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#Sankaradeva (#শঙ্কৰদেৱ), a spiritual and social reformer and a versatile figure, propagated a religion known as eka śaraṇa hari nāma or “the doing of pure devotion to God taking sole-refuge in him" Śaṅkaradeva (1449-1568 CE): Artist’s Impression
Sankaradeva was a very versatile personality. During his entire lifetime, he concentrated his energies on bringing home to the lay populace the message of the Vedantic-Puranic system through diverse media that made easy the comprehension of the philosophico-scientific truths. Supreme Pure Personality is the Lord of Primal MatterVisnu, the Lord of Laksmi. Assamese Manuscript Painting, Sankaradeva Movement
Sankaradeva propagated a religion of pure devotion to Krsna (#Krishna) known as Eka Śaraṇa Hari Nāma, also referred to as Mahāpuruṣism, which considers Krsna—God referred to in his immanent capacity—to be supremely conscious and the supreme truth. Krishna goes out early in the morning to the green fields of Vrindavana on the banks of the Kalindi driving herds of cattle along with other cowherd companionsKrishna, the Supreme Reality
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Was #Jesus based on the Hindu #god #Krishna?
Um, #NO, and here is why.
According to Hinduism, Krishna is an Avatar, or incarnation, of the Hindu God Vishnu. He was one of several (Including Rama, Kalkin (aka Kalki) and even Buddha). He lived a heroic life, teaming up with another Hindu hero named Arjuna (who was a demigod). Krishna’s cult dates back
around the 5th century BC (roughly around the time of Buddha himself). He is also a god.
Was he the basis for Christ?
Let’s break this down:
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Thread 👇Ladies & Gentlemen,Am sad/ashamed at the bullying of @brumbyoz by fellow Muslims-sectarian lines @AsimAli6. As a born Shia&non denominational Muslim now-my laanaths to Asim/@iamrana/ friends Allow me to walk u thru the #Rana opportunism of twisting tales w #KrishnaBhakti
@IamRana is a housewife for 60yrs of her life living w her hubby in Saudi Arabia & other Arab lands, was a Hijabi until 4-5yrs ago when she started her prolific writing living in Delhi and connecting w her AMU days/Rekhta. She found a govt job in some Urdu dept at age past 60.
She has dominated and thru her network and presents and gifts, she has been Negatively Influencing other writers/journalists by calling the publishers/editors to not give them work. This has been testified by atleast 4-5 ppl I talked to. And only those who toe in get work writing
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A Thread On

🙏 || Lord Vishnu's Avatara's ||🙏

Lord Vishnu needs to come time and again to preserve the sanctity of the environment to ensure the right habitat is preserved for the right experience as rightly said by Lord Krishna in Sri #BhagvadGita as follows- 👇
Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.
For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
and for the establishment of righteousness,
I come into being age after age.

— Bhagavad Gita 4.7–8
He saves the world from a cosmic deluge, with the help of a boat made of the Vedas, on which he also rescues Manu and all living beings. Demon, Hirnakshya steals and tries to destroy the Vedas, but Matsya finds the demon, kills him, and returns the Vedas.
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Lift yourself by yourself

Powerful Statement from Krishna

At times when you feel depressed and low, remember, "Only You Can Lift or elevate from that stage"
Krishna Clearly states it is left to you to identify yourself as your best friend as much as your worst enemy.

Now How to elevate yourself ?

By knowing the nature of the self which is unborn, eternal, which is state of infinite bliss and
the self in you is the same which exists in all and the self in all is the same which exists in you.

By doing good,

Eg: suppose if one wants to elevate himself from poverty, best solution is to help other people who are struggling more than you in poverty.
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Karma Yoga Simplified


Remember the self within you is the same in all, so by doing good.. you are helping yourself.
While doing good, just act as an service to GOD/Atman (or whatever name you like to give it). Leave the results to nature to manifest it will duly do justice to you.

It is an easiest path in purifying d mind from agitations,In other words it removes the dirt prevailing in d mind
Results of practicing Karma Yoga for a prolonged period is experience of infinite inner bliss, joy and happiness which cannot be purchased by any amount of money.

Note : Inner Joy is Real Happiness...

Hari OM!!!
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Lifestyle - Middle Path - Message from the Gita

Lets take Sleeping as Example:

Sleeping is a important main component when it comes to consumption of 24 hours of the day..
Nowadays many people ignore/reduce the number of hours sleep due to many reasons like office pressure,workloads etc without realizing that it is a predominant activity of our well being.
Another side is the class of people like sleeping to the extreme that is even after they wake up they again go to sleep. This also have adverse effect on the body and also the mind.
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

What do I have to do now??? Here is the message from the Gita

Simple, Remember at all times you are atman not the body, you are that without which this body is mere matter.
The self in you is the same which exists in all. The Nature of that self is infinite Bliss & bliss alone. (Spare atleast few minutes daily to contemplate on this knowledge).

So Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good, Never Hurt anyone by thoughts, words, worst is hurting physically.
Do Good by Shunning attachment to fruit of actions, else you will have fear & anger. (Every action has definitely a result, allow it to flow to you at ease)

Have moderation in Food & Sleep, which is middle path. ( Anything in Extra is always a problem)
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🚨#Mulzims are on rampage in 2019, Blast from the past #Thread

🆘16 Hindu Temples demolished By #ILZAM


Invaded by Mahmud ghazni in 1014 AD

Mehmood looted the temple/town

Sent the idol of Chakra Swami to Ghazni
2. Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

This temple has been a prey of the foreign invaders due to its wealth and prosperity.

Bhagwan #Krishna Janmasthan was invaded by Mahmud Ghazni in 1017/1018 AD

He destroyed so many prosperous and wealthy temples and looted the riches of #Mathura

In 1024, during the rule of Chaalukya ruler Bhima I , Mahmud Ghazni of Ghaznvidas attacked

Broke the Jyotirling situated in the Grabhgrih of the temple

Took away the the riches of about 20-25 million dinars

Killed around 50000 hindus during his invasion
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Secret to Peace of Mind at all times!

Only Two Factors which disturb the Limitless Peace Prevalent within each one of us. They are Fear and Anger.

Now Let's Handle Both of them individually.
1) Fear
When Does 'Fear' manifest within us? Who does it even come to us even without our knowledge or permission within us? Keep this Questions in mind for better understanding.
Let's say you have an intimate 'object' which you love it, in ur possession with full control at ur disposal,You want this 'object' to stay as it is with you forever. This Feel is called Attachment.But unfortunately there is an threat of losing it& u start to worry about it
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita #SecretofAction

Secret Of Action

Why Krishna advised us, "To Do your Duty without the desire for fruits of such actions.."

It's Popular Misunderstanding
The real intent of this advise from Krishna has strong underlying factor on focus of action.

Every action has an end result, that's the law of the nature. Given this reality, the quality outcome of an action will depend on the quality of work skills/effort behind such action.
So the quality of effort behind every activity will determine the fruits of such activity.

It's in this context, Krishna advised Arjuna don't focus on the fruits of an action while performing/undertaking the action...

#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita
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#PearlsFromGita Series

#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Develop this Attitude for Everlasting Experience of Peace/Bliss...

Mind in Quietude is a Sign of Happiness due to Detachments
Mind in Agitation is a Sign of Weakness/Sin due to Attachments
Thats why Krishna advises to treat Victory/Defeat, Pain/Pleasure, Gain/Loss as one and the same...

(Meaning One Success Jumping in the Air, & One Failure completely dejected/depressed, Krishna says Maintain Balance ie middle path)

#PearlsFromGita Series

#Hare #Krishna #HariOm
With this attitude fight your battle of life meaning your life's challenges... Dont get disappointed by failures understanding this is a part of life.

#PearlsFromGita Series

#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita
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Modi Ji visited my state #Kerala on Jun 7th. 😊His visit to #Guruvayoor temple hs brought another one of d temples frm Kerala to d limelight. Did u knw that d temple is atleast 5000 yrs old n that d statue of deity ws brought in frm #Dwarka, jst b4 it submerged under d sea? 😃1/n
2/n Pic- Modi ji making d most famous offering at d temple-THULABHARAM. The temple hs seen myriads of rich men offering gold, equivalent to their weight,bt Modi ji chose to offer LOTUS flowers.Very thoughtful! Few days bck Shashi Tharoor ws injured by d same scale.
3/n #Guruvayoor temple is the 5th largest temple in India (going by the no. of devotees visiting the temple every year). At the temple, Modi ji used the digital payments method to donate Rs 39,421. Gr8 way of promoting digital India!
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#PearlsFromGita Series

#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Dont get swayed away by Likes & Dislikes.. Rise above them..

Swami Chinmayananda Beautifully explains this topic (Gita Chp 3 v33)
It is universal law that everyone has their own likes & dislikes... It is natural you can't avoid it..

Every one of us come into the world and first we divide the world into two.. things that I like and things I hate..

#gita #Krishna
All your life autobiography is running away from what you don't like and run towards, what you like.. is it not?

Till today what have you done? Running away from what you don't like and run towards, what you like.. is it not? Hahaha...
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#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita
Our Inner Nature of the Atman/Self is Infinite Happiness... It is for this reason we seek happiness in everything we pursue.. the end result of any activity we undertake with one intent which is to experience happiness..
Unfortunately we ignore this reality of the self and seek happiness in the external world of objects(objects can be thing/person/emotion) which only gives us finite/momentary happiness...

#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita
By seeking happiness in the outer world of objects without your knowledge you're making the "self/atman" who is your King of all happiness "poorer.." Awake, Arise witness the real & unreal..

Hari Om!
#PearlsFromGita Series
#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita
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#PearlsofGita Series #Hare #Krishna #BhagavadGita

Deep Subtle Message is there are only Two types of people in this world, those who have gone & those who have not yet gone.
Everyone's time in this world is limited, wise people dont waste their time in grieving for the living or the dead... Because they are aware about the availability of time in their life is also limited... #Gita
Once a person is aware of this truth, such person however egotistic becomes slowly humble.. inevitable truth..

To sum up there is only one thing which is certain after birth, which is death... so why worry?

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From 20th May 2018 to 5th March 2019

---> The Long journey of a CommonMan

---> The journey which has led to enlightenment on Many issues

---> The Journey which gave people the REAL HOPE

---> The Journey which has stood for the problems of the people

These were some of the issues and problems Raised by shri @PawanKalyan garu during his #JanaSenaPorataYatra

1. Srikakulam

👉 Uddanam issue
👉Sompeta thermal power plant
👉Cashewnut farmers issue
👉Coconut Farmers issue
👉 Problems of Fishermen
👉 Problems of people residing near Vamshadhara river
👉 Kovadam Nuclear power plant
👉 Sand Mafia
👉 Migration

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If your #body becomes very pleasant we call it a #pleasure

If your #mind becomes pleasant, we call it peace; if it becomes very pleasant we call it a #joy

If your #emotions become pleasant we call it a #love; if they become very pleasant we call it #compassion
If your life #energies become pleasant we call it #bliss, and if they become very pleasant we call it #ecstasy

If your surroundings become pleasant, you call it #success
A #seeker on the path of #awareness knows that #Pleasure, #Peace, #Joy, #Love, #Compassion, #Bliss and #Ecstasy are all different states of #Body, #Mind and #Energy, not the achievement milestones you can #conquer in an external world.
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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