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#MY all around the world, listen up!

#aespa is finally back with their third EP, “MY WORLD” and lead track “#Spicy.”

We are at the media showcase sharing details about it, so don’t forget to tune in!

#MYWORLD #aespa_spicy #aespa_MYWORLD @aespa_official Image
See each members glow during photo time today✨

We are back!
@aespa_official ##aespa #æspa #에스파 #MYWORLD #aespa_MYWORLD #Spicy #aespa_Spicy ImageImageImageImage
More of #Karina of #aespa during the showcase for #MYWORLD

The signature pose for the lead track #Spicy is putting your baby finger close to the lips ImageImageImageImage
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THEME - What if...

Woke up this morning with a puzzling question in my spirit. Dint pay much attention to it, but, as I got out of bed to begin my morning & daily drill of 60mins-90mins of Thanksgiving, that question again interrupted my thoughts 💬.
The question was just packaged in two words....WHAT IF?

Before I could process the thoughts, a barrage of other questions began to roll in, and then, I knew I had to UP my game in my daily Thanksgiving drill.

You see, I do this Thanksgiving "drill" every morning before I
progress to praying in the spirit and then in my understanding and with relevant bible passages. (Thanksgiving is key to my relationship with God, because, I Know this for sure...THE UNGRATEFUL CARRIES A MARK OF RESENTMENT)

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79 years ago Kyiv was liberated from Nazi invaders

The battles for the city were included in the textbooks of world history as the bloodiest, and in total the operation to liberate the capital of Ukraine lasted 3 months.

Decades later, history repeated itself again. Ukrainians again defended their capital from the Nazis - this time, Russian ones.

The Rashists launched a full-scale invasion of our country on February 24 and, like their predecessors, believed that they could quickly capture Kyiv/2
But after more than a month of fighting, in early April,they shamefully fled from the entire Kyiv region, hiding behind the words of a “goodwill step”
The battles for Kyiv in 2022 will become as much a part of the history books as the defense of the capital during World War II
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Do you know what #UNITY means?

It means #WE ALL ARE 1 people.

All anyone wants is to touch the hand of God, the whole world is waking up.
Why do you think ones come into this Country?
They know God is here & are showing they stand with God?

Your once MAINSTREAM minds
Have Been programmed to see the glass half empty, why ?
Do ones come here to stand with God, KNOWING God is here?
[THEY] make you think differently, WHY?

When the Flood happens, the wall was specifically built/designed to do something
specific for when the water freezes, would that be A SOLID FOUNDATION for an ICE WALL?
Receding water?

If there were to be A Mini Ice age, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what [they] want you thinking, who would be prepared?

Programmed minds that think “global warming”, would
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Can you believe the connections aren’t being made on what everyone is being shown, when they@re being shown what everyone is—Someone has been SHOWING Time Travel exists for the last 3 +++ Days/7 Years with all the proof anyone could ever want. All while explaining within
fine detail what ALL OF THIS has been about since day 1, all of it has been about PROTECTING 1 “Nobody” who MOSTLY everyone threw away/didn’t care about until they finally woke up seeing what everyone they look too at the highest levels of life have been showing them for YEARS
now, INCLUDING the Military & EVERY layer of life.
Everyone has been SHOWING “Nobody” is actually somebody & that somebody ended up being THE 1 someone everyone has been waiting on for A very long time …

I’ll say it one more time before I go live later this evening & Have
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The Card, Of All Cards.
The ONLY Card That matters, For All My Children !

So If Trump is playing the role of “Nobody”, acting out who “Nobody” is, with all Trumps Kids representing “Nobodys” kids who aren’t born yet but are here/have been here this whole time—
It was NEVER An actual
“Trump Card”, It’s God & Gods entire Family ! ...


College Ave + HOWell Ave = ZZ & 38

Zebra Zebra !!!
Billy Madison
Right before College = GRANGE

Time for the people to wake up.

‘In Plane View’ on LAYTON AVE
Charlottes WEBB, Caroline !!
.@taylorswift13, Caroline !

Charlotte Flare
The Nature Boy Father Hid his daughter protecting her KNOWING God would be coming for her hand in marriage . .
NOT talking about the actors, IRL Lives.

T & S (A)
S & Mathew 1-2
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No apologies.

The only one qualified to be called SAVIOUR

Isaiah 46:5 MSG
"So to whom will you compare me, d Incomparable? Can u picture me without reducing me?

#My Lord & my God,
His grace is remarkable, mercies are innumerable, strength impenetrable,

He is honorable


He is unsearchable yet knowable,

indefinable yet approachable,

indescribable yet personal,

He is beyond comprehension,

further than imagination...

The great call you great.
The strong call you strong..
The mighty call you mighty.
The kings call you King.
The lords call u Lord
Christ of unsearchable riches
constant through generations, king of every nation.
But if there are words for Him then I don’t have them.
You see, my words are few,& to try to capture d one true God, using my vocabulary will never do,
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Watching A couple friends host A “Fake Skate” Skatebo[A]rd Event ATM . .
If I don’t respond right away to your comms, I Will eventually get there today, promise. .

I know, .@USNavy —I still have so many more to help apart of 72 … I promise everything will work out.

Every single one of their lives matters to me, I won’t let them burn …

Jack goes in the Pallets, lifting ALL at once, putting out the fires so they can fly again.
The fallen will rise.

I wish more would have chosen to be on the same page YEARS ago instead of kicking the ones down who have been crying out for help. .
It’s going to be A buzzer beater game winning shot, #BANK shot #STATEMENT

_EST is lifting OTIS right now, heading to
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You wanted my attention this whole time, now you got it …

People I love, those MANY MANY MANY people that have sacrificed/dedicated their entire lives for 1 individual —YOU spit in ALL OF THEIR FACES & on their graves !!

Every skate Video!
Every Artist/Band member
Of the light has done all they have for 1 PERSON !

Bob The Builder, John & everyone else that dedicated their lives building up A world so people like YOU would be exposed & so that all the others that try to be me Would also be brought into the light, EXPOSED!

I AM The Alpha & Omega
The First & the LAST

YOU ph don’t deserve ANYTHING until you give THE 9 A good reason WHY you deserve what I have to give? As of right now, NONE OF THEM CAN
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Nombor 105 Anwar adalah solid; 115 yang Mail Sabri adalah superficial; sebab sokongan adalah secara individu, pasti akan ada yang lompong; terutama sekali "there is no honor among thieves". Even KuLi sudah pasti tak sokong Mail Sabri.

Jangan kita lupa ada 2 lagi roadblock, MRR akan bersidang Jumaat ini. Kalau Kerajaan Gagal yang sama di lantik yang mana derhaka perintah MRR; it's like putting an old wine in the the new bottle.
Mail is not even trying to apologize bila Taki berbohong di Parlimen, dan keputusan kabinet adalah kolektif. Jadi Mail adalah as guilty as Taki dan Mahiadin dalam kes derhaka titah YDPA. And don't make me start on siapa punca PKP 2.0 with double standard SOP/hukuman.
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Enough is Enough is RIGHT. . .

Wonder who he was Quoting? . 🤝
I'll NEVER, E:Ever take "their" poison!

My Bloodline is here to stay!

The ones who chose differently for themsleves, don't worry, the REAL cure will spread far & wide! You put your lives in the hands of
Governement .. Once everyone/most are awakened to the corruption/evil, i'm sure the REAL cure will be given out to the world. Not only the REAL cure but A cure to Counter whatever ones chose poison themselves with.

I refuse to place my life into the hands of
Corrupt Governemnt/Politicians & the Corrupt medical Industry, When I know the Governement & Medical Industry doesn't truly give A shit about me or my people. . .

NOT "Them" . .

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The feeling is great when you write these types of letters/responses, especially if you have been hammered with series of “rejection letters” over the years”. @ChinazaArinzec1 can explain that feeling.
I could remember that this master’s program was to take me through 🇫🇷, 🇪🇸, and 🇨🇿 . Dear scholarship enthusiasts, keep putting in those strong applications so you get to enjoy not only one YES, but multiple YESSSS (This can be your target too).😁
And when you get multiple opportunities; (1) Ensure you get all the offers in black & white before writing/signing any letter to decline a scholarship offer. (2) Don’t waste too much time in choosing one offer. Remember, you need to give chance to others on the waiting
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@infinity10 MUST WATCH:-
#TheComingContagion @CNN
10.30 MYT/SGT
#AllHailTheLockdown @AJEnglish 11.30 MYT/SGT
#TheListeningPost @AJEnglish
12.30 MYT/SGT

#TheComingContagion (#CNNSPECIAL), EXPLAINS VIRAL #ZOONOSES like #EBOLA (which emerged from the #RainForest) & the #COVID19Pandemic (the emergence of which is, possibly from #fruitbats, is currently still being analyzed for confirmation).
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#My personal encounter with SARs.
I Was on my way to Ibadan for a ministration this faithful Sunday morning (a few months ago) and out of the blues, this SARs operational vehicle just pulled out of it's lane and started driving at breakneck speed against traffic and before I Image
could swerve, they ran into the side of my car and broke the side mirror and drove off. I stopped in the middle of the road trying to process how law enforcement agents could be so unruly, inconsiderate and foolish. (Note, they were not in pursuit of any offender. They pulled
out because traffic wasn't moving at their pace.)

Now, backbl to my encounter...Before, I could finish processing what just happened, I saw them right in front of my car with guns corked. Two of them alighted from their vehicle racing towards my car and, suddenly slowed down
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This journey is started in year 2008, when #Rpower IPO launched, I was not aware of share market till 2008, I just opened demat account for this IPO and applied for 2 lots and (un)luckily got both. Along with it I started Intraday trading without any knowledge of TA or FA. As
usual I lost in many trades and gain in some trades, working methodology was like it is going up then buy and going down then sell it, that was the way to trade. this run till 2009, then I went for my Masters @ IITKGP so I took a break of 2 years till 2011
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"I want to warn the world about an unprecedented danger that’s threatening the very survival of open societies.

…I’ll focus on #China, where President #XiJinping wants a one-party state to reign supreme."…
"Xi is trying to consolidate all the available info about a person into a centralized database to create a 'social credit system'..people will be evaluated by algorithms that will determine whether they pose a threat to the 1-party state. People will then be treated accordingly."
"#China is not the only #authoritarian regime in the world, but it is undoubtedly the #wealthiest, #strongest & most developed in machine learning & #AI.

This makes #Xi the #most #dangerous #opponent of those who believe in the concept of #OpenSociety."…
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