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#OpenAI : Nous avons demandé au réseau #ChatGPT d'écrire un #horoscope du mois de #février dans le style des contes folkloriques russes. Photos créées traditionnellement avec MidJourney et @linaflwrs

On s’amuse ! 😄

♒ Verseau : Pour un porteur d'eau atypique et indépendant 🔽
le mois sera marqué par des rebondissements inattendus. Comme un sorcier imprévisible et mystérieux, les Verseaux découvriront des vérités cachées et révéleront de puissants secrets.

♍ Vierge : Les Vierges pratiques et analytiques auront un mois de travail acharné, mais 🔽
grâce à leur souci du détail et à leur capacité à planifier à l'avance, elles réussiront. Telle une dirigeante sage et prudente, la Vierge gérera soigneusement ses ressources et en tirera le meilleur parti.

♏ Scorpion : Le Scorpion indomptable, magnétique et mystérieux 🔽
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जाणून घ्या वर्षाचा शेवटचा आठवडा म्हणजे 26 डिसेंबर 2022 ते 1 जानेवारी 2023 हा काळ तुमच्या राशीसाठी कसा असेल..
#Aries #horoscope…
डिसेंबरचा शेवटचा आठवडा वृषभ राशीच्या लोकांसाठी धावपळीचा असणार आहे. #taurus #horoscope…
#Gemini तुम्हाला नशिबाची पूर्ण साथ मिळेल...…
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Air ° Signs #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra
◇intuitive & horoscope predictions◇

July 16th - 31st

☆ your soul is opening up to new and crazy possibilities in money & love atm b/c you're HEALING from the fucked shit. part of you never saw any of this coming, but you took a recent ⬇️
leap of faith to start over / start something new again.for some there's an incoming message or an email coordinating to the next major steps in your career & finances any day now. possibly a predictive horoscope or a message from your new boss / deal next week (THURS OR FRI) 😻
you have ended a cycle (generational curse) that haunted you from the past & you're definitely staying away from all energy that no longer serves you. i'm seeing the past come back to ask questions about your next move. there's a reason why they're meant to be left in the dust.
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Ayana mapping to fingers. #Slow #Thread on #gemstones .
Moksha - Index finger. For people in the path of #Spirituality, no #gemstones are advised. #Spiritual path can get blocked. #anger comes into play.
cc - @mmpandit
Do RT for a wider reach.
Artha - Middle finger - Artha is all about #work, #money, and the accumulation of wealth. Be careful, as certain #Gemstones can disturb your focus while others can make your emotions high. The choice of gemstone must be aligned with #professional work.
Artha - Middle finger. Say one is in a profession that demands high focus/concentration. would a #Pearl (Moon) that heightens @emotions help? Contrary, if the profession is related to compassion, social work may be #Pearl would be fine.
cc - @HinduMediaWiki
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क्या है जन्म कुण्डली.?

-आपकी जन्म-कुण्डली आपका बैंक लॉकर है जो आपके जन्म से आपके नाम है ।
-आपकी कुण्डली के योग आपके लॉकर की कर्म-संपति का ब्याज है । जो अशुभ योगों के कारण आपकी कर्म संपति से काट लिया जाता है और शुभ योगों के कारण आपकी कर्म-सम्पति में जोड़ दिया जाता है ।

- महा-दशायें और अन्तर्दशायें आपकी कर्म-सम्पति की FD, Fix-Deposit है । महादशायें बड़ी FD है और अन्तर्दशायें छोटी FD है । अशुभ और निर्बल ग्रहों की दशायें आपकी FD को Matured परिपक्व नहीं होने देती ऐसे ही शुभ और बलवान ग्रहों की दशायें आपकी FD को परिपक्व कर देती है ।

- गोचर के ग्रह - आपकी कर्म-सम्पति के लिये शुभ-अशुभ सन्देश लेकर आते हैं । जैसे - किसी बैंक के लिये सरकारी नियम - कभी अच्छे और कभी बुरे ।
ये कभी आपके लाकर पर अच्छा-बुरा प्रभाव डालते हैं । कभी आपके ब्याज को कम ज्यादा कर देते हैं और कभी आपकी FD को प्रभावित करते हैं ।
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1-What could be a man’s point-of-opening into the #Vedic Corpus?

For me it is #Ayurveda, #VedicAstrology and #Vastu. (1/16)

2-Vedic #Astrology that ways is well & truly a #Vedanga…for it virtually has answers to every question one might have

If one has a subtle enough perception! (2/16)

3-Consider this from the works of #Parashara.

This is used as a tool for #BirthTimeRectification and #PrashnaAstrology by #Jyotishis

..especially in the #Tamil School of #VedicAstrology. (3/16)

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Understanding The 12 House Of Horoscope


1st House -
#Ascendant. depicts important aspects of your life; first impressions, personality, appearance, temperament, ego, new beginnings and outlook towards life. House of Self, has impact on health issues. Image
2nd House-
Rules core values and covers, material and physical world. House of possessions, represents how well we manage finances, how you value and earn money and self-esteem.

3rd House-
House of communication, rules all communication: thinking, talking, deals with
everything related to modern technology for communication. Deals with everyday activities and surrounding environment like local travel, schools, neighborhood etc.

4th House-
House of Home, home environment, parents especially mother, impact of mother in childhood,
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1-Today we shall continue to dive deeper into the aspects of #Past #Life #Astrology.

And the very first word that comes to mind is #Karma.

#Karma is actually a poorly understood term.

Most people think of Karma and might think of punishment and retribution. (1/25)
2-The fact is Karma is like a #Cosmic, ongoing, Instruction Design of God.

Karma is rather concerned with #Evolution and #Growth.

@BabaRamDass used to often say, “May be the #Law of #Karma itself is #God” (2/25)

3-Just like Ether, Karma is all-embracing and has a myriad of #Manifestations

The #Cosmos operates at different levels of #Karma –from Personal Karma to the Karma of entire nations or communities. (3/25)

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Planet in 12th House and its effect

Planets in 12th house of your Astro chart has hidden powers and it represents a world of the collective unconscious. The planet in 12th house gives you both type of result, if you manage
to tap into its power, you’d achieve the purpose of your birth, but if you suppress its desire, you would lose part of yourself. Planet in 12th house relates more to spirituality than materialistic things. Let’s discuss the effect of planets in the 12th house.
#Sun in 12th house
U may feel that people don’t really understand u & you are better off alone. U like 2 help those who are suffering or in need of help. Sun here could cause health problems to father and/or problems in ur rltnshp with father. u would flourish away from home. Image
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What Is Astrology?
#Astrology is not a tool of escapism:
Astrology never intends to be a subject of escapism. Astrology is a wonderful tool to find good and bad times in life well in advance so that you can exercise more free will to face the challenges. Always take Image
astrological guidance with the right spirit and take responsibility for your own life. Thinking someone else in the world can solve your problem is no more than ignorance. Even if someone does it, it may not be permanent.

Astrology is not fate :
Some fatalist astrologers
may tell you that life is all about fate. On the other hand, many so-called positive thinkers may propaganda that there is no fate and life is full of free will. But nature is a mix of fate and free will. Fate is like gravity but all the inventions against gravity including,
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Somavati Hariyali Amavasya 2020

The #Amavasya which falls in the month of #Shravana is known as #HariyaliAmavasya. This time it is falling on Monday i.e. 20 July, 2020 forming an unusual combination and making it doubly auspicious. Therefore, it is called as somavati Image
hariyali Amavasya. This day is sacred for taking dip in holy rivers and performing tarpan to your ancestors. People who have kaal sarp dosh and graham dosh in their natal #horoscope should perform puja today. Mondays of the Shravana month are very auspicious and performing

remedies even for #planets like #moon will give best results.

Astrologically, on this day moon will be in #Punarvasu nakshatra in #Gemini during morning and transit to cancer in Punarvasu 4th pada which is a pushkara navamsa pada. #Sun is placed in Pushya nakshatra, which
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