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The #SpanishPPC continues today 🇪🇸💪

While we wait for the first sessions to start later on this morning, take the time to check out the highlights of discussions from yesterday!

👉… Image
We're joining the second day of the #SpanishPPC at the @SpainMFA building: the first part consists of two more parallel sessions

As always, we will highlight the best bits

But first, let's recap one of the most crucial discussions from yesterday's panel "The Enlargement and Reform of the European Union", in which @CaminoMortera moderated a discussion between Alice Cunha, Héctor Sánchez, Frank Schimmelfennig, and @andrejas_mkd

/3 Image
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🚨 PUBLICATION - Il est temps de faire le bilan du Green Deal européen, le plus grand paquet de réformes jamais adopté sur le climat. #EUGreenDeal

Spoiler: en 7 ans, l'Europe va changer de visage et c'est une bonne nouvelle. Accrochez-vous. 🧶…
Déjà, le Green Deal c'est quoi?

14 lois européennes qui visent à faire baisser nos émissions de gaz à effet de serre d'au moins 55 % d'ici à 2030. Parmi elles:
✅La fin de vente des voitures thermiques,
✅Le doublement des énergies renouvelables,
✅La réforme du marché carbone
Qu'est ce qui va changer ?

On commence par l'électricité⚡️, c'est-à-dire le nerf de la guerre de la décarbonation de l'économie.

5⃣5⃣% de notre électricité proviendra du solaire et de l'éolien en 2030, permettant une sortie du charbon. Image
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We're getting started on our book launch and public debate "Towards a Climate Neutral Europe: Building Unity from Diversity"

For those of you unable to join us in Brussels in person, we're also running a livestream over on our @YouTube channel 👉

This debate takes place as part of the #BookLaunch for "Climate Change and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals" , co-edited by Michael Kaeding, @JohannesPollak and @_PaulSchmidt

Learn more:

Our moderator for this evening is @EgmontInstitute's Jean-Louis de Brouwer - We're pleased that our Belgian Member Institue Egmont have partnered with us to organise this event

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Excited to share our new @NEF report co-authored with @DominicCaddick on green industrial policy & how the EU is to plug green spending gaps

Conclusion: Proposed fiscal rules stand in the way of sufficient and inclusive green spending

Read it here:…
🧵 Image
The Commission estimates an additional €520bn is needed to achieve the #EUGreenDeal objectives

To achieve emission reductions of 65% by 2030 and align EU climate action with Paris @feps estimates an additional €855bn would be needed Image
This investment gap includes public & private finance

But public finance is crucial to speed up the transition, crowd in finance, finance investments without a business case and invest in climate justice incl. more collectivised public goods that require less energy & materials
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Our #Under2Coalition European members told us that #greenhydrogen is a priority topic for them.

Today we hosted a networking event in Brussels to help unlock action in this area, plus much more...

(1/5) Image
We discussed existing #EU projects and shared new ideas, approaches and opportunities for driving forward work to reach #netzero by 2050 or earlier.

Specifically, our #netzero conversation centred on the built environment.

Climate Group's @Toby__Morgan spoke about the building renovation work we're driving through #EP100 and how action to improve #energyefficiency is critical to meet goals in the #EUGreenDeal.

(3/5) Image
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The @EU_Commission today adopted a revised #EU #ElectricityMarketDesign.

It will preserve the benefits of our electricity market and help reduce the costs of producing & using energy in Europe, through more #renewables.
Two instruments will be key in enhancing the stability & predictability of energy costs across the EU.

First, Power Purchase Agreements will improve access to markets and act as drivers for investment in renewables – essential to reach our #EUGreenDeal goals.
Second, Member States will guarantee a stable price to producers & consumers through Contracts for Difference, which will foster support for new renewable energy investment.

I call on the #EuropeanParliament to treat this file as a priority!
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Everyone, this is a thread about the work that people at @Enhesa have done in research on EHS legislation, upcoming changes, insights and trends.

Please give a like and a share if you think this can be useful for someone in your circles.

#EHS #EHScompliance #ESG #industrial
There’s been a lot of talk about ramping up energy efficiency in the EU. Now revisions are on their way. Read what to expect in 2023.

Read all about it in this article by @Beatriz Barbieri

#netzero #sustainability #energyefficiency #eu…
EHS regulations spotlight: Serious Accident Punishment Act: Dive deeper into one of today’s standout EHS regulations and what its regulatory changes mean for businesses operating in South Korea.

#EHS #EHSCompliance #Seriousaccidents…
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Kommissionspräsidentin @vonderleyen hat im EU-Parlament die europäische Antwort auf den 🇺🇸 Inflation Reduction Act (#IRA) vorgestellt: den Industrieplan im Rahmen des #EUGreenDeal.

Er baut auf vier Säulen auf 👇
🏃‍♀️ Schnelligkeit und Zugang:
Mit einem Regelungsumfeld, das es uns ermöglicht, rasch zu expandieren und günstige Bedingungen für die #CleanTech-Industrie zu schaffen.
💶 Investitionen und Finanzierung der Produktion:
Wir werden vorschlagen, unsere #Beihilfevorschriften vorübergehend anzupassen, um #Beihilfen schneller und leichter möglich zu machen.
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Das Neue Europäische Bauhaus setzt den #EUGreenDeal seit zwei Jahren mit praktischen Aktivitäten um. In Deutschland 🇩🇪 gibt es mittlerweile 74 Partnerorganisationen, europaweit sind es 600 offizielle Partner.

Das zeigt ein Bericht zum #NewEuropeanBauhaus👉!w4d3Wx
#NewEuropeanBauhaus-Beispiele aus 🇩🇪Deutschland:

🪵 Der „BUGA HOLZPAVILLON“ in #Heilbronn zeigt neue Ansätze zum digitalen Holzbau.

🥀 Das Berliner Start-up „Flower Matter“ erstellt mit Flaux ein neues innovatives Textilmaterial aus Blumenabfällen.
🏠 Das „Recyclinghaus“ aus #Hannover hat ein experimentelles Haus im Kreislaufverfahren errichtet.

🚲 Das Projekt „re_cycling air tubes“ aus #Weimar verwandelt Fahrradschläuche in ein gewebtes Produkt, das z.B. für Möbel verwendet werden kann.
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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is causing challenges that we can only overcome in unity.

With our 2023 work programme, we want to build a Union that stands firm and united.

This year, we will turn our priorities into action by focusing on these initiatives ↓ Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European Commission
🔵 European Green Deal

The EU will further accelerate its energy transition, strengthen sustainable food and transport, and tackle food and textile waste while building healthier ecosystems.

#EUGreenDeal A wind turbine with a text - Made in Europe
🔵 A Europe fit for the digital age

In 2023, we will introduce the Critical Raw Materials Act, support SMEs by further tackling late payments and help businesses in the Single Market.

We will also focus on a Common European mobility data space, among others.

#DigitalEU LUMI is ranked 3rd on the new Top500 list of the world's fas
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Summary of the year: 2022 marked a structural shift in EU energy. The EU was able to manage an unprecedented situation brought by Russia aggression to Ukraine: moving away from its bigger fossil fuel supplier in a period of months. 1/n
The scale of the challenge was unforeseen for a large economy in such a short timeframe and the EU came out stronger & more united.
One year ago, there were a lot of unknowns: Enough natural gas for winter 22/23? How far higher prices could go? Would there be a recession?…
So let’s look at some key data and statistics to see how the year went: (1) Storage - storages were at historical high levels in the autumn and some are still receiving injections. Storages in the EU are now around 85% compared to around 70% one year ago. 3/n
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Today, agri stakeholders & 🇪🇺 representatives are discussing the future of food & farming #AgriOutlook

But given the last attacks on green farming reforms, the @EU_Commission’s event might recommend sticking plasters rather than look at long-term solutions for #foodsecurity

A🧵 Image
Agribusiness & right-wing political allies are using the war in Ukraine as a pretext to water down #EUFarm2Fork

They claim global #foodsecurity is under threat & we need to ↗️ food production. How? With more synthetic #pesticides & #fertilisers of course!

Scroll for the truth Image
There's no EU #foodproduction issue!

Global production of grains & wheat, leading 🇺🇦🇷🇺 food exports, is high & there's no global food supply shortage

The industry's narrative is just a smokescreen to maintain industrial agriculture 🏭

& policy-makers are buying it

(c) FAO👇 Image
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Last week I gave a talk at #ECCB2022_Prague, entitled “(How) can the EU Common Agricultural Policy #CAP still address the crisis of farmland biodiversity?”. Here I give a short summary of the presentation. 🧵
1/x we are facing several interlinked crises: #ClimateCrisis (extreme events like droughts, heat, floods), we are losing #biodiversity, #pollinators and natural pest control; we face soil erosion and land degradation, water scarcity and loss of water quality.
2/x Environmental factors are THE key factors leading to crop failures and risks to food security. Farming and farmers are at the core of a major conflict around land: both as a driver of losses and the sector most affected by it. We need to act fast, as it has impacts on us all.
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Divonne-les-Bains : Karin Schneider, l'insolente qui fait du vin ...
Elle réfléchit déjà au vin qu'elle veut faire l'année prochaine, certainement avec du raisin en culture biologique ou en biodynamique.… #biodynamie
Le Hofgut Rengoldshausen célèbre 800 ans de ferme et 90 ans d'agriculture biodynamique. Depuis la fondation au XIIIe siècle, une ferme progressiste s'est développée et les femmes sont toujours influentes. #Biodynamique…
Château d’Estoublon: le jardin provençal du couple Bruni-Sarkozy Depuis longtemps conduite en agriculture biologique, les vignes se voient appliquer les principes de la biodynamie depuis quelques années.… Image
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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The #CzechPPC is starting NOW! As always, we'll be highlighting the best bits here on our Twitter account 💪🇨🇿

@IIR_Prague @dice_h2020 @EUROPEUMPrague @CEI_Secretariat @CzechMFA

TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim and IIR Director @oditrych are currently opening the #CzechPPC

"We are part of the same family. We are diverse, but we are part of the same family, and we have a shared European history"

- @CloosJim, TEPSA Secretary-General in his remarks to open the #CzechPPC

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🧵The war in #Ukraine impacts #foodsecurity in #NorthAfrica & globally. We asked what can Europe do 👉🏼 Today @EU_Commission presented its communication on safeguarding #FoodSecurity & reinforcing the resilience of #food systems 👉🏼
📖 Humanitarian assistance to #Ukraine & beyond will come partly through financial contributions to the @WFP. At the same time, the EU asks member states not to enforce export bans (as in Hungary) to avoid a rise in food prices, inflation & further conflicts. @VDombrovskis
🌿But this means, the EU allows to freeze ambitions for sustainability & resilience – derogating from greening obligations under the #EUGreenDeal & #EUFarm2Fork. Additional area of 4 million hectares can now be used for food & feed production. @jwojc @JeroenCandel @jeroenkwakbo
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⛔Toxic #Pesticides alert!⛔
+50 representants of org. signed an open letter demanding @EU_Commission that the #SUD reform is ambitious enough & contains strong legally binding use reduction targets, ensuring that farmers r supported in the transition
Other demands include:
- Not postponing the much-needed reform of #SUD
- Making sure that all EU food&feed safety standards r upheld
- @EU_Commission stands by its commitment 2 #F2F & Biodiversity Strategies,transitioning away from current model & its reliance on external inputs
What are we talking about?
Well, the #EUFarmtoFork and Biodiversity Strategies are two pillars of the #EUgreendeal hugely under attack from vested interest lobby groups, now cynically using Ukraine war as an excuse to postpone green policies.
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Diversification. Transformation. Independence. All at the same time.

REPowerEU is our plan to eliminate our dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and increase the resilience of the EU energy market.


To cut our dependence on Russian gas, we must diversify gas supply:

➕ LNG imports
➕ pipeline imports from non-Russian suppliers
➕ biomethane
➕ hydrogen

This can reduce EU demand for Russian gas by two thirds before the end of the year.
2️⃣ Transformation

REPowerEU will reduce faster our dependence on fossil fuels by:

💨tripling wind capacities by 2030
🌞accelerating the rollout of rooftop solar PV systems
🔋innovating hydrogen-based solutions
📝enabling faster permitting for renewable energy projects
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Putin's war demonstrates the urgency of accelerating our clean energy transition.

Today we outline REPowerEU - our plan to increase Europe's energy independence:

⚡ Reduced demand for Russian fossil fuels.

⚡ Emergency measures to tackle energy prices in Europe.

We simply cannot rely on a supplier who explicitly threatens us.

We will end our overdependence on Russian gas by diversifying gas supplies and reducing faster the use of fossil fuels in our homes, buildings, industry, and power systems.

Uncertainty on supply is rising pressure on energy prices in Europe.

To stop it and secure our gas supply, EU countries will be required to ensure that underground gas storage is filled up to at least 90% of its capacity by 1 October each year.

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❗️ STARTING NOW | Our #TalkingAfricaEurope on Climate and Energy begins. On the agenda:
🌿 #ClimateAction
🌍 #AUEUSummit
🤝 #CitizenEngagement
… and much more!
Kicking off our first #TalkingAfricaEurope discussion on the year, Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chairman @Mo_IbrahimFdn, notes the importance of having cross-continental discussions, especially ahead of the #AUEUSummit. ⤵️
Joining us at today's #TalkingAfricaEurope discussion, @CharlesMichel, @eucopresident, stresses that the next #AUEUSummit should be "the opportunity for a new paradigm, for a new approach, for a new alliance between Africa and Europe". #ReimagineAfricaEurope
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📝Our #EUGreenDeal resolutions.

1️⃣ Planting 3 billion trees.

By 2030, we want to plant at least three billion additional trees across 🇪🇺 Europe while respecting ecological principles.

The right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose.

#3BillionTrees Image
2️⃣ Cutting methane emissions.

EU action on methane is essential to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

We proposed strict rules on methane emissions from gas, oil and coal, to reduce emissions in these sectors by 80% by 2030.

#EUGreenDeal #ReduceMethane Image
3️⃣ Reducing air, water and soil pollution.

By 2030, with our #ZeroPollution Action Plan we want to reduce:
✅ by more than 55% the health impacts of air pollution
✅ nutrient losses and chemical pesticides’ use by 50%
✅ the plastic waste in our oceans by 50%

#EUGreenDeal Image
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2021 has been a challenging year but we have managed to make progress towards a more resilient, greener, and more digital Europe.

⭐ It’s time to wrap up 2021! Let’s have a look at the main highlights of the year!
Undoubtedly, #NextGenerationEU has been the flagship initiative of the #vdLCommission in 2021.

💚More than a recovery plan, it is a chance to emerge stronger from the pandemic, transform our economies, and create opportunities for the Europe where we want to live.
🩹 What we’ve managed to achieve during 2021 was a true European success story.

✅All Europeans have access to vaccines.
✅Most vaccinated region in the world.
✅More than 1 billion vaccine doses exported worldwide.
✅Biggest donor of vaccines in the world.

#SafeVaccines Image
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