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In 2021 i made big gains on $GALA $MATIC & $SOL

2 days ago i bought $OCT @oct_network which has already gone up 25%.

I think it could 🚀 but there are concerns ⚠️

Here is a thread 🧵 explaining why 👇

Threads take a long time so please Retweet & tag a friend.

It is a complex #token but will try & simplify it for you.

This is not a paid promotion & i have bought some.

It is a smaller coin, so has huge upside but also risk. So don't just FOMO in & DYOR

-It is one of the most interesting #web3 plays out there.

-@oct_network is a multi-chain network for launching & running web3 apps.

-It solves some of the biggest problems faced by $DOT #polkadot & $KSM #kusama at the moment.
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Aww, Rats! is a #PolygonNFT project by creators, for creators.

Here's aww you need to know, explained in one cheesy thread🧵

🐀 About Aww, Rats!
🎨 Artwork
📊 Metadata
🕹️ Utility/dApps
🫂 Community
🧀 Benefits
🔗 Resources
🪙 How to buy

#Polygon #NFT #NFTCommunity #AwwRats

🎯Make #NFT education/creation fun & easy
🎯Have fun w/ our community thru cute art, games, & live streams

✅Creator-focused #Discord channels
#YouTube vids on art, smart contract dev, & ecosystem
✅Open Source
#Twitch every Mon/Wed
✅✅✅Cute art

🎯CelebRATe & empower artists
🎯Make our own art fun to collect

✅Invite artistic suggestions on #Twitch & draww them on stream
✅Closet dApp to accessorize your Rat
✅ANY artist can sell/distribute their art in our Closet dApp market
✅Custom 1/1 Rats
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In 2021 i made big gains by getting in early on projects like #galagames #Polygon & #solana.

I have just invested into @DefiKingdoms which i think could have huge potential 🚀

If you like the thread please Retweet & share this 1st post in this long thread 🧵👇
-This is a complex game but i will try & simplify what it does to the best of my ability on twitter 🙈

-It has big potential upside, but it is also risky. This only accounts for a small % of my portfolio.

-This is not a paid sponsorship & i have invested (see below)
@defikingdom is:

One of the 1st #playtoearn games that also combines Defi & NFTs

In fact it is the biggest #dex on #harmony $ONE

In short imagine a 16bit RPG where you can earn money (APY) and own NFTs
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1/5 Proud to present #Plonky2 - the world's fastest ZK scaling technology, built by @0xPolygonZero! 💫

Plonky2 is a recursive SNARK that is 100x faster than existing alternatives and natively compatible with #Ethereum.

A 🧵 on why this is exciting…
2/5 What is #Plonky2?

A natively #Ethereum compatible SNARK that is:

1⃣ Incredibly fast: 0.17 secs to generate recursive proofs on a laptop; by far the fastest implementation available today.
2⃣ Ethereum friendly: Can support #ETH txns & is practical to verify on Ethereum L1.
3/5 🚀 Furthermore, the unique features of #Plonky2 open the door for future engineering breakthroughs such as horizontal scaling of blockchain networks, where the throughput increases with every node that gets added to the network.
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#BTC & #ETH are down.

You need to take profits in #crypto so you can buy dips like this.

This year i made big gains on $GALA , $SOL & #Polygon but i always took profits & managed risk

Here is a simple 🧵 on how i do it 👇

Retweet + share + follow if you found it useful 🤝

A few people asked me to revisit this topic & had a couple of questions around my approach. So i hope you find it useful/ more detailed.

Any more Qs? Please comment at the bottom of the thread 👍

Whilst i made big gains on a number of riskier plays like $MANA $SAND $GALA & other #altcoins many of them are now down from all time highs.

However i am not worried because i de-risked myself and always took profits along the way.
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I've gotten a lot of Q's on what #NFTs I'll be looking at in '22, so I decided to write a thread on one of my favs launching in January: @coolcatsnft #Pets

In this thread, I'll talk #CoolPets:
- What they are
- How they'll work
- Why they're going to be game changing

#CoolPets are an expansionary collection w/ P2E gamification elements coming to the #CoolCatsNFT universe ('#Cooltopia')

Previously named 'creatures', Cool #Pets will begin as eggs. Holders will use items to grow them from egg to final form
Depending on the items used to interact w/ your egg, in its final form, your #Pet will take 1 of 4 elements: water, air, fire or grass, with 44M+ possible combos. More on items below

#Rarities will ultimately be determined based on the decisions of fellow #Pets holders
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Chainlink empowers smart contract developers to build increasingly advanced #dApps that are already redefining traditional industries.

Check out the latest #Chainlink integrations across #Avalanche, #BSC, #Fantom, #Harmony, #Moonriver, and #Polygon.
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2021 was won by alt L1s b/c rollup scaling on ETH moved too slowly

Web3 went mainstream with NFTs, gaming, DeFi 2.0

Blockspace supply on ETH remained scarce while demand blossomed. Excess demand went to alt L1s

But 2022 belongs to ETH and its rollup ecosystem:

While alt L1s made blockchains cheaper and more accessible in 2021, they took shortcuts to scale and will hit structural limits

Optimistic rollups are ready for the mainstream spotlight, and the ZK rollup cavalry is on the way (Polygon, Starknet, zkSync, and others)

There are two catalysts for ETH to go parabolic in 2022:

1) Rollups launch tokens.

Tokens represent incentives and community upside. Alt L1s won marketshare in 2021 because of tokens that went up. Rollups will follow the same playbook and bring users back to Ethereum

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Chainlink’s blockchain-agnostic oracle infrastructure continues to power new applications across an increasingly #multichain ecosystem.

Check out the latest projects integrating #Chainlink decentralized services on #BSC, #Fantom, & #Polygon 🧵👇 Image
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@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla and all the other $FLOKI #FLOKI Vikings, we congratulate you over the bridge at #Wanchain for the great successes into #DeFi with @InverseFinance…
@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla @InverseFinance If you'd like to connect to discuss expanding your cross-chain capabilities to #wanchain #avalanche #fantom #moonriver #polygon #bsc #Polkadot with your current $FLOKI vastly expanding chains and possibilities. Considering connecting with our Ambassadors.
@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla @InverseFinance To connect with us, many are regularly available on Twitter, and Telegram - also for getting streamlined bridge building there is a form here as well for #wanchain this is for ERC-20 and other EVM…
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1./ #Terra is a black hole. The mint of $UST is only at the beginning. Let me explain why I think #Terra will suck up an unimaginable amount of #DeFi value.

Now we see $UST going cross chain I think it's just a matter of time before others will follow. 🧵
2./ @WhiteWhaleTerra doing cross chain arbitrage

#Arbitrage opportunities are everywhere, so why stop here? I don't know about any other #Arbitrage protocol so far, so I don't see any obstacle for @WhiteWhaleTerra taking the the number 1 overall #Arbitrage spot.
3./ @TeamKujira becoming the place to go to buy liquidated assets. #ORCA is a massive success and borrowing assets against collateral is everywhere. So let's expand to everywhere! @TeamKujira has only just begun
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I made huge gains this year on #solana, #polygon & $GALA but i always take profits & manage risk.

If you wish you took profits to buy dips on #cryptocurrency this thread will teach you how i did it.

Please Retweet & tag a friend if you found this thread useful 🧵👇

I always aim for the following balance in my portfolio:
-Lower risk #Bitcoin = 40%
-Mid-low risk #Ethereum & #Solana = 20%
-Mid-low risk #Polygon = 5%
-High risk number of smaller #altcoins = 15%

Some will have a riskier portfolio with larger allocations to #metaverse or #NFT plays.

BUT i will never forget that 90% of #altcoins went to zero last bull run. So i always like to layer into #bitcoin #ETH
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Vamos con un hilo 🧵
Existe una práctica que se llama "Dollar Cost Averaging" sus siglas DCA

Uds. preguntan que es eso?

Sigan leyendo 👇
¿Qué es?
Es una estrategia de inversión que consiste en comprar de forma periódica un activo a lo largo del tiempo, sin importarnos el precio al que cotice.
Ahora imaginen poder hacer esto en forma descentralizada, automática y poder comprar el token que nosotros queramos gracias a un protocolo #DeFi
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Metamask, ¿qué es y cómo crear una cuenta?

Si aún no tienes una cartera en Metamask estás perdiendo muchas oportunidades para comprar tokens a mejor precio del que son listados en exchanges o simplemente para proyectos de menor MC

Si te interesa, sigue leyendo
¿Qué es Metamask?

Metamask es un monedero gratuito de crypto que se usa como extensión de navegador. Actúa como "puente" entre tu ordenador, webs3 y la blockchain. Se puede utilizar con Chrome, Firefox y Brave y hay apps para smartphone
¿Cómo crear una cuenta?

Paso1: Lo primero que tienes que hacer es instalar la extensión en tu navegador. Una vez aceptado y añadido a tu navegador, podrás ver el icono del zorro arriba a la derecha en la barra de extensiones
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Smartdex 2.0 beta has started and with it, cross-chain bridging and swaps.

We have four key partnerships for this, some features already implemented and others in the pipeline.

Here we'll go over them.

Smartdex will utilize Biconomy’s technology stack, including an upcoming Instant Deposit/Withdrawal protocol enabling transactions between L1 and L2 and a gasless transaction infrastructure.

Instant deposits and withdrawals between #Polygon and #Ethereum first then others.

With Router protocol, Smartdex 2.0 will utilize its liquidity super-mesh to aggregate cross-chain liquidity on Polygon, while later expanding it to other chains such as #BSC, #HEC, #Avalanche, #Polkadot, and #Algorand.

Router enables cross-chain transactions as well.

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Done a lot of #threads recently explaining how i got in early & made gains on #solana #polygon & #GalaGames

They seemed to be popular.
What should my next thread be?
Comment below and i'll choose one.

All threads attached below 👇
+tag a friend who might find it useful

How do research #hiddengems and find them before other people.


Understanding #tokeconomics is THE most important factor in evaluating a project. More info here:

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My biggest gains this year where on $sol #solana $matic #polygon $Gala #galagames

But many people this year will have got #REKT'd on projects like #dogecoin #shiba

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
Here is a simple thread top stop you getting wrecked 🧵👇

RT if you like ☺️
You hear stories of people making millions overnight like @ProTheDoge , who bet everything on $DOGE. But 99% of the time its pure luck.
New investors are seduced by the #moon potential of smaller projects & invest more than they can afford to lose.

Remember to always only invest what you can lose & take profits when you can!
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My biggest gains this year where by getting in early on $matic #Polygon , $gala #GalaGames and $SOL #Solana

But overtime i alway try to put profits into #btc #Bitcoin
Here are some of the best tools i use to analyse Bitcoin price action. 🧵👇

RT/Share if you found it useful

The CBBI index is awesome, it compiles some of the best leading indicators out there into one metric. Its almost always spot on too. If the score is over 85 sell, below 20 buy.

The best single indicators for me which is the Mayers multiple. It has been scarily accurate too overtime. It compares the current price against the 200 day moving average
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I made my biggest gains by getting in early on $matic #polygon, $Sol #solana and $GALA @GoGalaGames

Not on #bitcoin or #ethereum.

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
But here is a list of useful tools i use 🧵👇

Pls comment/let me know what u think
1/ As i said before focusing on Tokeconmics is more important than price action. Especially important is comparing Market Caps. @MarketCapOf is simple and great tool that can help with that.
2/ Btw in case you missed it, here is the thread i did recently all about Tokeconomics in more detail. Hope you find it useful.

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1/8 It's official: #Polygon welcomes @MirProtocol, a groundbreaking ZK startup in a $400M deal!

Mir's amazing team developed the world’s fastest ZK scaling tech; we are joining hands to utilize it and build Polygon Zero - a highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible ZK Rollup. 🦄💫
2/8 We recently announced our strategic focus & $1B funds for ZK-based solutions.

Following the announcements of @0xPolygonHermez, #PolygonNightfall & @0xPolygonMiden we are continuing our quest to become the ZK powerhouse with our work on Polygon Zero.…
3/8 Polygon Zero is a highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible ZK Rollup.

Solutions like this can be the Holy Grail of #Ethereum scaling, but they do not exist yet.

One missing piece has been efficient recursive proofs, as recursion enables much better performance. This ends now!
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This year i have been lucky to get in early & take huge profits on #solana $SOL, #polygon $MATIC & #GalaGames $GALA.

Its hard when you start out in crypto.
But here is a collection of useful threads which might help you to find the next hidden gem. 🧵
1/ Thread one:

First here is a simple & useful thread on how to find hidden gems & what kind of research you should be doing.

2/ Thread two:

In my opinion looking at tokeconomics is the most important thing when looking at new #cryptocurrency projects. Really important read below.

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Smart Contract and DApp Development - Beginner to Advanced tools and references.

This thread will detail the tools and tutorials I have found MOST useful along the way on my journey in building smart contracts and websites to interact with them.

#polygonNFT #DApp #solidity
Smart Contract Development - Beginner

Language: Solidity

IDE: Remix -
Great for simpler contracts. Create & deploy all in one.

Contract scaffolding -
Boilerplate contracts
Some handy links concerning solidity development...

Contract interaction:…

Downsizing contracts:…

Storing URI in ERC1155:

Random numbers (not trivial):…

#polygonNFT #solidity #Dapp
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1/ @idexio lanza airdrop de su token $IDEX

Lo pueden recibir:

- Personas que hayan utilizado el DEX de @QuickswapDEX y/o @SushiSwap en #Polygon

- Y que además hagan un trade en el exchange de idex

🧵Vamos con el paso a paso
2/ Primero lo primero: verificar si somos elegibles.

- Vamos a la web de idex (

- Damos click en el botón rosa Launch Exchange

👀No es almorzar un exchange, es lanzar la app.
3/ Iniciamos sesión con nuestro @MetaMask dando click en la billetera que está en la esquina superior derecha ☝️👉

- Vamos al sector de Rewards arriba a la derecha y luego a promotions 🎁
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🧵 Súper hilo de hilos

Dejaremos aquí todos los tutoriales útiles, scrolleá tranqui 👾
🧊 ICE POKER, el juego en Descentraland

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