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Do you know this about #AddisAbaba's #water supply history?

1⃣ #AddisAbaba is located near a major watershed divide at the upper most catchment of Awash river basin
2⃣A number of small catchment rivers starts from #Entoto ridges & depressions as springs (cold and thermal)
➡️#AddisAbaba was founded in 1870s, taking into consideration of these springs as its major #water supply to start the history...

➡️The first water supply source of the city was groundwater. Not a whole lot of documentation on water use amount on that I could find.
Surface water sources:

➡️Geffersa-I/II Dam. Dam situated west of #AddisAbaba, along #AddisAbaba-#Ambo road.

➡️First constructed in 1938

➡️Rehabilitated in 1955/56, raising in height from 10m to 16m which then called as Geffersa-I/II dam post rehabilitation.
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Israeli delegation expelled from AU summit

Although the #AfricanUnion Commission revoked an invitation it had previously sent to the #Israeli delegation to attend the #AfricanUnion summit's opening, they still attended, resulting in their expulsion.
An Israeli delegation that sneaked into the African Union summit on Saturday in Addis Ababa was expelled
According to Israeli media, the Deputy Director for #Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharon Bar-Lee, was expelled from the #African Union summit in Addis Ababa.
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@SFLCin team will be attending this years @intgovforum in #AddisAbaba, Ethiopia from 28 November to 2 December 2022.
The the overarching theme for #IGF2022 is - "Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future."
#ResilientInternet #IGF #DigitalDefenders
We are hosting 2 sessions and participating in one. We are looking forward to having interesting conversations around "Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future".
The session details are given below -
Session 01: "Help! The Kill switch is taking away my limited agency"
@RadhikaJhalani🔗 @SFLCin,
Oliver Spencer 🔗 @FreeExpressMm, @agrabeli_🔗 @OpenObservatory, @PrasanthTweets🔗 @SFLCin,
@FelAnthonio🔗 @accessnow.…
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🧵The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on #Ethiopia (ICHREE) based in #Entebe, #Uganda is scheduled to present its interim report on Thursday Sept 22, 2022 in #Geneva according to UMD Media sources in the city.
The sources said the ICHREE is facing 1/14
mounting challenges in “a form that would amount to interference” in its work from some #European countries that are normally known for advocating for accountability for human rights violations in different parts of the world. Our sources were unable to reveal the names of 2/14
the European countries.
Access to #Tigray for the commission has been a significant challenge.
The ICHREE's request for access some time in July was first declared as accepted by Redwan Hussien, PM Abiy Ahmed’s National Security Advisor. Justice Minister Gedion Timotheos 3/14
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Prime Minister #AbiyAhmed is convening two urgent meetings of the country’s leadership for today, Sunday, Sept 18. According to a source who cited military and political leaders taking part in the meetings, the first meeting is with military leaders, 1/5
and a second one with political leaders including cabinet members. The agenda of the meetings is not clear. #US Special Envoy for the #Horn of #Africa @MikeHammerUSA who was originally scheduled to be in the region between Sept 4-15 is reportedly remains in the region. In a 2/5
recent presser by @StateDept, the Special Envoy’s meetings in #AddisAbaba were listed with no mention of whether he met Abiy Ahmed or not. His #European counterpart @EUSR_Weber met Deputy PM #DemekeMekonnen after #Tigray’s widely lauded public statement on its readiness for 3/5
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#Tigray and the people of Tigray fighting for their are aligned with nobody or for nobody. They are fighting for their own survival and dignity against forces who want them exterminated and vanquished.”, says President of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael in an open letter to 1/7
the current President of the #UN Security Council, #France (@franceonu ), and #UNSG @antonioguterres. The letter dated Sept 7, 2022 is the second after the one written on Aug 23, a day before the resumption of the war. It contains elements of cessation of hostilities 2/7
and #peace process citing the first letter how previous processes were “setup to fail”.
If and what the UN’s response to the Aug 23 letter is unknown. Immediate and unconditional lifting of blockade and resumption of services, status quo ante, 3/7
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My comments in @SCMPNews on China's involvement in the construction of the @AfricaCDC headquarters in #AddisAbaba. "[...] not only African governments but also regional organisations choose their partners very pragmatically" @PW_UniFreiburg…
Tim Zajontz, research fellow at the Centre for International and Comparative Politics at @StellenboschUni in South Africa, said the Covid-19 pandemic had made public health another central domain for China to project its soft power.
"It came as no surprise that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation at last year's gathering in Dakar pledged to further step up cooperation in the health sector," Zajontz said. He said the CDC headquarters was yet another example of Beijing's targeted support to the AU.
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What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn't and Can't Do - Marginal REVOLUTION…
#OperationWarpSpeed, #mRNAVaccines, #PandemicResponse
Evolution 'Landscapes' Predict What's Next for COVID Virus | Quanta Magazine…
#EvolutionLandscapes, #ViralMutations, #AdaptiveValue, #COVID19
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#BREAKING Over a dozen local UN staff detained in Ethiopia: humanitarian sources
#UPDATE More than a dozen Ethiopian staffers working for the United Nations have been arrested in #AddisAbaba in raids targeting ethnic Tigrayans under a state of emergency, UN and humanitarian sources told AFP Tuesday
#BREAKING Sixteen UN staff still detained in Ethiopia, six released: UN spokesman
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Ein Exkurs nach Afrika.
In Äthiopien tobt nun "echter" Bürgerkrieg.
Das Brisante: einer der Kriegsherren ist "Friedensnobelpreisträger"🤷‍♂️
Auf dem Schlachtfeld konnten die Truppen der Rebellenprovinz #Tigray das Blatt wenden und rücken rasant auf die Hauptstadt vor.
Vor einigen Monaten hatten Regierungstruppen die Rebellion in der Provinz #Tigray niedergeschlagen...eigentlich.
Doch sieh an...die Tigray-Truppen wendeten das Blatt und rücken nun rasant auf die Hauptstadt #AddisAbaba vor.
Es heißt, Regierungssoldaten ergeben sich in Massen oder flüchten von der Front.
Nur wenige Verbände leisten aktiven Widerstand.
Derzeit würde zudem eine große Armeegruppierung die Gefahr laufen, nahe der Stadt Kombolcha komplett eingekesselt zu werden.
#Ethiopia #Tigray
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In #AddisAba: THREAD
When you find the Manuscript you were looking for long time in one volume instead of the typical two volumes. This copy of the Jalaalayn has been transcribed in 935hijra (=1528 c.a). The oldest document stored in #BilalulHabeshaMuseum.
Thank you Addis.
I discovered quite by chance this new (2018) Museum in the heart of #AddisAbaba. Bilalul Habeshi is a community museum to create public awareness about Islamic heritage and their value. 140 Islamic Manuscripts among the other cultural and heritage material.
@HargeysaCC @tirsity
Quran, hand written and other religious manuscripts but also an interesting MSS dealing with Botany, Astronomy Medicine, History, Law, Grammar, Numismatics, Biography and taxation. A place to be for researchers with interest of Islam in the Horn and indigenous knowledge. More ...
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#Ethiopia , our people have been working 24/7 to develop & secure this country. We have been building parks,
libraries, museums, public squares, parking lots, and planting lots of trees and treating the water in rivers. We need to do what we can to help #develop our surroundings.
#Ethiopia, we’ve been building infra that help us grow our economy, our connectivity & help the world have access to medical supplies at crucial times. There are people who have been working for our future, whilst many have been contemplating what the future will look like.
#Ethiopia, there are people who are there to look after our privacy and to watch out for us. Many of the times, leaders and countries have been supported by these faceless, nameless, yet hard working public servants.
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 30, 2021, #Babu Woreda, #Wellega, #Oromo Region #Ethiopia. A coordinated attack by OLF/OLA and Oromo regional forces against targeted ethnic Amharas left 70 Amhara farmers dead. No one has ever been made accountable for these heinous crimes against 1/E
humanity. Local reporters have stated that 27 buses full of fleeing Amharas left Wollega already. Such mass exodus out of an area just because they are targeted due to their identity is a horrible indicator to what is to come, as the fighters are more emboldened, organized 2/E
and coordinate even further with the regional security apparatus. The situation in #Wellega and #Metekel is extremely grave! We demand #access2metekel #access2Wellega 3/E
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ወገኖች በቁማችን ሞተናል እኮ
#AmharaGenocide #Metekel #Ethiopia
ጭፍጨፋው አዲስ አበባ እስኪደርስ ነው የምንጠብቀው?#AmharaMassacre #Amhara #Ethiopia
አማራ ብልጽግና የአህያ ባል ነው ፣ ከጅብ አያስጥለንም
#amharamassacre #AmharaPogrom
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The latest #internetshutdown in Ethiopia which began on June 30th after the riots in the capital Addis Ababa has entered its eighth day.…
#LetTheNetWork #KeepItOn #Ethiopia #HachaluHundeessaa
Days of riots were triggered by the killing on June 29th by unknown assailants of the popular Oromian musician, activist, and former political prisoner, Hachalu Hundessa.
#Addisababa #LetTheNetWork
The Ethiopian government has cut internet connectivity more than 12 times over the years. In January 2020, the government shutdown internet in the Oromia region for three months.
#Ethiopia #internetshiutdowns #HachaluHundessa
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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Thread On #Jubaland :

Background info and geopolitical history of post civil war Jubaland in a nutshell.
#Jubaland is important b/c of :

- Proximity to Kenya (maritime dispute area entirely lies here)

- Resources

- Security wise - the only region in #Somalia where a complete province is under the full grip of AS.

- Cosmopolitan nature - rich in diversity
Jubaland constitutes 3 administrative regions / provinces:

1. Gedo; HQ- Garbaharey
2. Lower Jubba (Jubbada Hoose); HQ- Kismayo
3. Middle Jubba (Jubbada Dhexe); HQ - Bu'ale.

Other big towns are Bardere, Jilib, Afmadow & the commercial border towns of Beled Hawa and Dobley.
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The response of the public to the humanitarian crisis in #Gedeo Zone, Southern #Ethiopia over the last 24 hours has exceeded what has been done since it all began last year, 2018.
If you look at it honestly, the crisis they face today is the result of the failure to see the humanity of each other and to not respond with love and kindness to this human tragedy. It has only deepened as it has been ignored.
In the last 24 hours, countless numbers of Ethiopians have proven that we are indeed capable of great kindness. We do not have to bring it from somewhere else, like foreign aid; instead, it is within us.
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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has crashed m, en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. #ET302
This is the second fatal crash involving a @Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft.
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#Ethiopia: As per @fanatelevision, Takele Uma, Mayor of #AddisAbaba city, "today visited condo dwellers at #KoyeFeche site", in the southern outskirt of Addis, off #Addis-#Adama expressway. "The residents have complained about lack of infrastructure, such as water & electricity."
#ContextMatters: As early as 2012, AS asked if condominiums in #AddisAbeba were becoming "Slums in the making"… "existing problem of infrastructure in some sites such as Jemo, the biggest condominium site hosting 10, 000 houses, is not an end in itself"
"So far, the issue of lack, or in some cases absence, of a functioning infrastructure has been widely discussed as a national agenda. In the past the gov has admitted, more than once,that a few essential things have gone terribly wrong while planning for the massive construction"
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#Ethiopia:#AddisAbaba City Council to hold extraordinary session tomrw to approve city's cabinet.The current cabinet has finished its mandate in April, but elections were postponed. An extraordinary meeting by the council picked Takele Uma (pic) as new Mayor with a rank of deputy
Background News: #AddisAbeba city council appoints a new mayor -… Takele will have the official title of a deputy mayor because he is not a member of the city’s council. However he will have the full responsibilities of a mayor.
Update: The ongoing extraordinary meeting of #AddisAbeba city council approved 18 new cabinet members forwarded by the current deputy mayor Takele Uma. It also sworn in Abebech Negash (*pic), a new speaker for the city council. She previously worked at the city's education bureau
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