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The mendacious propaganda of #Somali troops being involved in the #Ethiopian civil war, particularly in the #Tigray region, is undoubtedly deceptive and I will dispel it once and for all. (🧵) 1/25
The @nytimes freelance reporter @MarksSimon deceitfully uses this screenshot in an attempt to give credence to the notion that #Somali troops were brought into #Tigray and were present around the city of #Aksum. 2/25
Marks uses the UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in
Eritrea, written by Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, as his source. 3/25
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CORRECTION: Al Pouessi (1765-1870) was an #Ethiopian woman enslaved at the age of 14, sold to Pierre & François Testas, slave-traders from Bordeaux & owners of a sugar plantation in #Haiti One of her descendants was former president of Haiti, François Denys Légitime (1841 1935) ImageImage
"She travelled to Bordeaux, where she was baptized by the Testas brothers in 1781, giving her the name Marthe Adelaïde Modeste Testas. The same year, she was transported with François Testas to their plantation in Haiti...
As an enslaved person, Testas could not consent to a relationship or sex and the circumstances under which she had two children with her owner are not known. In 1795 François Testas left Haiti for New York, travelling with his enslaved servants, who included Modeste Testas and...
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Many #Ethiopians are shocked, confused and disappointed by the sudden release of the TPLF leaders including Sebhat Nega, the father’s of TPLF on Ethiopian’s Christmas night without any explanation of why. #Ethiopian people need some answers to this.
If their crimes were so bad they were in prison for so long, how can they all be released so quickly, in a single night, without even examining their individual cases? If they were innocent of crimes, why were they being held in the first place?
Was it for political reasons or foreign pressure? If so, why do we tolerate such a unscrupulous system?

Who was involved in this decision? Does the rule of law and a system of justice exist in Ethiopia or not?
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#BlackPawns vs. #ProudBlacks

1/ Taking the conflict in N. Ethiopia as an opportunity, #African and #Ethiopian elites who despise #Ethiopia and #panafricanism have come out of the woodwork in droves.
2/ These are people who grew up convinced that it was a great miscarriage of justice that they were born black. Deep inside they keep thinking they should have been born white. The injustice of it all!
2/ They spend their whole lives chasing after the illusory dream of being as light skinned as possible. They work hard, they cajole and beg and suck up to their bosses. They even pray! And yet, they wake up every day bound in that black skin.
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Scam of The Century - #Tigray People Liberation Front (#TPLF) and the Stolen Aid Money‼️

Via @EthiopMedia

#TPLF siphoned off hundred millions of dollars of aid money in the 1980s. In 1991 #TPLF seized state power & established The Endowment Fund ..

... for the Rehabilitation of #Tigray (#EFFORT) using the money stolen from famine victims.

#EFFORT's growth was very stunning. Owning a chain of 65-multibillion-dollar business firms dominating every sector of #Ethiopia’s economy including ...
... agriculture, agriculture, banking, mining, Import export, transport, construction, insurance ,pharmaceutical and communications.

#EFFORT kept all the profits in the offshore private banks under the name of #TPLF officials.
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🎯 U.S. Based and many European news outlets like @cnn @cnnafrica , @bbcnews @bbcafrica , @reuters and @france24_en have reported the war in Ethiopia without the context of decades of atrocities that faced the Ethiopian people under the TPLF led government.
U.S. Based and many European news outlets like #CNN, #Bloommberg, #BBC, #Reuters and #France24 have reported the war in Ethiopia without the context of decades of atrocities that faced the Ethiopian people with the former ruling government under the TPLF.
The lack of context and bias in these coverages has emphasized on the violence and atrocities in Tigray and paints the nature of the conflict as a genocide. This reporting provides the narrative of African countries that is easier for the West to swallow and easier to dismiss
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#TwitterWill and a call for action

Given what has been happening to pro-Ethiopian and pro-Eritrean voices on @Twitter, I have decided to write my #TwitterWill while I am still around.
1/ Compared with how things were on twitter a year back, we are at a much better place. We are scrutinizing every sentence of every article and tweet and every from of every video. The whole twitter is full of Ethiopian and Eritrean eyes and people are feeling the heat!
2/ The #NoMore movement that started out as a hash tag has evolved into a movement, nay an African REVOLUTION! It has become too real for the powers to be! The oppressed are waking up and the oppressors are panicking and scheming.
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1/This was a fascinating watch, as the interview went on @BeckyCNN got more and more incesnsed (a lot of eye rolling, face making and shouting) while @BilleneSeyoum kept hammering her points home with typical #Ethiopian dignity and a hint of bemusement. Ice cold!
2/ Becky's defense of CNN's investigative journalism was pathetic. May be she hasn't read Nimas report in full. Remember the forensic dentist?

What about @bethlehemfel going around liking @Gredas tweets? Is that part of @CNN reporting "carefully and methodically" @BeckyCNN? Image
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Today is #Sigd, an #Ethiopian-Jewish & Israeli national holiday which marks the renewal of the covenant between the #Jewish people, God and the Torah.

Today (& every day) we honor the important contribution of the Ethiopian Jewish community to Israeli society.

Happy Sigd! Image
The holiday which begins at sunset today will culminate with members of the Jewish Ethiopian community praying at the Western Wall.

For thousands of years, on #Sigd Ethiopian Jews prayed to return to Zion.

Today they celebrate Sigd in their homeland.
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Why I #RejectTheJointInvestigation

The joint investigation into human rights abuses in #Tigray that @UNHumanRights & @EthioHRC conducted is fraught with serious limitations; does not satisfy the minimum standards, and as such should be rejected.
Here is why: 1 /24
1. The involvement of a national body to investigate a situation, which is marked by gross violations of human rights & humanitarian norms; and committed in a politically polarized society as current #Ethiopia is unprecedented, including in @UNHumanRights 's experience 2/24
2. There was no good reason to involve the @EthioHRC in this endeavor. In fact, it was the sheer insistence of the #Ethiopian regime that forced the @UNHumanRights to accept the arrangement as a last resort. No other explanation is provided on z matter. This is suspicious. 3/24
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.@timnitGebru Rebuttal
[re-purposing my arguments form the Rand-Corp thread]

1/ @timnitGebru, the fatal flaw at the very heart of your reasoning is your decision to equate information from MSM with truth with regard to the conflict in N. Ethiopia, which begs the question:
How does one know the news articles and reports from HR groups are not disinformation?
If your arbiters of absolute truth are these media outlets and this was at the time of the Iraqi war, you would have concluded that Iraq possessed WMDs!
If it was during the war on Libya, you would have endorsed the claim by Amnesty that soldiers of Gaddafi were being given free Viagra to encourage mass rape.
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#FakeBombardment in the making?

1/ The attempt by Professor Moriarty to portray a couple of haystacks as targets of air bombardment was laughable and cringeworthy. However, I think it is a prequel to a more sinister #TPLF plan!
2/ We #Ethiopians know two things about TPLF. They are very predictable and very dogged! As the air bomanradement continues and the capacity of the #TPLF keeps getting degraded, I suspect they will resort to Plan C, which is committing unspeakable atrocities in #Tigray.
3/ The #TPLF might blow up residential areas or even shoot down a UN flight as @stesfa has predicted and lay the blame on #Ethiopia.

The disinformation will then be recycled through the likes of @martinplaut @berhe_lucy @nimaelbagir or Cara Anna and echoed by @StateDept & @UN!
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#ResistEthiopia: Resistance Flourishes in Darkness

1. For the past eleven months, the pro-#Ethiopia camp has been screaming bloody murder regarding the virtually complete media blackout of Pro-#Ethiopian voices.
The media blackout and the negative coverage of #Ethiopia by the MSM has resulted in a cascading effect, leading astray not only ordinary citizens but also academicians who you think would know better.
For this thread, demonstrating the the media blackout, I have collaborated with another exceptionally talented Ethiopian, @Samriethio!
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1. The @UN must realize that we are aware and have reached the age of majority.

The policy of the #UN, the #USA and the #EU on #Ethiopia is extremely dangerous.
It is a policy that further threatens #Ethiopian peace and security because of the repeated use of threats to impose sanctions, intimidation or any form of public or covert interference that threatens #Ethiopia's sovereignty and political independence, with a view to overthrowing
2...its Government. We are all aware that these policies jeopardize the political independence of Ethiopia, permanent sovereignty over its own resolutions & the freedom of the Ethiopian people, which have a negative impact on the maintenance of Ethiopian peace & national security
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#BadScience: activism masquerading as scholarship

Three scholars started out with a commendable research question: to see whether disinformation was being used in the ‘Tigray’ conflict by both sides! The bad news is they did a very bad job! Exceptionally bad!
For this thread I collaborated with the exceptionally talented @malesadin and here are our findings.

1/ In terms of methodology, the researchers used qualitative methods to contextualize their SM data analysis, but don’t give the details of the qualitative side of the research
This makes it almost impossible for other researchers to replicate their research and confirm or dis-confirm their findings. Why the authors chose to do this is anyone’s guess!
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Do you know the story of #coffee?

Sure you get it from Starbucks or grind it at home but its story was not as simple as farm to pot

The story involves dancing goats, Fatwa, babtization, kings, revolutions, patriotism, Beethoven

Coffee has a rich & troubling history

☕️ Thread
1/ 1st, the legend:

Legend has it that an #Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi witnessed his goats gamboling after eating coffee shrub’s red fruit. Perplexed, Kaldi tried the fruit himself and realized the same effect on him. A monk witnessed it & took some of the fruit with him.
2/ Now, the history:

The coffee plant and fruit has been used for 1000s of years but it wasn’t until the 13 century when the beans were roasted, which sky rocketed its popularity. Coffee originated in Ethiopia but it was across the Red Sea, in #Yemen, it was first cultivated.
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1/ @wdavison10’s favorite trope is his claim that he is an ‘Independent Analyst’ of all things #Ethiopian. So much so that he DM’d me following my previous thread👇 on him, saying that it was full of errors & inaccuracies.
I took his outrage seriously and asked @Kings_of_Nile to undertake a network analysis of Mr. @wdavison10's twitter outputs and interactions. If truly independent his network would have reasonably proportional representation from both camps. This is what we have uncovered!
2/ @wdavison’s twitter community is a virtual who is who of #InformationLaundering & #DisinformationRecycling. He virtually occupies the same space as @ZekuZelalem and their next door neighbors are @RAbdiAnalyst & @reda_getachew. Image
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1/ “gaslighting” refers to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. ...
Gaslighting is not a new invention; it has been used successfully to justify slavery, colonialism and racism to the victims themselves and now in 2021 it is being used with little subtlety to break the spirit of #Ethiopia.
2/ As part of the strategy, black journalists and politicians are being co-opted as faces of this campaign to further undermine the legitimacy of the grievance of millions of #Ethiopians who know beyond a shadow of doubt that a coordinated campaign is being employed against them.
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Nima’s Salamander Tale

Investigative Journalism is Dead, Long Live Investigative Journalism!

1/ On September 5, @CNN came out with a piece of 'Investigative Journalism' by one @nimaelbagir. Even by @CNN's low standards this article was atrocious, to say the least.
Many Ethiopians including me took to SM to expose CNN’s latest debacle. To put it mildly, the story was dead on arrival!👇
[Humera Massacre Debunked – I]

[Humera Massacre Debunked – II]
2/ Now, this #Ethiopian army of Tweeter sleuths (@EthioCyberia, @Eliezer, @NbaAddict & others) have exposed that the story had been revised quietly [silent-edited]on Sept 8.
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Thread: Joint report by @UNHumanRights & @EthioHRC will be issued on Nov 1st. Many #Ethiopian/s may view Daniel as professional & impartial. But his enmity & hostility toward #Eritrea spans over a decade. 1/
So his report on Eritrea was written on Day 1 of z joint “investigation”. US/EU will undoubtedly try to use this report for some ill-advised action! One of z primary western agenda is to weaken or stop altogether #Eritrea & #Ethiopia cooperation & friendship.2/
z report will defame #Eritrea to serve this agenda.
On Daniel Bekele & Eritrea:
Amnesty tried a regime change in Eritrea late 2011 with help from HRW. Daniel was head of HRW’s Africa Div 2011-2016. He also served as senior advisor at Amnesty but can't find a timeline on it. 3/
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Thread on @CNN


@mekdes_asefa has done a great job of exposing CNN's bias against #Ethiopia & a possible direct line of communication with Getachew Reda himself. This thread will highlight this & other aspects of CNN's #InformationLaundering activities.
1/ For this thread I focused on 45 articles produced by CNN since November 4. @nimaelbagir was involved in 20 of these articles followed closely by @bethlehemfel. Unsurprisingly, all the @CNN articles I looked into were highly negative in their coverage of GOE.
Only one articles coveres the alleged misdeeds of #TPLF. The article by @bethlehemfel, @eoin_mc_sweeney, covered the #MaikadraMassacre as reported by @amnesty but conveniently left out parts of the report identifying the victims & perpetrators.
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[longer than usual, please indulge me]
#TPLF & #Genocide, a love affair, 1991-2021

1/#TPLF came to power in 1991, in the eve of the Yougoslavian civil war and genocide. It was against this backdrop that it started reshaping #Ethiopia into an ethnic federation.
The constitution that remade Ethiopia into an ethnic based state was ratified in 1994, while bodies were floating down Kagera River. While genocide was being facilitated by identification cards that advertise your ethnicity, #TPLF decided to enforce the same rules in Ethiopia.
2/ #TPLF institutionalized animosity between the Amhara & the Oromo which it tended to for three decades. #TPLF always portrayed itself as the only group that can avert imminent bloodshed between the two groups and the disintegration of #Ethiopia.
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Factcheck ✅

Many #Ethiopian argue that #Tigray was the only region depending on safety net program and could not feed its self even before the war. This is wrong. Here some datas between 2005-2019:
What is Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) and how does it work?

„Established in 2005, PSNP is aimed at enabling the rural poor facing chronic food insecurity to resist shocks, create assets and become food self- sufficient.” #AllowAccessToTigray…
Quick Facts 2012
Total number of PSNP participants: 7.64million

Today, it operates with an annual budget of more than US$500 million and is targeting up to 10 million people. #AllowAccessToTigray… Image
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#InformationLaundering thread focusing on Cara Anna of @AP.
1/If there is a prize for #InformationLaundering, it would definitely go to Cara Anna of @AP. Miss Anna seems determined that the Tigray conflict is her ticket to a Pulitzer.
2/ Since the beginning of the conflict on November 4, @AP has produced 86 articles on #Ethiopia. Of these 86 articles, Cara Ana is responsible for a whopping 60% (51 articles). I randomly selected and analyzed 26 of her articles.
3/ All of her articles (100%!!!), portray the GoE negatively and 13 were sympathetic towards #TPLF. The remaining 10 articles conveniently leave out #TPLF out of the picture giving an appearance of the #Ethiopian government waging a war against the Tigrayan people.
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