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Data Analysis-Budget Eve 9June23
· Banks made sure no one can do mandi
· Poor souls got trapped in $MARI
· Foreigners went on holiday
· Funds are selling like no tomorrow
· Rent seeker are being dumped? 🤣

Read 🧵1/11
Trade Pattern of Market Players
2/ Image
3/ Image
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1/15: Within Biblical theology, the teaching and practice of glorifying Yeshua (Jesus) is closely linked with glorifying God the Father. Let’s dive into this concept, while also examining the significant link between Yeshua and Moses in the Bible. #BibleStudy #MessianicJudaism
2/15: Yeshua consistently taught his followers to glorify God the Father. Yet, in passages like John 10:30 (‘I and the Father are one’) and John 14:9, he suggests that to know and honor him is to know and honor the Father. #BookofJohn
3/15: Shaul (Paul) and other New Testament writers also glorify Yeshua. In Philippians 2:9-11, for example, Shaul describes God exalting Yeshua and asserts that every knee should bow to him in ἐξομολογήσηται, lit. “confession of praise.” #PaulsLetters #NewTestament
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1/10 🚀 @aavegotchi Dev update for June 2023 was packed with Alpha!

Buckle up, Let's dive into the latest highlights. 🌌 #Unity 🧵👇 Image
2/10 💎 The AavegotchiDAO Foundation has launched! This marks a giant leap towards decentralization. Kudos to our nine elected multi-sig members for making this happen.🎉 🎉 Image
3/10 🛠️ Decentralizing workflows with @thrivecoinhq! A pilot program is launched with an allocated 40,000 GHST. We aim to empower our community members to contribute and be rewarded! Image
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It deeply concerns me to witness the presence of South African white nationalist Twitter users like @IanCameron23, @RomanCabanac, @Paratus2014, @Joe_Emilio_, and @SkyeZedA exploiting the platform to perpetuate a harmful narrative about farm murders in South Africa...
... Claiming that these crimes are racially motivated is not only factually incorrect but also contributes to division and animosity.

Furthermore, their support for the whites-only town of Orania is equally troubling. Orania's pursuit of independence can only be seen as...
... an act of treason that seeks to undermine the very principles that South Africans so hardly fought for. We must fight against this toxic rhetoric.
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This perfectly encapsulates the fallacies of the “polarization” dogma: Zero engagement with the substantive issues that define the political conflict, just empty #BothSides rhetoric that dissolves everything into “Let’s be nice to each other” nothingness.
I don’t know the people behind this initiative, so I am not going to question their motives. But there are so many of these kinds of #unity projects, and if the goal actually is to get this country to become a functioning multiracial, pluralistic democracy, this isn’t helpful.
Apparently, everyone who approvingly responded to a thread in which I outlined the key arguments of our latest @USDemocracyPod on the problems with the pervasive #polarization narrative is now being addressed by these people and their empty unity gospel. ImageImageImage
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The Power of Repetition in #Copywriting: How to Use Repetition to Make Your Message Stick Image
1. Repetition is a powerful tool in copywriting. It can help make your message stick in your audience's minds. #copywriting #repetition
2. Repetition creates familiarity, which leads to trust. By repeating key messages in your copy, you can build trust with your audience. #trust #copywriting
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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1. 🧵Six important lessons that can be learned from the death of the #Solidarity Charter:

1- Monarchists not only cannot be removed, but they are the most powerful, real, and effective trend in Iran's political and national sphere.
2. 2- Great things can be done on Twitter that the news media cannot do with all that capital and support.
3. 3- Monarchists showed that, contrary to the claims of their opponents, they are the most democratic and pluralist political movement in Iran and are not afraid of criticizing and being criticized, even to the first person of the country, Reza Shah II.
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This thread is

Chapter 7, titled,

“Cellular Experience & Creation of the World:

“Beginning with Sperm & Ovum Arising Out of No-Formness, Our Experiences & Biology Constitute Our Human Reality”

of “Dance of the 7 Veils I”

by M. Adzema


D7V1 7/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

THREAD… #psychology #prenatal #anthro

D7V1 7/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We can’t know what we can’t know, but we cannot unknow what we are.” []

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...… #psychology #consciousness #conception #primal #anthro #womb #worldview #duality #cellular #experience

D7V1 7/3
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Never was chasing (shade Ave leads to Target) the devil heard, only trying showing I care about trying to save A life ..

So Here it goes, There is only 1 thing that sets us free. .

Love is the only way & once that

Play That Funky Music via @YouTube
Happens (which it’s about too) it’s exit stage left.
I refuse to be pulled away from her because of A game I refuse to place that others need to be played in order for all to see.

I opened up my life to everyone for 1 reason & 1 reason only, it mirrors everything else
That has been done the way it has been..
Same concept applies when figuring it all out ..

I don’t care about the government truth ..
I don’t care about seeing all that evil in this world has done ..
I don’t care about crypto/money ..
& I DO NOT care about being famous.
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I see everything before it happens, Yes it’s true being All seeing ..

There is A hostage situation right now . .

This was just sent to me, if you listen closely, you can hear in the video the police over the loud speaker asking the guy to come out with his hands up.… Image
…And believing in Humanity without judging others—Many have judged along the way, many have even judged nobody & are starting to see it was A mistake turning their backs ..

Want to fix this .@elonmusk ? ImageImage
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🏁_____ 🤴 👸 _____🏁

⭕️ ⬛️🟥⚫️
Rodney Mullen
DaeWON #SONG LZ ImageImage
10/23/2000 (99 00 01)
( #COMMS LEFT IN TIME ) Using the life of NOT A good man, the life of A #GREAT MAN …

#Transition 2 GREATNESS ! ….

Billed Weight—
•67 (58)
•13. 13.

.@taylorswift13, let’s talk about the number 13.
13 is not actually ImageImage
You’re favorite number, you’re favorite number is 2 & 4 (42) (24) …
Let’s talk about the Jersey number 24, #LAKE ..
Let’s talk about The 🖕 MIDDLE #FINGER Award ..
Let’s talk about every photo that I allowed someone to take of me, why do you think I always chose the Bird?
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¿Quieres crecer como #programador 💻con Cursos de #Harvard GRATIS? Pues aquí te traigo 5⃣ cursos 🔝 que no querrás perderte. HILO 🧵 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #informatica #tecnologia #programacion
¿No hiciste #IngenieríaInformatica? 🤔 No te preocupes, aquí te dejo un curso de #Harvard gratis de Introducción a las Ciencias de la Computación:… #informatica #tecnologia #programacion
¿Qué quieres mejorar en #desarrolloweb con un curso GRATIS de #Harvard dónde verás #Python 🐍, #JavaScript 💛, #SQL...? Aquí lo tienes:…

#informatica #tecnologia #programacion
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1)#M23 is accusing the Congolese government of gathering the Tutsi in Masisi area at parishes & hospitals!It means #Rwanda is letting everyone know that it's Congo that gathered the Tutsi there.Then later if they are massacred they will blame the govt and say they had planned it! Image
2)Prior to the 1994 genocide,Kagame's RPF already alerted the Tutsi that something bad was about to happen & that the safest place was to be at catholic churches!Later it was actually discovered it was a way to easily kill them in masses using their inflitrates in #Interahamwe!
3)It was important so that they can #revenge on the #catholic church and tarnish them because they played a role in the fall of the 1959 #monarch. Another thing was to #divide the church and weaken it. The #unity among Christians was threat their #satanic regime!
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jaewoo filo au 🔞
— one year of being each other’s pleasure, jaehyun stands firm with his “no strings attached” principle, until someone started showing interest on jungwoo that made him crawl out of his safe zone ImageImageImageImage
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This is humanities defining moment, DO NOT kick an enemy who is already on the ground defeated.

Don’t play the, “I TOLD YOU SO GAME”.

#NEVER EVER EVER interfere with an enemy who is already in the process of destroying themselves ..

All the Actors will continue playing
Out their roles giving humanity the truth humanity wants to hear.

Down the road, A couple months from now MOSTLY everyone will see clearly who has been in control this entire time.

I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Donald J. Trump standing as A wall between
Myself & the enemy ..

[THEY] were never after him, [They] were always after my bloodline & Donald J Trump along with others did what they had to do to ensure the survival of A life who loves the world unconditionally.


SHOW The Younger generation how WE
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Congratulations.@MrBeast, 1 Selfless ACT of kindness can save an entire world …

10,000 Acts of Kindness?

Every single medal of Freedom or Peace prize that’s ever been put on corrupt Hollywood “elites”, it should be stripped away & given to Ones like
Mr. Beast …
Do I know the hidden meaning behind what is really being shown/Said?
yes, But I don’t want anything.
What I have done, anyone could have done & anyone can do.
I refuse to be glorified or have some sort of “fame” for Doing the right thing. All I have done is
be myself & do the right thing.
We all should know what the right thing to do is, protect the children & be A voice for the voiceless always having the purest of intentions.

The Real Heros/Saviors of Mankind are the men & women in uniform who are about to take back what does
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Who is an Ex-McSikh?
Any Punjabi who has quit #McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi), and has reconnected w/ #Sikhi of our #Gurus

Who are #McSikhs?
Most modern-day Punjabis- those born into Sikh Panth, & Hindus from mixed Sikh-Hindu heritage, and/or culture (most Punjabi #Hindus)
What do #McSikhs follow?
#McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi)

What is #McSikhi?
#McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi) is the Modern Anglicized Distorted (MAD) #Sikhi…largely disconnected from Sikhi of our Gurus. #MADSikhi
#McSikhi was created by British colonials with the help of their Indian stooges (Singh Sabha,Tat Khalsa etc.). This was done after the fall of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s #KhalsaRaj to the British colonials.

Before #McSikhi, Punjabis practiced #Sikhi of our Gurus.
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In @KeenSWH, my team started development of new engine #VRAGE 3. It is new iteration of the @SpaceEngineersG engine, with similar goals (sandbox, open world, solar system distances etc.), but very different technology.
We came to the conclusion of writing new engine after hitting lots of bottlenecks with VRAGE2. First, we investigated other engines, big (#UnrealEngine5, #Unity) and small (#Unigine, Stride, @FlaxEngine). But neither of them could support unique use cases without major rewrites.
We started more than a year ago and now I decided to regularly share some of our progress.

So, what changes? The biggest differences are:
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The main reason i dont open source my homebrew is because the code is super messy and experimental. Its wasnt written to ported like doom or quake. Lets look at newozero; #thread
In nz the track, the player and the camera are basically co dependant structures. Joined at the hip. Though drawing the track is separate strangely enough.
The track is using a spatial grid, frustum, distance list and a big array to figure out what to draw and collide with the player. It also tells the camera where to look.
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Here is a list of free, open-sourced #Unity packages that i’ve found very useful. Most of them are oriented to improve productivity. 🧵[1/X]
#madewithunity #unitytips
1. Serializable Interface by @Chrusb,…
This package allows you to serialize interfaces and select, in the inspector, a game object, asset or even C# classes that implement that interface.🧵[2/X]
2. NaughtyAttributes by @DenisRizov,…
This one is pretty well known. It provides a lot of attributes to modify the looks of the inspector. Some of the most useful (IMO) attributes are shown in the images.🧵[3/X]
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Do you know what #UNITY means?

It means #WE ALL ARE 1 people.

All anyone wants is to touch the hand of God, the whole world is waking up.
Why do you think ones come into this Country?
They know God is here & are showing they stand with God?

Your once MAINSTREAM minds
Have Been programmed to see the glass half empty, why ?
Do ones come here to stand with God, KNOWING God is here?
[THEY] make you think differently, WHY?

When the Flood happens, the wall was specifically built/designed to do something
specific for when the water freezes, would that be A SOLID FOUNDATION for an ICE WALL?
Receding water?

If there were to be A Mini Ice age, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what [they] want you thinking, who would be prepared?

Programmed minds that think “global warming”, would
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With the Supreme Grace of the Supra Universal Consciousness, Unity of Humanity is manifest in action as:

1. The number of people that will watch The Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on #919 -- September 19, Monday
-- 2022 across 200+ countries is set to cross 4 billion, which is about 50% of the world's 🌎🌍🌏 population estimated at 8 billion.

2. His Majesty King Charles III is to host one of the largest gatherings ever of world leaders including heads of state, foreign royal families...
governors general, prime ministers, and international diplomats, at an historic state reception at Buckingham Palace in London 🇬🇧 on the eve of the Queen's funeral.

3. Humanity from 130+ countries is to be represented at the highest level as the Queen's funeral unites the world
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