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INCIDENT Following reports from Iranian media indicating Unkraine Int’l Airlines #PS752 to Kyiv has crashed shortly after departure from Tehran. ~180 pax/crew. Flight track abruptly stops. Track from yesterday shows coverage is solid in the area.…
Update INCIDENT Ukraine Int’l Airlines #PS752 to Kyiv from Tehran reported as crashed shortly after departure. Despite reports indicating “mechanical failure” as cause it is far too early to determine the cause. Anything mentioned would be speculation.
Update INCIDENT Ukraine International Airlines #PS752 to Kyiv from Tehran was operated but a 3 year old Boeing 737-800. UR-PSR. This is not a #737MAX.
Reported crashed shortly after departure. ~180 pax/crew.…
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Here we go! #Super80Sendoff is underway. I'm at ⁦@DFWAirport⁩ to join ⁦@AmericanAir⁩ as it celebrates the end of MD80/Super80 "Mad Dog" service.
Will be headed out to Roswell, New Mexico to watch the final flights land.
The first few @AmericanAir #Super80SendOff flights to Roswell are now in the air
Here she is, the final @AmericanAir MD80/Super 80 Mad Dog revenue departure. @DFWAirport to @fly2ohare flight AA80. #Super80SendOff
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1) in all this #737Max thing, electrical/computer engineers like me trust/listen that what the aerospace engineers say. Whenever we say something (especially here on twitter), we get told: "what do you know?" and "oh, you're a programmer, go away". I'm exaggerating, barely...
2) good software engineering skills is a craft that should not be minimized. Yes, you, the pilot, might know PHP and wrote cool things for your web site. But you didn't sit 4 years in university to learn all the special skills to write good code and to doubt everything
3) coming out of engineering school, I didn't even want to get close to embedded software, I didn't want anyone to die from it. I had the impression that embedded system folks were semi-gods that made no mistakes... So, when I worked at Boeing, I steered clear from embedded
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Ένα μικρούλικο (ναι καλά) θρεντάκι περί @Boeing, #737Max κι άλλες αηδίες, στο οποίο όμως θα κάνω μια τόση δα μικρούλα ανασκόπηση στο επιχειρηματικό & δημοσιογραφικό (μη χέσω) παρελθόν. Συγκεκριμένα, θα συγκρίνω τη σκανδαλάρα των #737Max με το "σκάνδαλο" σκουριάς των #Lancia Beta.
Ξεκινάμε απ'το μακρινό παρελθόν. 1980 συγκεκριμένα. Η πάλαι ποτέ κραταιά βρετανική αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία έτρωγε έτσι κ αλλιώς στα '70s το ένα μαπίδι μετά το άλλο από Γάλλους, Γερμανούς κ Ιταλούς. Αρχαία μοντέλα, προϊστορικά μοτέρια, λαμαρίνα που την κοίταζες κ σάπιζε.
Βέβαια, κάμποσα μοντέλα της προσφέρανε ξύλινα (ή από φορμάικα, λες κ έχει σημασία) φιλέτα στο ταμπλό, αλλά η πραγματικότητα ήταν ότι οι διορισμένοι τεμπελχανάδες λόρδοι που κάνανε κουμάντο ήταν πιο χαζοί κ απ' τις μολόχες. Έτσι, η British Leyland πήγαινε κουβά, ενώ κ ο όμιλος...
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🇨🇦 2 x Air Canada 737 MAXs on a permitted non-commercial positioning flight from Montreal to Windsor.

#Boeing #737MAX
🇺🇸 American Airlines #Boeing #737MAX from Miami heading to Tulsa
🇺🇸 United Airlines #Boeing #737MAX Boston > Houston
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1/ Many countries have grounded their #Boeing737Max, except the #US & #Canada. @TheCurrentCBC spoke today with a former pilot, engineer, and aviation expert and litigator who said he wouldn't board a 737Max flight as he explained why this plane is not safe (transcript tomorrow).
2/ #Boeing has been working to fix problems on the 737Max by acknowledging, in corporate language, its many problems. The plane has a tendency to nose up, its softwares make the plane do things that the pilots don't want to do, and it is a new way of flying.
3/ Despite its many problems and new approach to flying, Boeing sold the plane as it would sell many others without requiring special training from airlines because training requires money and it would have turned them away from buying the plane. #Boeing737Max
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Yesterday Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed over Kenya. Known as #UNShuttle it killed 22 UN workers (150 others). Meanwhile, a US embassy staff member was captured trying to enter Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport carrying a bomb with a fuse…
The 22 UN workers killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash were travelling to the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) assembly in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Nairobi hosts the global headquarters of the UNEP and is the regional seat for many UN agencies…
Four months earlier when Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into the Java Sea it was found that the pilots were struggling with the craft's Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) - one of plane's many brains which was stuck in anti-stall mode.…
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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has crashed m, en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. #ET302
This is the second fatal crash involving a @Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft.
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Breaking: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has reportedly been involved in a fatal incident, en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. #ET302
Ethiopian Airlines flight #ET302 dropped from radar 6 minutes after departure from Addis Ababa

The jet is a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 - delivered to the airline just four months ago.
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#Ethiopia: @PMEthiopia indicates there has been a plane crash involving @flyethiopian "Boeing 737 on regular scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya this morning." The office extended it’s condolences to the families who lost their lives. But, there is no corresponding info as of yet.
Update: FanaBC confirms the news. "Ethiopian airline Boeing 337 flight from Addis Abeba to Nairobi crashed," the headline says. The news provides no further detail other than the quote from the PM office

**NOTE: AS is informed the accident did happen…
Update: It's confirmed. The aircraft B-737-800MAX with registration number ET- AVJ took off at 08:38 am local time from AA, Bole Intl Airport & lost contact at 08:44am. It crashed around Bishoftu. It has 149 passengers & 8 crew members.… (Pic: Profile).
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