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➡️Passer de Twitter à Mastodon ?

Je refais un (très gros) thread que j'ai fait il y a quelques jours, pour expliquer un peu mieux l'importance de préparer un compte Mastodon, plus de détails sur les instances, bref un petit guide plus explicite pour les débutants pas sûrs d'eux. Image de bienvenue de Mastodon
1. Pourquoi s'éloigner de Twitter ?

Il n'est pas question de quitter Twitter pour de bon, vous pouvez y rester autant que vous voulez actuellement. Cependant, presque chaque jour la situation de Twitter se dégrade, de par les témoignages des employés et des départs massifs. Extrait d'article soulignan...
Il y a peu, Musk a lancé un ultimatum au personnel, qui en réponse a quitté en nombre la société. Il reste moins de 5% du personnel d'il y a quelques semaines. Le service comptabilité a disparu. Des ingénieurs avec des années d'xp dans le produit sont partis. Mème "Quand tu lances ...
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Quelques conseils minimaux pour la migration vers Mastodon puisque c'est à nouveau d'actualité. Ceux que j'ai filé en DM toute cette semaine.
(1) pour s'inscrire, il n'y a pas une entrée unique (, mais le fameux choix d'une instance. Choisissez n'importe laquelle dans cette liste : Le choix n'a pas d'importance, vous pouvez passer d'une instance à une autre ensuite.
(1) il vaut mieux faire l'inscription en passant par l'interface web que les applications sur smartphone, paraît-il.
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For folks who want to try #Mastodon but are unsure how to do it – a #thread to get started, just my own experience from the past week.
#TwitterMigration #mastodonmigration…
2/14 #Mastodon is not ONE site like Twitter, but a network of many independent servers. No matter which server you join, you can follow and be followed across servers. Don't let it confuse you. It does not matter.
3/14 You can always move to another server later and take your followers and followings with you. It is like choosing email with Gmail or another provider. Here you can pick a server:
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Estoy explorando @joinmastodon pero no dejo twitter x todo lo q he aprendido aquí.

Hay cosas q me gustan bastante:

➡️ Hay menos interferencias (anuncios, trolls, haters)

➡️ y eso hace que el medio sea más propicio al intercambio constructivo, sin postureos

Hay cosas de @joinmastodon que me gustan <:

➡️ Es menos global (dooo de entrada). Es una red de servidores independientes (Fediverse). Tu fuente / audiencia primaria es tu servidor (comunidad)

➡️ Es más difícil buscar: La búsqueda por texto libre no existe

Ambas desventajas 👆🏻 lo son por diseño (buscadas) y son muy útiles para lograr las características que más me gustan de @joinmastodon

Allá no hay algoritmo y tus likes no contribuyen a difundir información ni a priorizarla

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The release notes of the latest Twitter update do not bode well for the future of the platform.

I am choosing #Mastodon as a backup plan, and not Substack or Instagram, because I wasn't on Twitter to preach, but for discussions.

A few tips to join Mastodon 🧵 What's New Version History ...
1️⃣ Use to find the Mastodon accounts of people you follow and are followed by on Twitter. It scans their bios for mentions of Mastodon accounts.

You will also see on which servers people are, which is useful to chose one.
2️⃣ Directly go to the server of your choice to sign up, or look for one on or on the Mastodon app.

Don't overthink this server choice, it matters less than you may fear: you can follow people across servers. You won't be stuck in a silo.
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In exciting Mastodon news... I've been browsing through the #introduction tag there (where people post an into when they first join) and it's all nerds... but it's a healthy variety of nerds! Academics and data journalists and artists and scientists and museum people
So at least for the interest areas that I care about it's off to a very healthy start for me
The Mastodon APIs are pretty fun, here's my first TIL…
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How to move to Mastodon.
1. Choose a server (I know, it is hard, you don't have enough info!). I'll include a post at the end about popular servers for scientists. It's easy to move if you don't like the one you start on. Join on the page for your server. Screen cap of the "join" pages for the fediscienceScreen cap of the "join" pages for the mstdn.onlin
2. Fill out your profile, very similar to Twitter profile. Screencap of the "Edit profile" page.
3. Find people to follow. There's a search box in the top-left corner. Search by @handle@server, e.g. or just handle @kristinmbranson. matches Twitter & mastodon handles. You can also search by hashtags, e.g. #AI. Screencap of the Search box.
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Okay let's do this: Mastodon/Fediverse Megathread LET'S GO!

Herein, find everything you need to get started on a healthier, more community-oriented social platform.

(1/22) ⬇️
Did you know Mastodon is only one of many platforms in the Fediverse? Built on the ActivityPub protocol, these platforms interconnect to create a rich tapestry of communities. You can find out more about each at and

But let's focus on Mastodon for now, as it's the closest to Twitter in appearance. But it is _not_ meant to be the same, as we'll see later.

First thing to do is pick a Mastodon instance to join. A what now?!

Lemme explain.

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Résumé de l'#AMA et du projet @Ternoa_ sur un sujet bien attendu de tous : le #TernoaMainnet

👉Tu veux connaître de A à Z le projet Ternoa ? Le déroulement de son mainnet ?

*Ceci est mon premier #thread, celui-ci n’engage que moi #DYOR
⚠️Ternoa est une blockchain, restreindre ses possibilités de réalisation aux seuls propos tenus dans ce thread n’est pas convenable. Je dois cependant résumer certaines choses pour dériver sur d’autres sujets dans l'objectif que le projet et son écosystème soient compris par tous
Ce que ce (long mais tu en sortiras plus grand) #thread vous réserve :

🔺 Introduction & rétrospective du projet #Ternoa

🔺 Déroulement du #TernoaMainnet

🔺 Infos pratiques

Ps : N’oublie pas de RT & Like 🙏
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1. Sex is one of the natural instincts created by Allāh in all His living creatures. For human beings, the urge to mate is aroused as soon as they attained puberty. Being an inevitable natural instinct,
2. Islām has neither placed a total ban on sex by promoting monasticism, nor has it permitted sexual indulgence without restrictions, thereby promoting adultery, fornication and prostitution. Rather, it has designed certain mechanisms to check the abuse of sex in order to
3. protect man's chastity against unholy acts such as bestiality and homosexuality.

Islām advocates الوَسَطِيَّة (moderation) in everything so much that it condemns both الإِفْراط (extremism) and التَّفْرِيط (laxity). If one studies the injunctions of the Sharī'ah carefully,
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I recently realized that I never introduced myself here. So here goes a thread. I'm a queer, fat, Jewish femme. My work is mostly about cars as an automotive educator, writer, and speaker. Not DIY, I write about cars in a way that the average driver can understand.
I think it's essential to be a full person while doing my work. So I do more than just cars. I also write about queer life and love and the "plus-size experience." My goal is to uplift plus size people of color, non-male mechanics, queer folks, and other marginalized voices.
Now to the personal. I'm the oldest of 15 children and was raised in a Chassidic home. I love bright fun colors, great food (especially fish and steak), and treat myself to fancy nail designs. I'm in love with a beautiful woman and am polyamorous.
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#DogriManyataDiwas, an important day for all of us to know about the supreme devotion behind "Inclusion of Dogri language in the #8thSchedule of the #constitution of #India 22nd December, 2003"
#Jammu #Dogri #DogriManyataDiwas #JaiDuggar #JaiDuggar
#Foundation of #DogriSanstha, on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, Saturday, 29th January, 1944 and series of important Milestones in Dogra History.

#Presentation of First Dogri Play ‘Bawa Jitto’ at Tikri in 1949.
#FirstDogriMiniature Paintings’Exhibition at Tikri in 1949
#Published first book ‘Jaago Duggar’ in 1949.
#Published its first Literary Magazine ‘Nameen Chetana’ in 1953.
#Played significant role in the establishment of ‘Dogra Art Gallery’ in 1954.
##Start of ‘Tilak’ examination in Dogri in 1964.
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So, hey.
I've been playing Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" since it launched, making *lots* of screenshots and replay videos along the way.
(Too many, actually; the Switch's microSD card refuses to hold any more)
This page is inactive, and I want to dump this mountain of files *somewhere*,
so nobody will mind if I spend the next few weeks flooding Twitter with these, right?

...Though just in case anyone's *actually* interested, I'll keep everything tagged and organized, for easy viewing.
Because this is going to be a long tweet chain (and because Twitter will probably break the chain a few times), I recommend using a custom search URL to find specific 'Worlds' or characters.
Here are some examples:
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