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Today is #BiVisibilityDay
2021 ONS estimates put the prevalence of bisexuality at 1.1% of the UK population, rising to 5.3% of 16-24 year olds.

We saw yesterday that attitudes to LGB people generally had improved, but here are some stats on bisexuality specifically (thread)

From reading Prof Michael Biggs’ paper on the history of puberty blockers we find that of the first 70 children on the “Dutch Protocol”, 8.6% were bisexual.

One further child did not know their sexual orientation yet.

Statistics on referrals to GIDS in a 2014 paper showed that 26% were bisexual.

ONS estimates of bisexuality in 16-24 year olds in 2014 were only 1.3%, so referrals were roughly 20x higher than in the general population.…

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Happy #BiVisibilityDay! We have a lot of bi+ members of the Vagina Museum team, so we're going to introduce you to some of our lovely bi, pan and queer eager beavers!
"I'm Rhi, I'm queer/pansexual. I volunteer at the Vagina Museum and I work in disability access in the music and live events industry. In my spare time I paint and hang out with my cat." Photograph of Rhi, a Vagina...
This is volunteer Ki (per/per/person): "Queer, polyamorous, bisexual activist.  Microscopist in biomedical research to pay the bills.  Avid crafter - I sew, crochet, and am currently learning embroidery! Love cats!" Image
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'Men often approach me to discuss their bisexuality, I'm happy to be out and proud,' writes Megan Barton Hanson #BiVisibilityDay

'On a night out with a female friend of mine, a man came up to us and said we looked cute.

'So I turned to her and semi-jokingly asked if she wanted to have a threesome with him.'
'She had a boyfriend so didn’t want to, but that was the first time I had opened up to someone about my desire for both men and women – even if I ended up playing off my idea as just a drunken suggestion.'
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🌈 Today we celebrate #BiVisibilityDay!

🚨 Bisexual people continue to face erasure.

❌ Bi discrimination is often based on incorrect stereotypes – like being bi is a phase or a trend.

👩 But these 9 famous faces from history tell a different story. 🧵 Painting of Frida Kahlo with monkeysPhoto of HC Andersen Photo of Josephine BakerPhoto of Alec Guinness
Ma Rainey (1886-1939)

🎤 Nicknamed "The Mother of Blues", Rainey was one of the earliest and most influential singers within the genre.

💘 While she sang about men, she was equally as open in her lyrics about her love for women – most famously in "Prove It on Me Blues". Photo of Ma Rainey
Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798)

💋 While Casanova's name has become synonymous with seducing women, the infamous lover also recorded sleeping with men on several occasions.

📕 His memoirs are now thought to be one of the most authentic sources of 18th-century European social life. Painting of Casanova
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Nein, nur weil man Bi ist steht man nicht auf alles und jeden
Nein, nur weil man als Bisexuelle*r in einer Beziehung mit einer Person des anderen Geschlechts ist wird man nicht auf einmal hetero
Nein, Bisexuelle sind nicht lesbisch/schwul in Denial
1/x #BiVisibilityDay
Nein, Bisexuelle gehen nicht öfter fremd
Nein, es ist nicht nur eine Phase
Nein, Bisexualität schließt Non-Binaries nicht aus
Nein, ich muss mich nicht entscheiden
Nein, ich bin nicht Bi nur weil es "Trend" ist LGBTQIA+ zu sein
Nein, meine Sexualität ändert sich nicht, auch wenn ich in einer Beziehung bin oder heirate oder sonst irgendetwas mache
Nein, Bisexualität hat nichts mit Polyamorie zu tun
Nein, Bisexualität heißt nicht, dass man auf Dreier Bock hat
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Guten Morgen liebe Leute.
Heute ist #BiVisibilityDay2022.
Und ich bin auf dem Weg zur @BiPlusPride.
🏳️‍🌈❤️💜💙 #BiVisibilityDay #BiPride #BiProud #BiMen #Bisexual
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Das ich frei über meine #Bisexualität denken und schreiben und reden kann, ist nicht selbstverständlich. Noch immer werden auch bisexuelle Menschen in vielen anderen Ländern verurteilt. (2/22)
In #Ägypten sind homosexuelle Handlungen verboten und wird mit 3 Jahren Haft veruteilt. Im #Iran erhalten queere Frauen 100 Peitschenhiebe. Und Männer werden zum Tode verurteilt. Die #Todesstrafe gibt es auch in #SaudiArabien. (3/22)
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Deixando um pouco de lado os tweets mais superficiais sobre o dia da visibilidade bissexual, gostaríamos de chamar a atenção de vocês para o real significado dessa data. #BiVisibilityDay #VisibilidadeBi símbolo bissexual
De modo algum os posts superficiais perdem a sua importância, afinal esse é um dia para fazermos barulho e poder gritar para todo mundo ouvir “nós existimos!!” e é o que eles fazem. Mas o que queremos dizer é que, além de celebração, não podemos esquecer o motivo +
da existência dessa data: ganharmos visibilidade. Essa visibilidade que nos referimos não é a visibilidade que viemos recebendo ao longo dos anos; apesar de muita gente estar se educando sobre a nossa comunidade elas não são maioria, +
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E então chegou o tão aguardado Dia da Visibilidade Bissexual! Sem o ativismo de figuras como Wendy Curry, Gigi Raven e Michael Page, tal dia não teria sido demarcado como o dia de especialmente gritarmos aos 7 ventos dizendo: Nós existimos!

#BiVisibilityDay #VisibilidadeBi ImageImageImageImage
Data que se inicia por nossos ativistas em fim dos anos 90 a fim de criar uma consolidada Visibilidade Bissexual nos espaços gays e lésbicos e até mesmo héteros.

Inicialmente com um aspectos mais ativistas e com presença bissexual extremamente forte, atualmente “ele agora +
+ presencia eventos como discussões, festas de jantar e danças em Toronto e um grande baile de máscaras em Queensland, Austrália.”

No Brasil, a primeira manifestação foi feita em 2021, na cidade de Porto Alegre que oficializou 23 de setembro +
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The journey to pride has been a long one for me. 🌈

I am proud to say I am a bisexual man working in sports media.

It shouldn’t matter, but we’re still in an era where it does - hopefully this helps others have less fear about who they are.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove🏳️‍🌈 #RainbowLaces Image
I grew up in a household where homophobia amongst other things was sadly common.

This meant I kept my feelings to myself out of fear.

Fear of abuse, discrimination, & being known professionally for my sexuality rather than my work.

Not any more.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove #RainbowLaces
I feel like I've found my true home & so much ❤️ in the #LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve realised that the best way to cause change is through visible representation, & that showing difference is a strength.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove🏳️‍🌈 #RainbowLaces
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Hey, it's #BiVisibilityDay and I just have this to say. I see you and I love you!

So does THIS one.
And THIS one.
Not to mention THIS one.
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happy #BiVisibilityDay! 💙💖💜 remember to support and show up for all types of bi experiences today & everyday, even if they don't center (or even include) cute femme cis white women 🌈
I understand why it happens, but wow I have a lot of complicated and messy feelings around how bi discourse usually goes. Biphobia and the pain of being excluded from a community is VERY real, and there are absolutely experiences that are uniquely bisexual...
...BUT a lot of the time, conversations about bisexuality, by/for/centering bi people, tend towards a few trends that I (a fellow bi person) am not super fond of:
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1/ Quick thread. It’s #BiVisibilityDay, and so I thought I would mention what I call my “iceberg theory of bisexuality”: which is that for every openly bisexual person in your friends’ circle or workplace, there are likely a few others just below the surface.
2/ There’s still a lot of ignorance about bisexual people - I received a weapons-grade dose of it just the other week - so that’s why I am open about it. (I hope that the relevant individual, should they read this, is utterly ashamed of themselves.)
3/ Now and then I get messages from bisexual people, mostly men, who say that it’s helpful that I talk about this subject, so that’s mostly why I do it. We’ve got a lot of serious challenges facing this world so people should really be too busy to be ignorant, yet here we are.
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Hey friends it's #BiVisibilityDay and you know what that means,,,

You are now legally obligated to look at me! ImageImageImageImage
Look at me, being all bi and visible
Dark-haired me is my evil shadow clone don't talk to him if you see him
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Today is #BiVisibiltyDay. In the chapter on lust in #7NecessarySins, I quote from one of my favourite lectures/essays by Black bisexual poet, intellectual and activist June Jordan. It is about the political and revolutionary power of bisexuality. #LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈
"If you are free, you are not predictable and you are not controllable...," June Jordan.

The essay on the revolutionary potential of bisexuality & critique of gender is from 1991. You can read A New Politics of Sexuality…
“We must move out from the shadows of our collective subjugation - as people of color/as women/as gay/as lesbian/as bisexual human beings,” June Jordan, 1991. #BisexualVisibilityDay #BiVisibilityDay #LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈
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Hi! Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Every year for the last 5 years I have said a version of the same thing. This year is no exception. Let's talk bisexuality! (short thread👇)
1) I am #bisexual. To me, this means I can be attracted to people who *are not* of my gender identity, as well as being attracted to people who *are* of my gender identity
2) it does not mean I erase non binary gender identities. The '2' implied by my use of 'bi' is 'like me' & 'not like me'
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23 Settembre: oggi è il #BiVisibilityDay, anche conosciuto come #InternationalCelebrateBisexualityDay

Settembre è il mese in cui si "celebra" la visibilità bisex. E oggi è il giorno in cui culminano queste celebrazioni. Image
La componente #bisex, la B di quell'acronimo che infastidisce molti, è una parte importante della nostra comunità.
Ed è anche una di quelle che subisce più stigma, stereotipi e discriminazione.
E ciò che è peggio è che molto spesso arrivano dall'interno della comunità #LGBT+.
Le persone bisex non sono irrisolt*, gay o lesbiche che si vergognano, traditori seriali ed opportunisti.
Semplicemente esistono persone che provano attrazione e sentimenti sia per uomini che per donne (siano essi cis o trans).

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Cette vidéo est vraiment géniale !
Je raconte jamais trop ma vie mais je peux dire que je suis bi et je me sens concernée par tous ces clichés !
Accepter que l'on a pas à choisir entre les genres c'est tout un périple et c'est important d'en prendre conscience ! 🌈
Er puis à part ça allez voir toutes les vidéos de @VivreAvec_ ! Non seulement vous apprendrez plein de choses, parfois vous serez révoltez mais souvent ça vous fera un bien fou !
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📏Lerp vs Slerp⭕

• Lerp interpolates in a straight line
• useful for interpolating positions

• Slerp rotates around (0,0)
• useful for interpolating directions

"But can't I just use lerp and normalize instead of slerp?"

for small angles, it might be good enough, but for large angles, their directions actually deviate quite a lot

here they are superimposed!
here's a bonus comparison between:

💙 = Vector Lerp
💜 = Vector/Quaternion Slerp
❤️ = Quaternion Lerp

(oh hey accidentally matched colors to #BiVisibilityDay 🎉)

also included the normalized version of vector lerp in faded blue!
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"Today is my first #BiVisibilityDay as a bi person who is out publicly. I am fortunate to come from a family that is very supportive of the LGBTQ communtity, and indeed I have two family members who are out and blazed the way. [1/13]
So I grew up knowing that if I came out as gay, I would be loved. Despite this, it still took until I was in my 30s for me to understand that I am bi. This is mostly because as a young cis woman, I knew I was attracted to men. [2/13]
Any feelings I had towards women, I put down to admiration. In addition, I didn’t know anyone who was bi, so I didn’t really question it. There were a few important moments in the TV shows I watched as a teenager that could that could have helped me... [3/13]
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