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Lighting diyas or candles or even your phone is a symbolic invocation of the therapeutic potential of light.

Agni comes from 'AgrEnayati iti agni' - that which pushes us upward (or forward). Sri Aurobindo says that Agni represents the willpower in humans.*

Our collective will to remain positive, to be in this together, shall help the ones fighting COVID19 on the forefront, fight better.

*From a wonderful talk on the Psycho-spiritual Interpretation of the Vedas by Dr. Anuradha Choudry
Discovery of fire changed the course of human history. Human civilisation advanced. Fire is worshipped across cultures as a medium of purging, cleansing and ascension. It is a separated form of the Sun which is the source of life on Earth.
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Hon’ble Prime Minister has appealed to the people to voluntarily switch off their lights between 9:00 pm to 9:09 pm on the 5th of April. #IndiaFightsCorona
Some apprehensions have been expressed that this may cause instability in the grid and fluctuation in voltage which may harm the electrical appliances. These apprehensions are misplaced. #PoweringIndia
The Indian electricity grid is robust, stable and adequate arrangements and protocols are in place to handle the variation in demand. #PoweringIndia #IndiaFightsCorona
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Never thought the pandemic will bring up any questions for energy engineers. But when #energy minister of a state raises concerns, they should not be brushed aside. 1/n #IndiaFightsCorona
Every evening as all of us switch on lights, total load on the grid increases by about 17GW over about an hour. This is a jump of ~15% compared to average load. 2/n #IndiaFightsCorona
Thus, it would be realistic to expect a sudden drop of up to 10% on evening of 5th as we follow the words of @narendramodi. The rate of change will be much more than usual 3/n #IndiaFightsCorona
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I am writing this tweet thread to show all of you the seriousness of COVID19 and how our governments are putting everything they have to fight this disease.

Please take me seriously.

I am currently living in a containment area.

#COVID19 #IndiaFightsCorona

If you understand what a containment area is, it is an area that has been sealed (all entry and exits are banned) because there were cases discovered in this neighborhood. There was one case as on day before but today we have 8 cases (all in the same house).

We have to call the @bmcbbsr helpline 1929 for any kind of groceries, milk and other essentials. The health workers have come and taken our details and are surveying every house to get details of everyone living in this area.

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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
A welcome turn in the growth rate for India. Let’s hope the trend continues. #StayHomeIndia
Too early to say anything, but yesterday brought some much needed relief for #IndiaFightsCorona 🤞
The Compound daily growth rate of confirmed cases has steadied at 13.05%. We are introducing a new statistic for improved understanding of #Covid19India trends - 5day moving average of new confirmed cases - and it shows a welcome flattening. Too early but I love that red dot!
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#Bharat specific problems.
A friend runs a hospital in a town in Maharashtra.
His staff is on WhatsApp all the time, receiving "news" (essentially rumors) from district.

New patient entering OPD, hospital is questioned by staff even before making case paper.
Nothing unusual there as people in India make deep inquiries even with strangers.

Now the tragedy starts,

When patient is from a village or area from where (according to WhatsApp gossip) a CoVID19 patient was detected/ taken into isolation, staff pressurizes him to "avoid"
seeing/treating/admitting that patient.

Frustrated with this behavior of anxiety driven hyper vigilance and pressure on doctor, my friend finally called a team meeting to discuss this and reduce their anxiety.
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My first Tweetstorm

(1/9) We collated data of Samples Tested & Confirmed Infections from ICMR website

The results are striking

Infection Rate went from 1.17% to 6.09% from 18 Mar - Apr 3

Full Article:…

(2/9) India is currently only testing people eligible under current ICMR testing guidelines. The above data is only relevant to those tested under current ICMR testing guidelines & can't be generalized to the general public.
(3/9) To understand the True Infection Rate of COVID-19, we need to test people at random without any testing guidelines. This is currently infeasible given the shortage of kits.
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It is with heavy heart we had to announce postponement of annual Brahmotsavams of Lord Chilkur Balaji. We pray to Lord Chilkur Balaji that we can conduct His utsavam at very earliest after defeating #coronavirus with divine help #IndiaFightsCorona battle.…
The message frm Ramayana is that our Hindu Deities who incarnate for our protection are still bound by Dharma to follow Rules. It is highlighted in yesterday's Ramayana episode in @DDNational how Lord Shri Rama had to keep the word given by Shri Dasaratha and continue vanavasa.
Kanchi Paramacharya in his independence day message
"luckily Chakra of Bhagawan who is embodiment of dharma has its place in the centre of our National Flag "
He ensured thru Art 26 insertion that our Constitution recognizes times immemorial right of Hindu Deities to protect us
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If this hypothesis about BCG vaccination leading to reduced susceptibility to #Covid19 proves right, i am giving myself a special pat on the back.

A real story in Thread.
Year 2006. I was working as doctor with NHS at a hospital in West Sussex in England. My younger daughter was born late in the evening (normal delivery) and She was about to be discharged in the morning.
I asked for BCG vaccination. In India it is given to all new borns before discharge from hospital.

I was told, whats the hurry. She can get it anytime in next 6 months.
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In our country, social organisations have a very important role in ensuring positive changes in society. Today I interacted with leading social welfare organisations on ways to fight COVID-19.…
Social organisations are embodiments of compassion. They have a deep-rooted connect with people and they are at the forefront of service. Their role is very important in times such as these, when we are battling the menace of COVID-19. #IndiaFightsCorona
Representatives from social organisations spoke at length about how they are working to fight Coronavirus. They are spreading awareness, emphasising on social distancing, feeding the poor and more. Their proactive efforts are laudable. #IndiaFightsCorona
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#CoronaVirusUpdates :
3.34 lakh PPE coveralls are available with hospitals in the country. Another 3 lakh donated coveralls being received from abroad by 4th April.
@PMOIndia @NITIAayog @drharshvardhan @FordaIndia @nppa_india @AIIMSRDA @IMAIndiaOrg @Pharmadept
11 domestic producers of #PPE PPE coveralls have qualified so far and orders for 21 lakh have been placed on them. They are supplying 6-7,000 pieces per day and are expected to go up to 15,000 per day by mid-April.
.....One more domestic manufacturer has qualified today and is being given orders for 5 lakh #PPE coveralls.

@PMOIndia @NITIAayog @drharshvardhan @FordaIndia @nppa_india @AIIMSRDA @IMAIndiaOrg @Pharmadept @TexMinIndia
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ఊరికే పుట్టలేదు మన #తెలుగుసామెతలు :---
1. వినాశకాలే విపరీతబుద్ది అన్నట్లు
చైనా చేసిన పాడుపనికి కరోనా పుట్టింది !
2. తను తీసుకున్న గోతిలో తానే పడింది !
3. అందుకే అంటారు. చెడపకురా చెడేవు అని !
4. ఆవలింతకు అన్న ఉన్నాడు గానీ,
తుమ్ముకు తమ్ముడు లేడనుకుంది ఇటలీ !
చైనా వాళ్ళతో హగ్గులు, పెగ్గులూ పంచుకుంది !
5. మన దీపమని ముద్దాడితే మూతి కాలినట్టు
ఇటలీ కంటుకుంది కరోనా !
6.ఇంతింతై, వటుడింతై అన్నట్లు విజృంభించింది కరోనా!
7. చేతులు కాలాక ఆకులు పట్టుకుని ఏమి లాభం?
8.తూర్పు తిరిగి దణ్ణం పెట్టమని వదిలేసింది ప్రస్తుతం!
9. ఎంకి పెళ్లి సుబ్బి చావు కొచ్చినట్లు అన్ని దేశాలకు పాకింది కరోనా!
10.తగువెలా వస్తుందిరా జంగమ దేవరా అంటే
బిచ్చం పెట్టవే బొచ్చు మొహం దానా అన్నట్టు
అమెరికా చైనాను నిందించడం మొదలు పెట్టింది !
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Most deaths are in the elderly #Covid_19 infected who are having comorbidities.
Most infected are having mild to moderate symptoms.
Are we seeing a different trajectory in India which most modes have never assumed? #Covid_19india #IndiaFightsCorona 1 of n
In the immediate term, proportion of people among the already infected requiring mechanical ventilation in India can be a useful input for preparing for the surge in cases, if any . A best case scenario in prioritizing to save many lives 2 of n
The proportion of people among the infected (with moderate symptoms) requiring supportive measures & specialized care can inform the number of hospital beds we require in tertiary care centres. These are mostly with intensive care on call if needed. 3 of n
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The Financial Services Secretary @DebasishPanda87, and Madnesh Kumar Mishra and Suchindra Mishra, both of whom are Joint Secretaries in @DFS_India, were also present during the calls. #IndiaFightsCorona
During the call, the banks raised specific problems and were heard in detail. Solutions to these issues are being found through coordination with State Governments and all the problems are being addressed. #IndiaFightsCorona
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So @poonamjourno & @TheQuint are at it again.

Spreading lies aimed at creating fear of Community transmission in India. Quint takes Interview of an engineer with a PHD degree & presents it as as views of some expert. #IndiaFightsCorona 1/n…
Dr Girdhar Gyani is a Quality Engineer who later obtained a PHd degree. He is neither a medical practitioner nor epidemiologist. @TheQuint calls him 'Head of Hospital Task Force against Covid19' to mislead people. The national task force as notified by GOI is also given below 2/n
Dr Gyani has clearly denied what has been attributed to him in this article by @poonamjourno in @TheQuint. He calls it a misleading article where statement given in some different context has been used to create panic.
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मूर्खाधिपतियों को चैन नहीं है। पहले पूछ रहे थे कि मोदी कुछ कर क्यों नहीं रहा? अब बोल रहे हैं कि 21 दिन बहुत ज्यादा होते हैं। अब मैं बताता हूँ कि जब सरकार तेज़ी से एक्शन लेने में लगी थी और तुम्हें मीडिया ने कुछ बताया तक भी नहीं था,...Thread 1/20

#ChineseVirus19 #ReliefPackage
तब तुम्हारे नेता क्या कर रहे थे। वो 30 दिसंबर 2019 का दिन था जब चीन ने 'एक प्रकार के न्यूमोनिया' की बात स्वीकार की और 7 जनवरी 2020 को WHO को कोरोना के बारे में बताया। भारत सरकार कब एक्टिव हुई, इसका आपको आईडिया भी है? ठीक इसके अगले दिन।


#Lockdown21 #CoronaVillains
ठीक इसके अगले दिन। 8 जनवरी को स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय की 'टेक्निकल एक्सपर्ट ग्रुप' की बैठक में मंथन हुआ।

भारत में कोरोना वायरस का पहला मामला ही 30 जनवरी को आया। यानी सरकार उसके 3 हफ्ते पहले से इस बारे में एक्शन लेने लगी थी।...

#Lockdown21 #ChineseVirus19
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Breaking News from CNN !

China's Hero Doctor who was punished for telling the truth about #coronavirus and later died due to the same disease....
had documented casefiles for research purposes and had in the casefiles proposed a cure that would significantly decrease the impact of the COVID - 19 Virus on the human body.

Read on...
The chemical *Methylxanthine*, *Theobromine* and *Theophylline* stimulate compounds that can ward off these virus in a human with atleast an average immune system. Whats more shocking is that these complex words that were so difficult for people in China to understand.
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8-point economic relief announced by FM @nsitharaman:

Income Tax compliance
GST compliance
Customs compliance
MCA compliance
IBC compliance
Fisheries compliance
Bank-related compliance
Commerce-related compliance


For FY 2018-19, last date for IT return extended till June 30: FM @nsitharaman

For FY 2018-19, delayed payment interest reduced from 12% to 9%; no extension for TDS; delayed deposit will attract 9% against 18%: FM @nsitharaman

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@anandmahindra , We are a task force of about 100 people consisting of some graduates from IISc, tech startups in BLR, and employees from TI India. We are among the brightest tech minds in India and we have the ability to hack together hardware+software with very little effort.
We have designed the following -
Low cost ventilators - These are extremely critical for saving lives.
Pulsoximeters - For measuring blood oxygen content in hospitals
UV LED based disinfection devices.
Large boxes for hospitals.s
Small boxes for home use
@anandmahindra , @kiranshaw , #pmoindia, @PMOIndia We need help in manufacturing the same. Many factories that we are talking to are being shut-down. We need help either to keep some of these factories open or to find factories which have the permit to remain open.
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State governments and cities are finding it particularly hard to deal with #COVID2019india #Covid_19 making #IndiaFightsCorona hard on state capacity, finances, individuals and systems. I collaborated with @Tavpritesh and @guptasud to put together a primer for states/cities.
It is important to know a few basic facts and statistics. Like the difference between Covid19 (the disease), 2019-nCov (nomenclature) and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus). There are some basic statistics that can be helpful based on the state, district, city, town or taluka's planning.
That's where we're at right now with updates at and and most importantly at for global perspective and learnings.
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I have been having a series of video conference interactions with various stakeholders on tackling the COVID-19 menace. Today, I interacted with those associated with the electronic media and heard their insightful views. #IndiaFightsCorona
The media world has played a great role in spreading awareness on subjects related to COVID-19. I salute all those media persons who have been reporting from the ground as well as in the newsroom. Happy to see channels facilitating 'work from home arrangements' for their teams.
Even greater caution, zero carelessness. 

Urged electronic media to counter misinformation related to COVID-19, which is creating panic. Also urged them to take relevant precautions in their own organisations especially when their team members do on ground reporting.
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A thread to show the #COVIDIOTS in India.. #JantaCurfew went wrong!!
Go #Corona??
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Prime minister of makes an emotional speech to ask people of India to stay home on a Sunday. He asks them to do it for the country and do it for him (because, you know, he has always gotten whatever he has asked for). So far so good 1/n
In the same emotional speech, he copies the Italian model of people expressing solidarity with doctors & health care workers. The difference? Well, in this case, it is happening because of the urging of a great leader. He reminds everyone that this is a sign of patriotism. 2/n
Well, you know what? Of course, people want to show their patriotism. The great leader asked them to stand in their balconies and bang plates & utensils to orchestrate a thumping tribute. Unfortunately, not everyone has balconies. Plus, people want to show their patriotism. 3/n
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