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The Black Church vs.The White Church

The story of a church birthed fourth out of the wildfires of an apostasy called #whitesupremacy, a church that becomes the oldest Western institution opposed to racism in the entire world: #TheBlackChurch


"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are TODAY."

Genesis 50:20
Lex iniusta non est lex (English: An unjust law is no law at all), is a standard legal maxim. Originating with (the African) St. Augustine, the motto was used by St. Thomas Aquinas and quoted by Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement.
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Ethnic federalism, “One tribe or one ethnic group rule all” system of government doesn’t work in the 21st century. #Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals must take former US President Barack Obama warned ⚠️ to the Kenyans VERY seriously.
President Barack Obama said "A politics that's based on only tribe and ethnicity is doomed to tear a country apart. It is a failure - a failure of imagination,"
Ethnic federalism and ethnic extremism can tear the beautiful country of Ethiopia a apart if Ethiopian politicians are not very careful about how to deal with it.
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The Somali Youth Fed gathered in #Jigjiga today to protest against Ethiopian Airlines' discriminatory policies both in terms of hiring practices & pricing. They have called for a 72 hr boycott of the airline

@flyethiopian should listen to the concerns/ demands of the people.
On @flyethiopian’s discrimination towards Somalis:

Najah Mohamed Garad- an aspiring pilot was shortlisted and called to be interviewed at the #Ethiopian Aviation Academy in Addis. In his interview they asked him: Do you have family in Mogadishu? & Do you ever contact Mogadishu?
Najah responded that he has no family in #Mogadishu nor does he contact anyone there. The 3 male interviewees continued to interrogate Najah in a clear attempt to establish some form of link between his Somali identity and Mogadishu- as though this is a crime!
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The new coalition party "#Ethiopian Prosperity Party" (#EPP), "የኢትዮጵያ የብልፅግና ፓርቲ" (#ኢብፓ) formed by PM #Abiy raises a lot of questions than answers about Abiy's ability to lead.

See below list of sensible questions that are worth digesting. 1/7
1) #Abiy has been, and still is, doing anything he wants under the #EPRDF umbrella. So, why form a new party now considering the upcoming election is just round the corner? Surely, he cannot say that #EPP has all the logistics in place to be a competitive democratic party. 2/7
2) Is it really #Abiy's own decision/choice to form #EPP or there are lobbyists influencing in the background? If the latter, who are they & what are they after?

3) What is going to happen with #TPLF e.g. is Abiy going to now have different means & power to challenge TPLF? 3/7
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Next up, we are thrilled to introduce you to the #P4P Grant project team of Netsanet Gebramichael and Aklile Solomon (@aklile_solomon), two leading #Ethiopian feminists whose research will explore Ethiopian women's resistance to political exclusion from the 1970s onwards.
Netsanet Gebramichael is a lecturer at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, and previously worked as Director of Addis Ababa University's gender office as well as being a Social Science Research Council Fellow.
@aklile_solomon has worked as a women's rights activist for more than eight years. She has received the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, and has co-founded Addis Ababa University's Yellow Movement, which generates dialogue about gender-based violence
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THREAD: Due to numerous requests, I'm posting here an English translation of my Amharic language thread on our investigation into the death of 19 year old Tigist Belay Tadesse, an #Ethiopian domestic worker in #Lebanon back in February of this year.
This is the original thread. Tigist's death was among several probed as part of a larger investigation into the deaths of domestic workers in Lebanon conducted with the aid of activists from the underground @ThisIsLebanonDW initiative.
@ThisIsLebanonDW Tigist Belay died on February 2nd 2019 at the home of her Lebanese employer in the city of Jounieh, north of Beirut. Her death was declared a suicide. She had been in the country for only 7 months before her untimely passing.
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#Ethiopia: @PMEthiopia indicates there has been a plane crash involving @flyethiopian "Boeing 737 on regular scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya this morning." The office extended it’s condolences to the families who lost their lives. But, there is no corresponding info as of yet.
Update: FanaBC confirms the news. "Ethiopian airline Boeing 337 flight from Addis Abeba to Nairobi crashed," the headline says. The news provides no further detail other than the quote from the PM office

**NOTE: AS is informed the accident did happen…
Update: It's confirmed. The aircraft B-737-800MAX with registration number ET- AVJ took off at 08:38 am local time from AA, Bole Intl Airport & lost contact at 08:44am. It crashed around Bishoftu. It has 149 passengers & 8 crew members.… (Pic: Profile).
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#GonderMosque update:
1. Today we spent the morning at the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council. We met with several members including Sheik Omar Emam Omar (VP) who thanked us for our efforts & gave us his blessings. We have raised over 110,000 birr and will be transferring
2. it on Monday. Sheik Omar told us we all have to protect what makes Ethiopia special which is our religious history of living together. He told us, "what you're doing is teaching about & protecting Ethiopiawinet & may Allah follow you in all your endeavors. It's not the money
3. that's the most important part but the thought & the symbolism"
The people we met to today were representing different regions Wollo, Addis, Somali, Gurage etc. & emphasized that our religious harmony is የኢትዮጲያ ዋና እሴት & we need to all stand together to maintain it.
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THREAD: Reading through reports of the human rights abuses that happened in 2007 Ethiopia Invasion of #Somalia still shocks me. Here residents recount the intentional shootings, summary executions of civilians, indiscriminate bombardments of civilian areas & medical facilities.
A witness recounts to @hrw the rounding up of relatives from their homes to be executed by Ethiopian soldiers

And another witness, a mother of 2 retelling of the tragedy of losing her entire family & relatives from a rocket landing on her house. These weren't isolated incidents!
Reports show that almost 400 civilians were killed in the first round of shelling. The excuse given for the #Ethiopian military indiscriminate bombing & shelling of civilian-inhabited neighborhoods was to capture the Stadium/main roads.
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1/ #AMISOM gets its first #Ethiopian🇪🇹 Force Commander. The last time Ethiopia offered to play this role in 2016, the proposed deal fell through...
2/ In early 2016, #Ethiopia🇪🇹 proposed taking the #AMISOM FC position if it could deploy an additional 1,000 troops into AMISOM & deploy a contingent to #Mogadishu. This was rejected in favor of a #Djibouti🇩🇯 FC. See p.201…
3/ It's an interesting time for an #Ethiopian🇪🇹 #AMISOM FC given recent events around #Baidoa w the detention of #Robow involving #ENDF troops; the #AlShabaab ambush of ENDF convoys; & ongoing unilateral ENDF helicopter operations.
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Joakim Gundel discuses the Somali context at the Danish Institute for International Studies @diisdk. Spoilers: the Farmajo @M_Farmaajo administration is corrupt, and making the security situation worse in #Somalia. Thread below
On the South West State crisis: Farmajo wants to control who is in power in federal states "the candidate Farmajo wanted to replace the sitting president didnt seem to actually be in a position to get enough support, in spite of political corruption and bribes." #Somalia
on Jubaland: Charcoal trade happens with the blessing of #Kenya and #AMISOM. Charcoal storage facilities are right in front of Kenyan forces in Kismayo.
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These Moroccan coins feature the so-called Seal of Solomon, often depicted as a hexagram, similar to the Star of David. The coins are dated respectively 1271 A.H. (1855) and 1290 A.H. (1873/4), minted by king 'Abd al-Raḥmān and his successor, Muḥammad IV of #Morocco.
The Seal of Solomon is the signet ring attributed to the Abrahamic king/prophet Solomon. It is said that Solomon used this ring to control the spirits and animals. The design as a hexagram is often depicted on medieval #Islamic banners, coins, drinking-cups or in mosques.
According to the Catalan Atlas (1375), the two Anatolian beyliks of respectively Karaman and Candar featured a Seal of Solomon on their flags. The symbol was popular among the Turkish beyliks, and was later used by the #Ottomans in their mosque decorations.
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#Ethiopia-#Eritrea:PM #AbiyAhmed makes unannounced visit to Port #Massawa & #Assab today, ETV & FanaBc said. It follows last night's announcement that an Ethiopian commercial ship was scheduled to dock in in port Massawa after 20 yrs. PM Abiy was welcomed by Pres. Isaias Afwerki.
Update: PM #AbiyAhmed visited port #Assab & the 71km long road which stretches from #Ethiopian border to the port. He is also expected to visit port of Massawa this afternoon

⏩Ethiopian commercial ship will dock today at #Massawa Port from #SaudiArabia…
Update: PM #AbiyAhmed will have two days of official visit to #Eritrea during which he will also travel to the capital #Asmara and "will hold extensive discussions with President Isaias Afwerki to assess and expedite implementation of the agreement of 9 July," @hawelti said.
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Breaking: #Ethiopian investment board lifts restrictions on logistics industry reserved exclusively for Ethiopians, opens sector for joint venture… decision will allow JV participation of international logistics service providers holding up to 49% or less
Art.3.1(b) of Ethiopia's Investment Regulation states that “packaging, forwarding & shipping agency services” are “exclusively reserved for Ethiopians.” Today's decision reversed that regulation & opened sector for international logistics service providers as minority share
"Today’s decision tops any of the policy shifts introduced recently since PM #AbiyAhmed came to office. A 27 year old closed sector-logistics is now open for JV arrangements. A great move towards improving competitiveness of Ethiopia in manufacturing for export.” @BelachewM
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#Ethiopia:The fed defense forcea moving into #Jigjiga city, the capital of the Ethiopian #Somali regional state, after attempts to summon the region's Pres., Abdi Illey, to #AddisAbeba failed & reports that he ordered thousands of Liyu Police to move to the city. 📷 @oladmohamed
Update:This came after Abdi sent members of Liyu police to disrupt ongoing meeting by hundreds of Ethio #Somalis in #DireDawa city. As partial result of the threat the city declared a military command post on Thursday. The gathering in Dire Dawa is called to denounce Abdi Illey.
Update: As per a gov source, since Thursday, thousands of members of the Liyu Police were told by Abdi to move into #Jigjiga. He was then asked to come with key members of his cabinet to AA to discuss the ongoing situation. "He declined & the security situation calls for caution"
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