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The Math & Concepts Behind Making Big #DayTrading Returns

It's certainly feasible. It relies on 4 things:
- Number of trades (a couple a day)
- Position size (well-controlled)
- Reward:Risk (doesn't need to be huge)
- Win Rate (doesn't need to be high)

Here's how to do it 👇🧵
Trading on a 5-minute chart or lower time frame, a decent price action strategy should be able to find on average 2+ trades per day (40 per month) in under 2 hours of trading.

That doesn't mean exactly 2 every day. Some days there are no good trades, other days there are many.
Risk up to 1% of your capital per trade. 1% is the goal.

If starting out, risk 0.1% per trade and increase 0.1% per month of profitability.

If your account is $100, risk $1 per trade (1%). If your account is $35K, risk $350 per trade.

More details:…
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This is one of my favorite #forex and day trading patterns (I also use in stocks).

It occurs nearly every day on the 1-minute chart and it often occurs multiple times within a 1.5 to 2-hour time period (or however long you opt to #daytrade).

Get in and Get Out.
Learn it 👇
I call these RTs or RBs, which stands for Rounded Top and Rounded Bottom. The pattern requires specific criteria, but if you practice them, you'll see them almost every day.

I daytrade them on the 1-minute chart, but I also trade them on other time frames and various markets...
First, let's look at the patterns, and then I'll provide some context as to when to trade them, when not to, position-sizing, leverage, and other details...
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When ranges form and price starts chopping around, that's when most people lose money.

Here's how to avoid getting chopped up, profit if the range is big enough, and still participate in the breakout.

A quick visual thread on "range rules."
My #daytrading "range rules" generate great returns (combined with my entry signals) and save me from unnecessary losses almost every day.

There are two concepts:
1. Room
2. Inside or Outside Swing

Both are important for navigating ranges or choppy trading...
1. ROOM means: if price is in a range & I get a trade signal, my target must be within the range (or barely outside) & STILL provide a good reward:risk of at least 2:1 or greater.

Notice how my targets are within the range. There's "room" within the range to hit my target. Image
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If you decided to withdraw your #daytrading profits daily, would that change how you trade for the better?

It can create a real sense of the profits & losses being real, not just numbers on a screen. This may help some ppl. Think about the concept to see if it would help you...
An actual withdrawal doesn't have to take place. Profits could simply be transferred into another account with your broker. On losing days the profits get transferred out and back into the live trading account...
Some people trade best when they're not thinking about money at all.

Others need to think about the money to realize this is a business, a serious endeavor, and that those numbers you're looking at aren't just numbers, but money that can change your life....
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I've been #daytrading the $EURUSD for 14 years.

Here are 10 key day trading insights that have kept me in the game.

Including strategies, ways to improve, position-sizing, making rapid trades on the fly, and more.

A thread👇
1. When day trading #forex, I only trade the EURUSD.

It has enough movement, the smallest spread, and the biggest volume (which translates to less slippage on orders).

No need to waste time or effort on anything else.

Specialize and get good at one thing.
2. Use an ECN broker for day trading.

The spread should be under 0.5 pips & the commissions under $5/standard lot.

$0 to $3 commissions and under 0.4 pip spread is much better.

Bigger spreads and commissions create a disadvantage...
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1/23 It's easy to find bullish and bearish elements in the charts to fit you bias, but being a maxi can be risky. Remember:
Markets ebb and flow
Data constantly changes
Your bias only needs to match the TF you are trading

A 🧵 on the #data influencing the #BTC trend and PA.
2/23 Before we dive into the macro for #Bitcoin, let's look at what's happening this week. It's rare to have a Daily MA #GoldenCross and a Weekly MA #DeathCross happening on the same asset.
3/23 The #GoldenCross printed and the #DeathCross between the 200 & 50 WMA's is coming on the next candle. Knowing why we have conflicting signals isn't as critical as knowing how price will react, but if I had to guess, I'd say, short term manipulation.
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One of the greatest skills you can develop as a trader is the ability to create your own strategies.

Even if it's based on others' ideas.

If you can develop a strategy, you learn how to find your own answers, and you'll never be dependent on anyone for trading info.

When I started out #daytrading in 2005, I knew nothing about trading. I was fresh out of university.

I applied to a proprietary day trading firm (they give me money and take part of my profits)...and they ONLY wanted people who knew nothing/little about trading.

No preconceived ideas.

The firm basically told me: "Look at this chart and figure out how to make money."

It was the most powerful trading instruction I ever received.

The subtext was: "Become self-reliant because we can't trade for you".

Beautiful, and True. I said "Ok"...
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Use the 80/20 rule to trade more efficiently.

Swing trading or day trading.
If you trade all day, likely 80% of the profits will come from 20% of that time spent.

Trade for 1 hour instead of 5 or 6.

Make 80% of what you were making but save 80% of your time.
I found this when I started #daytrading in 2005. I traded all day, but nearly all my profit came in the 1st hour. I tended to lose a bit around lunch and then made a bit into the close.

Much more efficient to only trade when the most $$ is coming in. Keep it to 2hrs or less.
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My #daytrading success came relatively quickly.

Within a year I was making a great living.

Once profitable, I didn't have a losing month for 4 years.

Adversity did come. Here's what it was and how I overcame it.

A Thread 👇👇
I started day trading in 2005 and became quite profitable rather quickly, by most people's standards.
It was the result of dedicating 8 hours per day to doing my own research analyzing charts.

I got to the trading floor at 6 am (market opens at 730 my time) and left at 3 pm after discussing strategy with colleagues.

I didn't trade that whole time....
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$DIA $IWM #trading #options #Futures
The Bear's take:

•Rates and valuations are high
•Looming recession
•FOMC: FED will be hawkish
•Geopolitical tensions are increasing
•Earnings will be low
•Macro enviroment is ugly
•Layoffs are increasing

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options #trading #Futures #DayTrading $SPY $ES
The Bull's take

•Inflation/Commodities/Dollar are down ↓
•All indices are above their MA
•Tech leads and charts are bullish
• $FAANG and $TSLA charts are bullish
•Breadth indicators are strong
• $VIX, $VVIX and #DXY in strong donwtrend

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options #trading
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I started #daytrading in 2005. I have been making a living from it since 2006.

Here's how I started out and was profitable within 1 year.

A thread:
In 2005, fresh out of university I saw a job posting that said something like "If you like playing online poker and video games, maybe you want to be a day trader."

I said, "Yup!" and applied.

Three interviews later I was in training to be a prop trader.
A prop, or proprietary, trader trades firm capital, and then gets paid a percentage of profit. I started out day trading stocks.

They didn't give me a strategy, they just taught me how their trading platform worked and then said figure it out.
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My Strategy Rules in a Tweet...

#1 Short Below VWAP Long Above VWAP.

The VWAP is a great tool to always be aware of the trend even during the pull back are we pulling back to VWAP or breaking below? Little things here and there with the VWAP can save you a lot of issues
#2 3 Minute Chart Setup

3 Minute Time frame with 3 EMAS.


We are looking for these 3 EMAS to be spaced/fanned out nicely showing the overall trend. Would love for Price to stay above 8EMA during a move higher and stay above 21 EMA during pull backs.

The MACD is on my 3minute Chart. I am looking at MACD cross for Bullish/Bearish Bias. A downward move with a Bullish MACD normally results in choppy action. Same with Upward Bearish MACD. This can save you from buying a failed break out!
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$DIA $IWM #trading #options #Futures
The Bear's take:

•Rates and valuations are high
•Looming Recession
•Geopolitical tensions are increasing
•Earnings will be low
•Macro enviroment is ugly
•Layoffs are increasing

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options #trading #Futures #DayTrading #scalping #odte $SPY $ES #VIX #VVIX

The Bull's take

•Inflation/Commodities/Oil/Dollar are down
•Techs are taking the lead again
• $FAANG chart is bullish
•Breadth indicators are strong
• $VIX, $VVIX and #DXY in strong donwtrend
•Positive divergence from CCI, RSI, ROC, Stochastics
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If you haven't read it
From our newsletter:
"Last Friday it managed - just like the $DJT and $IWM - to make a solid upward breakout... did so on high volume... close above the 20, 50, 100 and 200DMA.
All indicates that this will most likely be the way forward for the #SPX"
" #DJT made an excellent breakout and closed above 20 and 100DMA. It closed right at its 50DMA. Bullish action from a leading indicator. $DJT will have to surpass the conjunction of 50DMA and 200DMA next week, in order to validate more upward moves"
It did that yesterday


"A follow up rally is expected to allow it to break out of the Noise Box and break above at least the 20DMA.
On Monday it broke above the Noise Box, yesterday above the 20DMA, today above the 50DMA"

#QQQ #NDX #TradingSignals #bearmarket #SPX #ES_F #trading #SPX
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(1/7) Perplexed with what trading strategies you should implement? Let’s dive through the realms of shorter-time frame trading. 🧵

Read more at…
(2/7) #TradingTip: When trading, it’s important to recognize an underlying trend and trade around it to #profit consistently 📈
(3/7) In order to make the most of #trading, it’s important to understand different time frames. #Shorter-time frames (1-15 minutes) can offer more opportunities but can also be more #volatile. 🤔
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Everyone loves Top Ten Lists at the end of the year -

(1/12) Top 10 Mistakes Reasons Traders Lose Money:

10. Scams -

(2/12) As shocking as it may seem those YouTube videos promising you untold riches if you just pay for their courses? Yeah, they are full of crap.

You lose $ twice - paying them and again when you trade.
9. Well Meaning Idiots

(3/12) Everyone will try to give you advice. They may even sound smart - but unless they can prove themselves to be a consistently profitable trader, chances are you’re listening to someone that also loses money.
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Down day for the #SPX, and the #VIX closed down -6.26% and below 20DMA

Yesterday: large bearish engulfing candle
Today: Continuation

Despite the lack of sync this looks like a bullish development for $SPX

#ES_F #trading $SPY $ES #options #VIX $VVIX
#XLF was rejected at 20DMA

The sector remains above the 200DMA, and near support

For the October #SPX rally to continue it's necessary for #XLF to hold above $34.40

#trading #banks #options #ES_F $SPX $SPY $ES #DayTrading #Futures #inflation #ratehikes #Fed #Financial
It is in "the pinch", right between the 100DMA and the 20DMA.
One is support, the other is resistance

Let's see which side #QQQ comes out on.

It's still in the uptrend channel.

#NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX $NDX #NQ_F #options #trading #Futures #DayTrading #TradingSignals #SPX #ES_F
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A low #CPI triggered a 114-point jump that took it above the dominant trendline. At the open, sell orders above that level initiated a pullback that took it 126 points down to the 20DMA

Not what we would call a 1-day reversal, more upside to come
Same picture for #DIA, sell orders above Dec 1 high pushed the #DJI lower

It went down after an impressive initial rally
Bounced from 20DMA

#DJIA will continue to lead the rally

Not a pretty candle, but not exactly a 1-day reversal

#DowJones #trading #options #trading

Same story

Perhaps an uglier candle, closer to a 1-day reversal than $DIA and $SPX.

$RTY looking much better

Bounced from important support in the trading channel

Big volume today.

#IWM needs to catch up with $DJI for accompanying leadership

$RUT #RUT #RTY_F #trading
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Today in the markets
An unexpected rally pushed #SPX 50 points higher today on increased volume

We can say it was a successful retest or bounce from the 100DMA

It closed at 20DMA and is now in the "pinch". Tomorrow we'll know which side #SPX is going to come out on

#SPX Image
Another rally on higher volume

Today closed above the 20DMA, somewhat bullish if it is able to hold that ground.

Big impulsive green candle, indicating further upside

$DJI #DIA #DIJ $DJIA #industrial $SPX #SPX
#DowJones Image
IWM rose on higher volume. It kissed the 100DMA today, which has offered resistance in recent days

It is still in the "extension" zone of its trend channel.
It needs to get back inside the main channel and break above the 100DMA

#IWM $RUT $RTY #RTY #RUT #options
#trading Image
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Years of research, studying, mentoring traders to find out that majority of traders fail for these reasons.

The top 4 points:

1⃣ Traders are indisciplined. They have a strategy, create a plan but often they won't respect it, getting highjacked by a thought, a friend, a feeling
2⃣ Traders have no patience. They will anticipate a trade because they want to be part of the party no matter what. They will be late and still take the trade because they won't want to miss it as if that's the only opportunity in their lives.
3⃣ Traders will lack confidence. Without confidence a trader cannot use size and confidence is made by having consistency and consistency comes from:
- experience
- backtesting your strategy
- practice
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$SPX #0DTE scanner and $GEX charts from @TradeVolatility
3900 puts and 4000 calls continue to attract the highest number of bets

4000 call has the largest volume change

The struggle area now: 3950/3960

The safest 0DTE play is selling the 3900/4000 strangle for $1.50
#SPX #ES Image
We are going to sell the 3935/4000 strangle for $4.25

*Price went lower since the screenshot

#ES_F #trading #options #daytrading #futures
$4.20 Image
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Today in the markets:

#SPX bounced yesterday from 100DMA, moved higher today on slightly lower volume

Still below 20DMA. Failure to regain that level will be a significant crack in the October rally

Break below 3900 would be the death of the rally


#DJIA and #DIA have been rejected from 20DMA yesterday and today, but #YM_F closed above it today

It is important for DJI and DIA to close above 20DMA

It bounced yesterday from the lower edge of its trading channel

#DowJones #YM_F #trading #options #DayTrading
It bounced yesterday from channel support &continued today with slightly lesser volume

It's still below 20DMA, but still in a short-trend uptrending channel, and a mid-term downward channel

It need to close above 20DMA

#trading #Options #NASDAQ
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The market today:

$SPX / $SPY / $ES

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#SPX #ES_F #trading #options #futures #daytrading #TradingSignals Image
$DIA / $DJI / $YM

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#DIA #DJIA #DowJones #trading #options #Futures #OptionsTrading #DayTrading #TradingSignals #YM_F Image
$QQQ / $NDX / $NQ

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its short-term upward trending channel and its mid-term downward channel

It bounced near channel support

#QQQ #NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX #trading #OptionsTrading #Futures #NQ_F #daytrading
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$DIA $IWM #trading

The Bear's take:

• Rates, inflation, dollar, employment ↑
• Geopolitical tensions
• $VIX at support, #SPX at resistance
• $VVIX is extremely oversold
#Nasdaq composite rejected at 100DMA
• Dealers are now net short
• $DJT is lagging $DJI


The Bull's take

•Commodities/Oil/DXY are ↓
• Excepting $NDX major indices are above 200DMA, all above 20, 50 and 100DMA
•Breadth indicators are bullish
• Seasonality favors move↑
• $FAANG bullish monthly candle
• $DJI to continue leadership
• $Gamma is +
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