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In the recent past over #Bakistan SM and Media you will see numerous bytes on civilian injuries and death on #LOC .

But they won't tell before and after part of that frame and the sinister design of #Bakistan & it's Fauj .
It starts from here.

A New Beginning AKA  Azm-e-Nau .

Wherever their govt may say and their fauj may say, they know they can never dream of winning a Open war against India and #IndianArmy , due to obvious reasons.

So with the bloom of internet they focused on #InfoOps .
That's the past and you will find tons of articles on it.
Since 2015 , the border skrimish on #LOC continues and so is #Disinfomation plan of #Bakistan.
They have not left a chance to fool own population and that of #Kashmir .
Be it Surgical strike , #Balakot or any elections in India.
And ofcourse fooling citizens about its fauj.
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With 26 top terrorist commanders killed in 7 months, there are less than 200 active #Terrorists in Kashmir with 50 active in North #Kashmir. Terrorists are shifting focus to North Kashmir but they are in for a “Grand Welcome” here by the #IndianArmy.

A #thread
#Terrorism in North #Kashmir in the past few year has waned off due to the relentless anti-terrorist operations by the #Army coupled with its initiatives to reach out to the people through its numerous goodwill activities,..
..thereby gaining the support & trust of the locals. That is why you’ll find the majority of the terrorists active in North Kashmir are #Pakistan #terrorists, with local recruitment at its lowest.
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India has taken a large part of #Kailash mountain ranges on the night of 29-30th August during pre-emptive action along LAC, yes part of holy Kailash Mansarovar
Kailash ranges stretch from holy Mount Kailash in Tibet till south of Pangong Tso lake including Rechin La, Mukhpari, Gurung Hills & Magar hills about 450 kms
So roughly 60-70kms of this Kailash Ranges is now control by #IndianArmy ie RechinLa, Mukhpari, Magar & Gurung Hills upto Hainan coast on Pangong Tso lake, which were taken under control on 29-30th August
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1/n Thread Operation Polo
Starting a thread today about the 'police action' by the Indian Armed Forces in Sept 1948. Will add tweets every day.
The Razakars are running riot in Hyderabad. Multiple skirmishes've already taken place between the Hyderabad Forces and the Indian Army. Image
2/n Thread Op Polo
12 September
The last in a series of telegrams between HE The Governor-General Chakravarti Rajagopalachari to HEH The Nizam is sent by the Gov-Gen. ImageImage
3/n Thread Op Polo
“..Your govt has not been able to deal with either the Razakars or the Communists, whoever it may be that is causing trouble at a given place & time, and the Govt of India cant any longer be silent spectators, just maintaining a position at the border..”
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The NCB makes it clear that the Modi -Nitish Kumar talisman for the Bihar elections, Sushant Singh Rajput, was a drug addict and schizophrenic, and his entire household and inner circle around him was geared to keep him supplied
with the narcotics and medications he required to keep him afloat in a blue haze. He paid for it with his cash, and ultimately with his life.

The people of Bihar are being misled by a CM who has done NOTHING for his people during his long tenure. The only immediate medicine for
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#IndianArmy going the extra mile to extend a helping to people of Jammu & #Kashmir: A #Thread

In addition to carrying out relentless Anit-#Terrorists operations the armed forces can always be seen going out of their way to helps the needful people in #Kashmir
(1/36) ImageImage
#IndianArmy Operation Sadbhavana in Jammu & #Kashmir encompasses improving the overall core social indices through quality education, women and youth #empowerment, infrastructure #development & #health and veterinary Care.
(2/36) ImageImageImageImage
#IndianArmy over the years has established 43 #Army Goodwill Schools & rendered assistance to number of State Government run schools in remote areas through renovation, construction of additional class rooms..
(3/36) ImageImage
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Time to be highly Alert :
If Chinese Army came with Spears and sticks, it's not because it doesn't have rifles, it's because it wanted to. This is the same Army which has one the most sophisticated arsenal in the world. Yesterday stunt, IMO:
1. Guage India's defences, locations..
..reaction time etc. Most importantly, how far they let the enemy come before they take action. Getting IA to fire, was a great achievement on part of Chinese.
2. PR exercise. Since yesterday Chinese media is busy propagating how it was just patrolling the area and Indian ...
..forces fired upon them. The image is soldiers without rifles helps their case.
3. Reaction from county. China very minutely judges Indian media and public’s response to any action. It’s media immediately catches on to things it can exploit to start anti gov propaganda ...
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On #DefenceDay some people who seem to have recently awoken to the miracle of reading - have discovered that they can go to Wikipedia, quote Indian/self-selected sources on events of #Kashmir War of 1965 - push a supposed "alternative" narrative and look k3wl.
However, fact remains that on Sept 06 - The overwhelming might of the #IndianArmy crossed the international border against Lahore Sialkot, Gujranwala and Kasur and struck hard. On all these fronts, #PakistanArmy stopped all Indian offensives.
It doesn't matter why the #IndianArmy crossed the international border. We don't celebrate the reasons the Indians crossed the border. On #DefenceDay we celebrate the brave resistance that outnumbered, out-gunned and surprised #Pakistani defenders put.
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A must read thread on @majorgauravarya I've received from an #IndianArmy Veteran:-

1. Gurav Arya was commissioned in March 1994 in the Indian Army and joined his unit in April 1994.He was medically boarded out from Service in early 1999 therefore served in the Indian Army for
four and a half years.

2. During 1996, barely with two years of service he became a casualty in an avalanche in the Sugar Sector on the Chinese border after which his medical category was downgraded to Category CEE. Excluding the time spent on training and in Hospital he has a
ground service of less than two years only !!!!!! Does it take this much of time to become an expert on defense matters, that too Strategy?? NO SIR !!! He assumed the temporary rank of a Major after he was struck off duty,i.e,He never wore the rank of a major because promotion
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Acute shortage on weapons with #terrorists in #Kashmir. A #Thread

Terror tanzeems in Kashmir are short on weaponry, they don't have any arms reserve to give weapons to the new recruits, thus in recent attacks there is a desperation to snatch weapons from forces personnel.
The recent Pantha Chowk incident on 29 Aug, was a shoot and run attempt, the intent of the bike-borne #terrorists were to cause casualty and take away weapons, but they failed miserably with all three terrorists being gunned down.
Another instance was seen in #Handwara attack on #CRPF party, one AK-47 rifle was taken away, however, swift counter ops ensured #terrorists who carried out this attack were killed and weapon snatched away from a CRPF jawan was also recovered.
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Pushing for #AatmanirbharBharat in his recent #MannKiBaat, PM Narendra Modi championed the indigenous dogs of India, urging citizens to bring home our swadeshi breeds.

Follow the thread to know about some of the lesser known dog breeds native to India.
Take a look at some of the lesser known dog breeds native to India and their place of origin.
The Mudhol Hound, is the first Indian dog to be drafted into the #IndianArmy.

Follow the thread to know about some of the lesser known dog breeds native to India.
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Breaking: #IndianArmy reaches dominating heights at Finger 4 facing #Chinese in Pangong Tso

Specialised Indian Army units managed to “reach dominating heights” on the ridgelines along Finger 4 of Pangong Tso & established posts opposite the Chinese ones👍…
The move by India, in Southern & Northern banks of Pangong Lake, comes after talks with #China reached a stalemate with PLA refusing to budge from its positions.
The development comes at a time when another set of specialised units of the Army has captured strategic heights in the Southern Bank as part of precautionary deployment on its own side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), taking the Chinese by surprise.
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A #Tibetan Soldier in #IndianArmy Killed by #Chinese forces on Saturday night

Tibetan born Nyima Tenzin with rank of Company leader in Indian army was killed by a gunshot in the neck while on patrol duty. Another one of Tibetan origin was wounded

Both men were from the 7th battalion of the Special Frontier Force (SFF), also known as Establishment 22, which is a unit made up of Tibetans under the Indian army.

Within the Indian army the Tibetan unit is known as the “Vikas battalion”, added the report.
Major news agencies reported that Indian soldiers thwarted an attempt by Chinese soldiers to occupy some heights near the southern bank of Pang Gong Tso on Saturday night.
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#IndianArmy bust multiple hideouts along the LOC. Extensive search was launched after suspicious movement from a village close to LOC. After 7 hours search, a huge cache of arms & ammunition were recovered from well concealed locations in two hideouts in #Rampur Sector. #BREAKING
The cache of arms recovered comprises of Five AK Series Rifles (along with six magazines & two sealed boxes with 1254 rounds of AK ammunition), Six pistols (with nine magazines & six rounds), Twenty-one grenades, two UBGL grenades and two Kenwood Radio sets with one antenna.
The plan was to drop warlike stores in caches near the LOC so that OGWs/ terrorists would pick the same for further transportation into the hinterland for terror activities. It shows desperate attempts by Pak based terror groups to infiltrate weapons into Jammu & #Kashmir.
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So Sunday Special , here is the thread one of our friends asked for.
Current and near future helicopters of Indian Armed Forces.
#IndianArmy #IAF #IndianNavy
Pic courtesies to their owners

ALH Dhruv
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1/n- In a 15-hour rescue operation, a 16-member team of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel walked over 45 km carrying an injured woman on a stretcher from a remote, mountainous location near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on the border;
2/n; According to an ITBP official, the control room Friday morning received information that 26-year-old Rekha Devi, a resident of Lapsa village near the China border, was in need of urgent medical assistance after she fell from a hillside;
3/n-The woman had fallen from a hillside and suffered injuries on her legs on August 20, but she could not be rescued for two days as a helicopter could not land in the area, an ITBP spokesperson told PTI;
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#China has given 12.7 lakh Nepalese rupees to a #Kathmandu-based NGO to carry out a study on what motivates #Gorkha community members to join the #IndianArmy.
Sources said that in the first week of June, #China's Ambassador to #Nepal, #HouYanqi (@PRCAmbNepal), funded a Nepalese NGO -- China Study Centre (CSC) -- to conduct a study on Nepalis being recruited in the #Gorkha regiments of the #IndianArmy.
A fund of 12.7 lakh #Nepalese rupees has been allocated by the #Chinese Embassy for this task, said the source.

@PRCAmbNepal #Nepal #China

Photo: IANS (File)
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Sharing this thanks to @BaliHarinder sir. He received it as a forward from his friend who serves the #IndianArmy as a brigadier.
This needs to be read by every Indian to value the sacrifices of every soldier just to keep us safe.

"The average age of the Army Man is 23 yrs. 1/
He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy.

Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer in the capital of his country, but old enough to die for his country.
He's a recent school or college graduate; he was probably an average student from one of the Kendriya Vidyalayas, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a rickety bicycle, & had a girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left for IMA, or 3/
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A year after the abrogation of #Article370, official data accessed exclusively by IANS reveals that the sharp edges of the stones have not only been blunted in Anchar, the epicentre of #Pakistan's war against India in 2019, but in the rest of the #valley too.

The data reveals that civilian casualties due to #stonepelting incidents & the subsequent clashes with #securityforces in 2019,were 94% less than the number in 2016. Similarly, the injured due to stone-pelting incidents were down by 70% in 2019 compared to 2016.

As per the data, the killings in #stonepelting incidents during the nine month period last year came down by 62 per cent compared to the corresponding period in 2018.

#JammuAndKashmir #securityforces #IndianArmy
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As promised, here's the confirmed names of Pakistan Military Fatalities for the year 2020 by me & @ronsekl!

276 names found so far with >80% of the names never revealed by ISPR, but the actual fatality figure is >350 as it's impossible to find every names.

List 1 👇🏻
The 2nd list of confirmed Pak Military Casualties for the year 2020.
The 3rd list of confirmed Pak Military Casualties for the year 2020.
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Today is the 21st #KargilVijayDiwas, India's victory day in the Kargil War of 1999. We'll talk about a few names who will never be forgotten: Captain Saurabh Kalia, Captain Haneefuddin and Lt. Vijayant Thapar. (1/21)
Captain Saurabh, 'Naughty' to his family, loved to cook.He wasn't exactly an early riser. His mother, afraid that her son would get hazed in the IMA, got him an alarm clock! (2/21)
When he returned home from the #IMA he had become so thin that his friends joked, ‘Faujiyon ne toh alu chheel diya! (the Army has peeled our potato!)’. (3/21)
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21 years ago, #IndianArmy did what no other army could dream of and won #KargilWar against all odds

But the bravest have not got justice. Dr N.K.Kalia has worked tirelessly to get justice for his son Capt Saurabh Kalia. For 22 days, Captain Kalia...


and his 5 veer Jats were tortured by Pakistani army: teeth and bones shattered, eardrums burst with iron rods, puncturing eyes before removal, cutting off of lips, private organs and limbs. But they did not give any information

Never forgive, underestimate the barbarians

But saddest part is the Indian Government has not been able to give justice to these mahavirs. None of them have been given gallantry awards despite such bravery under torture

Successive governments have not taken Pak to task. Dr NK Kalia has been fighting a lonely battle

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PDP-Mehbooba Mufti. A #Thread

The latest remarks by PDP claiming to fight #abrogation of #Article370 comes to no surprise. The party helmed by Ms Mehbooba #Mufti has a long history of peddling controversies in #Kashmir to gain political traction
(1/19) Image
#PDP was founded in 1998 Late #Mufti Mohammed Sayeed. Interestingly he was the state's Home Minister when the fateful abduction of Rubaiya Sayeed(his daughter)took place in 1989. Many believes this was the turning point in #Kashmir's history which propelled it into chaos
(2/19) Image
PDP Government’s blunders in #BhuranWani incident in 2016 saw a massive breakdown of governance in the history #Kashmir second only to 1989’s unrest.
It marked the revival of #Separatism & #terrorism, which had remarkably waned in the whole of Kashmir, between..
(3/19) Image
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Undertook a rudimentary analysis on the light #tank requirement basis data from the #IndianArmy RFI released in 2009.
Turns out the K21-105 & K21-120 tick more boxes than the Sprut SDM1 .
Moreover the K21 could be built at the @larsentoubro factory at #Hazira #Gujarat .
Did not consider Harimau due to Turkish content .
Similarly did not consider US MPF program vehicles as they're still in development.
Anders & CV90/120 due to 30+T weight restrictions .
That said the US MPF program offers two intriguing light tanks with the @BAESystemsInc M8 BUFORD & @GD_LandSystems Griffin 2.
Adding our numbers to the US requirement a run of 800 vehicles can be achieved reducing cost for both. BufordBufordGriffin 2Griffin 2
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