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Mohammed Morsi pranced around Egypt proclaiming "Jihad is our path,"
He thought there was nothing better than to die in the cause of Allah

terrorists mindset?

Praised Morsi when he was elected President of Egypt.

When Morsi was deposed, the #Egyptian military discovered a treasure trove of documents linking the #Obama admin with the illegal activities of the #MuslimBrotherhood.

#Watch Uncovered MB Documents about Obama





But who was managing all of this money?

Did the Muslim Brotherhood walk around with hundreds of 1000's of $$ in their pockets?

Obama’s half brother.

According to Egyptian television!…

Hints why #Obama
Didn't fight #ISIS

$8 Billion
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#Egypt is hosting an Africa human rights session beginning April 24, 2019, while its government is presiding over the worst human rights crisis in the country in recent decades, 15 African, Egyptian, and international organizations said today.…
#Egypt is trying to appear like a country open for human rights delegates and sessions while, at the same time, crushing all dissenting voices and its once-vibrant human rights community,”
“In recent years, the #Egyptian authorities have relentlessly cracked down on nongovernmental organizations, issued the 2017 draconian law that effectively bans all independent work by nongovernmental groups, and prosecuted scores of staff workers of Egyptian organizations.”
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Sisi was head of military intelligence when the military sexually assaulted #Egyptian women activists by subjecting them to “virginity tests.” Women who support Sisi are like women who vote for Trump: footsoldiers of the patriarchy
I wrote about Trump, Sisi, and patriarchy here, published day of Trump Inauguration…
There are women who support patriarchy bec they accept its crumbs of power. In #Egypt the military - fascists w/guns - & Muslim Brotherhood - fascists w/religion - are not friends of women or feminism. Both have female supporters. I am an enemy to patriarchy & its footsoldiers.
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#Egypt: Forcibly disappeared transgender woman at risk of sexual violence and torture.

Fears are growing for the safety and wellbeing of Malak al-Kashef, a transgender woman seized during a police raid from her home in Giza in the early hours of 6 March.…
“There are real fears for the physical safety & psychological wellbeing of Malak al-Kashef. #Egyptian authorities have a horrific track record of persecuting people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity...” @amnesty #LGBTQ #FreeMalak
Amnesty International believes that Malak’s arrest relates to her calls for peaceful protests following a major train crash in #Cairo’s central train station on 27 February that killed at least 25 people. #Egypt #LGBTQ #FreeMalak “Due to her gender identity, Malak is at increased risk of torture by the police, including rape and sexual violence, as well as assault by other detainees. The Egyptian authorities are responsible for her physical and psychological safety. They must immediately reveal her whereabouts, and pending her immediate and unconditional release, ensure that she is protected from torture and other abuses.”
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FINALLY! MABROUK! I am so happy to see this! #Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid - known as Shawkan - is finally free after more than 5 years in prison because he was doing his job as a photojournalist. #FreeShawkan
Shawkan was imprisoned in Aug 2013 for taking pictures during the massacre at Rabaa square in #Cairo when #Egyptian regime security forces killed +800 in a matter of hours. This article from last year describes the impact on his family of his imprisonment…
From the article, Shawkan’s father: “He (Shawkan) used to sit in the balcony and I would make coffee for him. Last time [I saw him] he told me he misses my coffee, and he wants to get out so I could make him coffee again and we would drink it together like the old days,”
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At an #EU Arab League summit in #Egypt, #Luxembourg Prime Minister @Xavier_Bettel told Arab leaders “he was married to a man" and would face capital punishment in many of their countries.… #LGBTQ 🌈
Centre-right politician Bettel became the first European Union leader to enter into a same-sex union after he married his partner Gauthier Destenay, a Belgian architect, in 2015. #LGBTQ
I am happy for Rami Malek and his Oscar on a personal level. However: I truly disliked Bohemian Rhapsody AND I wish he had mentioned the #Egyptian #LGBTQ community in his award speech.He portrayed a queer man and the queer community in Egypt has faced the worst crackdown ever. 🌈
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1. Toxic masculinity killed 25 people
2. State negligence and refusal to invest in the train system continues to kill #Egyptians
Clearly, the long-running neglect by successive #Egyptian regimes of the rail network has claimed too many lives. And re yesterday’s tragedy, the long-running refusal to confront patriarchy & toxic masculinity - on state and street level - will also continue to claim lives.
A fight between 2 men killed 25 people. When I write or talk about feminism and the need to dismantle patriarchy, I hear “This isn’t the time!” When is the time? Men who benefit from patriarchy don’t care about its toll on others. It took a toll on 25 people yesterday. #Egypt
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Fucking outrageous: A fight between two train conductors was behind the explosion that killed 25 people in the #Egyptian capital’s main train station Wednesday.…
The fight unleashed a speeding, unmanned locomotive that slammed into a barrier and exploded at Ramses Station. Railway officials said the single railcar collided head-on with the buffer stop, causing a huge explosion and fire. At least 47 people were also injured. #Egypt
#Egypt’s Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek said investigators determined the locomotive’s conductor had left his car to fight with another conductor whose railcar was blocking his.” But the conductor left without putting on the brakes and the other car began moving backward, freeing the locomotive, which then gathered speed and hit the concrete-and-metal barrier, exploding.<br />
<br />
“The driver left the railcar without taking any measures to brake it,” Sadek said in a statement.
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I call him the American Sisi for a reason: “Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power,” Cohen told the House oversight committee during his testimony.…
I wrote this on Trump Inauguration Day: American Sisi (I wrote the headline)…
And I also wrote this on Trump Inauguration Day about the similarities between Trump and #Egyptian dictator Sisi and also their women supporters…
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There is horrific footage of the Ramses Train Station explosion showing people literally on fire after the explosion set them ablaze. It is a gut wrenching embodiment of the toll on #Egyptians of state neglect.
Every week terrible news comes from #Egypt. Today’s train disaster, last week’s execution of 9 men, news of forced disappearances,the proposed amendments to the constitution that could give Sisi more terms in office. Daily people struggle to get by & survive state neglect & abuse
Ramses Station is used by millions every year. In Arabic it’s known as Mahatet Masr which means Egypt Station. A disaster like that at this Station symbolizes so much. I’ve taken the train from there to Alexandria many times; I took the train from Aswan to that station in 2017.
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I am saying this as a journalist who has been assaulted & detained for her work & not because I want to argue with anyone over Venezuela: Remember that Trump had Jorge Ramos thrown out of a news conference also because he didn’t like his questions. Authoritarians hate journalists
Journalism is not a crime. I hope #JorgeRamos is free soon. As an #Egyptian, I know there are too many journalists in regime jails in my country. Authoritarians hate journalists.
It is increasingly dangerous to be a journalist. #JorgeRamos and his crew must be released. Journalism is not a crime.
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The abomination of executions in #Egypt must stop:

#Egypt has executed nine men convicted after a grossly unfair trial for the 2015 killing of the country’s former Public Prosecutor.…
The latest executions bring to 15 the number of people executed in #Egypt in 3 weeks: “executing men who were convicted in trials marred by torture allegations is not justice but a testament to the magnitude of injustice in the country,” @amnesty
The death penalty is barbaric and must be abolished everywhere. "#Egyptian authorities must urgently halt this bloody execution spree which has seen them repeatedly putting people to death after grossly unfair trials in recent weeks”…
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“Revenge porn” usually aims to punish women. In #Egypt, a sex tape was leaked to punish a director/parliamentarian who opposes amending the constitution to extend the president’s rule. But “morality” laws mean it’s the women on the tape being charged with “inciting debauchery.”
We are long overdue for a revolution against moral guardians in #Egypt who use women’s bodies as a proxy battlefield. Stop using women’s bodies to score political points! Fuck this hypocrisy over sex in #Egypt.
Another #Egyptian woman Amal Fathy was sentenced to 2yrs in prison for posting a video complaining about being sexually harassed. It is believed she’s being punished for criticizing the state for not doing enough and also to punish her activist husband.…
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“When are we going to stop using women’s bodies in #Egypt as proxy battlefields to settle political scores?”

FEMINIST GIANT rant about the charging of 2 actresses over a sex tape.

Editing @rerutled
2 actresses in #Egypt have been accused of “sexual deviancy” & “inciting immorality” after a sex tape was leaked (?) of them w/ a man. What are charges he faces? Only women “incite immorality”?…
We are long overdue a revolution against moral guardians in #Egypt who use women’s bodies as a proxy battlefield. Fuck this hypocrisy over sex in #Egypt. Remember this ridiculous case over a dress. This is why I insist we talk about sex.…
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“When he grabbed my ass, that is violence. When I punched him, that is self defense.”

Last February, I started #MosqueMeToo & #IBeatMyAssaulter in same week. Here’s excerpt of a video I made for @washingtonpost explaining the reasons. Grateful to women who shared their stories.
You can watch the whole video here: If you grope me, I'll break your hand #MosqueMeToo #IBeatMyAssaulter
Starting this month, my goal is to record short videos - like first clip 👆🏽- that will be called FEMINIST GIANT Rants - lots of things coming up soon!
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This is the 1st criminal conviction for #FGM in UK since it was criminalized in 1985. I support banning & fighting FGM everywhere. I have to ask why it’s a mother who is 1st to be convicted & not doctor/practitioner/others who subject girls to this horror…
The 3yo girl subjected to this horror will suffer for years I know. She should never have been subjected to this. Remember that. Remember also that when it comes to #FGM, mothers are weakest link in a patriarchal chain that upholds FGM as a form of controlling female sexuality.
Too many women in my extended family have been subjected to FGM. It ended in our extended family just before I was born. I am lucky. It is a form of torture that continues today against too many girls in #Egypt, my country of birth.
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Disgraceful: #Egyptian court has upheld a two-year prison sentence against Amal Fathy, a woman human rights defender convicted over a video she posted online criticizing the Egyptian authorities for failing to tackle sexual harassment.
“The fact that a survivor of sexual harassment is being punished with a two-year prison sentence simply for speaking out about her experience is utterly disgraceful. This verdict makes a mockery of justice and should be a stain on the conscience of the #Egyptian authorities.”
Amal Fathy complained on Facebook about being sexually harassed twice in one day. She was sentenced to 2yrs in prison for “spreading false news.” Her sentencing aims to terrorize women out of public space & is green light to men that they can assault women w/impunity.Shame #Egypt
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A court in #Egypt has acquitted at retrial 43 employees of non-governmental organisations accused of illegally receiving foreign funding. #NGOCase…
“This was a bogus case that targeted human rights defenders simply for doing their legitimate work and should never have happened in the first place," said Najia Bounaim, @amnesty North Africa campaigns director. #Egypt #NGOCase
The ruling only related to the 1st phase of the case, which investigated funding on international NGOs in #Egypt, including the US-based International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute. The investigation into local #Egyptian NGOs is ongoing.
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On the 3rd Wednesday of November in 2011,near Tahrir, #Egyptian riot police beat me,broke my left arm & right hand,sexually assaulted me & their supervising officer threatened me with gang rape.Reading awful news, today, about #Saudi feminists’ torture & sexual assault is gutting
I was detained for 6hrs by Interior ministry & 6 by Military Intelligence during which I was blindfolded and interrogated and denied medical attention. My arms were in casts for 3 months after. Reading Trump today so casually siding w/ a tyrant who killed a journalist is gutting
I keep trying to imagine what would have happened had Trump been in office when #Egyptian police and the military detained me. I
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A thread on statement made by #Egyptian politicians criticizing the #Copts for taking unnecessary risk in visiting their monastery. First and foremost it is a cruel attempt to blame the victims rather than hold officials responsible 1/6
These politicians would rather the #Copts abandoned their faith and ways in order not to trouble the #Egyptian government with doing its job. This is weird logic at best and is at the heart of the country's persistent underdevelopment 2/6
These politicians practice a soft form of supremacist thinking, much like the Islamists In fact, the issue is not binary, those who favor exterminating the #Copts and those who do not. Rather it is a spectrum of where on the scale of oppression they fall. 3/6
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Glad #Saudi troll farms & their connection to Saudi regime have been studied. I’ve experienced plenty attacks for my writing on women’s issues in #Saudi & my opposition to #Yemen war: 1 of most coordinated came after #Jamalkhashoggi shared 1 of my articles…
In February, #JamalKhashoggi kindly shared the Arabic version of an oped I wrote for Washington Post about #MosqueMeToo which I started for Muslim women to talk about sexual harassment and assault in Sacred spaces, including Hajj in Makkah, #Saudi Arabia
Immediately after Jamal shared my column, i was inundated with one of the worst and most coordinated attacks by #Saudi regime trolls I have ever experienced. For days. It was a window into how much shit he and other Saudis who are critical got and continue to get.
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I have barely slept.I have been unable to stop thinking about #JamalKhashoggi. I knew him from when we both were columnists for #Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat b4 I was banned.We met just once, I think. But reports yest of his killing came same day as #Kavanaugh & my worlds collided
Trump has emboldened so many dictators,esp Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.With so much attention been sucked up by US,the killing of Jamal,who wasn’t an esp outspoken critic,is sure to embolden regimes further & signal to dissidents & opponents that their harm will go unnoticed
To think that you could go to your country’s consulate to get paperwork for an upcoming wedding and be killed and dismembered because of your writing is horrific. It’s evil. And to know that the regime responsible for that has a best friend in the most powerful country in earth!
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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