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Well, we know @FBIPortland is #DeepState now.

@TheJusticeDept time to fire & arrest @FBIPortland for either KNOWINGLY or WILLFULLY covering up CA, OR, & WA #AntifaFires.

EVIDENCE that the @FBIPortland obviously is too incompetent to find or WILLFULLY &/or KNOWINGLY blind to the arrests of arson by Antifa.
Arsonist arrested:
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CCSO Captain Jack Smith makes baseless claims of antifa carrying chainsaws and staging gas cans. No pictures/video, no descriptions of how they are identified as extremists, no fallen electrical lines, nothing confirmed but they know intent.Where do they get info....
...Bob West the sex offender that has only a picture of gas, but no location or how to find location. He rolls with hate Group, Patriot Prayer and has vendetta for antifa after they exposed him for his sex offense. Shares hate of antifa with now suspended cop Mark Nicolai
Cop Mark Nicolai now suspended. He used hand sign commonly used by hate groups, tweeted "hail Trump" and "gas them" when referring to violence on protesters and complained about media covering a story of peaceful protester being shot in the face. His social media is disabled now
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Q drop showing us that the west coast #Arson #Fires are clearly #AntifaFires #DomesticTerrorism NOT Natural Disasters from #ClimateChange & record temps.

I will post all the archived articles below👇
Jedediah Fulton 39 of Sutherlin

Firefighters arrived to an area northeast of Glide near McComas Creek & found a man armed with a machete, deputies said. The man wanted firefighters to give him a ride into Glide, threatening to set more fires if they didnt
Alberto Vincent Acosta’s
Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall has confirmed that the individual suspected of lighting six fires in Ukiah on August 12, 2020 has been arrested. According to the booking log, the suspect is named Alberto Vincent Acosta
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So the #Antifa boogeyman is now being blamed 4 wild fires across the country. Apparently George Soros is sending out Antifa to start forest fires. Of course this is completely not true & has been debunked by law enforcement & local officials. Here are two recent #disinfo examples ImageImage
Quick shout out to @ContextFall & @dragnetizen for sending these examples. On Facebook its even worse & an absolute sea of dumb. Also its good to know that the fake @ScarsdaleAntifa account, inciting violence & falsely claiming #AntifaFires is responsible is now suspended Image
#Antifa is the top trending hashtag in Colorado Springs at it was due to this tweet from a local pastor. Its interesting because it appears to be boosted by one of the #Mighty200 accounts @LeahR77. This is also an account that I believe President Trump has retweeted on occasion. Image
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Deleted tweet from ANTIFA about the fires.

Archived tweet:
9-10-20 ANTIFA: We and other chapters of Antifa around Oregon have collaborated to ignite fires around the state to draw attention to the #climateemergency. #antifafires #antifariots
Firestarter pictured in QCap Original Source Images
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The fake reports of antifa starting fires is bullshit. In reality we're putting them out, we're out here helping you chuds. Humble yourselves. Stop the checkpoints and the bullshit.
#WorkersUnite #AntifaFires #antifascist
#fucktrump #fuckbiden
I saw similar fear mongering when I fought the campfire in '18. Then you all said space lasers. Now you saw antifa is lighting fires. False claims that fuel significant tensions while police departments have issued statements that these claims are false.
The fear is real. Stop spreading rumors. #antifascistfirefighters are working hard and they are straight up worried about being homeless while doing their job. I too wonder if I'll be homeless this week.
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Hey #California, your mates from Oz here. We had fires like yours last summer. The right wing media, led by Rupert Murdoch, and their political supporters gaslit the nation into not blaming it on climate change. Here's what you can expect (THREAD 1/11): #californiafires2020
First, there will be lots of reports about how bad the fires are as straight news. But, as people see that this is climate science's predictions coming true, they will demand answers.

You can watch our documentary about the Australian case here: 2/11
Right wing politicians will say it's not caused by climate change because wildfires have happened before. 3/11
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With the far-right spreading ridiculous rumors about “ANTIFA” starting the forest fires, this might be a good time to reflect on rumors and disinformation as a tactic of disruption.

#Eugene #EugeneProtests #HolidayFarmFire #antifafires
The far-right is adept at weaponizing rumors and misinformation. Donald Trump is exemplary of this: he’s always just saying random shit that he himself may or may not believe is true, and that BS is reported as if it were fact by the right-wing media apparatus.
And of course his disciples and peers follow his lead, spinning conspiracy after conspiracy—from QAnon to “antifa wildfires”. Right-wingers then use this batshit info to craft their worldview, and orient themselves towards certain actions. In response, the centrist and left media
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BREAKING: @PuyallupPD arrested Jeffrey Acord in relation to the Arson along 167 hwy.

In 2014 during an ANTI-POLICE protest, Acord was charged with possession of a concealed weapon without permit, carrying a knife, and illegal possession of fireworks.…
Earlier in the day, Jeffrey Acord called in his own arson @PuyallupPD. He even filmed himself at the fires on Facebook livestream.

After questioning him, the Puyallup Police Department arrested him on suspicion that he started the fires. #AntifaFires #BidenFires
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DEWing it again to steal the land from owners, how does it feel with no oxygen out there!
Note the trees not burned!

@realDonaldTrump , say no emergency$, figure out who's playing the dang haarp, they will do anything to stop news of your employment gains ImageImageImageImage
Boy they want that railway! ImageImageImageImage
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