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The findings show an absence of a systematic and coordinated plot to take over these schools and an absence of any concerted and deliberate plot to promote radicalisation and violent extremism of Muslim children in these schools or elsewhere

language used to talk about the issues of “radicalisation” & “extremism” is itself the subject of considerable debate (Kundnani 2012; Lynch 2013). There is also a difficulty in understanding fully these issues cos there is a lack of an objective or universally accepted definition
As soon as the media took hold of the allegations, there was huge publicity about the promotion of extremism, radicalisation & terrorism.
At the time, the press also expressed many irrational anxieties about these Muslim majority schools (Arthur 2015). Even though, from the
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Fundamental #BritishValues & #Democracy the Vision

Versus the Reality

#Embedding #Prevent-laced No Outsiders, #QueerTheory project
to #deradicalise potential #radicals & #homophobes from #nursery in Birmingham
#DfE declared..#Social, #Moral, #Spiritual & #Cultural..purposes maintained thru promoting #FBV

Translated in Birmingham as
#QueerValues to deradicalise
embedding #StonewallLaw
that erases tolerance, freedom of thought/religion/speech/ belief &
#threatens #democracy
#Prevent-laced No Outsiders, ideological marriage made in heaven to target the Muslamic Radicals embedded in nursery kids,
the epicentre school is reborn after the scandal & the 'enemy within' removed

& in 2019 the 'enemy at the gates' returns EX-EHRC CHAIR 's programme title
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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Let's be clear about #BritishValues: They are the values of a moral-supremacist elite, who dominate British institutions (incl. Parliament, the BBC & academia), much as the medieval church once dominated all European institutions.
The core ideology of these moral supremacists, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology, is that of #PostRacial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.

It's an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.
It's an ideology that is destroying Western Civilisation. Either we put an end to this madness, or it will put an end to us.
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Wise words from #DavidAttenborough, but he still belongs to a generation, & to an establishment & academic class that has failed humanity.

Despite being an evolutionary biologist, he failed to understand evolved human nature & how it is perverted by civilisation itself.
I'm sure David must have read, #EFSchumacher's #Small_is_Beautiful (1973), which makes clear that mainstream #BritishValues are inherently unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth, but I've never heard him say this.
#DavidAttenborough, like all academics, fails to recognise how civilisation corrupts evolved human nature, because it works very much to his own personal advantage.

Understanding this requires an evo-sociobiological perspective, which most academics refuse to embrace.
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Two preeminent #BritishValues are responsible for the fast approaching demise of Western civilisation:

1) The love of money.

2) Contempt for kinship.

These two values are related & reflect the way in which evolved human nature & behaviour are corrupted by power.
Money is power in its most versatile form, which has been corrupting human societies ever since it was first invented millennia ago.

Todays multi million & billionaires (most of whom are White) exist at the expense of society at large & its fast approaching demise.
No self-respecting multi million or billionaire wants to hear this, of course, & thus doesn't :

🎶A man hears what he wants
to hear & disregards the rest🎶

Paul Simon, The Boxer.
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#BritishValues pose an existential threat to the survival of Western civilisation, which Britain itself has contributed so much to.

This seems contradictory, but is not.

The forces which give rise to a civilisation ultimately also destroy it.
This is what British values are now doing: destroying the civilisation they gave rise to.

It happened to ancient Greece, to ancient Rome & to every other civilisation that has arisen, flourished & fallen.
It is no coincidence that most of the world's richest people are White, while at the same time, their own race is declining & will soon "achieve" minority status in countries where it was, until very recently, the overwhelming & dominant majority, if not also indigenous.
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The inspiration for both nationalism & socialism is deeply rooted in evolved human nature & tribalism, which the Nazis manipulated & abused for their own evil purposes.

In overreaction to this abuse, western academics demonised human tribalism itself, which was a huge mistake.
Tribalism is as essential to being human as is our sexuality, which most of us are able to control in a civilised fashion, without the need for state intervention.

It is by demonising human tribalism that the state is able to manipulate & control it, along with society itself.
This is how #BigBrother operates in liberal democracies, like Britain & America, while tricking us into loving him by deceitfully posing as our nation. The Nazis proved very useful in this regard:
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How is the ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which now dominates Britain, America & the West, to be explained?

First & foremost by the very nature of the state itself, which, by deceitfully posing as our nation, tricks us into loving #BigBrother.
Then there is the pathological overreaction to the evils of Nazism (esp. on the part of traumatised Jews), which #BigBro weaponised as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.
The self-exploitative nature of the state also makes it ultimately self-destructive. This is why ancient Greece & Rome, & every other civilisation, after reaching their zenith, declined & fell.

There is nothing more self-destructive than to deny & despise one's own race.
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#DavidAaronovitch has denounced me (& no doubt others) as a RACIST for non-compliance with #BritishValues in regard to Race, National Identity & Nationhood, which presume to stipulate how one should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, national identity & nationhood.
David isn't just anyone, but a prominent member of the British media establishment, working for @thetimes & the BBC. He is closely associated with @IndexCensorship & has been awarded the #OrwellPrize, no less. And yet he defends & supports such Orwellian values as cited above.
What motivated me to broach these taboo issues with David personally were his liberal values & good sense which I had observed in his journalism. One could surely discuss them with him, I thought. But I was wrong. No discussion was possible.
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By @FrPinillos
Guterrez Secretary General of the UN affirms that by decision of the majority of the UN Assembly & its Security Council can only recognize Nicolás Maduro as legitimate president of Venezuela
How should be
📢📢Video Extremely important📹. ‼️I advise everyone to watch this video‼️.🧐
👉🏼It explains very well the attempted coup in Venezuela by the US do not start now, it started a few years ago👈🏼😲😠😡🤬
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