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[Thread] 1. SA saw its 1st confirmed #monkeypox case last week. Will there be more cases? YES. Why? The 1st case doesn’t have a travel history so he (a 30 year old man from Jhb) contracted it from someone in SA who already had it.
2. How do you get #monkeypox? Through close contact, e.g. hugging, kissing, sex, or contaminated materials, e.g. shared linen or cutlery. It’s much harder to contract monkeypox than #COVID19. The @nicd_sa's Jackie Weyer explains it in this sound clip:
3. What’s the most telling #monkeypox symptom? Blisters on your skin. The blisters don’t have to be all over your body, they can, for instance, just be on your genitals, hands or face. The @nicd_sa's Jackie Weyer explains in this sound clip:
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I think yesterday’s decision not to declare the ongoing #monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) raises some interesting questions.
So a brief thread:
When is something a PHEIC?
The International Health Regulations say it is an "extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response"
You can boil it down to 3 criteria:
- extraordinary event
- risk of international spread
- may require a coordinated response

International spread is clearly given, and the committee itself noted "the response to the outbreak requires collaborative international efforts"
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Comunicado de @WHO con muchos datos interesantes sobre #monkeypox
Por el momento no se declara #PHEIC, pero se insiste en la importancia de tomar medidas de prevención y de acceso a vacunas y tratamiento
R0 menor de 1 (bien), pero en #HSH mayor de 1 (mal). Hay que incidir especialmente en la información y medidas en ese grupo
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The IHR Emergency Committee for multi-country #monkeypox outbreak advised the WHO DG that the event, currently, does not constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). @DrTedros accepted the Committee’s advice.

📌 Image
The IHR Emergency Committee unanimously acknowledged the emergency nature of the event & that controlling the further spread of #monkeypox outbreak requires intense response efforts.
The Committee provided advice based on scientific evidence presented by WHO & several countries, & discussions on:
🔹 latest epidemiological trends
🔹 contact tracing activities
🔹 impact of large gatherings
🔹 access to vaccines & medicines
🔹 risk of stigma for groups at risk Image
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Paris, France: first confirmed case of monkeypox in a child: their sibling may also be infected: Image
'First confirmed case of #Monkeypox in a child attending primary school in Île-de-France
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Voorlichting en waarschuwingsdraadje over #PrideWeek deze zomer ihkv #apenpokken #monkeypox en #covid19. Ik hoop dat mensen van de GGD, SOA AIDS NL, RIVM, Gemeente Amsterdam en VWS meelezen (hier gratis advies!). Image
1/ Tot op heden verlopen de meeste #apenpokken besmettingen binnen de gemeenschap aan mannen die seks hebben met mannen. Besmettingscijfers stijgen, ook in Amsterdam waar Pride Week plaatsvindt. COVID-cijfers stijgen ondertussen ook…
2/ #Prideweek heeft de potentie om een super spreader event te zijn vanwege de vele feesten in de stad, vele intieme contacten die plaats vinden, drukte, gebruik van drank/drugs wat je minder oplettend maakt. Deze gedragingen zijn fijn voor het corona- en #apenpokkenvirus.
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Finally had a chance to read @UKHSA’s second technical briefing on #monkeypox.

It mostly reaffirms what we already knew or kind of knew. So just a quick thread.
Entire report is here:…
@UKHSA There were 846 confirmed cases up to 22 June.

The vast majority (99%) continues to be in men:
Of 810 confirmed cases with gender information:
- 805 were male
- 5 were female

Here is a striking graph (not including all cases): Image
@UKHSA 321 patients answered detailed questionnaires. As you can see from the table, 96% were "gay, bisexual, or men who have sex with men (GBMSM) strongly suggesting transmission in defined sexual networks, both internationally and domestically” Image
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Le vaccin Jynneos© contre le #Monkeypox est déjà administré aux populations exposées, notamment gay/HSH, en Allemagne, aux États-Unis et au Québec avec une recommandation pour les TDS. En France, qu'attendons-nous pour agir?
Notre point sur le #Monkeypox 👇🏼…
La @HAS_sante recommande le vaccin de 3ème génération (Imvanex©) en post-exposition et durant la période d'incubation pour les personnes adultes déclarées cas contacts et les professionnels de santé. Où sont les doses ?
L'histoire montre que ce sont toujours les plus précaires et les communautés les plus exposées qui payent le prix fort des politiques de santé publique qui préfèrent les coupes budgétaires à l'accès aux messages de prévention, aux traitements et aux soins pour tou.te.s.
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🚨 New all time record for daily #monkeypox cases‼️

🚨 280* new cases ‼️

*7 day rolling average

1/ Image
👉4,118 Total #monkeypox cases

🔴4,036 confirmed
🟡82 suspected

2/ ImageImage
#monkeypox cases by Country
England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 873
Germany 🇩🇪 676
Spain🇪🇸 667
Portugal🇵🇹 348
France 🇫🇷 330
Canada 🇨🇦 267
Netherlands🇳🇱 211
USA 🇺🇸 173
⚠️Italy 🇮🇹 128 (tab MonkeyPox)

3/ Image
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Yaneer Bar Yam - of ISAG, EndCoronavirus, and now the WHN - has declared #MonkeyPox a pandemic. (didn't know just anyone could do that)

He has been joined by WHN co-founder Eric Feigl-Ding (!) who thinks the WHO should also declare it a PHEIC.…
In the press release they state that "Until now most cases have been in adults", which is true, but leaves out some key details.

The UK's HSA has additional detail. More than 99% of cases surveyed were among men. More than 99% of them, were gay/bi.…
WHN recognise this factor elsewhere on their site, however they fall far short of stating the implications for effective control.

This epidemic is being driven by men who insist on having anonymous sex + orgies (R>>1) despite all the risks.…
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1. #ACIP is talking #monkeypox right now. Gonna try to live tweet.
This is the prior history in the US with #MPXV.
2. "Everything changed in May of 2022," @CDCgov's Agam Rao tells #ACIP.
3. The US #monkeypox case total is up to 176, @CDCgov says. There is some local transmission occurring, Rao said.
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#Monkeypox is not going away soon. We put together a contemporary review for health professionals to keep everyone updated. Thanks to @OFID for the invitation. Kudos to co-authors @PrathitKulkarni @TxID_Edu @BryanTegomoh & the illustrator Michael Konomos.…
In developing the illustrations for #monkeypox skin rash it was important to us to show the evolution of skin lesions on both light and darker skin tones. We hope these would be used in lieu of stigmatizing photos of African children which have made the rounds.
While the reservoir for #monkeypox needs to be better characterized, the virus has been isolated from small rodents and NHPs. Spillover events lead to human infection and transmission from human-to-human is predominantly through close contacts, contaminated objects and droplets.
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🧵🐒 (1/n) Today's monkeypox thread for June 23, 2022. Rather than doing several separate posts as I have been doing (filling up my timeline) I'll just add to this thread as the day goes by
(2/n) What's worse than being infected by a monkeypox virus? Scientist discover a man infected simultaneously with two different monkeypox variants at the same time differing by 3 SNPs.…
(3/n) The 5 samples collected from from lesions from the same patient in the above study have been added to Nextstrain:…
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#COVID - epidemic - still raging

#Hepatitis - in children

#monkeypox - spreading throughout UK

#Polio - now found in London

#Cholera - has now re-appeared in EUROPE

Polio spreads from sewage - we are pouring MILLIONS of gallons of untreated sewage into waterways
Look where the UK appears in this chart


yes, world leading at being LAST, and last well behind the 2nd to last!
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The latent period is the time from infection to infectiousness.

STDs need to have longer latent periods, because we have longer intervals between having sex.

Covid could afford to be infectious within days, since we're always around other people.
It's usually not possible to measure the latent period accurately, because you don't know when you become infectious. It's not an obvious change that you feel. Instead, modelers start with the arrival of symptoms, and make adjustments from there.

Using some hypothetical numbers, if the latent period for #MonkeyPox was up to 3 weeks, and the period of infectiousness was up to 4 weeks, then if people could avoid group sex for 7 weeks, it would be enough to end the outbreak. However, that seems unlikely, as...
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The World Health Network @TheWHN has just declared monkeypox a pandemic emergency.

Will the @WHO declare #monkeypox a **Public Health Emergency of International Concern** (PHEIC) later today or by end of Friday?

Please RT after voting.
2) Follow up poll: **SHOULD** the @WHO declare a PHEIC for #monkeypox?
3) Just some #monkeypox daily growth trajectory. This is a *daily* case increase based on 7 day rolling averages. This is not a cumulative chart.
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Declaration—@TheWHN Network today announced that they are declaring the current #monkeypox outbreak a pandemic with over 3500 cases across 58 countries and the rapidly expanding across continents. The outbreak will not stop without concerted global action.…
2) now many daily new records will it take before the WHO declares their own PHEIC - Public Health Emergency of International Concern? Tomorrow is their meeting. Hopefully soon.
3) read the full #monkeypox pandemic declaration here from @TheWHN below 👇
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📍Monkeypox - another world record of daily cases on 7-day average. It is now a clear and present danger as #monkeypox is nearing a potential pandemic. This is an emergency.
Join the #monkeypox talk conversation: live now—…
3) this is why @TheWHN is declaring the current #Monkeypox outbreak a pandemic — read more below 👇
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The media have presented #MonkeyPox as a disease which is spreading between 'men who have sex with men' (MSM).

This is not accurate.

The disease is spreading between men who have sex ORGIES with men (MSOM) ie through superspreader events.
The R number for outbreaks of #MonkeyPoxVirus in Africa, have been below 1, with limited human-to-human transmission.

This means outbreaks would typically be sustained by contact with an animal source, and would otherwise burn themselves out - clearly not the case today. Image
An outbreak in the USA in 2003 was driven by contact with wild animals. Cases were evenly split between men & women. No human-to-human transmission was reported (I think) and no deaths either. Which is good.

But again, very different to this outbreak.… Image
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🦠 277 cas de #monkeypox recensés en France, soit 94 de plus en 5j.

Pour la 1ere fois, une femme "dont le mode de transmission est en cours d’investigation" en fait partie.

Tous les autres sont des hommes, en majorité ayant des relations sexuelles avec plusieurs hommes.

Les 277 cas 👇

• 195 en Île-de-France
• 16 en Occitanie
• 16 en Nouvelle-Aquitaine
• 14 en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
• 12 dans les Hauts-de-France
• 12 en Paca
• 6 en Normandie
• 3 en Bretagne
• 1 en Centre-Val de Loire
• 1 en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
• 1 en Grand Est

Parmi 243 cas enquêtés, on recense 11 immunodéprimés mais aucun décès.

Ci-dessous, le nombre de cas quotidiens par date de déclaration à gauche et celui par date d’apparition des symptômes à droite (données provisoires à la fin, du coup). 👇

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WHO investigating #monkeypox in semen—scientists say they have detected virus DNA in semen of a handful of monkeypox patients—suggesting it is capable of infecting another person and replicating. ➡️So ⁦@CDCgov⁩ not recommending condoms is DEAD WRONG!…
2) Many cases in the current monkeypox outbreak, largely centred on Europe, are among sexual partners who have had close contact, and the agency reiterated that virus is mainly transmitted via close interpersonal contact. But now it’s going further.
2) scientists say they have detected viral DNA in the semen of a handful of monkeypox patients in Italy and Germany, including a lab sample that suggested virus found in the semen of a single patient was capable of infecting another person and replicating.…
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#monkeypox flash updates

👉2,780 cases

🔴2,677 confirmed
🟡103 suspected

1/ ImageImage
👉daily cases

2/ Image

⚠️All time record for daily cases (7 days rolling average)

🚨 173 ‼️

3/ Image
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The government abused the
Public Health Act, to implement Lockdowns without parliamentary scrutiny. Make sure it never happens again.
Petition: Remove the urgency procedure from the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984…
Remove section 45R from the PHA 1984, to prevent misuse of the urgency procedure to implement regulations without parliamentary scrutiny, all references to section 45R should also be removed.
The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 was enacted without an impact assessment & parliamentary review was undertaken post implementation. There is increasing evidence that lockdowns & other NPIs caused harm to large numbers of people.
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ℹ️ La Haute Autorité de santé préconise d'élargir la vaccination contre le #monkeypox des cas contact aux enfants "exposés au virus et susceptibles de développer une forme sévère de la maladie", sur avis médical.

1/n ⤵️…
Rappelons le contexte.

Le dernier bilan fait état de 183 cas de #monkeypox en France. 👇

Depuis un mois, les adultes cas contact se voient proposer de se faire vacciner.

Plusieurs dizaines de cas contact ont été vaccinés et le vaccin utilisé est celui appelé Imvanex, initialement prévu contre la variole mais qui est aussi efficace contre le #monkeypox, d'après des études. 👇


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