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New footage released reveals ballot mules in San Luis, AZ forging signatures on ballot envelopes and preparing to cast illegal votes in the 2020 general election.

This was sent to AG @GeneralBrnovich before the election, and “he did nothing about it.” #2000Mules #Arizona
The footage was just revealed by Kari Lake and others at Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Kinematic Artifact Detection analysis presentation in Arizona.

San Luis residents Gary Snyder and David Lara busted this local ballot trafficking operation using undercover cameras. (TGP)
Brnovich waited until December to file the first indictment against Alma Yadira Juarez, who later plead guilty and told police that Guillermina Fuentes handed her the prefilled ballots.

Fuentes also plead guilty, but many charges she faced—including forgery—were dropped. (TGP)
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1/ All the frauds depicted in @S_Coughlin_DC graphic shows how the GOPe demoralizes their base which deliberately sets them up to be negated by the left. GOPe Project Amistad, the Kracken crew, & #2000Mules were active measures targeting the RW base who believes every Op is real. Image
2/ Every single Op is run by known con artists & wrought w/ fake data that ensures the efforts will fail. RW media/punditry always fold into the dialectal narratives legitimizing these efforts for the RW base who votes for & donates $ millions that ends up in the hands of GOPe.
3/ Note Steve Bannon in Stephen’s graphic. He was in trouble w/the FBI. He withheld Hunter Biden’s laptop which interfered in the outcome of the election. 👇…
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This is why #2000Mules is so dumb. These guys figure 10K would be enough to flip a "Mule". What Mules with 500 illegal Biden/Harris ballots in their backpack wouldn't go to FOX News and become a millionaire instantly?
Keep in mind the insanely stupid conspiracy theory of the movie involves the no compartmentalization of the conspiracy, the "Mules" visit 5+ "Stash Houses" while running their routes to drop off ballots.
I could go to Project Veritas, FOX, or if I was really feeling bold, law enforcement with a ton of evidence and the ability to get 5+ building raided and dozens of people arrested and then become a right wing media darling overnight.
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Guillermina Fuentes—a Democrat, Gadsden Elementary SD board member, and ex-mayor of San Luis, AZ—changed her plea to "guilty" following the release of "2000 Mules", per @Gary4AZSenate.

Snyder's undercover work helped catch Fuentes and was featured in the documentary. #2000Mules
Catherine Engelbrecht: “We knew that when the full story was told about Yuma, AZ, it would reveal systematic, systemic, ballot trafficking with connections that spread nationwide. It’s now happening...with law enforcement fully engaged. Much more remains to be revealed..."
Per TGP, "Guillermina Fuentes and Alma Juarez were both caught by David Lara and Arizona State Senate candidate Gary Snyder, who set up a hidden camera after years of investigating the operation. Their undercover work was featured in True The Vote’s "2000 Mules" documentary."
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As many have noted, Dinesh D’Souza’s #2000Mules claims that “mules” visited dozens of drop boxes each, but offers no video of even a single person at more than one drop box.

But they not only claim to possess such video, but that it’s IN THE TRAILER.

So let’s check it out.
First, it is in a recent FAQ on their website that True the Vote says that video of the same person at multiple drop boxes appears in the film’s first trailer, acknowledging that the video is “extremely poor quality.”

That’s an understatement.…
D’Souza dropped the first teaser trailer back on January 29.

At the 42 second mark, D’Souza’s voiceover says “This one mule made 53 trips to 20 drop boxes.” As he says this, a series of three drop box surveillance videos play underneath.…
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Le armi inviate agli ucraini sono finite in mano sbagliata? Tutto il governo ha votato compatto per l'invio di milizie e di armi.. Ma ancora prima dalla Toscana partivano armi nascoste tra aiuti umanitari…
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Panorama ha pubblicato un servizio sul Mal da Vaxino..eppure tutti i politici spingono verso la vaxne obbligatoria, nonostante siano scaduti e pericolosi... Perché?……
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#2000Mules: Dinesh D’Souza’s new film claims to prove the 2020 election was stolen by stuffing drop-boxes with 817,765 fraudulent votes. But where did these ballots come from?…
A ballot cannot simply be printed and stuffed into a box: every mail-in ballot is assigned and coded to an individual voter (your vote choice is secret but not the ballot envelope nor the fact you voted).…
It would have been easy to call the voters whose ballots were supposedly stolen and used to vote without their consent to prove these were fraudulent votes. (Yes, it’s time consuming: Our Georgia investigation required 1,200 phone calls.)…
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Rassegna Stampa
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni #eretico_l
💉Armi Etniche razziali
Non "studiavano" solo il genoma anche quello italiano
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Perché la Sardegna?Cosa si nasconde in questa terra da proteggere con il pretesto dell'esercitazione militare.
Ricordiamo tutti gli esperimenti con l'U ranio impoverito, merce preziosa degli affari dei Clinton con gli oligarchi russi che oggi combattono
La Nuova Sardegna è un quotidiano Gedi controllato dai Rothsch..Per spiegare la scelta della Sardegna, abbiamo scelto questo articolo che è chiaro e preciso…
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1/ Alright, everyone. I watched @DineshDSouza's new film #2000Mules (twice) and have put together a review of the movie. I cover what they got right, what they got wrong, and what they fail to prove. I think this is an important piece. Please share and RT.…
2/ I want to first remind everyone that this is a *new* theory. The stolen election theories started with the granddaddy of them all -- Dominion Voting Systems. But they have changed, repeatedly, and now landed here. Back at election fraud. ImageImage
3/ From the very opening scene in this film, D'Souza is misleading viewers with a viral clip of Joe Biden that has been deceptively edited and taken out of context. I explain here: Image
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#2000Mules: A more accurate name for the film would be “2000 Mailmen” or “2000 Dog Walkers”. I went to several drops-boxes in Georgia while I was covering the 2020 election, so according to D’Souza’s cellphone ping “evidence” I could be one of the mules.…
#2000Mule is slick. Real slick. With an air of science & hard statistics. They use “geo-tracking”, buying (as anyone can) “pings” from cellphones in 5 cities. D’Souza shows a satellite in space & the damning evidence — photos of Black men casting ballots.…
They say (but don’t show us) that these Black men, inexplicably, went to drop boxes “on average 23 times”. That’s pretty damning, if true...

But it’s not true.
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They simply cannot stop with the bullshit. The folks at @thehill don't know how to count?

The filibuster did not defeat their bill.

Sadly, they probably know. They're intentionally lying for the cause and their preferred party.
See what I mean?

What a lyin' piece of Bezos shit.

You were defeated by a simple majority. The filibuster had nothing to do with it, and this isn't a case of the minority trampling the majority.

YOU were the minority.

Get it, liar?
Between the feeble @APFactCheck on #2000Mules and Zeke Miller lying about filibusters defeating the abortion bill, the once-great @AP is basically the biggest misinformation wire service in the world.
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In D’Souza’s new film, #2000Mules, they have damning evidence caught on camera, but they … just don’t, uh, show it?!? Why not show us at least a couple of film clips of the 27 times they claim a Black “mule" repeated the felonious crime of couriering ballots to a drop-box?
I was so angry at this criminal voter, I wanted to bust him! Expose him. Arrest him. They have his photo, his car, his license plate number. In fact, their “expert” says these ballot mules have, “bad backgrounds, bad reputations…violent guys.” Whoa!…
So, If D’Souza identifies their “backgrounds,” they must have their names. So why don’t they show us the files? Name the names? Show us their faces? Confront them. Call the cops, the feds!
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I watched #2000Mules last night. It makes a persuasive case for major election fraud in 2020.

Most documentaries are persuasive. So are most lawyers. That's why I never trust either one. I recommend you do the same.
That said, the alleged "debunk" of the film is nothing but handwaving. What should we think about a claim with no credible pushback and is massively censored by the alleged guilty team?

A reasonable assumption under these circumstances is that the movie's claims are valid.
To be clear, no court has ruled the 2020 election had substantial fraud. But lacking FULL election transparency, a responsible citizen can assume fraud because all the signals are there.
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ANALYSIS: We took an official Gwinnett County dropbox map (scaled & aligned) and overlaid it on the "smoothed" "mule route" shown in the 2000 Mules movie.

The dropbox locations do not line up (not surprisingly).

1/ Image
3/ A jaded observer might suspect the re-enactment dropboxes were added and/or deliberately placed to make them seem more "out of the way".

Until TTV shares data, we won't know for sure.

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RINO @JakeEvansGA blocked me because I called him out for who he really is: a liar, fraud and snake who’s trying to buy an election.

Instead of responding to me with his side of the story, he blocks me. Like a LEFTIST.

What a pathetic coward. The truth triggers him. Image
This is the stuff I exposed about him that led him to cowardly block me.

Here he says plainly that there was NOTHING wrong with the vote cheating that went down in GA, as documented in #2000Mules. He takes the side of Stacey Abrams ⬇️
Here he says the GOP needs to “moderate.” We heard that line before…from RINOs who have nothing but DISDAIN for us hardworking patriots in the MAGA #AmericaFirst movement.
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Citizen don’t care where facts are found. We just want the truth. Denying there is a problem IS the problem. If YOU deny it, then WORK together to find the truth! I am SICK of you all fighting against each other & making the citizens suffer for your petulance. 👇🏻
You have accomplished ZERO to secure our vote. Except voter is requirement. But you FAILED on every other hole that needed plugged. You KNOW where they are. You KNOW there was fraud #2000Mules is the icing on that cake. And yet you are posed to let it happen again! 👇🏻
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A rare tweetstorm brought on by #2000Mules, the 98% BS Dinesh DeSouza film that has MAGAs re-swallowing TRUMP'S BIG LIE whole. First, check out:……
1/ @jennycohn1
Now add to all that this little chart: 2/
What does this show? It shows:

1) A Biden victory margin reduced by 5.5 million votes from the aggregate of tracking polls and 6 million votes from the national exit poll.

2) The Trump approval rating for these polls was 44.6% and 46.0% respectively. 3/
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A rare tweetstorm brought on by #2000Mules, the 98% BS Dinesh DeSouza film that has MAGAs re-swallowing TRUMP'S BIG LIE whole. First, check out:…… 1/ @jennycohn1
Now add to all that this little chart: 2/
What does this show? It shows:

1) A Biden victory margin reduced by 5.5 million votes from the aggregate of tracking polls and 6 million votes from the national exit poll.

2) The Trump approval rating for these polls was 44.6% and 46.0% respectively. 3/
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So @JakeEvansGA followed me

#IFBAP but I ain’t following back as he’s a RINO coward & fraud—NOT a patriot AT ALL

Jake is a phony liar who is trying to BUY the election with his daddy’s money. He was COMPLICIT in the GA vote rigging seen in #2000Mules ⬇️

President Trump only endorsed Jake because his dad, Randy Evans (45’s Ambassador to Luxembourg and GOP megadonor) told him to do so.

I love Trump but he obviously got this WRONG.

It is more than clear from Jake’s own words he’s a SNAKE, who will TURN on Trump ON A DIME.
Good thing there is a true #AmericaFirst candidate in the GA-06 race and that’s Marine, ER Doctor and father of 7 @RichforGA!

Unlike Jake the Snake, Rich will stay true to the MAGA movement!

He’s a great PATRIOT and will make an excellent congressman🇺🇸
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Hey @AP, your BS "debunking" of #2000Mules is contradicted (or should I say, debunked?) by two @nytimes articles from 2019 and 2021 that show how precise geotracking is…
Here's the 2019 piece, which caused many people to really rethink how they used their cell phones. "If you could see the full trove, you might never use your phone the same way again."…
And this from 2021, when NYT named and tracked and printed personal info about multiple people who were at the Capitol on January 6 - with their only starting point being a trove of geotracking info. Apparently it was precise enough then!…
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Catherine Engelbrecht says there was rapid abuse of the drop boxes and the Data they have proves it.
Catherine Engelbrecht says in the states that had video you can match people dropping off ballots at the drop boxes with the date that they have.
Catherine Engelbrecht says based on their data the outcome would’ve been totally different in the 2020 election. #2000Mules
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