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The ⁦@carmelpinecone⁩ is doing better journalism than the @mcweekly, the Weekly failed to connect the dots between alleged sleep rapist ret. ⁦@MCoSheriff⁩ deputy Nat DiMaggio and Dave Bernahl - his close friend and boss with Pebble Beach F/W. That's #CanneryRow's

protégée Dave Bernahl (not to be confused with corrupt Sheriff Steve Bernal). Bernahl and DiMaggio were part of a whisper campaign against Sheriff Scott Miller - gossiping that Miller was pinching butts at 1833 a restaurant controlled by Bernahl.

It was all bullshit, but ...

Elections everywhere are a hot mess and the hope is truth, however slim, reaches the voter. In small and insular communities (where many of us exist) truth can be more elusive than DC, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and a few others.

Newspapers have been destroyed.
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This is a scumbag folks. Former Monterey County Sheriff Mike Kanalakis. An elected official so sleazy I once set up a meet with him in the back of Corral de Tierra in the parking lot of the Good Shepherd Church so he could tell me how much he would appreciate me not supporting

one of his opponents. Then he told me he was going to have Fred Garcia arrested. Garcia was running against Kanalakis in 2010.

Mike Kanalakis one sued one of the #CanneryRow boys because he tripped and fell on their property while responding to an alarm call.

Kanalakis liked to hang out at the gate house at Pebble Beach and an alarm call came in for Ted Balestreri's house. Kanalakis took the call - of course, and then his physically challenged self fell and broke his ankle.

Kanalakis sued and used Dean Flippo's law firm.
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In Monterey County the voters elected a criminal to be top cop.

Steve didn't start out that way but he is a spoiled rich kid*, installed by hundred-millionaire oil and gas relatives AND Monterey County Agricultural giants like Bruce Taylor of @YourTaylorFarms and Dave Gil of

Gil Onions and other massive, money making ventures. Dave Gil's son murdered someone in South County, all real hush-hush and all, being it's a local rich guy - and they kept the kid out of prison.

So you can understand what having the Sheriff in your back pocket means to

them. Steve Bernal was also supported by the two big shots on #CanneryRow. Ted Balestreri and Burt Cutino.

Those two and their names have long been mentioned in many a whisper campaign about narcos, money laundering and organized crime.

So Bernal isn't batting 100 here.
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... someone who is a someone, has been doing honorable and ethical service for the United States government - for the benefit of the USA, including some of our more secretive institutions asked me recently:

"What's your opinion of Kelly McMillin (former @SalinasPD chief)?"

I told this person, "I have a low opinion of @Kelly_McMillin".

Pretty much sums it up.

... and this:

(Rob Weakley and his former business partner David Bernahl got their start, reportedly, on #CanneryRow)
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Phillip Vito DiGirolamo
N. D. Cal. 1984

Conspiracy to import #marijuana, 21 U.S.C. § 963; willfully subscribing to a false tax return, 26 U.S.C. § 7206(1)

And this wasn't some dime bag weed dealer. Phil and a guy named Bruce Perlowin (Google it) ran $985,000,000 through

a money laundering entity called First Cabin LLC - located at? #CanneryRow

Isn't that right @MontereyPolice? <~ proud moment for MPD. All under their nose 😉

A bunch of cops wives worked for First Cabin LLC - which is odd.

These people ran boats Phil and his homeboys

purchased for $11,000,000.00

They named their boats various versions of 'Taylor Day'

THE Taylor Day was seized by the Nicaraguan government.

What exactly were we doing in Nicaragua in the 1980s❓

Running dope, guns and money for an illegal war

Strange that Leon Panetta's
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The intro to the @PacificGrove city council, as they say farewells, can best be described as saccharine.

This is a city so bold that it's one major accomplishment (minus the massive financial impropriety) was awarding fmr. Mayor Morrie Fisher free life-time golf.


A city manager who PG bought a platinum level flight plan so he could junket back to SoCal for this and that.


Ya know, and #CanneryRow.…

The police chief of @PacificGrovePD is speaking on the #BlackLivesMatter issue. The "f" BLM issue.

And the Chief blames Government Code Section 3300-3312. Colloquially referred to as the Police Officers Bill of Rights. But the Chief claims that the process works.
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Has anyone thought about this #COVID reality. People are going to work with a fever hoping it's not anything serious - because they don't have any sick time left, there is no support and they are broke.

This is an epic failure of government.

@RepJimmyPannetta, my rep. in Cali

D20 makes approx. $200,000+ total compensation per year. He has never had to work for anything. Just show up. His wife was given a second judgeship by @JerryBrownGov in what Brown described as "unusual" (but did it anyway) and she makes over $200,000 a year in total comp.

Jimmy's dad, the "great" Leon Panetta has made millions off his name and his time as CIA Dir., SecDef, and COS to Bill Clinton.

Leon is 81 years old and 5 years ago the guy buying up all of #Malibu on PCH, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, gave Leon a board seat worth
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Monterey County's District Attorney Jeannine Pacione came out of a corrupt culture within unchecked the MCDA.

Pacione's predecessor's former boss, Bill Curtis, was told to step down and two State investigators came to Monterey County with a two inch file on Curtis.


Bill Curtis was insulated for a time by Edwin Meese, the corrupt US Attorney General for the United States of America.

Curtis was able to keep some cases from investigation because of that cozy relationship.

When a clean CA Attorney General, John Van de Kamp

came in, in 1983, it didn't take him long to see how bad things were in Monterey County.

That is when Van de Kamp sent his men down here to MoCo. They told Bill Curtis the bad news. Step aside or be prosecuted. "tap tap on the two inch file".

In politics everything is
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Imperative that people tune into this meeting. Monterey has a long history of business with the illegal and dangerous drug trade. In the 1980’s a money laundering operation named First Cabin LLC was operating on #CanneryRow with the knowledge and acceptance of local LEOs. (Their

wives worked for the entity, ask Terry Pfau) and it facilitated the movement of cash to the tune of approximately $980,000,000 (in 1980’s dollars)

Bruce Perlowin spread $11,500,000 out to buy the boats and pay off local judges and cops.

This was a MAJOR operation. ImageImage

Who are we kidding?

Think Leon Panetta, @RepJimmyPanetta’s dad didn’t know about this?

Think again.

Think Sam Farr didn’t know about this?

Who was the sheriff at the time?

This is why integrity matters, @kellymcmillan

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“David Ragent, who is the risk manager at Drew-Massa Transportation, has worked with Drew for the past six years. In 2014, Ragent said he noticed Drew’s request for a pardon was sitting fallow for quite some time and was wondering what the holdup was.”…

Wait, wait, wait, one second - this isn’t the same former #CanneryRow attorney who was disbarred, is it? That same dude ended up working for John Phillips’ pal Dave Drew?

And John Phillips has a long history with Cannery Row and First Cabin LLC?

What is really going on? Image

That seems like a clue of some kind @FBISanFrancisco - I think we can determine who was really pushing for the pardon, and why.

The mobsters wanted it to happen. Why?

And all our local officials and our local press is completely silent. Why is that @JimJohnson_MCH ? Image
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Hey @bradleyzeve, you’re a news guy, you say. Who are the signed partners in #FirstCabinLLC?

Is that “Charlie” Keeley’s husband?

(Charlie Keeley being the Number 2 at the #MontereyCounty District Attorney’s office - how’d that work out)

First Cabin was a money laundering op. Image

And it’s offices were ... wait for it, wait for it ... on #CanneryRow.

Was that a coincidence or did Cannery Row have a special place in the Phil ‘Didge’ $985,000,000 Narco Trafficking operation of the 1980’s?

Boats, like the Taylor Day, one seized by the

government of Nicaragua?

They were running guns down and bringing dope back up were they? Flooding the streets with dope and dope “culture” so they all could get rich?

@HaffaAlan what is your understanding of this @CityofMonterey history?

@Calkins_Royal @VoicesofBay
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1/ 🚨🚨🚨

Potter is an elected official who has access to millions of dollars - but as the @MontereyHerald reported - when @JoeLivernois & @Calkins_Royal were in charge - he wasn’t a great businessman.

But LH set up a trust to help him get his Casa in the CCBTS. Easy.


Now his job, when he isn’t performing his duties as Mayor of #Carmel, is lobbying for the billion dollar #marijuana business.

Convenient. Friends in #high places.

@mcgreevy99 has written extensively (@latimes) about the 420 industry and allegations of #publiccorruption

in #LosAngeles and #SantaBarbara county.

We know the County of San Luis Obispo was just raided under the authority of a sealed federal search warrant investigation (*reported* by @CalCoastNews )looking into #paytoplay - involving their elected board of supervisors - in
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