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On 28th Feb, i.e. today, Captain Shashi Kant Sharma, 12 JAK LI, Sena Medal (Posth) would've been celebrating his birthday with his near and dear ones.
Had he chosen the easy path, that is.
But a young Shashi, commissioned in the Armoured Corps, with no business being anywhere but the plains of Punjab / Rajasthan, volunteered for a stint at the world's highest battlefield, #SIACHEN.
Not satiated, even there he went on to volunteer to man the most difficult post, the Bana Post at nearly 22,000 feet.
This was in 1998, a time when Siachen was not just the world's highest battlefield, but also a highly active one.
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Martyred this day 67 yrs ago Image
The Hero of Batalik.
Fell in Kargil, leading from the front in days when info about enemy was still sketchy.
A real Tiger .. Image
Maj Sarvanan - Even after death, his body lay staking claim on land that was rightfully HIS, till it was recovered when own troops could finally reach where he did, 37 days later.
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We didn't know better then. As we celebrated cricket, Gen @P_Musharraf launched #Pak Army into #Kargil. Dec 18, 1999 Capt Nadeem & L/NK Laikjaan & others were sent on reconnaissance patrols. We gave Pak cricketers a standing ovation, Pak Army firmed up defences on Kargil heights
530 Indian families lost a son, a brother, a husband, a soldier in the #Kargil war. In the months preceding Kargil, #Lahore bus journey was hailed as a game changer that would herald an era of peace. Pak sent one team to Chepauk, another with Assault rifles & Arty guns to Kargil.
We could have been fooled then but now we have access to information even from #Pakistan. The architects of the plan Gen Musharraf, Lt Gen Mohd Aziz Khan (CGS), Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmed (X Corps Cdr) & executed by Maj Gen Javed Hasan, (FCNA) & Brig Nusrat Sial (62 Bde Cdr) #FactsFirst
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Martyrs of the CRPF - 16 May Image
Rakshaks from 7 Garhwal Rifles, who fell in the line of duty this day in 1996.
Still remembered .. Image
Maj Ashok Anand, Shaurya Chakra (P).
Fell fighting insurgents in Mizoram this day FIFTY FIVE years ago.
Still remembered ..
#LestWeForget Image
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08 May
Khalsa of Gobind.
Hung on for nearly two weeks before finally losing the battle to injuries sustained after getting trapped in an avalanche in the world's highest battlefield.
God bless his soul
30 years since these Himveers gave up their lives for the sake of the Motherland
Four full years since this young Kashmiri life was brutally ended .. Three full years ..
Let that sink in ..
Lt Ummer Fayaz, 2 RajRif Image
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Buddha stone carvings, Crosses, abandoned broken down stone hut mosques in remote valleys, supposedly ghosts guarding ‘kools’ water channels, & the ethereally surreal groaning of glacial moraines, the search for ‘salaget’under large boulders ...
Add to this hills like volcanoes of closed craters where an annual Zho or Yak is sacrificed to keep dormant!
And tales of goats lost to tigers!
The ‘Sia’ (rose) & meadows green with dandelion billowing in the wind!
The Shyok taking it’s toll in life to feed the Indus!
The Genie’s shalwar left to dry on the hill side across the Gilgit river
The panning for gold as the snows melt!
All part of the now forgotten romance of the north!
Lost to development in the name of progress; the slopes of the 8 thousanders covered in trash!
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So the near demilitarization of #Siachen some time in the first decade of this millennium is back in news!
Let me do my own bit by laying here some facts about the world's highest and the most challenging battlefield.
Here goes ..
Firstly, the battlefield is NOT Siachen. It is the Saltoro Ridge further to the West of the glacier.
This is a fact which needs to be put on record once and for all.
That said, the genesis of the conflict in #Siachen is worth studying.
Nitin Gokhale's book on the same is a good read.
In short, the Shimla Accord delineated the LoC till Point NJ 9842 and, assuming areas further North to be too inhospitable, left the issue by saying that ..
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To @BJP4India that resorts to white lies. Read this to clear your cobwebs.

1) Operation Meghdoot in 1984 under Indira Gandhi Ji established our sovereignty over #Siachen glacier

2 ) Siachen has been a part of our sovereign territory since then and will continue to be
3) The proposal to disengage in Siachen was floated in late 1980s. No question ever of ceding Indian territory.

4) Finally in 2006 UPA govt’s Cabinet Committee on Security decided not to negotiate with Pakistan on Siachen disengagement and ended this proposal
5) Obviosuly Cabinet Committee on Security acts in consultation with the National Security Advisor & the Army. That’s precisely why you have advisors.
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#IndianArmy SUPERB READINESS at Siachen, #GalwanValley & Daulat Beg Oldi. ROADS Built at such High Terrain have given INDIA AN UPPERHAND Over China. Thats why Chinesе are running scared like RАTS. Video explains how India has built its STRENGTH in the Area (1/n) #IndoChinaFaceoff
Importance of #Siachen Glacier & Daulat Beg Oldi
& the Darbuk–Shyok-DBO Road. The link road from this road has reduced travel time to #GalwanValley from 8hours to 35minutes!! #IndianArmy presence at these sites is giving the Chinеsе Rаts the jitters (2/n)
Tourism was promoted to Siachen & Daulat Beg Oldi. Construction of State of the Art MARVEL OF INDIAN ENGINEERING Darbuk–Shyok-DBO Road at SUCH DIFFICULT HIGH TERRAIN is of STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE in #GalwanValley (3/n) #IndoChinaFaceoff
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Folks, today is the 36th anniversary of the day when a bunch of intrepid Kumaoni soldiers set their feet on the Saltoro Ridge, effectively bringing the #Siachen Glacier under Indian Control.
In light of this, replugging some thoughts first tweeted some three yrs ago
Here goes..
So Sh Shyam Saran had written a book that had once again started a cacophony of opinions on demilitarization of #Siachen!
Let me do my own bit by laying here some facts about the world's highest and the most challenging battlefield.
Firstly, the battlefield is NOT Siachen. It is the Saltoro Ridge further to the West of the glacier.
This is a fact which needs to be put on record once and for all.
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HC GM Khan, 9th Bn CRPF
Martyred in Anantnag 16 yrs ago
25 yrs since this Khalsa of Gobind fell, fighting in the lands brought back into the folds of the Motherland by his forefathers.
NEVER forgotten
In memory of the 16 men lost to avalanches in Sonmarg and Gurez this day in 2012.
God Bless them
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#Thread @adgpi Chief Gen MM Naravane outlines vision as Chief. Advocates ABC: Allegiance, Belief and Consolidation. “We swear our allegiance to the constitution of India... As in the preamble Justice, equality and fraternity. That is what we are fighting for.
Gen Naravane: Belief in ourself, our organisation. Our superiors and subordinates.. We will not fall prey to vile rumors and innuendos. Belief is what will keep us strong.

Consolidation leads to continuity... Somewhere along the way there will be midcourse correction. #ArmyDay
Gen Naravane on #Siachen: Siachen is very important to us. That is one area which faces the Western and Northern front.

We should not lose sight that its one place where collusivity can happen. So we should keep control
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#AJK #GilgitBaltistan #Kashmir

Story of 90 Years imprisonment
Name: Iftikhar Husain Karbalai
For the people who wave their flag:

You don't want to look that does not mean we are in heaven.
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Close to two years since I wrote this thread after Shyam Saran's book.
Replugging it in light of the anniversary of perhaps the most special of all ops in #Siachen.
Not that the ops others were any less, but Operation Rajiv has its own place in military history.
Here goes ..
So Sh Shyam Saran has written a book that has again started a cacophony of opinions on demilitarization of #Siachen!
Sharing some thoughts on this.
Firstly, the battlefield is NOT Siachen. It is the Saltoro Ridge further to the West of the glacier.
This is a fact which needs to be put on record.
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#Salute to our men in uniform #ServingOurNation🇮🇳 of the #IndianArmy who in an unprecedented feat, successfully repaired an advanced light helicopter Dhruv at its crash site at 18,000 ft at #Siachen glacier and flew it back to the Siachen base camp
The helicopter of 203 Army Aviation was on an air maintenance sortie in January 2018 when it developed a snag and had to be landed in the snow. It subsequently fell sideways due to overnight snow.
In July, a squadron was dispatched from Khanda on a 15-day journey to repair the helicopter. Under extreme climate ranging between -25 to -30 degree Celsius, the team started working on the helicopter under various physical and technical difficulties.
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