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It's been more than a decade since I began thrilling to @beatonna's spectacular, hilarious snark-history webcomic "Hark! A Vagrant," pioneering work that mixed deceptively simple lines, superb facial expressions, and devastating historical humor:… 1/ The cover of the Drawn & Quarterly edition of Kate Beaton's
Beaton developed Hark! into a more explicit political allegory, managing the near-impossible trick of being trenchant and topical while still being explosively funny. 2/
Her second Hark! collection, *Step Aside, Pops*, remains essential reading, if only for her brilliant #StrawFeminists:… 3/
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Estoy explorando @joinmastodon pero no dejo twitter x todo lo q he aprendido aquí.

Hay cosas q me gustan bastante:

➡️ Hay menos interferencias (anuncios, trolls, haters)

➡️ y eso hace que el medio sea más propicio al intercambio constructivo, sin postureos

Hay cosas de @joinmastodon que me gustan <:

➡️ Es menos global (dooo de entrada). Es una red de servidores independientes (Fediverse). Tu fuente / audiencia primaria es tu servidor (comunidad)

➡️ Es más difícil buscar: La búsqueda por texto libre no existe

Ambas desventajas 👆🏻 lo son por diseño (buscadas) y son muy útiles para lograr las características que más me gustan de @joinmastodon

Allá no hay algoritmo y tus likes no contribuyen a difundir información ni a priorizarla

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Economic Horror (Isssue 999+): Hey, I just became a self-employed writer of middling success. Here’s why, in the US, I’m literally afraid to go pick up the prescription medication I already paid for #contentwarning #economictrauma #medicaldebt #mentalhealth
I’m very lucky and well-supported by a wonderful community of friends, readers, and players. That means I can afford a decent enough plan — which means monthly co-pays in the $400 range.
Keep in mind, this number is based on rebates calculated by my tax predictions (good thing we don’t hold elections or change legslation anymore! Otherwise that would be a terrible system!).
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We shine a spotlight on the 12 year ongoing legal battle of Kondh adivasi women of Vakapalli, Andhra Pradesh who were raped by the personnel of “Greyhounds” anti-naxal force of the state in 2007
This is their story
#VakapalliRapes #AdivasiWomen #AdivasiLivesMatter
20th August 2007: 11 Kondh adivasi women in Vakapalli village in G Madugula mandal, an agency area in Visakhapatnam distr, were raped at gunpoint by 21 personnel of Greyhound, an elite anti-naxal force of AP, while the men were away in the fields

“It was around 6 a.m. 21 police personnel, without any provocation pulled some of us into the huts and others into the turmeric fields and started raping us at gunpoint”, recounted a victim to The Hindu.

#VakapalliRapes #AdivasiWomen #AdivasiLivesMatter
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OK my @medium account got "caught in the spam filter" & has been restored so let me try this #thread again. I've been working for several months on a series of blogs explaining trolling & botting tactics used by 4chan during the election. #ContentWarning:…
Several months ago @elimisteve from @PursuanceProj found a series of pastebins and sent them to me. 4chan trolls studied learned graphic design software to make memes, memetic warfare and botting to troll the election.…
The 1st part is an 8chan thread by someone who claimed to have worked in the marketing & advertising industry. The explain various components of effective graphic design & instructions for /pol/ to “normalize” their message to blend in with the normies.…
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"Why would she wait until now to report the sexual assault?"

A Thread.

#Kavanaugh #RapeCulture #ContentWarning
I write a lot of poems about sexual assault and rape culture. I perform these poems at slams all over the country, and when I do, women come up to me after the slam to tell me their stories.

So I'm not merely speaking about my own experience; this is a collective femme Catch 22.
The pressure is on us to report quickly; but victims are emotionally compromised by the situation.

94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of PTSD in the 2 weeks after the assault.

-via RAINN
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