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When the revelation is so big you can’t formulate a coherent sentence, but still can’t work the periscope.
Sup @Comey 🕶
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Maxine Waters is an Absolute Embarrassment and a Disgrace to our Country and our Federal Government.

#DemExit Don’t just #WalkAway #RunAway and don’t look back.
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
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Alexandria Occasional Coherent mocking people in the South with her fake accent.

Anyone voting Democrat in America today is either totally uninformed, brainwashed, completely stupid or a public enemy of America!

#Demexit don’t just #WalkAway #RunAway
She does has a point. If someone can go from being a waitress/bartender with no understanding of the political system, to being a part of Congress over night, then WE all are in trouble. Not saying it's not possible, but what kind of training and hard work gets you into Congress?
If you listen to her long enough you might actually feel sorry for her. There she is 29 years old, in Congress and showing everyone how ignorant she is. She surely needs history lessons and she needs to learn how to say what she's trying to say without so many useless words.
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Reparations? Who is @SenWarren @ewarren pandering to?

She wants victims-by-proxy for dead slaves, but does nothing to stop modern slavery and sex trafficking of live slaves, real victims who can be saved.

Anything to divide us. #PatriotsUnited! 1 of 4…
Anyone old enough to remember that Kamala had a "anti-lynching" bill pending that was going nowhere so Jussie Smollett tried to play the race card and got bagged bigly?

That was all to lay the groundwork for this #reparations nonsense.

#WAKEUPAMERICA #DemExit #QAnon 2 of 4
Dem's want to make sheeple victim-by-proxy for dead slaves while ignoring ongoing misery.

600k white men died in our civil war to end slavery. My ancestors went from Maine to fight.

That they even talk about it shows how stupid and desperate for votes they are.
3 of 4
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Thank you Message to all Trump supporters.

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
1 of 3 part video...
Thank you Message to all Trump supporters.

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
...2 of 3 part video...
Thank you Message to all Trump supporters...

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
...3 of 3 part video
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🇺🇸HUGE! James O’Keefe Strikes Again! Releases PROOF of Facebook Targeting and Censoring Conservative Publishers! (VIDEO)
This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech
🇬🇧 #NationalPopulist
🇺🇸 Andrew Breitbart: In Remembrance | National Review
🇺🇸 I was about to go to Confession in Jerusalem when I learned that my friend Andrew Breitbart had suddenly died, seven years ago today

🍕 #Pizzagate #PodestaBros #FactsMatter
🇬🇧 #WeAreQ
🇺🇸 Prepare to See a Whole Lot More of Don Jr.
The presidential son makes the case for his father better than his father can. 🔗…
Don Jr.’s appearance was headlined on the agenda as simply “Live.”
🇺🇸#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #Qanon
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#QAnon Where it all began...
#QAnon Early days...
#QAnon Day 2.
Makes me realize March 28, 2019 will be 17 months of Q.
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People are discouraged thinking @POTUS caved

He gave the Left Nothing

3 weeks more to continue showing their Love of $$ and power only

NOT the safety of Americans or "Dreamers" as they have claimed

More Dems and Latinos are seeing it

Let it be known

Now More Than Ever It Is Time For The #DemExit

MAGA is for All Americans. PERIOD.
A MAGA Hat is NOT Racist

It represents Our Love of God, Family, Country & the God Given Rights we have enjoyed because of the Faith, Sacrifice & Patriotism of our Forefathers, LEOs & Veterans

Thank you to ALL who Serve & Protect!

Thank God for @POTUS
Let's MAGA On!
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it is not that she doesn't get it. it is that the disconnect is light years apart. she isn't capable of understanding thst we 👀 see her. she, the rest new this was coming, but she didn't head, or fully grasp what she knew. 'we are having an info war,
and we are losing.' yes. yes, and you lost!' we 👂her make the statement, but she doesn't think it pertains to her. she really loves herself. she is walking denial. she sought consolation from the De La Renta's after she lost. Yeah, that is totally something
us average folk completely relate to. Elites consoling elites. What in the world could Oscar offer her, other then more out -of-touch reasons. 'There there. You are still rich, and haven't been thrown in jail. The people still love you.' She is beyond fixing.
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OK my @medium account got "caught in the spam filter" & has been restored so let me try this #thread again. I've been working for several months on a series of blogs explaining trolling & botting tactics used by 4chan during the election. #ContentWarning:…
Several months ago @elimisteve from @PursuanceProj found a series of pastebins and sent them to me. 4chan trolls studied learned graphic design software to make memes, memetic warfare and botting to troll the election.…
The 1st part is an 8chan thread by someone who claimed to have worked in the marketing & advertising industry. The explain various components of effective graphic design & instructions for /pol/ to “normalize” their message to blend in with the normies.…
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On July 22nd Wikileaks released 22000 DNC emails that had been previously hacked by Russian GRU agents. On Oct 7th Wikileaks dumped hacked John Podesta emails soon after the seemingly damaging Access Hollywood tape came out where Donald Trump talked about sexual misconduct @ollie
3million tweets from the Russian Internet Research Agency were recently archived & made available by the site @fivethirtyeight. We wanted to look at particular hashtags related to Green Party Candidate Jill Stein and #DemExit… @ollie #infosec #osint #opsec
In the second wk of July 2016 #DemExit became a social media campaign & political movement in response to Bernie Sanders formally endorsing rival Hillary Clinton 4 president. Bernie Sanders supporters in particular were encouraged to leave the Democratic Party in protest #infosec
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Dear Fellow Americans who are thinking of joining the #WalkAway
Movement. I beg you to watch this video & go on my page & see the 12 facts i present that prove wo a shadow of a doubt, that @realDonaldTrump is NOT racist

#PatriotsUnited #MAGA #DemExit
The race card is all that the Democrats have to offer. They do it every 4 years. Joe Biden said that Mitt Romney was going to put black people back in chains. Please consider the facts and #WalkAway

@realDonaldTrump wants to #MAGA for ALL Americans
Go on my pinned tweet which is a duplicate of this video and read the thread below it. I present 12 irrefutable facts of instances where @realDonaldTrump helped people of color. #WalkAway and help us #MAGA
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If minorities would stop believing the lie that Republicans are racists and simply voted on ideas , there would never be another Democrat elected.

Minorities like me and others are trying to sound the alarm and show them that it's ok to be a minority who votes Republican. 🇺🇸
Your vote is meaningless if you vote indiscriminately one way ! You have lost all leverage. Instead of accusing minority republicans of being sellouts and Coons, go educate yourself on why we have decided to go against the grain and switch parties. #MAGA
It pisses me off when I see how badly @realDonaldTrump is treated . He was the first Republican in my lifetime to campaign in inner cities and actively court the black vote.
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1/ #MondayMotivaton #AmericaFirst #2020Vision #Midterms2018 #Election2020 #Trump2020
So... We’ve been thinking about this long and hard and really need some objective opinions. PLEASE Respond below, RT & encourage response.
2/ My fellow Americans who support a Liberated AMERICA run by The People, for The People & .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump :

Why r we attacking each other & trying to break apart our highly successful Revolution when we’ve come this far?
3/ America comes before your twisted panty wads EVERY DAY 24/7 🛑 JUST STOP 🛑 #Prize2020

Bill Mitchellites?
Libertarian InfoWars?
GOP Underground but in our face Political Activists/Hucksters?

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1) Disturbing to me in #Mueller indictments was allegation of #Russia plant of #IaCaucus #Fraud stories. That broke the back of the party in #Iowa 4 2016 cycle. Caused mass party switches to independent in some parts of #IA. Remember #DemExit? #TrumpRussia #IaPolitics #IaDem
When #DemExit on #twitter & #FB was ongoing, I had a face2face discussion in #Fairfield of voter registration changes at the #JeffersonCounty court house. There were quite a few -- a direct consequence of #Bernie people being angry cuz they had seen SM fraud stories. #IaPolitics
3) I really saw damage from #TrumpRussia #IaCaucusFraud allegations in Oct 2016 going door-to-door in #Fairfield. The #DemVoter lists were "squishy." Lots of changed parties, lots of discussion of the #IaCaucus allegations of fraud and not voting #IaDem. #Mueller #iapolitics
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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Why is it you all equate constructive criticism to so called "attacks". Your party has TONS of problems and this is a fact. Outside eyes are often needed to fix problems & in this case Bernie provides that. You say "Bernie isn't a Democrat" /1
but does it really matter? Why does it matter? There isn't anything Bernie can't do than anybody with a (D) after their name can do. It's about one thing; issues. It seems a lot of you Hillary supporters have truly lost their way what politics is all about /2
and instead have become a cult of personality of sorts. Maybe you need to ask yourself what is YOU stand for and compare that to Bernie and where he stands. It's enough with "my country club is better than yours" sort of attitudes which only serves to divide /3
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