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The #Cambrian Explosion marks the first appearance of many animal phyla in the #fossil record, but just how radical was it? I'm starting a new #FossilFriday thread where I post Cambrian fossil representatives of one phylum per week. Join me on this trek across the tree of life Image
Let's begin with #Annelida. In the #Cambrian these come mainly from deposits of exceptional preservation. Polychaetes and sipunculids, including species with potential affinities to living families, are represented.
#FossilFriday ImageImageImageImage
Image references:
Canadia - Parry & Caron 2019
Dannychaeta - Parry et al. 2020
Kootenayscolex - Nanglu & Caron 2018
Archaeogolfingia and Cambrosipunculus - Huang et al. 2004
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1/… Sorry for disturbing you buddy! We’ll leave you alone now! πŸ˜‚

A thread about spiders. 🧡

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#wildlife #spider #nature #AustraliaΒ  #animals MT @jodirowley

2. When male jumping spiders flirt with females, they risk losing their lives.

This is a mating dance, but she is not interested and he escapes with his life, because often females will eat their lover after sex.


πŸ“Ή: EstradaWildPhotography


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🧡thread continues with more spider videos πŸ•·
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#WBTC2 #Land1 Do you 🀀 when you think about 🍫? Yes! But did you know that 70% of 🍫 comes from Africa and that πŸͺ² #pests can cause losses of > 400,000€ million annually? 😱 #Nature can be the solution to this πŸ‘‰ so far we found the main 🍫 pest in 18 πŸ¦‡ & 🐦 species! πŸ˜‹
#WBTC2 #Land1 But does this #pest consumption have a significant effect on pest populations? To find out we decided to do an exclusion experiment to quantify πŸ¦‡&🐦 effect on #cacao production πŸ€” For 12 months we counted everything in 16 full tree exclosures and 16 controls 🧐
#WBTC2 #Land1 We found out that πŸ¦‡&🐦 are suppressing almost all #arthropods groups! They do an #ecosystemservice by reducing
phytophagous πŸͺ³(like Hemiptera and Mealybug pests), but on the other hand they do a disservice by reducing predatory πŸ•·οΈ and potencial pollinators πŸͺ°πŸŒΌ
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#Fieldwork Friday! Went out with ugrad to scout potential blue spotted #salamander habitat.

Ponds are thawing, but still a good bit of ice & snow in central MN. ImageImageImage
No #frogs calling yet, and much of ground still frozen. But it feels close! #Arthropods like beetles & spiders are out and about. And saw my first live & dead Ring-necked pheasants!

Guessing this one was farmed? Image
@FieldEcology - maybe calling & activity by next week? Listened hard but no chorus or wood frogs, or peepers at these ponds or those we passed while driving.

Our plan is to keep having #FieldworkFriday , will keep you posted!

(I may be sneaking out more frequently, tooπŸ™ƒ)
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A little less than 1 hour until #ArthropodsGotTalent

19 students submitted their candidate species or groups, with the biggest category being interesting #behaviors (9/19)

I think some students are trying to play up the audience for votes w/references to popular films🀣 Image
Winning #arthropods will be posted after #zoology class!πŸ†πŸ…
And the winners of #ArthropodsGotTalent Spring 16 are:
1) For coolest antipreatory defense - the bomberdier #beetle !
2) For best parasite - the tongue eating louse!
3) For behavior - the Pacific cleaner #shrimp ! (Called it!🀣)
4) For coolest predator - the tiger beetle!
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