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@muxprotocol Suite is a complex of protocols with features that will offer optimized trading cost, deep liquidity, a wide range of leverage options and diverse market options for traders

#Airdrop #Airdrops
2/ MUX announced yesterday that they are now live on Scroll PreAlpha Testnet 📜

@Scroll_ZKP is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on #Ethereum that enables native compatibility for Ethereum applications and tools

Already presented #airdrop strategy for Scroll 👇

3/ @muxprotocol launched their V2 platform which aggregates trades from various DEX perp platforms, starting with @GMX_IO.

To summarize, it's a leveraged trading aggegrators that offers zero price impact trading, up to 100x leverage, self-custody, and aggregated liquidity 🔥
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The blockchain industry will reach a $1,000,000,000,000 valuation in the near future.

Do current limitations on scalability and cost hinder its potential?

Introducing #dappchains.

🎯 Must-Read Thread! Image
The vision of a multi-chain network and scaling problems of L1s have facilitated the boom of the #dappchains.

✦ The idea of an application chain was not born yesterday. #Cosmos envisioned creating an ecosystem of universal connectivity beginning.
⚡️As a solution for resource-intensive decentralized applications, #dappchains is a new way to scale and reduce strain on the network.

Imagine a game that has millions of players. Should the game rely on the scalability of another network that hosts other games?
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Il Bitcoin non si è lasciato impressionare dai dati recenti sulla crescita del PIL degli Stati Uniti e dalle richieste di disoccupazione e attualmente si trova appena sotto la sua linea di supporto di $23,000. la crescita di Bitcoin del 35% quest'anno rimane positiva.
Si rimane ancora scettici sulle prospettive a breve termine per il Bitcoin e le altre criptovalute, che ancora fanno i conti con le malefatte del settore del 2022. Il prezzo di eth segue un percorso simile, scendendo leggermente sotto la sua attuale linea di supporto di $1,600.
Altre alts hanno subito perdite più marcate, con il token APT Aptos Network che ha recentemente registrato un calo del 5%. Il token MATIC è stata l'eccezione,registrando un aumento del 7%. Arkham Intelligence ha dichiarato giovedì che inizierà a supportare la blockchain Polygon
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No Operator would dare enter The Sacrifice Zone without their Sigma Containment Unit. 🔋

When the #Sigma storm comes, will you be ready? ⚔️

Learn more about the #SCU #NFT below 👇

🧵 1/9 Image
👉 What is a SCU?

The Sigma Containment Unit, aka Canister, is a virtual game item within #playSHRAPNEL used to store a highly valuable and mysterious compound, #SIGMA, that players collect during intense competitive gameplay sessions.

🧵 2/9
👉 What about the #NFT?

The #SCU mint will be a special multi-chain limited release of 10,000 NFTs launching across @avalancheavax, @0xPolygon and @ethereum #blockchain

🧵 3/9
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1/🧵 Chciałbym dzisiaj w ramach swobodnej prezentacji przedstawić Wam jeden z projektów jakie posiadam i z którym wiążę duże nadzieje na przyszłość.

Mowa tutaj o @Cherry_Network $CHER.
W wątku postaram się przybliżyć wszystkie wartościowe aspekty tego projektu.

2/🧵 Zastrzeżenie

Chcę na samym początku podkreślić, że NIE jest to płatny wątek. Nie współpracuję z tym projektem i są to jedynie moje subiektywne przemyślenia.

Widzę w nim duży potencjał (ale też ryzyko) i stąd postanowiłem stworzyć ten materiał.

3/🧵 Geneza
Po raz pierwszy spotkałem się z projektem w ramach launchpad na platformie @SynapseNetwork_. Pewnie wielu z Was będzie kojarzyło to miejsce.

Od początku zainteresowała Mnie wizja projektu #CherryNetwork przez co postanowiłem zgłębić temat i nie rozstawać się nim.
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🧵-- $NAKA --🧵
🧵- @NakamotoGames - 🧵

🧵#Thread about $NAKA and why I think this is a great gaming platform and cool #Play2Earn


@NFTDaily @crypto_doi
@gotoism @BitBoss_Crypto
#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x
What is $NAKA ?
$NAKA It`s a play-to-earn and #Metaverse platform that has almost 150 blockchain games online!

Let`s go! Image
So $NAKA is both a gaming platform with #Play2Earn features and also a growing #Metaverse it`s not a standard 10 games platform!

It already has a lot to offer!

Website looking awesome! Image
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Threαd of threαds α.k.α. ₿ook of αlphα 🧙‍♂️✨

- Scaling Ξthereum on rollups
- Modulαr αrchitecture (Celestiα, Eigenlαyer, +)
- Privacy tech (Aleo, Aztec, +)
- zk tech (zkSync, Stαrknet, Scroll, +)
- DotSαmα / Cosmos
- DeFi αnαlysis
- AI & Big Dαtα

Bookmark this (NFA) 📈 🚀
Cryptography - #Privacy-preserving technologies 🥷

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⛑ My prediction: 2023 is the year of blockchain powered healthcare!

💜 @JennyCoInc, a web3 healthcare data exchange, plans to use @0xPolygon to power its beta mobile app and token launch in Q1 2023. Image
🧩 The exchange plans to use Polygon's blockchain to enable consumers to share and access data and insights to improve health outcomes, increase personalization, and lower costs.
👀 To me this make total sense, since a blockchain solution could offer improved security: the decentralized nature of blockchain technology allows for secure data sharing between multiple parties without the need for a third party to manage data transactions.
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There is a Micro-Cap #Crypto gem that has been flying under the radar for quite some time now.

Let me introduce you to @AllianceBlock!

This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- #AllianceBlock is a blockchain-based ecosystem that was founded in 2018 by a team based in the Netherlands. @AllianceBlock is on a mission to bridge decentralised finance with traditional finance and they're doing a great job so far!
3- So why is #AllianceBlock such a worthy #Crypto gem?

Well, banks and traditional financial institutions are very restricted from utilising #blockchain technology due to regulation issues and the billion-dollar question is, how do you go around that?
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1/13 The bussin LSD Narrative: Will Lido's share of ETH stake skyrocket after the Shanghai upgrade?

What will happen to the withdrawn ETH? 🧵
A quick mention to @ViktorDefi for pointing out this narrative! 💪

Give it a read if you haven't yet 👇
ETH's staking ratio isn't too great compared to other chains and a few reasons include:

- High risk associated with the inability to withdraw stake
- Capital inefficiency of having >32ETH.
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To find a glimmer of hope in the bear market, you need to follow stablecoin trends.

Following this trend will lead you to Y2K Finance (@y2kfinance)

The Ultimate Guide to Y2K Finance🧵 Image
Before I dive in, a quick mention to @BanklessHQ since I wouldn't have found @y2kfinance and written this thread without them.

Here's what I'll cover:
- Stablecoin trends
- Overview of Y2K
- Thesis
2022 saw a significant rise in stablecoin hodlers

When the total crypto market cap dropped, the stablecoin market cap is bound to drop. But stablecoin dominance paints a different story: Image
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1/📑 Podsumowanie tygodnia nr 1 w roku 2023.

Postanowiłem zacząć zbierać wybrane tweety z mojego profilu z całego tygodnia, tak by dostępne były w jednym miejscu.

Dajcie znać co o tym myślicie i zapraszam do czytania 👇 Image
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On CT we often discuss mass adoption of #crypto

But tbh, we are mostly talking about buy muh bags which fuels tribalism b/t networks like $DOT, $ATOM, $ETH, $SOL and more

Let's talk about how @Polkadot connects us all and how actual adoption of the tech is already here...🧵
1/ Connecting a siloed world

As our world becomes more digital, the borders between us become thin

#Crypto is incredible because it opens the doors for a more open and inclusive world by aligning incentives regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you come from

Banking the unbanked, financial freedom and more are all realistic themes enabled by crypto's distributed ledger and borderless payments

Giving global businesses the ability to act without relying on trust or being hindered by the constraints of traditional finance Image
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$BTC To $100k, $ETH To $10k
We are all caught up in the cycle of predicting the upside and downside of the financial market.

Some have built an outstanding skillset in predicting the price movement of assets but have not been able to earn from it
I have something for you🧵👇 #RT Image
. @playyolorekt
Yolorekt is a short-term prediction market platform built on the blockchain.

Prediction markets allow you buy and sell predictions about future events (price movement of assets).
Yolorekt provides the platform for users to bid on the price movement of assets on the blockchain and earn money while doing that.

How does this work?
For instance, if you bid up on $BTC in round 10 and the strike price(the price where the upside or downside is determined from)
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1/27 This top 10 TVL chain has been secretly BUIDLing since 2017🐱‍👤

NOBODY on CT is talking about the Mixin Network

So here's CT's very first DEEP DIVE into @Mixin_Network

Mixin has been working on exactly what Telegram is trying to achieve - Superapp status.

A quick primer on super apps:
If I had to take a stand on the super-app race situation:

Mixin is FARRR.. far.. behind

A key metric for chat apps is user adoption.

Telegram has 700M+ users, Mixin has barely 0.015% of that.
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25 Macro & Crypto Predictions For 2023. 🧵👇
Table of Contents:

1. Macro
2. Crypto
3. Rapid Fire
1. Fed Pivot and Printer go BRR

The Federal Reserve will loosen up it‘s policies and shift focus...

- Interest Rates Down
- Quantitative Easing
- Disinflation
- possibly fighting Deflation

Picture: @rektdiomedes Image
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I think it's time for a thread to compare various strengths and weaknesses of these very related currencies. Many who are new to @FinanceChainge only see and think $CHNG, because it is what is primarily promoted. But let's dive a little deeper.
Everything that @FinanceChainge does is handled through @FUSIONProtocol where $FSN is the gas in the same way as $ETH on #Ethereum $AVAX on #Avalanche $MATIC on #Polygon $BNB on #BSC, etc, etc. But @FUSIONProtocol go beyond these in a couple of ways.
1. @FUSIONProtocol acts as a router between all chains in the @FinanceChainge cross-chain solution. It's really the holy grail that things like @routerprotocol and @unizen_io are still only starting to build. In the meantime @FUSIONProtocol is already battle tested for years.
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2022 was an INSANE rollercoaster year for #DeFi -

TVL dropped by more than 150B $ and > $1T wiped out from crypto markets this year!🩸

As 2023 approaches:
Should you still be bullish on #crypto?🤔
Who is the new KING to hold onto this year?

Uncover the answers in this🧵 Image
Unlock the Future of #DEFI and Find Out Who's the KING in 2022! Here's Our Summary of What is to come:

- How Big Has DEFI Gotten?
- Which Token Rules Over All?
- Could Bankruptcies Spell the End of #Crypto?
- What's The Potential of Crypto in The Next Few Years?

Dive in👇

First of, I would like to thank the following pillars of crypto for their continued work and market research this thread is based on

@nansen_ai & @coingecko @GrandViewInc @DefiLlama
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#Algorand self-proclaims itself to be the world's most powerful and sustainable blockchain.

Let's see if that's true or not. @Algorand

This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- @Algorand is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that was founded by Silvio Micali in 2017, who developed the whole protocol from scratch, focusing on decentralisation making $ALGO one of the time-tested #cryptocurrencies in this space.
3- #Algorand is designed to combine the powers of both traditional and decentralised finance by focusing on the #blockchains' three largest problems: security, speed and decentralisation!
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🧵-- $HAPI --🧵
🧵 @i_am_hapi_one 🧵

🧵#Thread about $HAPI and why I think this project really matters!



#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x
What is $HAPI ?
Why this project makes a difference?
Because $HAPI is a decentralized on-chain cyber-security protocol that stops any malicious activity on the blockchain!

Lets go! Image
$HAPI is leveraging external data both off-chain and on-chain, how cool is that?

As we all know the #crypto market has a lot of scam and problems, here are some of them:

- hacks
- steals
- not private transactions
- Money laundering Image
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1/20 EMURGO's $USDA could be Cardano's very FIRST live stablecoin.

And how the XRP Lawsuit could affect Cardano and $USDA. 👇👇

A New Year Deep Dive🧵
EMURGO is the commercial arm of Cardano formed in 2017

EMURGO builds partnerships and business ventures with organizations globally to educate people about Cardano and support dApp development.

Overall, the goal of EMURGO is to promote the growth and widespread adoption Image
EMURGO recently introduced $USDA, the first USD-backed stablecoin for the Cardano ecosystem in Nov 2022.

It is backed by cash & govt. debt.
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If #Ethereum is going to be the #blockchain of the future, it is going to need some help scaling it...

There are already blockchains and protocols helping to pave the way.
2- Blockchains like #Arbitrum and #Optimism are fixing some of #Ethereum's largest problems, problems which steer users to so-called #ETHKillers, such as the #BNBChain, the #Polygon, and many others where gas fees are nothing compared to #Ethereum.
3- @Arbitrum & @OptimismFDN use a special layer scaling technology called, Rollups which provides the #Ethereum network with better throughput and latency.
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🪂We can say #polygon is the best project of 2022.
As @decryptmedia also declared the polygon project as the top project of the year 2022.

#Polygon launched a public testnet in oct.
And now the final testnet is live after which we can see polygon #zKEVM in early 2023.🪂
Let's dive into Polygon zKEVM.
Polygon zkEVM is “Ethereum equivalent”, meaning that it fully inherits the widely adopted and mature developer ecosystem of Ethereum. All existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets are already built on Ethereum.
Regarding the zKEVM polygon has completed the following tasks.

✅ Public testnet live in Oct
✅ Audit underway
✅ Launched @0xPolygonZK, the all-things ZK handle
The growth of the First testnet is demonstrated in the following Picture have a look.
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Sniff out #CryptoTrading opportunities on #Polygon

- Best-performed tokens in the last 3 days
- What tokens traders bought in 24h
- Top Liquidity added tokens in 24h

(1/4) A short thread🧵

#PolygonNetwork #PolygonGems #MATIC #TradingSignals #Cryptotraders #Altcoins

$ROND #ROND is the top 1 gainer on #Polygon, surging 540.70% in 3 days.

$GOVI #CVI rebounded 35.02%.

$SD #Stader ranks #3, +32.58%.

Quick access to ROND indicators👇…

A positive Net Buy Value represents stronger buying than selling on DEXs.

Top Net Buy $ Tokens on #Polygon (24h)

$XSGD $303K
$TEL $31.3K
$AAVE $27.2K
$RBW $26.2K
$LDO $26K
$SD $22.3K
$ROND $17.8K
$BAL $16.7K
$GOVI $15.5K

Top 5-mins Net Buy Tokens…
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