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This is a thread with information we think valuable:

1) Our Compact Guide to Understanding #Gamma
2) $SPX $Gamma structure Cheat Sheet
3) Our Compact Guide to Options Strategies
4) 2023 Options Calendar... and more
Version 1.0 of the $SPX #Gamma structure cheat sheet.

Developed in partnership from
@TradeVolatility, great tools for great trades

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Our Compact Guide to Options Strategies

According to the teachings of Sheldon Natemberg, 30 years Market Maker, Cboe Educator and author of the options Bible "Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques"

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I've been a #daytrader for 18 years.

Here are the key lessons I've learned that made me money and kept me in the game that whole time.

A thread👇👇
1. Control daily losses

No matter how good a strategy is, we can have impulsive days or days where our strategy doesn't suit the price action.

If I lose 3% of my account in day I'm done for the day.

That's equivalent to 3 losses risking 1% of my account per trade.
2. Risk a fixed % of the account per trade

I have no idea which trades will be profitable, only that over many trades my strategies produce a profit.

Therefore, I risk the same amount on every trade.
I risk 1% of my account. When starting out, risk much less (like 0.1%).
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The Mathematics of Trading:

You must know this to change from a beginner trader to a profitable one.

#trading #stocks #DayTrading #Daytrader #TRADINGTIPS
One thing I've noticed beginners focus on too much is the win rate of a trading strategy

But remember, WINRATE IS ONLY HALF THE EQUATION! The other half is the win-to-loss ratio

Don't just look at the % of winning trades, also consider the average profit and loss of each trade.
To get a more complete picture, use the expected value (EV) equation:

EV = win rate % * avg win - (1-win rate %)* avg loss
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🚨Credit Spread Explained WITH EXAMPLE!🚨

This Strategy WILL become a SECOND INCOME!
For example if you get a credit spread with a premium of .20 between the spreads then your goal is for that premium to theta out to 0 for full 100% profit.
Example of spreads:

$SPY Put Credit Spread

Put credit spread is actually a bullish credit spread

$SPY Sold $382P

$SPY Bought $381P
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A Detailed Thread on Candlesticks you NEED to know 🧵

These candlestick patterns can be a leading factor in a trend change before many know it’s even happening 👇🏼
1. Bullish Inverted Hammer

Strong reversal candle in a downtrend and as you can see above this one led as the market bottom leading up for a 65 point move after.

Always want to find it after a big red candle. Image
2. One of my favorite setups is the Harami, in this case it was a bearish harami. This candle is near the top of the previous large green candle & would be vice versa for the bulls if it was on bottom of a previous large red candle with same sized wicks on both ends. 30+ points Image
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I’ve been #daytrading for almost a decade now. Between trading for a hedge fund and managing my own money It has been the only way I have made a living since I graduated from Law School.

Here are 10 things I wish I knew when I started out my #trading career.
1. Mindset Matters 🧠

All the top traders I’ve met have been super optimistic and filled with self belief.

Their work ethic makes their success inevitable but they never behave like the market owes them that success immediately.
2. Every trader loses

No #daytrader has a 90% + win rate with zero drawdown. If they tell you that then they are bull shitting you. Run🏃

Elite traders have a win rate in the 70s.

It’s not about how often you win, it’s about how you protect yourself when you don’t
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🗺What is the history of the Stock Market?
💱How did trading originate?
📈What are some of the key events of the Stock Market?
We explore the entire timeline of finance and trading leading up to the present day via this series of tweets.

#StockMarketOrigins Image
The 1300s
Venetian moneylenders began to sell debt issues to other lenders and to individual investors; and traded in government securities. They carried slates with information on the various issues for sale & meet with clients, much like a broker does today.
The late 1400s
Belgium (then, Antwerp), became the centre of international trade. Merchants would bring in goods anticipating that prices would rise and earn them a profit. #Bondtrading also occurred during this period.
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Traders often post successful trades on social media, but I rarely see losing trades. Losers can be a valuable learning tool. Here's one that happened to me this AM. #Wyckoff #learntotrade #tradingcourse #daytrader #trading #daytrading #SP500 #ES_F
Coming in, we had a Spring set up during the European session. This is on the 240-min chart. After penetrating a swing low, price reverses and closes above that swing low. That's a Spring. They are especially good in uptrends. And this one had pretty much everything going for it
Although the daily was showing supply, this spring seemed to test the big acceleration up on 8/27 & was holding atop old resistance/now support. We call this a Jump Across the Creek (JAC) & anticipate a pullback for potential trade entry. A Spring in this situation is ideal.
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