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The Bear's Take:

•USA #recession is coming
•Bearish daily candlesticks on $SPX and $NDX
#NDX negative divergences with classic Indis
•Leaders are overextended and some are starting to break
#JPM collar will stop any #SPX advance at 4320


The Bulls' Take

•Breakout of 4200 confirmed
•Momentum is bullish
•Market breadth improved
• $SPX now in official bull market
•Dealers increased their long positions again
#Gamma is positive
- #CPI will be lower
- #Fed to pause

#ES #SPX $SPY #0dte #options

Our Take

• Markets are at strong resistance levels, we are expecting a pullback
• Volatile week ahead
• A likely visit to 4220
• Expecting 4320 to stop any $SPX advance
•Expecting #smallcaps to outperform
#CPI maybe higher, but downtrending

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The Bear's Take:

•Germany is in recession
#USA #recession is coming
•Spinning top on Nasdaq
#NDX negative divergences with classic indis
•Leading stocks are overextended
•Breadth Negative divergences
•4300 is strong resistance

#SPX #ES_F $SPX $SPY #0dte

The Bulls's Take

•Daily, weekly and monthly bullish candlestick with high volume
•Big bullish action on Friday, with Breadth Thrust
• $SPX broke important levels on high volume
•Bullish momentum
•Dealers increased their long positions
•Positive #Gamma


Our Take

•Momentum is bullish, but indices are near resistance
•A likely visit to 4220 in the next two weeks is expected
•Hard to see a solid break above 4300 this week
•Expecting good performance from the #smallcaps this week

#SPX $SPY $ES_F $SPY #trading
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Rising volume in $XLK, $VTV, and good enough $SMH transparently prepared the ground for improving #ES market breadth – but the one factor that made me reconsider the requisites of the medium-term (bearish) outlook, was this.
2. Back when I took the MT bearish view (mid Mar), it was well justified as two significant #banks had fallen, $CS was getting back on the radar screen, #deposit outflows continued, and demand for the #Fed emergency programs was rising.
It was questionable whether $KRE and $XLF
3. would stabilize.
The incentives for #deposit outflows were still present (#Fed hadn‘t yielded to market pressures to ease, and still doesn‘t, short-term #yields kept solidly above 5%, #Fed balance sheet kept declining, #M2 and #margin debt shrinking while consumer #inflation
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#ES close almost 4,149 resistance, $RSP $IWM improvements are key bullish achievements, but I doubt would be confirmed by rising #bonds.
Bit of a daily rotation into #cyclicals say that would be hard.
Key today - #retailsales
Quote from Sunday:
2. "I'm ooking for a meaningful undershoot on Tuesday, especially in core #retailsales turning even slightly negative".
Look at China's uneven recovery (18% vs 21% expected retail sales YoY), and compare then to situations when fiscal and monetary policy work in opposite ways.
3. Looking at the relative $XLY direction, I'm afraid #discretionaries are starting to lose their leading shine.
It's rather $XLC $XLV $XLU that are either leading or improving while $XLK deteriorates under the surface (also in terms of #NDX market breadth) just like $XLY.
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Plate Running #NDX (Negeri Sembilan) Num ready gais...

-harga RM410 SAHAJA‼️
-3/4 digit masih banyak dan lawa2... -sementara stok masih ada.
-proses beli 30 minit siap,num valid 6 bulan untuk register pada kenderaan

Refer list below, Image
1-2 ImageImage
3-4 ImageImage
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#SPX $SPY $ES #options #Futures

The Bear's take:

•Market is in decreasing weekly volume
•High yields
•Looming #Recession
•Geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are on the rise
•Valuations are high
#Inflation is sticky
•Higher rates for longer
•Small-caps are lagging behind


The Bull's take

•Bullish daily, weekly and monthly candles
•Momentum is up
•Tech is leading
•Sucessful retest of breakout zones
#NDX made new higher low and higher high
#SPX made new higher low

#ES_F #SPX $SPY $SPX #trading
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#SPX $SPY $ES #options #Futures $Gamma

The Bear's take:
•Market is up in decreasing weekly volume
•Market is overbought
•High yields
•Looming #Recession
•Geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are on the rise
#Inflation is sticky
•Higher rates for longer
•Small-caps are lagging behind


The Bull's take

•Bullish daily, weekly and monthly candles
•Momentum is up
•Tech is leading
•Sucessful retest of breakout zones
#NDX made new higher low and higher high
#SPX made new higher low

#ES_F #SPX $SPY $SPX #trading
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2) $SPX $Gamma structure Cheat Sheet
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#SPX #ES_F #options #Futures #trading #Daytrader #VIX #VVIX #Gamma $Gamma #GEX $GEX $SPX $SPY #SPY $QQQ #QQQ #NDX #NQ_F

Our Compact Guide to Options Strategies

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#SPX #ES_F #options #Futures #trading #VIX
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#SPX $SPY $ES $SPX #ES_F $GAMMA #GEX $QQQ #QQQ $DIj #trading #options #Futures

The Bear's take:

•Rates and valuations are high
•Looming recession
•Geopolitical tensions ↑
•Very Bearish Gravestone doji on Friday
•More rates coming
•Market is extremely overbougth
•Dollar is going ↑

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options #trading #Futures $SPY $ES

The Bull's take

•Inflation/Commodities/Oil ↓
•SPX made a higher low and a higher high: Trend change
•Most charts are bullish
• $FAANG chart bullish
•All Breadth indicators are very strong
• $VIX, $VVIX still in strong donwtrend

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options $SPY
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If you haven't read it
From our newsletter:
"Last Friday it managed - just like the $DJT and $IWM - to make a solid upward breakout... did so on high volume... close above the 20, 50, 100 and 200DMA.
All indicates that this will most likely be the way forward for the #SPX"
" #DJT made an excellent breakout and closed above 20 and 100DMA. It closed right at its 50DMA. Bullish action from a leading indicator. $DJT will have to surpass the conjunction of 50DMA and 200DMA next week, in order to validate more upward moves"
It did that yesterday


"A follow up rally is expected to allow it to break out of the Noise Box and break above at least the 20DMA.
On Monday it broke above the Noise Box, yesterday above the 20DMA, today above the 50DMA"

#QQQ #NDX #TradingSignals #bearmarket #SPX #ES_F #trading #SPX
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Down day for the #SPX, and the #VIX closed down -6.26% and below 20DMA

Yesterday: large bearish engulfing candle
Today: Continuation

Despite the lack of sync this looks like a bullish development for $SPX

#ES_F #trading $SPY $ES #options #VIX $VVIX
#XLF was rejected at 20DMA

The sector remains above the 200DMA, and near support

For the October #SPX rally to continue it's necessary for #XLF to hold above $34.40

#trading #banks #options #ES_F $SPX $SPY $ES #DayTrading #Futures #inflation #ratehikes #Fed #Financial
It is in "the pinch", right between the 100DMA and the 20DMA.
One is support, the other is resistance

Let's see which side #QQQ comes out on.

It's still in the uptrend channel.

#NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX $NDX #NQ_F #options #trading #Futures #DayTrading #TradingSignals #SPX #ES_F
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A low #CPI triggered a 114-point jump that took it above the dominant trendline. At the open, sell orders above that level initiated a pullback that took it 126 points down to the 20DMA

Not what we would call a 1-day reversal, more upside to come
Same picture for #DIA, sell orders above Dec 1 high pushed the #DJI lower

It went down after an impressive initial rally
Bounced from 20DMA

#DJIA will continue to lead the rally

Not a pretty candle, but not exactly a 1-day reversal

#DowJones #trading #options #trading

Same story

Perhaps an uglier candle, closer to a 1-day reversal than $DIA and $SPX.

$RTY looking much better

Bounced from important support in the trading channel

Big volume today.

#IWM needs to catch up with $DJI for accompanying leadership

$RUT #RUT #RTY_F #trading
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Today in the markets:

#SPX bounced yesterday from 100DMA, moved higher today on slightly lower volume

Still below 20DMA. Failure to regain that level will be a significant crack in the October rally

Break below 3900 would be the death of the rally


#DJIA and #DIA have been rejected from 20DMA yesterday and today, but #YM_F closed above it today

It is important for DJI and DIA to close above 20DMA

It bounced yesterday from the lower edge of its trading channel

#DowJones #YM_F #trading #options #DayTrading
It bounced yesterday from channel support &continued today with slightly lesser volume

It's still below 20DMA, but still in a short-trend uptrending channel, and a mid-term downward channel

It need to close above 20DMA

#trading #Options #NASDAQ
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The market today:

$SPX / $SPY / $ES

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#SPX #ES_F #trading #options #futures #daytrading #TradingSignals Image
$DIA / $DJI / $YM

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#DIA #DJIA #DowJones #trading #options #Futures #OptionsTrading #DayTrading #TradingSignals #YM_F Image
$QQQ / $NDX / $NQ

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its short-term upward trending channel and its mid-term downward channel

It bounced near channel support

#QQQ #NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX #trading #OptionsTrading #Futures #NQ_F #daytrading
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The Elliott Wave Principle’s emotional cycles, aka mental states (actually traps), explained wave by wave.

A must read thread 🧵 below 👇

#elliottwave #tradingpsychology #TRADINGTIPS
#SPX #SPX500 $SPX #StockMarket #tradingadvice #tradingbias
/1 First the Bull market’s psychological cycle: W-1 to 5. Image
W-1 : disbelief (It’s just another Bear market rally, don’t buy it! Wait for better days.)
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The US market's rigged.
It'll go way higher until the entire United States collapse.
You're better off being a perma-bull than a perma-bear.

They have forced liquidity into bonds and equities since the 70’s.

1971 - Nixon took us off gold standard, forcing money to flow into bonds and equities

1978 - 401K was created. Companies no longer offer pension, forcing workers to invest in volatile market for retirement
Because our assets and retirements are tied to the market, and because of rising national debt from irresponsible spending, we have no choice but to print money to prop up the system and keep us happy, while reducing rate to slow down national debt from going out of control.
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I'm not saying makes sense
Indeed, this is crazy
But you have a full bull trend on the daily
Above 100 DMA

Big money is going to buy the dip
Not financial advice
You know what rallies hard?

A hated rally.
As of 11:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
#QQQ is testing 5 DMA at around 319.20
Bulls are trying to defend.

We will see if support holds.
If it holds, very bullish
If it doesn't, it could test 313.6 (100 DMA)

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Ehi there #Crypto and #macro Twitter

Time for #market analysis #Number12!

"Quiet, before the storm"

I will explain here what happened since last week, and cover the broader #economy as it breaks

I will start from #onchain #BTC, going into #Technical Analysis + #macro🧵
First of all, if you want to have a deeper insight in what happened the week before, you should check my last #weekly #analysis

I'll put the link here for you:

But let's start digging into this week, should we?
Last week we experienced a rally in #crypto with #Eth leading the way with a speculative date on the merge happening on September 19th.

BTC managed to rally breaking the trendline at resistance and the realized price, but failed to maintain those as support ImageImageImage
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Nasdaq #NDX has a monthly support around 10800 on a CLOSING basis. 8 trading days left. Given the current sentiment, markets could put a bottom in place after a panic selling.

On S&P 500 #SPX, the parallel channel has a support near 3520 for the month on a CLOSING basis.

Viewing this along with sentiment data, there is a strong case of a bounce back. For this we look at consumer sentiment, asset manager sentiment and trader sentiment. Univ of Michigan Consumer Sentiment reading hit 59 in march & got a temporary bounce in April.

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I've been saying this since March 2022.

#Bitcoin has been following the small cap indexes such as #IWM and #Russell2000 very closely since September 2021.
They are the first ones to get hit.

Large caps #SPX #QQQ got hit later.


That remains true all the way to today.

#SPX correction is lagging behind and is playing catch-up with correction.

When influencers ask why #Bitcoin is holding better than #SPX and #NDX #NASDAQ, this is why.

Small caps are way oversold at ridiculously low valuation historically. A P/E of 12! Are you kidding me?

If small caps #IWM and #Bitcoin are correlated, and if #IWM valuation will normalize back to higher valuation, #BTC rises.

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@hussmanjp Majority (according to BofA) thinks we are in a late stage bull or in a bubble. So, guess they are aware. The problem is there's no timing tool for this kind of greedy psychology trying to sqeeze every possible index point till the top no matter the exponentially increasing risk.
@hussmanjp It seems the probability of a top beeing in or beeing away for another 3 months is pretty much the same.

Actually, if we consider today's SPAC mania to be comparable to '00s tech mania, and compare the movement of SPAC index to NDX, topping could take another 3 months or so...
@hussmanjp Like #NDX topped earlier in 00 than the #SPX, #SPACs could top earlier than $NDX today, with 2nd leg in SPACS being the real deal on major indices.
Recent absorption of institutional selling by retail and yesterday's strong relative up volume make me consider adjusting timing
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(1/n) The #inflation data just keeps coming in hot. Today it was the #Markit #PMIs that showed input prices rising to a a long shot.
(2/n) Earlier in the week it was the core PPI data, which came in at 2%, fully twice the #WallSt estimates.
(3/n) On Monday the #Fed's Empire State manufacturing survey showed prices paid at the highest level in 10 years.
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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore & @cnbcKaren for having me on the show this morning.

Here's a short thread of the notes - entitled, "Time to Get Real?" - which I put together in preparation.
They should hopefully be self-explanatory:-

#SquawkBox #CNBC #macro #equities #commodities
You've heard it here before: pay out or pay down is a big part of the #inflation equation:-
Yes, there's a "V" - or at least a flipped square root sign - underway, but will it extend far enough & fast enough?
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