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The matter of matter; body disposal is not the only option when there are so many preservation methods for those inclined to live fast and leave a pretty corpse. Image
One Catholic tradition sought to preserve the physical state for as long as possible. These are the ‘incorruptibles,’ like Bernadette Soubirous, a miller’s daughter from Lourdes whose body has lain unravaged by time in a grotto since her death in 1879. Image
Catholicism has a strong tradition of reliquary; many pilgrimage traditions were created around body parts and bone fragments of dead saints. Image
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The Grand #Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD).

A thread.
If you happen to look at the news in the last couple of weeks about it, you will find a lot.👇

For the casual reader, what these news articles Don't tell you WHY exactly #Egypt and #Ethiopia are locked in these bitter disagreements over the #Nile water use via the #GERD.
Quick background:

The #Nile river is shared by 11 countries. Of its total annual flow contribution, #Ethiopian rivers including #Abbay (Blue Nile) that #GERD is being built accounts 85% or ~77 Billion Cubic Meters (BCM). The rest of the Nile countries accounts ~15%.
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Shukri calls for supporting #Syria in the aftermath of devastating earthquake
#Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, called on all sides concerned to extend aid to #Syria in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit the country on February 6th.
“Shukri briefed Mr. Geir Pedersen, the #UN Envoy for #Syria, during a meeting today in Cairo, on the aid provided by #Egypt to #Syria to address the repercussions of the earthquake,
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🌐 Sources in the #Palestinian resistance to “Palestine Now”:

- Great efforts are being made by the mediators, not to slip into a broad military battle with the #Israeli occupation, against the
backdrop of the #Nablus crime yesterday.

- The #Egyptian mediator asked the resistance in #Gaza not to respond militarily, and suffice with the popular resistance, "demonstrations and protests" in
the West Bank.

- The #Egyptian request was a warning of the consequences of things going to bad consequences, and that "Israel" would hit the #Gaza Strip forcefully if there was a response.

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♦️ #The _ situation _ is _ our _ side »

All branches, the situation on our side remains complete calm on the ground. As for the airspace, intelligence reconnaissance aircraft are flying as well,
with a reconnaissance loaded with ammunition, and an infantry tracking march that roams the sector and flies at low levels. Threats from the factions that the crime committed by the occupation
against our people in #Nablus will not go unnoticed. Likewise, the #Egyptian mediators intervened more than three times and failed, and the resistance is fully prepared to receive the
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👀💭 The builders of the great #Pyramid of #Giza knew something that we still don't. We remain perplexed by the complexity & precision of it. It’s engineered & constructed with designs of intricacy & functional in nature with unparalleled still in these modern times.
#Archaeology Image
👀💭 P1: #Pyramid power refers to the theory that the ancient #Egyptian pyramids & objects of similar shape can confer a variety of benefits. There is a substantial amount of evidence to suggest that in fact is the main purpose of the construction of the pyramids. #Archaeology Image
Image credit & copyright: 1998 @ Christooner P. Dunn
q=great+pyramid+hydrogen+reactor&espv=210&es_sm=91&source=Inms&tbm=isch&sa=X&€ great-pyramids-at-giza%3B500%3B433 Image
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Profound words of Scholar, Congress Leader Late Prof. Siddheshwar Prasad Ji:

"Unfortunately, the books on Indian philosophy, culture, history and literature, written by Indian and foreign writers, have miserably failed to underline the importance of the sound formulation,

the metaphysical and sociological foundation of the #Bharatiya #Samskṛti. This has led them to present it in a very distorted manner. Therefore, they have also failed to see its positive features.
There are weak points and there have been lapses also. After all why #Bharat

was almost always defeated at the hands of the foreign invaders? But how and why it not only still survives but is rejuvenated? Why the #Egyptian, the #Greek, the #Babylonian, the #Asyrian and some other ancient civilizations and cultures disappeared? The simple answer is,

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كايروكي السكة شمال في شمال
ناس سارقينا وعاملين منا
اللي صابغ شعره واللي عاملة حنة
عواجيز وسايقنا في الحيطة ملبسينا
موتور خربان من غير منافلة 1⃣
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
the road is all wrong in wrong, and the right disappeared
the days took us by and hit us hard
you walk it right you get abandoned
you walk it wrong they make you go higher 2⃣
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
never ask why or how is this
take a blunt and a bottle6
and stay away from politics
sleep and don’t resist
these topics are all sensible and complex
you won’t get a funeral
you’re maximum’s a tear and a burial 3⃣
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
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Hello there!
Bonne journée à tous les amis! et ne vous en faites pas... on veille au grain!
2/ hé oui........ 😂😂😂

(i also do have deep thoughts for #Egyptian who bought this "amazing" #Ka52 ... just good enough for hunting & killing ISIS and just not enough to ever give #Israel any nightmare...)
3/ chi va piano, va sano e va lontano
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I was sexually assaulted twice during Hajj in 1982. I was 15 years old. I started #MosqueMeToo in 2018 after a Pakistani Muslim woman called Sabica Khan said she'd been in sexually assaulted during pilgrimage.
I wrote about being sexually assaulted during Hajj in my 2015 book and 2019 book and this in 2018 about #MosqueMeToo…
I was the first person to speak about being sexually assaulted during Hajj, in Arabic on #Egyptian primetime TV in 2013. #MosqueMeToo
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👀💭 This is the Unfinished Obelisk of Aswan, Egypt stands 137 feet (42m) tall and weighs 1200 tons lies in the ancient quarries near #Aswan, #Egypt. This gigantic piece of rock was intended to be erected as an #obelisk, but for some reason it was left unfinished.
👀💭 The ⬜️White box shows a crack on the obelisk, 🔵Blue shows the quarrying process around the obelisk, & the 🟥Red/Pink indicates a sculpting technique before the prime finish. I theorize this #obelisk may have been a failed attempt by a #civilization thereafter. #Archaeology
👀💭 The 🔵Blue box shows the same technique pattern used to sand down & sculpt the #obelisk, while the ⚪️White box highlights a slightly different technique than the blue, you just have to close closely. The ↪️arrow indicates the difference in finished from the near by surface.
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شی اوپس/خوفو کا اہرام (غزہ)
Cheops/Khufu Pyramid (Giza)
Circa: 2650 BC
پراسراریت اور حیرت کےگڑھ مصر میں واقع سب سے پہلا اہرام شی اوپس یعنی خوفو کا مقبرہ (Mound) تھا جوصدیوں سےاس آب وگیاہ ویرانےمیں لایخل چیستاں کی طرح ایستادہ، فرعونوں کی عظمت رفتہ
کی انمٹ اورحیرت انگیز دلیل بنا فخر سے کھڑا ھے۔
اس اہرام کو20 سال کےعرصےمیں 100,000مزدوروں نے تعمیرکیا اور یہی وہ اہرام ھے جسے دنیا کے سات عجائبات میں نمبرون شمار کیا جاتا ھے۔
فرعون شی اوپس کا زمانہ حضرت عیسیٰ سے تین ہزار سال بعد کاھے۔ عہدشی اوپس میں مصر کی ابادی 2کروڑ تھی۔
اہرام شی اوپس کی جسامت ہی کسی ماہر مصریات (Egyptologist)، موءرخ بلکہ سیاح کیلئے بھی حیرت و استعجاب کا باعث ھے۔
اہرام شی اوپس کی بلندی485 فٹ ھے۔
بنیاد 13 ایکڑ رقبے پرمحیط ھےجو لندن اور شکاگو کےتقریباً 8مربع بلاکس کے مساوی ھے۔
اس اہرام میں پتھروں کی50 لاکھ سلیں (Blocks) استعمال کیے
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And what about #Hamas? #Haniyeh is working to "stop the aggression"

Ismail Haniyeh, Chairman of the Political Bureau of Hamas, made several phone calls last night with regional players.

During a conversation with the #Qatari Foreign Minister, the senior Hamas official... (1/4)
asserted: "The crimes against our people in #Gaza express the occupation's inexcusable aggression." In his conversation with the Qatari minister, Haniyeh also emphasized the need for a complete cessation of aggression.

In a different conversation with the heads of the... (2/4)
#Egyptian intelligence apparatus (who are leading mediation efforts between Gaza and #Israel), Haniyeh once again emphasized that action must be taken to stop the bombing of Gaza.

Haniyeh is building the foundations for Hamas's absence in joining the fight against... (3/4)
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Just had a near hour-long “off the record” conversation with a top executive of @AlAhly @AlAhlyEnglish, on the #AfricanSuperLeague, @CAF_Online, @TheRealPitso and various #Egyptian and #African #football issues…
On @TheRealPitso: “#Ahly, as a club, hold him in the highest regard, though he is no longer with us. He was never sacked & he never came to us with a desire to leave. The mutual decision to part was a consequence of discussions that we had, which showed a difference in vision.”
@TheRealPitso, in the entire history of @AlAhly, is the only coach to retain his position after losing the league title. This tells you the regard in which we held him. But it came to a point where we asked him to make changes and he didn’t agree to them, so things ended.”
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Human beings always had two inherent needs −

1️⃣ To communicate and share information
2️⃣ To communicate selectively.

Thus, the rise of #cryptography.

Origins of cryptography – a thread 🧵 Origins of cryptography
The word ‘cryptography’ was coined by combining two Greek words, ‘Krypto’ meaning hidden and ‘graphene’ meaning writing.

Cryptography can be defined as the art and science of concealing the messages to introduce secrecy in information.
The art of cryptography is considered to be born along with the art of writing.

As civilizations evolved & human beings got organized, the ideas of power, politics & secrecy emerged.

These ideas further fueled the natural need of people to communicate #privately.
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About "#Cyborgs" of #Donetskairport: "They survived, concrete did not survive." This definition best illustrates the victory of the defenders of #Mariupol. 🇷🇺 almost wiped out the city of half a million people, but 🇷🇺 does not have the weapons to break their spirits.

(1/8) Image
One of these heroes is a very young commander of the #Azov's squadron, Lev Pashko. He came to Azov in 2017, when he was eighteen, and the young man chose the nickname "#Horus" - the name of the ancient #Egyptian god of hunting, sky and war.
On March 26, from the side of #Gnutove, 🇷🇺 made another attempt to break through the defenses of the defenders of #Mariupol. A convoy of 🇷🇺 5 tanks and 2 IFV drove into the city. A group of guardsmen under the command of Lieutenant Pashko came out to meet 🇷🇺 .
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The Biden administration is set to deny $130 million of military aid to #Egypt over human rights concerns. The same administration earlier this week approved arms sales to Egypt for a combined value of more than $2.5 billion…
This is exactly why so many of us have said over and over that U.S, foreign policy is fucked up, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House, and why so many of us said as abhorrent as Trump was, he was not an aberration.
- Trump called Sisi “my favourite dictator.”
- Biden, 10 yrs ago during #Jan25 Revolution when he was Obama’s VP wouldn’t call Mubarak, our dictator of 30yrs, a dictator.
- 5 US presidents propped up Mubarak…
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Disgraceful: #Egyptian court has upheld prison sentence against Amal Fathy, a woman human rights defender convicted over a video she posted online criticizing the Egyptian authorities for failing to tackle sexual harassment.…
Misogyny is the beating heart of authoritarianism. That is why Amal Fathy is being punished for exposing sexual violence.

When you punish women who expose sexual violence, what other message are you sending out other than patriarchy enables and protects misogyny? #Egypt
My latest essay about #Egypt is available in English and Arabic

A decade after people across the region took to the streets to remove authoritarian leaders, a zealous determination to control female sexuality continues to hurt women and girls in Egypt:…
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THREAD on #Shakespeare #DAG and the #bees … yes… you read that right… 🙈
1. To #bee or not to be… that is the #question… by Shakespeare
2. #Skakespeare ‘s #love of life was Anne Hathaway…🙈 (forget the current one and that her husband looks like Shakespeare🙈)
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میوزیم آف اسلامک آرٹ (1903 مصر)
قاہرہ (مصر) میں واقع اس میوزیم کودنیا کے اسلامی فن کاسب سے بڑا عجائب گھرقرار دیا گیا ھے۔
جغرافیائی محلِ وقوع کےاعتبار سے خوبصورتی اورطرزتعمیرمیں یکتایہ میوزیم قاہرہ کےتاریخی باب الخلق اسکوائر میں واقع ھے۔
اس میوزیم کاابتدائی منصوبہ
خدیو اسمعیل پاشا (1880) کے دور میں عمل میں لایا گیا۔
25 سے زائد ہالز پر مشتمل 12 صدیوں پر محیط اس میوزیم میں 100 ہزار سے زائد شاہکار و نوادرات شامل ہیں جو کسی نہ کسی شکل میں اسلامی تہذیب، تاریخ اور ثقافت کی عکاسی کرتی ہیں۔
اسکے علاؤہ انجینئرنگ، طب، فلکیات جیسے سیکشن بھی اس میوزیم
کا حصہ ہیں۔
اگر مزید تفصیل میں جائیں تو اس میوزیم کے ذخیرے میں طب، سرجری، جری بوٹیاں، آسٹرو لیبز، کمپاس، سیرامک برتن، زیورات، ہاتھی کے دانت، اسلحہ، لکڑی کی اشیاء، ٹیکسٹائل، قالین، دھات و سنگ مرمر کے 1200 نایاب نسخے شامل ہیں۔
اسکے علاؤہ گزری شخصیات، بادشاہوں اور حکمرانوں کے
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جرى تحوير كلمات أغنية #بنت_الجيران المعروفة بمطلعها «#سكر_محلي محطوط على كريمة» حتّى تصبح ملائمة لتقديمها داخل #السعودية.
فمن ضمن «الانفتاح الثقافي» الذي يروّج له #محمد_بن_سلمان، دُعي ثلاثة نجوم من موسيقى #المهرجانات المصريّة، #عمر_كمال #حسن_شاكوش #حمو_بيكا، لإحياء حفلة في #موسم_الرياض.
لكنّ المفاجأة كانت حين أقدم كمال على تحوير كلمات أغنية «#بنت_الجيران»، مستبدلاً المقطع الذي يقول: «اشرب خمور وحشيش» بـ«اشرب تمور وحليب».
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أطلق كتاب الناشط السياسي المصري #علاء_عبد_الفتاح أمس الثلاثاء وبغياب علاء، في مكتبة برزخ في الحمرا. الكتاب المعنون «لم تُهزَموا بعد»- وهي عبارة كتبها علاء في العام 2017 من داخل سجن طرّة المصري، صدر أواخر الشهر الفائت وفيه مجموعة من مقالات علاء التي كتبها منذ #ثورة_يناير 2011.
وقد أبدى القيّمون على النشاط، وهم من أصدقاء علاء، قلقهم على وضعه الجسديّ والنفسيّ بسبب ظروف السجن، لا سيّما وأنّه «حُرِم من حقّ الحصول على الكتب، ومعرفة الوقت، وممارسة النشاط الجسدي».
يُذكَر أنّ المحكمة المصرية قد أدرجت علاء، في 18 تشرين الثاني، على قوائم الإرهابيّين لمدّة خمس سنوات، رافضةً الطعن الذي كان قد تقدّم به. وقد قضى علاء حتّى اليوم أكثر من سبع سنوات في سجون عبد الفتاح #السيسي بتهمٍ ملفّقة.
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#RomanSiteSaturday - Pyramid of Cestius 🏛️

(1/9) Located in #Rome, the Pyramid of Cestius is one of the best preserved classical buildings in the city. Moreover, as an imitation of an #Egyptian pyramid, it is also one of the most unique.

#Classics #Roman #Archaeology #History
(2/9) Built between 18 - 12 BCE, the pyramid was constructed as a tomb for Gaius Cestius. Cestius had served as a praetor, tribune of the plebs, and was a member of the Septemviri Epulorum, one of the four great religious corporations of the city.
(3/9) Stylistically, it appears to imitate the pointed pyramids of Nubia, particularly in the ancient Kingdom of Meroë. In 23 BCE, Rome attacked this kingdom, leading scholars to postulate that Cestius may have served in this campaign and been inspired by Nubian architecture.
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