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Happening Now: Protesters Gather At Hollywood And Vine In #LosAngeles #California

Chants Of "Our Kids Are Not For Sale" Can Be Heard Coming From The Group.. "Save Our Children Protest" #LosAngeles #California

Current Size Of The Group #LosAngeles #California

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Right Now: Anitfa Gather In The Streets Of East Los Angeles For A "Juvenile Detention Center Protest" LAPD Follow Closely Behind #LosAngeles #California
Helicopters Above Light Up The Group With A Spotlight As They Move Through The Streets #LosAngeles #California
The Antifa Cover One Of The Group Members With A Banner While One Of Them Spray Paint A Nearby Wall #LosAngeles #California
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Hate crimes against Asian Americans and other members of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in #LosAngeles rose sharply in 2020, mirroring a national trend and causing concern among police and local advocacy organizations.…
According to a report presented to the Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday, there were 15 anti-Asian hate crimes reported in the city in 2020, compared with seven in 2019, marking a 114% increase.…
Police and advocates said they believe many more incidents occur than are reported, and that they are working to better identify, track and record such encounters and conduct more outreach in local Asian communities to encourage reporting by victims.…
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#SleepyJoe is a #DCSwamp Creature

#Obama was a FRAUD

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks have SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

Q: Where are those #ChinaVirus Checks? Where are the Jobs? Where are the Good Schools?


#WhoKilledKobe ?

Maybe someone should ask.
#WhoKilledTupac ?

(and Why?)

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A #California program intended to improve #COVID_19 #vaccine availability to people in hard-hit communities of color is being misused by outsiders who are grabbing appointments reserved for residents of underserved Black and Latino areas.…
Those codes have been circulating in group texts and messages among the wealthier, work-from-home set in Los Angeles, The Times has learned.

Many of those people are not yet eligible for the vaccine under state rules.…
State officials have been contacted by over 2,000 community groups interested in participating in the program, according to Cal OES spokesperson Brian Ferguson.

Problems with the program emerged early last week, shortly after the codes became available.…
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Good news: 1.7M #COVID19 #vaccine doses given in #LosAngeles!
Bad news: vaccination program is leaving behind Black and Hispanic seniors, perpetuating existing #healthdisparities

This is an *access* issue, as current system relies on technology, outreach, and transportation
These are the same maps we saw for access to testing and #COVID19 infections throughout the pandemic.

It is disheartening that the same communities that were hardest hit by the pandemic have the lowest access to #vaccines @skarlamangla

Community health should not be based upon community wealth, but we see this throughout our health system. Sadly, our vaccination program feeds directly into this system. We need to remove barriers to access for our underserved communities. @ronlin…
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New maps of #LosAngeles County show inequalities in #COVID_19 cases and disparities in vaccination rates.

So far 12% of the county's 10 million residents have been vaccinated.…
Priority was given to healthcare workers, residents of long-term care facilities and people 65 years and older.

A closer look at the map shows that #COVID_19 #vaccination numbers can vary widely from place to place.…
In some neighborhoods on the wealthy Westside such as #BeverlyHills, 25% of residents have already received the first dose of the two-shot vaccine.…
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Good morning and welcome to the weekend! Day 13 of our collab with artist Greg Edwards (@GregtheGrouch) features Amanda Gorman, who at 22 is the youngest entry of this series. Her story demonstrates the empowerment that comes with having a voice & creative outlet.

#BHM #thread Image
Poet and activist Amanda Gorman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1998. She grew up with a speech impediment and has an auditory condition making her hypersensitive to sound.

Facing these conditions, Amanda did not despair. Writing in 2018, she said,

“I always saw it as a strength because since I was experiencing these obstacles in terms of my auditory and vocal skills, I became really good at reading and writing."

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According to new research from Cedars-Sinai, a new strain of coronavirus has been detected in more than one-third of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles and
may lead to the acceleration of the recent surge of cases across Southern California. It is suspected that the strain designated by the investigators as CAL.20C is partially responsible for the drastic rise in cases over the last two months.
The results from Cedars-Sinai did not suggest whether the strain is more deadly than existing coronavirus types. CAL.20C is different from the form of the virus recognized in Britain-;known as B.1.1.7-;that is spreading in the U.S. and
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Like most of us, Amanda Gorman has been cooped up in her West #LosAngeles apartment because of the pandemic.

Unlike most of us, she got some very exciting news recently: she’d been handpicked to read a poem at President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.… Image
Gorman, all of 22, became the Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles at age 16 in 2014 and the first National Youth Poet Laureate three years later.

Come Wednesday, she will be the youngest poet to recite her work at a presidential inauguration.…
The incoming first lady, Jill Biden, was a fan of her work, and convinced the inaugural committee Gorman would be a perfect fit.… Image
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Right Now: BLM Protesters Gather In A March For "Human Rights" Outside The Justice Center In #LosAngeles #California

Source: Precious Child (Youtube)
Police Stand At The Ready As The BLM Protesters Continue To Yell #LosAngeles #California
BLM Leave The Area To Continue To Protest In The Streets #LosAngeles #California
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LA Protest to demand George Gascon bring charges on the assaulters of Berlinda Nibo that took place at last week’s Stop the Steal rally #laprotest #LosAngeles #berlindanibo
LAPD was asked to intervene in Berlin’s Nibo’s assault but they were “too busy” watching a building... #LAPD
Speaker is wearing a yellow bandana for Tatiana Turner who was also ambushed by MAGAs in Yorba Linda— Tia has been sitting in jail for months after attempting to quickly escape the MAGA crowd and hitting someone on the way out with her car #TatianaTurner
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Reports Of An Active Mass Shooting: 6 People Dead Suspect Barricaded Himself

#LosAngeles #California
On The Ground Footage Of The Area
#LosAngeles #California

Another Angle Of The Area Helicopters Seen Flying Above
#LosAngeles #California
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Rescue workers in the US district of Los Angeles are now instructed not to bring certain patients with a low chance of survival to hospitals because of the overload caused by the corona wave.
If resuscitation on site is unsuccessful in the event of a cardiac arrest, the patients should "not be transported", according to an order from the emergency services.
Many hospitals in the populous district "have reached a crisis point and are already making very tough decisions about patient care," said health department chief Christina Ghaly, the L.A. Times.
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L.A. County has 88 cities, each w/ a mayor and city council.
Los Angeles is the most populous county in the United States, with more than 10 million inhabitants as of 2018. It is the largest non–state-level govt entity in the United States.
Its population is greater than that of 41 individual U.S. states. It includes the Port of L.A. and LAX.
It has over 10,000 police.
@MayorOfLA Instead of increasing the LAPD budget 40% for more overtime, why not hire more mental health workers, retrain officers and open..
2/ based units instead of rewarding exhausted, tired, overworked and short tempered Police with overtime?

Just a thought.

#PoliceReform #LosAngeles #MayorGarcetti

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💞💞💞💞💙💙💙🗡🗡♾We have a strong shield and armor set imbued with the “#VioletFlame💜.” It may be the strongest defense of all time. #Archangel #Metatron’s Broad Sword is in play!♾🗡🗡💙💙💙💞💞💞💞
🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜🛡🛡♾The #VioletFlame💜 is set for 6!!!!!! (24 ArchAngel’s, 2 + 4 = 6) This movement is made to have a balanced armor imbuement.♾🛡🛡💜💜💜
*Do not try to #wield_weapons if there is no #pure #love in your heart for your motions and the attached beings.*🖤🖤🖤🖤
♾The #VioletFlame💜 team for today's #archangelic date which is: "∞119B3∞-∞ZDDDD∞-∞PNNNNN∞-∞B2(T)
(T)∞" = #ArchangelGermaine💜#ArchangelAnsiel💜#ArchangelRaguel💜#ArchangelOrion💜#ArchangelSablo💜#ArchangelBriathos💜#ArchangelAgla💜#ArchangelHarahel💜#ArchangelZadekiel
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Just got to the Beverly Hills Trump Rally— Jesus, this is going to be nuts

#BeverlyHills #LosAngeles #LAProtests #TrumpVirus #TrumpsAmerikkka
Beverly Hills Trump March began— guy at the end of video I saw earlier at the LAPD rally— he told me “he’d take care of me later”

#LosAngeles #LAProtests #laprotest #BLM #BlackLivesMatter
This video MAGA dude told me “he’ll take care of me later”

#LosAngeles #LAProtests #laprotest #BlackLivesMatter
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LAPD rally today at the LAPD Academy— hello Proud Boy. LAPD breaks up #fight between a Proud Boy and BLM. Proud Boy assumes BLM is all fatherless and finds that hilarious (noted at the end of video)

#BlackLivesMatter #laprotest #losangeles #LosAngeles #BLM #lapd #WhiteSupremacy
Clearly Proud Boys are not “okay” with homosexuals. At LAPD rally today, Proud Body makes homophobic statement and tells me to go home because I’m a “little girl”

#laprotest #LosAngeles #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Homophobia #misogyny #WhiteSupremacy
Same Proud Boy at LAPD rally today happily posing for the camera showing off his “PB” shirt and a white power hand gesture

#racist #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteSupremacists #Neonazis #ameriKKKa #LosAngeles #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
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#USA #LosAngeles #Rocketman

Pilots of a China Airlines plane claim to have spotted a person with a rocket backpack flying over the US metropolis.
Allegedly, the person with the so-called jetpack was traveling around 1800 meters about eleven kilometers north of the international airport, said the aviation authority FAA.
The FBI Federal Police are investigating reports and investigating the incident. In aviation circles, however, there is speculation as to whether this is really a person with a jetpack or perhaps a drone.
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High Speed Chase In Uhaul Truck In Los Angeles Ends As Police And Streamer Get Into It.

2 in custody after pursuit of suspected stolen U-Haul truck ends in Long Beach
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1️⃣ #Unit400 is the special forces unit of the #QudsForce, focused on planning and conducting attacks outside #Iran. Within this remit, it also takes responsibility for transferring #military aid to terror and #guerrilla organisations around the world...
2️⃣ and coordinating their activities in order to prepare them to carry out attacks that serve the interests of the Iranian regime...

The HQ of #QudsForce's #Unit400 is in southeast #Tehran (Iran) The office run by the unit commander, Hamed Abdallahi.
3️⃣ Both the #IRGC and #QudsForce have been secretive and #Iran keeps most, if not all, of their activities and resources well guarded. However, given the #military unit’s expansive operations, they developed another section within the organisation for more specialised operations.
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"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the #trump of #God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first..."


#GodWins Image

1 JOHN 2:22

Who is a liar but he that denieth that #Jesus is the #Christ?
He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

😇🙏💪 Image

If you haven't read Part 1 here is a link😇

Also read the Book of Revelation please😇

Also download the Book of Enoch please😇

Enoch is an amazing text to have on hand Image
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1. Deadline in 1 hour - 5pm PST to make comments on the @LACountyRRCC #Voting system known as #VSAP #VotingSolutionsforAllPeople. You can email Sect of State Alex Padilla @AlexPadilla4CA at - right now! & for the next hour. #SecurityFail #LAVotes
2. We're asking @CASOSvote @AlexPadilla4CA & LA Supervisors @HildaSolis @mridleythomas @SheilaKuehl @SupJaniceHahn @kathrynbarger to repair the dangerous risky #Security flaws in the #VSAP system prior to any further certification. Petition here… #LAVotes
3. What is wrong with the "Voting Solutions for All People?" It sounds so perfect. If only the system was as good as the name. A coalition of good govt groups signed a letter detailing some of the problems that need to be addressed:… #LAVotes #SecurityFail
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