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Right, we’re just going to say it: Today’s exchanges are broken

🛑They list scam coins that have peaked and will never return
🛑They promote dangerous activity
🛑They don’t care whether their users make money

It’s time to break this toxic model. Here’s how we will change that👇
Today’s exchanges are torn ⛔️

They need the trading fees so they incentivise trading of all kinds of crap 💩

This creates a vicious circle of ever-riskier assets and offerings. Effectively, they are (unfortunately) geared towards you LOSING money 😭

We want to flip this on its head. We want to make profits with our users, not at their expense 💪

Because right now, DeFi matters more than ever.

👉 Inflation is spiraling
👉Governments are weaponising finance
👉 Currencies are collapsing
👉 Refugees need finance they can trust
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1/ Yesterday, I highlighted zkSync.

So it only makes sense that I do the same for @StarkWareLtd and their #Ethereum rollup solutions #L222 #StarkEx and #StarkNet

Another deep-dive thread into one of the projects changing the scaling world 🧵...
2/ First, again, some high-level Pros and Cons
Pros with using Starkware products

- Increased TPS compared to ORs (~9,000+ TPS on Ropsten testnet)
- Faster withdrawals (no challenge period), enabling better capital efficiency and liquidity
- #Validiums (discussed below)
3/ Cons

- Developer UX and porting of dApps from L1 to #L2 is more challenging than OR options
- #Cairo language less popular among developers = less talent pool to build on Starkware
- With Starkware's #Validium option, there's a technical challenge in solving DA problem.
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With DeFi about to reach critical mass, the next 12 months will be crucial for the future of #Layer2 - and for our platform in particular.

Let’s take a Deep Dive with @will_harborne as he explains what's to be expected for DeversiFi in 2022.

#Thread (1/11)
2022 will be the avalanche year for Ethereum, the year that it takes back the centre-ground of crypto DeFi ecosystems and this will be driven by #Layer2 ecosystems. In fact, we predict there will be significantly more people using #Ethereum Layer 2 than #L1.

In parallel, we will see the growth of multi-chain ecosystems, which allow several blockchains to connect with one another - enabling #decentralised apps and protocols to launch on several networks.

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2021 has changed everything for #DeversiFi 🔥

We’ve broken $1 billion in total trades, launched loads of new features, and paved the way for the mass adoption of #DeFi 🚀

Here are nine key breakthroughs that have shaped our year

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At the start of 2021, we hadn’t even rolled out the swap feature on our platform...

But we launched it in January and now it’s our most-used feature of all! 🎉

We’ve launched our native governance token, $DVF, on our brand-new launch market.

The success of the #DLM shows we’ve got a viable mechanism to launch tokens on L2 - and #DVF allows you, our supporters, to take control of our protocol 🤝

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Yesterday we launched the FIRST EVER #Layer2 bridge to a centralised exchange 🥂 - @bitfinex, but what does that mean for you?

🧵 #Thread🧵 (1/6)
Remember how you used to pay those pesky gas fees 💸 and wait absurd times ⏳ when moving from an exchange to #DeFi? This all changes now with minuscule fees and rapid transfers!
This bridge🌉now enables fast and low-cost transfers between #Bitfinex & #DeversiFi meaning that you can move @Tether_to tokens ($USDt) seamlessly between the two platforms, without ever touching #Layer1 #Ethereum! And what's more, we’ll be adding more #ERC20 tokens soon!
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We have just launched the first ever #Layer2 bridge to @0xPolygon but what does this mean for you?🤔

The bridge 🌉 enables fast, gas-free and frictionless deposits & withdrawals between the two platforms whilst also increasing liquidity across both ecosystems

What can you transfer between the two platforms?

You can now instantly transfer $USDC, $DAI and $USDt from Polygon to your DeversiFi wallet on the Polygon network (2/5) Image
How quick will funds transfer across the platforms? 🌉

Within minutes of sending funds from @0xPolygon, they will be available in your #DeversiFi exchange account!

What's even better is that withdrawals back to #Polygon occur even faster! (3/5)
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