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@ThyConsigliori NOOOOO He does not need to pardon. Not even close. They had to dismiss because of the court errors and false charges to begin with. A pardon implies #MichaelFlynn was guilty, when he was not. I don't know how you can't understand what a pardon is, the rest of your
@ThyConsigliori argument about the corrupt system is correct. It would weaken Michael Flynn's innocence to have Trump issue a pardon. He WON his freedom back by proving their corruption , fraud, treason, blackmail.
@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 Beat the broken system 100%. They are toast
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D.C. Circuit set to hear arguments here in a few minutes on #MichaelFlynn's petition to force the district judge on his case to grant DOJ's motion to dismiss the prosecution. I'll have live updates. @CourthouseNews
U.S. Circuit Judges Neomi Rao (Trump), Robert Wilkins (Obama) and Karen Henderson (George H. W. Bush) will hear the case this morning. Listen in with me:
Sidney Powell up first for Flynn urging the D.C. Circuit to stop further “immersible intrusion” in executive branch power by Judge Sullivan. "There is nothing further for the court to do."
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‼️ NEW: Former judge appointed in #MichaelFlynn case:

" The Court should therefore deny the Government’s motion to dismiss, adjudicate any remaining motions, and then sentence the Defendant."
Here is Ret. Judge Gleeson's filing:…
"Flynn has indeed committed perjury in these proceedings, for which he deserves punishment...[The Court] should take Flynn’s perjury into account in sentencing him on the offense to which he has already admitted guilt."
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“Taking on All the Pseudo-Constitutionalist!” Watch Full Segment Here:
Welcoming, and thanking Carl H. & Joel S. To my #CommonSense Community at #Patreon. Join me on Patreon!
This is the voice of “One World Gov”, #NWO. There is this thing called sovereignty. And within this sovereignty no one has voted and elected you to inject your order here, #UN. We address it as we deem right, ourselves. Get lost now.- - -… #
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EXCLUSIVE: #MichaelFlynn, #Kislyak transcripts transmitted to Congress after DNI declassification…
NEW: "In response to bipartisan requests regarding the LTG #MichaelFlynn (Retired) transcripts, please find the enclosed declassified documents," #Ratcliffe wrote to Johnson and Grassley cc'ing Rubio, Schiff, Warner, Feinstein, Nunes.
Flynn-Kislyak call transcripts released showing fateful talks on sanctions
In transcript, #MichaelFlynn repeatedly urges #Kiskyak not to dramatically escalate tensions in response to #sanctions by Obama admin.
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@DonaldJTrumpJr @RichardGrenell Nobody wants to feel fooled I know I didn't like it but he's doxxing us all and you're helping them. So... Waiting mfers. Pardon for Trump kids.
@DonaldJTrumpJr @RichardGrenell .@POTUS giving you 5 of my mins to break it down quick...
@DonaldJTrumpJr @RichardGrenell @POTUS Hear me out... They all sat in a room togetger a came up with a plan to stay in power after your dad won. Its a meticulous plan to coup @realDonaldTrump ...
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NEW: declassified Susan Rice email shows @Comey suggested “sensitive” info on Russia not be shared with #MichaelFlynn…
NEW: Susan Rice email says: "From a national security perspective, @Comey said he does have some concerns that incoming NSA Flynn is speaking frequently with Russian Ambassador Kislyak." #MichaelFlynn
NEW: Susan Rice email says "#Comey said that could be an issue as it relates to sharing sensitive information."
"President Obama asked if Comey was saying that the NSC should not pass sensitive information related to Russia to Flynn."
"Comey replied 'potentially.'" #MichaelFlynn
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1/ Real talk: we can (and should) dunk all day on the credulous fools & cynical grifters desperately pushing the #ObamaGate / #SubpoenaObama narrative, but it is if nothing else a bleak reminder that most of this country has no more than a 4th-grade understanding of basic civics.
2/ Obama had credible evidence--entirely apart from the Steele dossier, which also FWIW came from a credible source & had plenty of truth in it--that a Presidential campaign was, to some degree, coordinating with a foreign power. That's more than enough to open an investigation.
3/ #MichaelFlynn was known by then to be operating as an unregistered agent for Turkey, & involved in a plan to unlawfully kidnap a foreign national w/no criminal charges from the US for torture/imprisonment. Also in touch with Russia, for some reason? That's an investigation.
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NEW: #Russia probe files released as part of DOJ's move to drop #MichaelFlynn case are raising new Qs about a Jan. 2017 email @AmbassadorRice sent to herself.
A source close to @senjudiciary tells me investigators are now looking at that email more closely…
An exhibit in DOJ's motion to dismiss #MichaelFlynn case detailed a special counsel intvu w/ former Deputy Attorney General #SallyYates & indicated @BarackObama was aware of Flynn’s intercepted Dec. 2016 phone calls w/ then-Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak during the transition period
The document noted #SallyYates learned about the calls during a Jan 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting with Obama, Susan Rice, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.
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This HONEST documentary/expose has been censored by TWITTER and YOUTUBE. Finally they are running it on their own website, independent of any social media platform.
(Dont EVER forget who is censoring us, the ones we rely on the most.🤬 )
Look at this BULL SHIT!!!
Remember these names of those who would SILENCE THE TRUTH.
The level of top-down control and censorship is ASTOUNDING.

#DrJudyMikovits is the #MichaelFlynn of Virology.
She is over the 🎯 and she should sue their asses off!!
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Let's not forget Judge Sullivan's words about #MichaelFlynn: “This is a very serious offense,” “Arguably, you sold your country out.” Flynn is “an unregistered agent of a foreign country, while serving as the national security adviser to the president of the United States.”
“[Flynn] was a high-ranking government official, advising the president of the United States,” Sullivan said. “I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain, for this criminal offense.”
“I can’t promise you a sentence that involves no jail time." “You understand why” I was concerned, the judge told Flynn’s attorney Robert Kelner. “This sounds like a backpedaling on the acceptance of responsibility.”
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.@JudicialWatch President @TomFitton made the following statement on the decision by the Department of Justice to drop its case against former National Security Adviser LTG #MichaelFlynn (1/3).
.@JudicialWatch welcomes the DOJ’s decision to exonerate General Flynn, an American hero who was victimized by the Obama admin & the Deep State. The targeting of Gen. Flynn was a key part of the Obama/Clinton/Deep State coup against @realDonaldTrump (2/3).
Judicial Watch commends the heroic work of Gen. Flynn’s legal team, led by Sidney Powell, that exposed the criminal conduct by FBI & DOJ officials behind Flynn’s illicit prosecution (3/3).
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How rockstupid do you have to be to believe #FlynnExonerated/#FlynnWasFramed? Have you never seen 30 seconds of a single cop show?

Cops routinely set people up to lie. They can legally *lie to get them to lie.* Welcome to the USA.

You fucking children.

You absolute babies.
my stars, they were openly discussing whether or not they had to warn an adult man w/top security clearance who they already had on tape lying about a thing that it would be a crime to lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the same thing, my heavens, my fainting salts
I once had to sit through a painful immigration interview in which USCIS grilled my client *with video running* w/the express purpose of catching him in a demonstrable lie. Told client as soon as we walked in the room that this wasn't a game. He lied anyway. Fucking *life,* man
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New #Qanon thread January 30th - Q post 3806: Q links a post of #LindseyGraham explaining how the #President was completely in his legal right to pursue actual crimes committed by high ranking politicians. He also stated the #Bidens are being looked at outside! #ImpeachmentEnd
Q post 3807: Q points out Sept 19th, 2018 to watch the opponent who decide to run in 2020 because they will say @realDonaldTrump cannot go against his political enemies. See #JoeBiden & #HunterBiden. Also see #TomSteyer #MichaelBloomberg all running out of the blue.
Q post 3808: Q posts a link to an article about #JeffSessions opened 27 investigations into leaking w/ political motives in the gov. Q is stating that the whistleblowers to be revealed in these investigations were 2 sources on the #NationalSecurityCouncil…
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Federal prosecutors say #MichaelFlynn should get jail time. They are asking for the guideline sentence of 0-6 months in prison, citing Flynn's failure to accept responsibility and his efforts to undermine prosecutors.

Six months is a walk for this guy. He deserves far more.
#MichaelFlynn was a foreign agent while was working for Trump's campaign. And against direct advice from Obama to Trump to steer clear of Flynn, who Obama fired, Trump made him NSA. #SallyYates resigned over her warning to Trump about Flynn, for anyone who forgets the trajectory.
The guy who led the chants of #LockHerUp at the RNC and who tweeted every day in the weeks before the election about Hillary deserves to be in prison himself. He also promoted #Pizzagate and put the US at risk.
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“Sibel Edmonds Presents: #Gulen & Concocting the #Flynn Scandal: A Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspiracy” 1st Time Public & Open to All! #GeneralFlynn #CIA #Clinton #FBI Watch Here:
My personal yet informed opinion: Had he not been forced out General #Flynn would have made the best National Security Advisor in the last 5+ decades. Not only due to his stellar military record-experience, but also his superb geopolitical & national security expertise.
You know how the judge/court threw out #BijanKian Case in #Flynn case? same thing should’ve happened with #Flynn court case. Look, it takes a party of two (or more) to conspire. In this case with 1 of the 2 out, the conspiracy goes out as well.…
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* #CarterPage worked with Russians since 2013 (3 years before Trump ran) - adopted by Trump as an advisor (Charged and under GOP-exposed FISA warrant)
* #PaulManafort worked for Russians for Ukraine 15 years - hired by Trump as Campaign Manager (Guilty/2nd case/plea deal) /1
* #MichaelFlynn: worked with Russians and foreign governments - hired by Trump as National Security Advisor (Guilty/co-operating)
* #georgepapadopoulos: meets with Russians contradicting oaths given - hired by Trump as campaign Foreign Policy Advisor (Guilty/ co-operating) /2
* #FelixSater: quote "I will get Putin in on this, WE will get Donald elected" - hired by Trump as election liaison (money laundering/co-operating)
* #RickGates: w/Manafort 8 years, earned millions for Russia - hired by Trump as Sr. Deputy Campaign (guilty/ co-operating) /3
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💣🔥💥🍿🐾#SamPatten is a starter on this menu. A thread on #Trump #Putin #Collusion: from pop-singers in Taj Mahal to weapons in Syria, plus what Satan, black cats, soccer, Patriarchs & judo wrestling have in common. Tarantino, it is not. Oh, plus #CambridgeAnalytica. 👇
1. #SamPatten admitted failing to register in the U.S. as a foreign agent for his work lobbying on behalf of a Ukrainian political party. Breaking. 👇
2. "The nature of his cooperation isn’t clear." (Yes, but the connections are telling.👇 ) . Patten worked with Manafort and & on microtargeting operations with Cambridge Analytica.…
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😡😬On November 6, 2016, in desperation and trying to stop the inevitable insanity, I explained how #MichaelFlynn , #PaulManafort, #CarterPage, #FellixSater and #DonaldTrump are connected with #Russia and work for the #Kremlin.…
As of August 21, 2018: 1. #Flynn: About to be sentenced but is still waiting as Mueller’s team "could believe Flynn has more information that is useful to the…
#Manafort: "found guilty on eight counts of fraud. Jury said it could not reach consensus on the other 10 charges against him. The charges carry a maximum sentence of decades in prison"…
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Thanks to the @washingtonpost for this:
Just to make this clear, let’s remind ourselves of the top Trump administration officials who have left in disgrace, been credibly accused of corruption or incompetence, or both. Here’s a partial list:
#MichaelFlynn, natl security adviser: On job <1 month b4 resigning; pleaded guilty to lying to #FBI re contacts w/#Russia.
#ReincePriebus, chief of staff: Resigned after 6 mos, comically ineffectual.
#SeanSpicer, press sec: Terrible liar, resigned after 6 mos.
#AnthonyScaramucci, communications director: Lasted 10 days after series of unhelpful media appearances.
#RobPorter, staff sec: Resigned after allegatns of domestic abuse surfaced frm 2 ex-wives.
#StephenBannon, chief strategist: Pushed out after 7 tumultuous mos.
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COMEY MEMOS: (THREAD) Working my way through the 15 pages of #ComeyMemos. Here are the most important and/or shocking revelations: 1/
During #Comey's 1/6/17 at Trump Tower, @Comey told Trump that the Russians allegedly had tapes involving Trump & prostitutes at a Moscow hotel in 2013. Could these be the infamous #PeeTapes? #ComeyMemos 2/
Trump also praised #Comey on 1/6/17 for his handling of the #ClintonEmails investigation. @realDonaldTrump lavished praise on @Comey, indicating that Comey had conducted himself "honorably" and had a great reputation. #ComeyMemos 3/
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