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How many journalists is the Sisi regime planning on arresting? All of them?

#Egyptian security forces Sunday detained Lina Attalah, editor in chief of investigative media outlet Mada Masr, the latest arrest amid a wider crackdown on dissent…
Lina Attalah was arrested outside #Cairo’s Tora prison complex during an interview with Laila Soueif, mother of jailed activist Alaa Abd El Fattah.

Soueif was briefly arrested in March along with 3 others after they staged a protest to demand release of prisoners amid #Covid19.
Alaa Abdel Fattah served a 5yr prison sentence for violating #Egypt’s protest ban. In Sept, not long after his release, he was arrested again amid a crackdown that followed small protests demanding current President Sissi step down-although he did not participate in the protests.
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The Egyptian philosopher ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Badawi (1917-2002) is perhaps one of the most underrated thinkers of #ContemporaryArabThought - a major #Heideggerian_existentialist #Sufism and #IslamicPhilosophy specialist who studied at Fuad I (later #Cairo) University 1/
Many of us who study #IslamicThought know him for his editions of #ArabicAristotle #ArabicPlato #ArabicPlotinus as well as editions of the work of #Avicenna #IbnSabin #SiwanalHikma and others - without his efforts we would not have editions of the #PlotinianaArabica 2/
In the 1930s he studied in Cairo and obtained his PhD in 1944 supervised by #AlexandreKoyré (1892-1964) on the notion of 'existential time' that engages with #Heidegger - this like his other early works was published by #DaralNahdaalMisriya 3/
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#Coronavirus: #Egypt's Prisons Could Spare Disaster with Conditional Releases.
In crowded, unhygienic prisons, the spread of the disease presents a serious threat. Will President Sisi put reason before punishment? - @ganobi @hrw… #COVID19
#Egyptian prisons are notorious for being overcrowded, dirty and unhygienic. Last November, UN experts said that #Egypt’s abusive detention conditions “may be placing the health and lives of thousands [of] prisoners at severe risk.” #COVID19
Sisi has fiercely suppressed dissent, arresting tens of thousands of people, many of them critics, writers, journalists, human rights defenders, bloggers and peaceful protesters. Thousands have been jailed without trial, caught in #Egypt’s abusive pretrial detention system.
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#Egypt has sentenced Zyad Elelaimy, a prominent rights lawyer and former member of parliament, to a one-year prison term after convicting him of spreading “false news” over an
interview he had given to the BBC.
His lawyer Ahmed Fawzi told Reuters the defense team had been unable to clarify in court which comments Elelaimy was being prosecuted for. #Egypt
Elelaimy, who is already in detention since June last year over separate charges, was also fined 20,000 Egyptian pounds ($1,272) by a #Cairo misdemeanor court on Tuesday
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"The best way to remember Hosni #Mubarak is to know that he died at the age of 91, a free and rich man who spent 30 years of his life imprisoning, torturing, and stealing from #Egypt." I spoke to @isaCNN today
I was a Reuters correspondent in #Cairo 1993-1998 and reported on #Mubarak extensively. 1st time I chanted “Down with Hosni Mubarak” was at a protest in 2005, a year of activism that was one of many catalysts for #Jan25. There are now 60k political prisoners in Sisi jails.
"Sisi is the inheritor of #Mubarak and we will have another revolution....Trump who calls Sisi 'My favorite dictator' must know this. Trump is in #India now encouraging fascism there. And Americans must know, that Trump is encouraging fascism in #Egypt."
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I was 14 when Mubarak became president - he was vice president to the assassinated Anwar Sadat - and 44 when Mubarak was forced to step down after #Jan25 revolution. I was a Reuters correspondent in Cairo from 1993-1998 and covered Mubarak extensively. Some memories to follow
News outlets will give you the official obituaries: These are recollections of an Egyptian woman who left #Egypt in 1975, returned in 1988 and asked her uncles and aunts almost every day “Where is the revolution?” because of what #Mubarak and military rule had done to Egypt.
And when I became a journalist, I reported on the censorship - and was subjected to it - of the #Mubarak regime, its use of systematic torture via the drunk-on-power myriad security apparatuses he created, as well as - esp 2005 onwards - sexual violence vs protesters.
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#Italy is negotiating to sell two FREMM frigates to #Egypt for around €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion). News of the deal drew criticism in Italy from politicians who have been concerned over human rights abuses in Egypt.… #FreePatrickZaki
The #Egyptian public prosecutor's office is pursuing a criminal investigation into Patrick Zaki, an Egyptian researcher studying in Italy on charges of spreading fake news… #FreePatrickZaki
Zaki was arrested Feb. 7 when he arrived at #Cairo airport on a visit to see his family. A lawyer for @EIPR where Zaki is also a researcher has said that Zaki denied all charges and that his client had mostly been questioned about his human rights work when he was living in Egypt
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Where is Mostafa al-Naggar? Today marks 500 days since the former opposition lawmaker was last seen. He is one of many dissidents forcibly disappeared by the #Egyptian regime.
In 2010 in #Cairo, I met Mostafa al-Naggar for coffee. At the time, he was a dentist who blogged, and I had just finished teaching a course at the New School in #NYC. I had assigned his writing to my students and they interviewed him for their semester project. #WhereIsMostafa
Mostafa went on to become elected to #Egypt’s first-post #Jan25 Revolution parliament.

An #Egyptian court has ordered the country's interior minister to reveal the whereabouts of Mostafa, who is believed to be in state custody.… #WhereIsMostafa
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There's a lot of chance most of you interested in the Middle East saw this 5-pointed 5-colored star at some time during your (real-life/online) travels. There's also a lot of chance most of you don't exactly know what is symbolizes or represents. A thread on this #Druze symbol.
The #Druze (#Arabic sg. darzī - pl. durūz) are an esoteric ethno-religious community concentrated in #Syria's al-Suwaydāʾ, the Golan Heights and #Lebanon's al-Shūf Mountains. They count around a million adherents, forming a substantial minority in the Levant.
The Druze religion is as syncretic as it is esoteric, mixing elements of Isma'ilism, #Hinduism, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism together in a monotheistic setting. Without going too much into detail, we'll explore some key elements of their creed in order to understand their symbol.
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Nada Abdul Maksoud was 14yo. She is dead because of a patriarchal determination to control female sexuality.

#Egypt: THERE IS NO REVOLUTION unless the destruction of patriarchy is at its heart, unless consent & agency are at its heart.…
Too many women in my extended family have been subjected to FGM. It ended in our extended family just before I was born. I am lucky. It is a form of torture that continues today against too many girls in #Egypt, my country of birth. This must end.

Fuck the patriarchy.
It shatters my heart that so many women I love were subjected to #FGM. It shatters it more when I reflect on how much more the pain was knowing their mothers were complicit and what that exacts - of mothers and daughters.Fight the powers behind FGM at all levels, not just mothers
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I met a young man in #Cairo in 2012 on a felucca with his friends. Tonight at the reception for the Arab abstraction exhibit at @NYUGrey that same young man found me and we took our 2020 picture. Hello, Ahmed!
And this is @omaralbusaidy at the same art show
On Wednesday night after a reading at the Strand, an #Egyptian man recognized me and said hello and a South African man also said hello and said he followed my talks at @Abantu_ in Soweto in December -he’d been to the inaugural one.

It’s good to hear solidarity from male allies!
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A good news story to start 2020: My wife and I successfully moved from #Sanfrancisco to #Miami, driving over 3,200 miles -- practically #London to #Cairo. She drove the '97 RAV4 w/ the #pug & I had the moving van w/ the #cat . This is what #utsalumni can accomplish!
“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America #utsalumni
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Detained US citizen Mustafa Kassem dies in #Egypt amid hunger strike.

Kassem died of heart failure following a hunger strike which the 54-year-old is believed to have started in September 2018. via @ABC
On Aug. 14, 2013, the night before Kassem - a NYC can driver - was set to return to the U.S., he went out in #Cairo to exchange money and shop, when security officials detained him and accused him of participating in protests against a military takeover in a nearby square.
Kassem started his hunger strike after being convicted of trying to overthrow the government of #Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and sentenced to 15 years in jail in a mass trial with more than 700 co-defendants.
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In 1995, I took a month off work - was a Reuters correspondent in #Cairo - to go to #China for the UN Women’s conference. Being with feminists from around the world was heaven. To mark 25th anniversary this year, I’m planning on going to anniv events in Mexico City and Paris.
Other than my time at the NGO summit in Huairou and at the official convening in Beijing, I also went to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu. I tried to go to Tibet and Xinjiang but was barred because I’d been at the women’s conference.
This is 27yo me outside the Forbidden City in #Beijing
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At around 4am, someone kept buzzing & buzzing the intercom. Everyone was at home so we ignored it.Then we heard heavy steps in the building. I found out just now that it was the police trying to get onto the roof. Apparently, their “gun detection” system was triggered in our area
I am just now hearing about “ShopStopper.” This combined with cameras I keep noticing on so many streets is pure what the fuck police fuckery. #NYC

NYPD will expand gun detection program called ShotSpotter to cover more parts of the city. h/t @rerutled…
That article is about NYPD using ShotStopper in #Harlem, where I live.

So basically, there are microphones on rooftops, on light poles, etc, that pick up and record sound and send it to a server. WTF

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1/ If, as this thread by @yashar suggests, the #US airstrikes in #Baghdad, #Iraq lead to #Iran violently retaliating worldwide, one region of immediate concern could be the Horn of Africa.
@yashar 2/ There is latent Muslim Brotherhood presence in #Sudan, Iranian nationals have been arrested in #Kenya multiple times in recent years attempting to carry out attacks, and Iranian weapons flow across the Gulf of Aden into #Somalia.
@yashar 3/ Regarding #Kenya, in 2016 two #Iran ian nationals and their Kenyan driver were accused of planning an attack on #Israel's embassy in #Nairobi:…
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6. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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Happy 2nd day of #Eid from my parents and me!
My parents took me out for a belated celebration of my birthday and I learned more stories of my mum’s pregnancy with me in Port Said during the 1967 war. They were junior doctors at the time and several times a day at the hospital they’d have to take shelter in the basement.
My parents are from #Cairo but they spent the end of their junior year as physicians in Port Said. My mum tells me she felt me kick inside her every time a bomb fell. That’s where my phobia of thunder comes from.
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Breaking: British Airways has suspended ALL flights to Cairo, Egypt for seven days "as a precaution to allow for further assessment"
British Airways are citing “security reasons” for the immediate suspension of all Cairo, Egypt flights — unclear if it is in relation to tensions in nearby Gulf.
BA say the airline “would never operate an aircraft unless it was safe to do so” #Cairo
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Robust ties with #Qatar are part of #Pakistan's overall close strategic relationship with #Gulf/#GCC states. The internal Gulf crisis had little impact on #Islamabad's relations with Gulf states, and there's no juggling act, unlike the common perception. Ties are not zero-sum.
#Qatar's pledge to invest up to $22B in #Pakistan in coming years, on the heels of multibillion-dollar #KSA/#UAE/#Kuwait investments confirms #Gulf is of paramount economic/political/security importance for Pak, and #Islamabad is rightly involved in Gulf security arrangements.
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#Egypt: Forcibly disappeared transgender woman at risk of sexual violence and torture.

Fears are growing for the safety and wellbeing of Malak al-Kashef, a transgender woman seized during a police raid from her home in Giza in the early hours of 6 March.…
“There are real fears for the physical safety & psychological wellbeing of Malak al-Kashef. #Egyptian authorities have a horrific track record of persecuting people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity...” @amnesty #LGBTQ #FreeMalak
Amnesty International believes that Malak’s arrest relates to her calls for peaceful protests following a major train crash in #Cairo’s central train station on 27 February that killed at least 25 people. #Egypt #LGBTQ #FreeMalak “Due to her gender identity, Malak is at increased risk of torture by the police, including rape and sexual violence, as well as assault by other detainees. The Egyptian authorities are responsible for her physical and psychological safety. They must immediately reveal her whereabouts, and pending her immediate and unconditional release, ensure that she is protected from torture and other abuses.”
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FINALLY! MABROUK! I am so happy to see this! #Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid - known as Shawkan - is finally free after more than 5 years in prison because he was doing his job as a photojournalist. #FreeShawkan
Shawkan was imprisoned in Aug 2013 for taking pictures during the massacre at Rabaa square in #Cairo when #Egyptian regime security forces killed +800 in a matter of hours. This article from last year describes the impact on his family of his imprisonment…
From the article, Shawkan’s father: “He (Shawkan) used to sit in the balcony and I would make coffee for him. Last time [I saw him] he told me he misses my coffee, and he wants to get out so I could make him coffee again and we would drink it together like the old days,”
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I have stood under a podium on which Gaddafi conducted a news conference where I asked him the first question, at an event just outside of Tripoli in 1996. Tell me, did you meet or report on Gaddafi?
In 1996, I was a Reuters correspondent in #Cairo. I went to #Libya to cover the 27th anniversary of the “Green Revolution.”I don’t have access to the Reuters articles I wrote from #Libya but here are some opeds I’ve written about Gaddafi the dictator and the hypocrisy of the West
#Gaddafi’s quirks should never have distracted from his abysmal human rights record. Arbitrary arrests, a muzzled press, a ban on political parties and the squandering of #Libya's oil wealth have never been laughing matters for Libyans.…
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There is horrific footage of the Ramses Train Station explosion showing people literally on fire after the explosion set them ablaze. It is a gut wrenching embodiment of the toll on #Egyptians of state neglect.
Every week terrible news comes from #Egypt. Today’s train disaster, last week’s execution of 9 men, news of forced disappearances,the proposed amendments to the constitution that could give Sisi more terms in office. Daily people struggle to get by & survive state neglect & abuse
Ramses Station is used by millions every year. In Arabic it’s known as Mahatet Masr which means Egypt Station. A disaster like that at this Station symbolizes so much. I’ve taken the train from there to Alexandria many times; I took the train from Aswan to that station in 2017.
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