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This is exactly what the #Saudi regime says too. So interesting that right wing, misogynist, white supremacists have so much in common with the Saudi regime. Fascists everywhere are misogynists.
The #Saudi regime considers feminism a form of “extremism.” Saudi Arabia calls feminism 'extremism' in video, deletes it amid anger…
I suppose I should be flattered that after 2.5 weeks of the Australian misogynist lizards whining in gibberish in mentions, they’ve got their “thinkers” writing about me now. Keep whining kittens. Stay scared. #fuckthepatriarchy
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#Boston: I am speaking in you on Thursday
#Chicago: I am speaking in you on Friday
#Boston: on Thursday I’ll be discussing Digital Feminism in the Arab Gulf with feminist scholar @Hala_Aldosari at #MITStarForum - free and open to the public. I’ll be signing copies of my new book #7necessarysins after the event.…
#Chicago: on Friday I’ll be in conversation with author @SaharMustafah about #7necessarysins at @wcfbook…
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And when I ask on #Australia TV “How many rapists must we kill before men stop raping us?” - an imaginary scenario of violence - the network censors the show, investigates, a minister issued a statement, and apparently there will be a parliamentary inquiry
Thank you @thesailorsgirl for the h/t ☝🏽And again: “The legal system is designed to protect men from the superior power of the state but not to protect women or children from the superior power of men,” Judith Herman. #fuckthepatriarchy
I have been accused of “inciting violence” because I talk about justifiable violence against men’s unjustifiable violence (to quote @ma_franks). “Violence begets violence,” men keep telling me. Well, what does this daily violence that men subject us to beget? What?
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I’m about to board to start my journey home. #Australia it has been an intense and wonderful week of seeing good friends, making new ones, speaking at @UNSWCentreIdeas #unswideas, @wheelercentre #broadside2019, and appearing on #qanda. I stand by everything I said.
It is fucking ridiculous that the ABC has pulled the show from repeat views & that the government is involved via a ministerial statement & parliament inquiry. Such censorship & govt interference are dangerous & sinister esp in light of raids against the media in #Australia.
It is instructive that outrage over daily and actual violence against women and gender diverse people does not warrant such swift investigations or govt action. Instead, asking “How many rapists must we kill until men stop raping us?” terrifies white men into action.
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On Saturday night, I said fuck the patriarchy in sequins in #Sydney at #UNSWideas via @UNSWCentreIdeas at @Carriageworks. The youngest people in the audience were 10yo & 12yo sisters brought by their dad to hear me talk #7necessarysins. I signed a book for them.
There were also at least three queer Muslim women. As I was taking a picture with one woman and her daughter, the mother pointed to her daughter and proudly said “She’s an 18yo Muslim who just came out to her parents.” Her dad was taking pictures of us. #unswideas #Sydney
There was an Egyptian-Australian man who asked me to sign my book for his daughter. An Egyptian-Australian woman who brought her daughter. Another Egyptian-Australian woman who asked me to sign books for her son and daughters. Lots of love from fellow Egyptians! #unswideas
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“Poverty is more violent than insults lobbed at any nation’s president. Fuck being polite. Fuck being nice.”… Chapter 3: Profanity in my new book #7NecessarySins h/t @ConnerHabib
Profanity is an essential tool in disrupting patriarchy and its rules. It is the verbal equivalent of civil disobedience.

The ubiquitous ways patriarchy has socialized women to shrink themselves extend also into language.… #7NecessarySins
It is imperative to understand how civility, decorum, manners, and the like are used to uphold authority and that we are urged to acquiesce as a form of maintaining that authority. What is more uncivil, rude, offensive? Poverty or saying “fuck”?
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"Whether we are urged to be civil to racists or polite to patriarchy, the goal is the same: to maintain the power of the racist, to maintain the power of patriarchy." Chapter 3: Profanity. My new book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls #7NecessarySins
“Those white women have allowed their race to trump their gender, believing that their docility, compliance, and allegiance to white supremacy will protect them from the ravages of patriarchy that the rest of us feel. They are, what I call, footsoldiers of the patriarchy.”
“White women have the most privilege of expressing anger and are the last to express it because they are sheltered from so much that ignites anger in the rest of us.” Chapter 2: Anger #7necessarysins
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On my way to meet @MaazaMengiste when a woman caught up with me to say that via @cbcopen she’d seen my TEDxEuston talk. “Thank you for your bravery, for speaking when so many of us can’t.” And she started to cry and I did too and we hugged.… #7necessarysins
My Body Belongs To Me #7necessarysins
She apologized for interrupting my journey and I told her but I thanked her for stopping me. It means the world to me when someone tells me my work resonates with them. And now I know that this next book I’m writing which terrifies and thrills me must be written
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Next Saturday: #Amsterdam

I will be speaking at Read My World @RMWAdam on two panels:

Queer it up: From Screen to Pen with Mavi Veloso and Abdellah Taïa…
“The battles over women’s bodies can be won only by a revolution of the mind” - @monaeltahawy.

And on this @RMWAdam panel on sexuality, bodies and activism with @hasnaelmaroudi and @mariammaslouhi and @ClariceGargard…
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This month I am speaking in:
- Amsterdam
- Manchester
- Lagos
- Ottawa
#7NecessarySins #FeministGiant
And November:
- Sydney
- Melbourne
- Miami
- Havana
- More to be announced
#FeministGiant #7NecessarySins
There are two or three more cities for November which I will announce soon. And beginning of next year is also starting to shape up.
#FeministGiant #7NecessarySins
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If you want to learn what my book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls is about in 5 minutes 👇🏽#7NecessarySins
If you have 17 minutes, I explain more about #7NecessarySins here…
And if you have 53 minutes, here’s a deeper dive into #7NecessarySins…
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Had a great #Canadian launch of #7necessarysins via @BeaconPressBks at one of my favourite bookshops @LibrairieDandQ in #Montreal and was thrilled that one of my favourite artists MissMe came. Another great one for the Faces and Fingers of #7necessarysins collage 📷 @rerutled
Earlier on Friday, 500k people joined the #ClimateStrike in #Montreal. I was proud to be among those numbers. Gina Granter took four of her five daughters to the march and brought the youngest one, Mathilde, to my reading. Our youngest feminist there
Thank you, Mara and Teddy of @LibrairieDandQ for all your help with my #7necessarysins event.
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I couldn’t post this earlier because there were so many people and the cell signal was kaput. Girls girls girls #ClimateStrikeMontreal
People all around us #ClimateStrikeMontreal with @rerutled
Girls DESERVE attention!

If girls aren’t part of your revolution, it’s not my revolution

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FYI: That red on the cover of #7NecessarySins is my hair. The @BeaconPressBks design team is 🔥🔥
Thank you @LetaHong, @GloriaSteinem, Rebecca Solnit, @MaazaMengiste & @marwahelal for reading and blurbing #7NecessarySins - your words mean the world to me
Dedication #7NecessarySins
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I ADORE these pics of my book and middle fingers to the patriarchy #7NecessarySins
I happily receive pictures of my book - with its own glorious middle finger to the patriarchy on the cover - and middle fingers of readers and listeners! #7NecessarySins
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This is the last Tuesday before the Tuesday that my new book comes out & I’m besides myself with excitement. So I’m threading the videos that @rerutled made for me as I count down to Sept17 publication of The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls via @BeaconPressBks

The Sins

The Beginning

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ONE WEEK from today!

The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls via @BeaconPressBks is out Sept 17.

My manifesto is coming! Here’s a video 🎬 @rerutled #7NecessarySins

The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls is a ‘fed-up, rage-fueled “big fuck-you to the patriarchy,”’ says @PublishersWkly which included my new book in its Big Indie Books of Fall 2019…
And @bustle named The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls on its list of 10 New Books To Better Understand #MeToo…
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I am nobody’s wife, but I am proudly #filthymouthed.

I wrote this as well as an entire chapter in my new book about #WhyISayFuck, and the power and importance of profanity…
The fact that “filthy mouthed” was the only adjective, no name, just the association with profanity, tells you all you need to know about the power and importance of profanity. That’s why Profanity is one of The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls.
And my book video is also #FilthyMouthed #7NecessarySins
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3 weeks from today! My new book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls is out via @BeaconPressBks. Here’s how it starts. 🎬 @rerutled #7NecessarySins
#NYC: I launch The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls on Sept. 18 in conversation with a dear feminist sister @LetaHong at one of my favourite places @strandbookstore - come!… #7NecessarySins
I’ll also be at @BKBF with #7NecessarySins - events page soon…
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When she shouted “Fuck you. Fuck your. Fuck you!” at her sentencing hearing today, #Ugandan feminist Dr. Stella Nyanzi reminded us: fewer people are as expert as her at disrupting patriarchal authority w/power of her words. She is the star of the Profanity chapter in my new book
Profanity is an essential tool in disrupting patriarchy and its rules. It is the verbal equivalent of civil disobedience. And Stella Nyanzi demolishes “politeness” and “respectability” used as straitjackets against us. She is radically and consciously rude
My new book via @BeaconPressBks begins with profanity. I revel in being deliberately and consciously profane. As I recorded the audiobook, I reveled in every “fuck” I wrote! #WhyISayFuck
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The incredible design team at @BeaconPressBks created a fabulous cover for my new book that uses both a middle finger AND my hair! Counting the days until Sept. 17 #7NecessarySins
I just recorded the audiobook and this is how it starts #7NecessarySins
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I’m a registered Independent (I am way to the left of most US politicians) but this is noteworthy: holding white men accountable is considered “impolite.” Incredible. As I say in the chapter in my new book on the importance of profanity & this obsession w/civility: fuck that
Fuck this obsession with civility and politeness. It is instructive that in the era of Trump — a man who has torpedoed the notion of civility — women are still expected to be polite and demure. I wrote this - and expanded it into a chapter in my new book…
Patriarchy - and attendant oppressions such as racism, capitalism, bigotry, etc - wants us to forever remain within the straitjacket of niceness and politeness, despite the violence it subjects us to.
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Listen to an excerpt of the audiobook of my new book The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls. I just finished recording it for @BeaconPressBks. It’s coming Sept. 17!
And after I finished recording the audiobook, I went to visit Sekhmet at the MFA pic @rerutled #Boston
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