hearing on Facebook’s proposed digital currency, libra, and its wallet, calibra, and its impact on the financial system," says @MaxineWaters, kicking off today's #LibraInDC hearing
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What about Facebook's history makes anyone think it could be good at stopping money laundering? Why are we even entertaining this horseshit? #Libra
Maybe it was that time Facebook sold 3rd parties access to CHILDREN? Is that what makes you think they could bust, say, human traffickers? #Libra…
Maybe that time Facebook accidentally let a company steal 4M users' data — maybe that's what makes you think these paragons of decency can handle #libra…
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1/ Draft of a Congressional bill titled "Keep Big Tech Out of Finance" Act is significant.
Note out this announced is right on the heals of Trump tweeting his feelings about #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrency in general and specifically called out #Facebook #Libra...
2/ FB jumping in the financial industry with their 2billion userbase to tap into *is* a wakeup call. They laughed at #Bitcoin because it was small, but with FB they see a threat.

I'm no fan of #ZuckBucks but I think the #Crypto industry needs to get on #TeamFB with this bill.
3/ This knee jerk reaction to #BigBanks not liking their domain being disrupted by #BigTech, so they're getting Congress involved. It's clearly an overreach in govt trying to coddle #BigBanks, a relationship that needs to seperated more through disruptive tech, not less.
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Having access to foreign currency, or other money constructs, substituting as a medium of exchange, wont magically drive economic growth and stability in an emerging economy.

The concept of “banking the unbanked” without understanding foundations of economic policy is harmful.
In cases where less developed economies leverage currencies like #Libra it could lead to longer term sustained negative impacts to those economies.
At worst, emerging economies leveraging #Libra will likely see their economies drained of wealth as it is transferred wholesale to the developed economies.
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#Livestream #bankenlive zu #Libra läuft. Bankenverbands-Chef Christian Ossig. begrüsst unsere Gäste @Techquartier. @osanten hat Moderationsposition schon eingenommen.
Wer unser Diskussionspapier zu #Libra nachlesen will, findet es hier:…
Stellen Sie Fragen, Moderator @osanten erinnert daran, auch gerne hier an uns via @bankenverband unter #bankenlive.
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Quick thread on #China response to #Facebook #Libra. It is the greatest threat to Chinese fintech dominance now and they know it. CN tech firms have not yet gained many users internationally, unlike US tech. US tech has not, however, had fintech success of Alibaba/Tencent 1/n
2/n In response they are speeding up central bank digital currency plans with Ant Financial, and even raising the possibility of loosening domestic cryptocurrency regulation to ensure there is a Chinese competitor. My primer on CN crypto regulation:…
3/n They warn, rightly, that many people might dump unstable local currencies for Libra, which could lead those currencies to fall and disrupt economies. But of course, they want to warn other countries against allowing an American firm to design a currency used internationally
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I also find this argument persuasive.

THREAD on #CBDC & #cash

Having a central bank digital currency alongside cash is effectively like the govt offering 2 different competing monies, b/c they have different characteristics, risk profiles, etc.
Cash is better for privacy, not subject to systemic digital failures, & accessible to all (even those who can't afford digital svcs).
CBDC may be cheaper for govt to offer, enables greater use of negative interest rates as a tool of monetary policy, makes money laundering/terrorist financing more difficult, reduces friction in txns, & enables financial inclusion.*

*Just stating args-don't necessarily agree.
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I love reading @mikejcasey; he just gets it. When we disagree, it's only a matter of degrees. People often forget, especially on @twitter, the great #WestWing quote from Prez Walken: The things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us.…
1) The more things speed up, the deeper the breath one needs to remember to slow things down. There are plenty of dull moments in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies when you peel back the hype and look for actual successful work and ventures...
2) A perfect example is the "two earth-shattering stories" of the past two weeks. They will, in my humble opinion, become mere blips on the radar screen in the months and years to come.
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Am I the only one who thinks the hype around Facebook's #Libra is massively overblown?
I will start to get worried when reserve currency issuing governments start accepting tax payments in #Libra. Until then, it is HYPE. Nothing more.
Furthermore, I confidently predict that for transactions that matter, like buying food, paying rent and getting to work, hardly anyone will use #Libra. Not least because the companies that provide these services are perfectly capable of issuing their own cryptocurrencies.
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#FB will soon learn that its vaunted plans for #Libra are going nowhere
#FB’s #Libra is like when the Gates Foundation spent $8mm on an “ewallet” for #Haiti after 2011. The app designers didn’t talk to 1 ordinary Haitian merchant,school, or remittance sender. They ended up begging Western Union + local banks to trade credits for cash. 1/n
#FB’s #Libra is just another “engineer-driven” app. #FB is not exactly belovef these days, having hacked democracy, + trust is everything in payments. The world’s central banks+ anti-money laundering agencies are not going to roll over + give up control to Zuckerburg. 2/n
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1/Last week's №1news was not the >10kBTC breakout or #Facebook's #Libra announcement, but release of the #FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Guidance on Virtual Assets(VAs) and Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASPs, anyone professionally dealing with crypto, inc. natural persons)
2/Libra and FATF news represent the "old", centralised world's most powerful-yet attempts at fencing the global crypto phenomenon. One year US Presidency in FATF ending Jun30, effectively helped extend the recent FinCen crypto guidance ( globally
3/And market clearly isn't yet pricing in any of the potential outcomes entailed in this development.We suggest monitoring it in the context of state-by-state implementations, which will end up harmonised - i.e. similar. Here's what we wrote to our Research subscribers in March
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Why I think Ethereum "joining" @Libra_ conflicts with Ethereum's vision and community goals, a thread...
1a.) IDENTITY: The Calibra wallet will require identifiable information that enables the consortium (and possibly others) to tie social/personal data to financial data. Unlike KYCed ICOs or exchanges, there is no way to pseudonymously send a transaction to yourself
1b.) We therefore must trust @facebook and other consortium members not to abuse this new stream of data. These companies have continuously shown that they are incapable of protecting users, and the most vulnerable group they are targeting (the unbanked) are at a greater risk.
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I know I said I was taking a break from this, but then Libra happened.

Come on guys, #Libra! I mean, what do you want me to do?…
“There are no necessary or sufficient criteria for ‘money’. Anything that enhances the ability to create and circulate universal credit will do. How it works or what extra characteristics it has is beside the point.”
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