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#Pakistan PM #ImranKhan regrets increase in sexual attacks against women+children but links them to women's clothing & vaguely-defined "obscenity."

By this flawed standard, #Muslim-majortiy cities like #Istanbul #Dubai #KualaLumpur should see an outbreak.
Prime Minister #ImranKhan's controversial remarks linking #rape to women's dresses surprised even his ex @Jemima_Khan:

PM #ImranKhan's remarks on rape vs woman's dress resonated internationally, including in the Middle East. This #Egyptian celebrity asked the PM, "Do child victims of rape also wear objectionable clothes?"

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📣🔴 Stay tuned! And watch the unrivaled Pharaohs’ Golden Parade tomorrow at 06:00 PM Cairo Time.
Here are number of kings and queens whose mummies will be moved from The #Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to The National Museum of Civilization in Fustat 👇
King Siptah: He came to the throne as a boy, by a powerful official named Bay. Since he was too young to rule, his stepmother Tawosret, wife of Seti II, took on the role of regent.
His mummy was discovered in 1898 in the Tomb of Amenhotep II (KV 35) in Valley of the Kings, #Luxor
Ramses II: He signed the first known peace treaty in history with the Hittites and was remembered as a great warrior, King Ramses II is arguably the most famous of the New Kingdom pharaohs. He recorded his Battle of Kadesh, which he fought against the Hittites, in multiple places
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Pharaohs' Golden Parade: 22 royal mummies will be transferred in a magnificent parade from their current home in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, to their new permanent display in Fustat’s National Museum of #Egyptian Civilization. #Egypt
The royal mummies that will be put on display at the new museum belong to the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties, and include 18 mummies of kings, and 4 of queens. Ancient #Egypt
The mummies include those of the Pharaohs: Ramses II; Ramses III; Seti I; Seqenenre; and Thutmose III.
The mummies will reach their permanent display in the National Museum of #Egyptian Civilization, to settle inside a dedicated hall called the Royal Mummies Gallery.
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An Egyptian woman was subjected to mass sexual assault in the town of Mit Ghamr in December. The assault was caught on camera. After social media campaign to support her, the 7 men were put on trial. She was doxxed and victim-blamed. The men have all been acquitted. #حق_بسنت_فين
As revenge & to silence her, the lawyer of the men accused her of “violating family values.” The #Egyptian regime has used that charge this year to convict and imprison female TikTok users. The regime has also detained witnesses in a gang rape case.…
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Yahya Sinwar, the leader of #Hamas in the Gaza Strip, won another term after defeating the movement's senior official Nizar Awadallah • #Sinwar victory is #Iran's victory in the influence of the movement's leadership against the Muslim Brotherhood axis led by Qatar and Turkey.
Yahya Sinwar's victory is the #Iranians’ victory. He also serves as the leader of the military wing, in addition to his political role as the leader of Hamas in the #Gaza Strip. Sinwar has discovered a pragmatic approach in the last four years.
He maintained good relations w/ #Egyptian intelligence and Muhammad Dahlan & supported the Egyptian-mediated truce understandings w/ #Israel, he also maintained #Qatar's monthly financial assistance to the Gaza Strip & continued the process of strengthening the military arm:
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#Egyptian police arrested a man allegedly caught on a surveillance camera assaulting a young girl in widely shared footage that caused public outrage.
It is not clear exactly when the video was recorded, but it went viral on social media on Monday night with many users calling for the perpetrator’s immediate arrest. It showed a man abusing a child near the staircase of a residential building in the Maadi district in Cairo.
He was confronted by a woman who opened the door of her apartment, an interruption that enabled the girl to escape, footage showed. The woman then pointed to a surveillance camera recording the incident. #Egypt
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Exactly a year ago: my dear friend #Egyptian drag queen Ana Masreya invited me to speak at her show Nefertitties. It was just before our lockdown in #NYC and it was a magical night. The revolution is queer. And the revolution is profane!
The club in Brooklyn was full of queer people from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Jordan. And on stage with Ana Masreya were Mexican queen Koko Rokoko and Palestinian quewn Eva Laurent. It was 🔥🔥🔥
Koko Rokoko, Eva Laurent, me, Ana Masreya - the Cheetah Gurlz Night at Nefertitties, Brooklyn, March 6, 2020 Photo of Koko Rokoko, Eva L...
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The modern city of #Dwarka,which in Sanskrit means ‘Gateway to heaven’,is located in West #Gujarat. The Ancient City has been found Underwater in Gulf of Khambhat off Saurastra Coast. ImageImageImageImage
Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 m (120 ft) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of #India could be over 9,000 years old. It is believed to predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years. ImageImageImage
Carbon dating on debris recovered from the site, including construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth, put it at nearly 9,500 years old, making it older than the Sumerian civilisation by several thousand years. ImageImageImage
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About fucking time: they should never have been arrested or jailed. #Egyptian court acquits women jailed for 'inciting debauchery' on TikTok… h/t @rerutled
In the name of “morality” and safeguarding “Egyptian family values,” the Egyptian regime has arrested and jailed at least 9 young, mostly working class women for singing, dancing, and posting selfies on Tik-Tok, again fully clothed and some in hijab.…
I wrote more about them here in September…
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This month marks the 10th anniversary of the #Jan25 revolution in #Egypt. I will be publishing several new articles soon. For starters: It is a fuck-this-shit moment for Egyptian women.
Exhibit A: three witnesses who came forward to testify in support of the victim of a high-profile gang rape case are in detention as part of the regime’s effort to counter a growing movement against exposing sexual abuse in Egypt…
Exhibit B: An #Egyptian criminal court in December acquitted three Muslim men accused of stripping naked an elderly Coptic Christian woman and parading her through the streets in 2016
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I see @ircpresident has been liking my tweets about journalist and activist Wael Abbas’ detention in 2018. Several women have come out over the past month to say Wael sexually assaulted and/or harassed them. I believe the women. My position on assault and believing women is clear
I spoke to @writtenbysalma recently about the importance of women speaking out against sexual violence in #Egypt…
#Egyptian women have long been exposing sexual violence, at great personal risk. In 2005, female journalists and activists exposed the use of systematic sexual violence by the government of Hosni Mubarak to stop them from protesting. I wrote this in 2018…
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It is a fuck-this-shit moment for Egyptian women. And the rage and reckoning are the fuel of revolution. Not a cis-gender heterosexual dick-swinging revolution. We already had one of those almost 10 years ago.
A feminist revolution.…
The revolutions that began 10 years ago in the Middle East and North Africa might have been started by a man. They will be completed by women and queer people too often marginalized and ignored and subjected to violence by the State, Street and Home.
I wrote this in 2012. And I turned it into my first book Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution to say that unless the rage shifts from the presidential palace to the Street and Home, the revolution has not started…
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In #Egypt, women are criminalized, slut-shamed & silenced when they demand justice for being sexually assaulted and their social media pics are used against them. Meanwhile, Egyptian police cadets on display for Sisi…
And #Egyptian male celebrities are celebrated for social media posts like these while women are criminalized and slut shamed for their pictures - fully clothed - on social media On the left is celerity Bassem Youssef from the waist up shi
The preening hypermasculinity comes at a time in #Egypt when unprecedented number of women are exposing sexual assault. Sisi’s regime is trying to terrorize women into silence, whether via the arrests witnesses in support of a gang rape victim or imprisonment of the TikTok women.
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“I’m asking anyone who can to help me. I was subjected to gang sexual harassment. When I tried to file a complaint they threatened to kill me & throw acid at me. They’re using pics from my private IG account vs me & I will be detained. I’m the victim. Why should I be detained?”
This is an #Egyptian woman who sent out a call for help. As revenge & to silence her, the lawyer of the men she says sexually harassed her has accused her of “violating family values.”
The #Egyptian regime has used that charge this year to convict and imprison female TikTok users. The regime has also detained witnesses in a gang rape case This is Egypt a month before the 10th anniversary of #Jan25. Background 👇🏽…
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In its latest war on women’s bodies, #Egypt’s public prosecution is investigating aspiring model Salma El-Shimy for a photo session at the Saqqara pyramid plateau that she posted on social media… A woman dressed as ancient Egyptian with a headed and holdin
The Sisi regime investigates & arrests women for posing, dancing, singing fully clothed on social media. Meanwhile,the more they undress, the more #Egyptian men are celebrated for virility, masculinity, strength. Remember police cadets on display for Sisi?…
When they undress, #Egyptian male celebrities expect to be praised. They are not slut-shamed or criminalized. Egyptian women are criminalized, slut-shamed & punished in the name of “morality” - whether they are in “revealing” clothes or hijab.…
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I am very sad to hear that Hafez has died. When I first became a journalist in Cairo in 1990, I used to interview him frequently for articles on human rights in #Egypt. My condolences to his family and loved ones.…
cw: torture, rape
I first met Hafez in 1989/90 when I went to the annual conference of the #Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. He introduced me to a woman who had come from southern Egypt to demand they help her get justice.
I have never forgotten that woman and I will always appreciate human rights defenders in #Egypt then and now who fight the military-backed dictatorship and its crimes.
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Last night I dreamed I had died. This Mona has indeed died, so that the Mona I am could be. I am grateful for all that she did and all that she was and I want her to know I have set fire to my rage over what happened to her and to so many other women during our revolution. Mona from the waist up smiling with both her arms in casts sMona from the waist up smiling with both her arms in casts s
And I promise her that I have used that rage as fuel for our liberation. We will be free.…
November 24, 2011, when I was being held incommuncado by #Egyptian military intelligence & interrogated blindfolded - both my arms broken thanks to riot police - all I thought of was “Just you fuckers wait until I write about this.” Ha! Writing! In the face of such brutality! Tweet by Mona 11/24/2011 “The whole time I was thinking ab
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#Egyptian regime crackdown continues against human rights group @EIPR after staff met with Western ambassadors in #Cairo.

Security Forces arrested executive director Gasser Abdel-Razek from his home on Thursday, the 3rd employee arrested this week…
I’ve known Gasser since the 1990s when I was a Reuters correspondent in Cairo who would often call him at the Hisham Mubarak Centre to comment on cases.

He is one of the most sincere and big-hearted activists I have ever met. He truly loves Egypt and the fight for its liberation
Gasser’s detention comes after Egyptian security forces detained two other EIPR employees:

Karim Ennarah, the head of the group's criminal justice department, was arrested Wednesday while spending vacation in Dahab, Sinai, His whereabouts and the charges he faces are unknown.
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#Egyptian activists arrested for contact with western diplomats, @hrw Human Rights Watch says.

The arrests were a 'slap in the face' to the Western countries whose diplomats met the civil society group…
Karim Ennarah, who is the director of criminal justice at advocacy group @EIPR Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, was detained in the resort town of Dahab, three days after the arrest of EIPR’s administrative director Mohamed Basheer on Sunday. #Egypt
“All signs indicate this is orchestrated at the highest level” #Egypt
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I do all my Zoom calls & webinars with a portrait of a topless activist as my background and “The Revolution is My Cunt” is a saying of mine.

BUT what the actual fuck is this statue and whose gaze is it for?…
Again: nudity is not the issue. What is being conveyed and for whose gaze is.

Why, after years of so few statues of women, is the naked female form of statues being erected for & about women?

Whether it’s a statue for #MaryWollstonecraft in #London or #Medusa in #NYC A newly unveiled statue in honour of Mary Wollstonecraft shoA statue of Medusa showing a naked female dorm holding a hea
And: which female form is being celebrated by those statues?

A cisgender woman’s body that is considered attractive to a heterosexual male gaze.

I reject slut shaming. There is nothing wrong with nudity.

But whose terms is it on and whose body does it celebrate is the Q?
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#FCRAViolation Requested @HMOIndia for cancellation of #FCRA registn of Association for Rural n Urban Needy- ARUN which recvd Rs 14.86 Cr funds from #Islamic_Terrorist sponsoring orgs IRW related to #Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood #Hamas n #ConversionMafia @AmitShah @by2kaafi Cont. Image
Kundli of ARUN Donor- MEF @meforum decisively responded 2 letter sent by IRUSA (IRW) to members of Congress denying allegations made in a recent MEF report n cited in testimony before d House Oversight Committee's NSC, that outline its links 2 terror Cont.…
In 2005, Russian authorities accused Islamic Relief of supporting terrorism in Chechnya in 2012, Swiss bank UBS closed down Islamic Relief’s accounts and “blocked donations coming from its customers to the charity,” reportedly over terror financing fears., HSBC did same (Cont) Image
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My latest: These police cadets are on display in #Egypt where the more men undress the more they are celebrated for virility, strength and hypermasculinity, whereas women are arrested for dancing on TikTok, fully clothed…
Those bare and barrel-chested cadets on floats that people joked looked like Pride parade graduated into a police force paid to entrap, arrest and torture #LGBTQ people. #Egypt
There is nothing funny about a country where men parade shirtless for the fascist dictator whose regime criminalizes and slut-shames women whether in “revealing” clothes or hijab, including fully-clothed women for selfies and videos on TikTok… #Egypt
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You know the video of those shirtless #Egyptian police cadets on floats that people joked looked like Pride parade? Those bare and barrel-chested police cadets graduated into a police force paid to entrap, arrest and torture #LGBTQ people.
Also, these police cadets are on display in #Egypt where the more men undress the more they are celebrated for virility, strength and hypermasculinity, whereas women are arrested for dancing on TikTok, fully clothed 👇🏽
There is nothing funny about a country where men parade shirtless for the fascist dictator whose regime criminalizes and slut-shames women whether in “revealing” clothes or hijab, including fully-clothed women for selfies and videos on TikTok… #Egypt
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If fascism is theatre, as Jean Genet observed, whose bodies are centre stage? My new essay is on the preening hyper masculinity of fascist patriarchy, which prefers its men bare and barrel-chested like the #Egyptian police cadets 👇🏽…
Trump would be shirtless at rallies dancing to Macho Man if it weren’t for the fact that fascist patriarchy has determined which type of male body is conventionally attractive, powerful &suitable to display. Ironically for Trump, his is not it. Remember this? h/t @Heresy_Corner Trump’s head photoshopped onto a buff body of a boxer
Whether Mussolini or the Nazi obsession with the “perfect body,” fascist patriarchy is a cruel mistress.

Fat is a fascist issue. Soldiers from this elite infantry regiment of the Spanish military, nicknamed the Bridegrooms of Death, were put on a diet.… Soldiers from a Spanish elite regiment in tight uniforms
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