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The demolished neighborhood of the leather makers along the historical aqueduct in old #Cairo, with the new ‘development’ in the background #Egypt ImageImageImageImage
Walking through the still standing part of the old neighbourhood was surreal: A wall cuts right through it, behind which the new luxury apartments have been built or are under construction. Old & new, poor & rich, right next to each other but separated by a wall
Residents of the old part were vocal about their anger about the project and the gov. They couldn't comprehend how these kinds of luxury projects are being executed amid soaring inflation and them struggling to make ends meet #Egypt
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🌈Layer2四大天王目前剩Starknet和Zksync未发币了,也是大家最期待的空投项目,同是ZK-Rollup扩容方案,浅谈一下两者有什么区别以及个人看法,不断学习中,xdm多给建议👇 #Starknet #zkSyncEra Image
(2)Stark和ZKS是两个最大的L2解决方案,都是以扩容以太坊网络为目标.Zksync使用 #SNARK 证明Rollup协议,Starknet使用 #STARK 证明Rollup协议,SNARK和STARK的根本区别在于它们的设置过程、可扩展性
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5.回复一个表情符号 例如 :)(图1)



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A mente lucida un paio di cose su #Juric e su #Radonjic si possono dire, ed è non solo opportuno ma anche necessario farlo.
Provo a seguire un filo logico, e dunque:
🧵THREAD ⬇️ Image
Parto dall'ovvietà più grande: #Jurić nel dopopartita ha parlato IN PUBBLICO e IN ITALIANO.
#Radonjić è serbo ed è arrivato in estate, quindi non ha molta familiarità con la lingua, mentre Jurić è croato: per evitare fraintendimenti in privato avranno parlato in serbo-croato.
Se come Marco D'Ottavi scrive su @lUltimoUomo il tono di #Jurić è paragonabile a quello di un padre deluso dal figlio, a me sembra plausibile e probabile che la conversazione in privato sia avvenuta sempre "col cuore in mano", e la penso con un "cosa devo fare perché tu giochi?"
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Thread sugli interessi di #Tebas e #Cairo tramite #CorriereDellaSera e #GazzettaDelloSport nel portare avanti la campagna anti #Juventus…
L'articolo di @JorgeCalabres per @elespanolcom, scovato da @JU29ROTEAM risalente a novembre 2022, racconta una storia del febbraio 2021 ma:
1. nessun altro ne ha mai parlato;
2. nessuno ha tradotto l'articolo;
3. nessuno ha evidenziato il ruolo di #Cairo nella vicenda.
Strano? No
Qui la traduzione dell'articolo fatta da @JU29ROTEAM che andiamo a sintetizzare. Riportiamo per punti in ordine cronologico SOLO quello che Calabrés scrive nell'articolo. Alla fine vedremo di mettere sul tavolo i temi su cui riflettere e commentare.
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#Dozens #dead in #Turkey, #Syria after powerful #earthquake | -2h
- "We fear that the deaths are in the hundreds," Muheeb #Qaddour, a doctor in the Syrian town of #Atmed, told the Associated Press.
"We are under extreme pressure."…
7.8 magnitude #earthquake kills at least eighteen in #Turkey, thirteen in #Syria
- Hundreds of buildings have collapsed and there are fears that the #deaths could be in the #hundreds.…
Powerful 7.8 #Quake Knocks Down Buildings in #Turkey, Syria | -2min
- The quake, felt as far away as #Cairo, was centered north of the city of #Gaziantep in an about 90 kilometers (60 miles) from the #Syrian border.…
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#earthquake with epicenter reportedly in #Turkey was felt throughout the region. Many people i know woke up to the shake. Some went into streets. #lebanon #jordan #Syria
This is strongest #earthquake I felt since #egypt’s 1992 destructive one. In #beirut, waking up in middle of night to shaking building brought back terrifying memories of #aug4 #beirutblast in 2020. Where to hide?
This time, I am in a new building with 2 four-legged dependents and no @leenasaidi to pull me out of house. It took a few minutes to regain composure. Still contemplating what to do with drake and smudge
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#Blinken urges '#calm' as #Israel-#Palestinian #conflict flares | Jan 30
- Blinken urged "calm" and "#deescalation" after violence flared between Israel and the Palestinians as he kicked off a Middle East tour in #Cairo on Monday.…
#Blinken reaffirms two-state solution ahead of #Israeli-#Palestinian visit | Jan 30
- "There is no question that this is a very difficult moment," Blinken told reporters in Cairo, "We have seen, over many months, rising #violence that is affecting so many"…
#Hebron, #Palestinian #killed at #checkpoint | Jan 30
- Palestinian #Wafa: the incident occurred at a military #checkpoint near the #Tomb of the Patriarchs -soldiers shot at the car on which Abu #Fouda was travelling.
- He was hit by a bullet in the head…
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كايروكي السكة شمال في شمال
ناس سارقينا وعاملين منا
اللي صابغ شعره واللي عاملة حنة
عواجيز وسايقنا في الحيطة ملبسينا
موتور خربان من غير منافلة 1⃣
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
the road is all wrong in wrong, and the right disappeared
the days took us by and hit us hard
you walk it right you get abandoned
you walk it wrong they make you go higher 2⃣
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
Cairokee - Wrong
way blues
never ask why or how is this
take a blunt and a bottle6
and stay away from politics
sleep and don’t resist
these topics are all sensible and complex
you won’t get a funeral
you’re maximum’s a tear and a burial 3⃣
#Egyptian style
#Cairo #Egypt
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Statement of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry regarding the recent meeting between Aguila #Saleh and Khaled Al-#Mashri in #Cairo. 1/7

The #Libya Update
Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomes the agreement of the Speakers of the House of Representatives and the State House to refer the draft constitutional document to the two Houses for approval. 2/7

The #Libya Update
This consensus aims to complete the procedures represented in the electoral laws and executive procedures and unify the institutions, to move towards the elections as soon as possible. 3/7

The #Libya Update
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⚡️ #StarkNetDev 🤖

Solidity ➡️ Cairo 的转译器 Warp 团队给出了 3 个技巧

让你的 Warp 使用更轻松!

1. #Cairo 块进行输出式调试
2. 用原生 Cairo 合约进行编排
3. 记住这些微小的差别

h/t: @swp0x0
Warp 中的 Cairo 块可以让你在写 #Solidity 代码的同时写 Cairo 代码!!

利用 Cairo 块来做输出式的调试

把你的调试输出放在 Cairo 提示中,并除掉中间值,这只在使用本地 StarkNet devnet 的情况下有效
查看相关文档 ⬇️…

用 Warp 来移植 SNARK 验证器
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🧵StarkNet Twitter Space Jam #5 🧵

Some of the best StarkNet-Related Twitter Spaces/Podcasts of the Week!

*There could be some on General Crypto Topics.

😎Enjoy it during your Weekend!

@StarkWareLtd set up a very High Quality Space about the hot topic of "Safe Cex" to find ZKways to avoid the repetition of recent events.

Participants: @VitalikButerin @EliBenSasson @nic__carter @jespow @hfangca @danrobinson…

@StarkNetAfrica held the first Bi-Weekly Devs Call dedicated for the African builders coding on StarkNet.…
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费时三周,作为一个小菜鸟🤡,终于完成了对 StarkNet 整体技术的系统盘点🧐。

StarkNet 有很多有趣的东西🤯(😍)

在这篇文章/长推中,我将从 ZKR 设计、EVM 兼容、STARK 证明系统、Cairo 语言和虚拟机等方面论述 StarkNet 🚀技术优越性。

#STARK #StarkNet #Cairo…
一、ZKR 设计
而 StarkNet 仅在链下执行计算并生成一个 ZK 证明,然后在链上验证该证明的正确性,最后把多个 L2 交易打包为以太坊上的一笔交易。

因此,StarkNet 上发生的交易成本可以被同一打包批次的其他交易所均摊,就像拼车(🚌拼多多)一样,交易越多,成本越低。
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GM! Here's the daily summary of trending projects on crypto GitHub. Curated by the greatest web3 developers ⭐️.

Check the 16 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
0xYYY and 4 others starred repo gakonst/noir-hello-world (14 ⭐️)…
Anish-Agnihotri and 3 others starred repo ralexstokes/ssz-rs (21 ⭐️)

Implementation of ethereum's `ssz`…
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GM! Here's the daily summary of trending projects on crypto GitHub. Curated by the greatest web3 developers ⭐️.

Check the 15 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
0xYYY and 6 others starred repo EYBlockchain/starlight (79 ⭐️)

:zap: solidity --> zApp transpiler :zap:…
0xYYY and 5 others starred repo libevm/ (14 ⭐️)

Simple no nonsense tooling for Optimism…
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Does Cairo ring a bell?

Make sure you REGISTER this info in your MEMORY ✨

Nostra Devs 06 - Memory & Registers in #Cairo

In today’s thread, we’ll see:

✨ What’s Cairo Read-only Memory?

✨ Memory Properties in Cairo

✨ Memory Practical Example

✨ What are Cairo Registers?

✨ 3 Designated Cairo Registers

Let’s roll! Image
✨ What’s Cairo Read-only Memory?

In summary, memory in Cairo is Read-only and Nondeterministic.

If we set a value in a memory cell, it can’t change during the program execution.
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A happy #RoshHashana to friends celebrating the Jewish New Year. Here's a 🎞️ from #Cairo #Egypt synagogue ringing in the new year. This year's Rosh Hashanah marks the start of year 5783 in the Hebrew calendar. #ShanaTova to friends everywhere.
#Türkiye's President #Erdogan extends greetings for #RoshHashanah Holiday of Jewish community to "bring peace and welfare to all the Jews, including our Jewish citizens,” a statement said.

There is a special touch to this year's Jewish new year #RoshHashana that coincides with the 2nd anniversary of #AbrahamAccords. Synagogues from #Morocco to #Tunisia #Egypt #Bahrain #UAE #Iran #Turkey #Azerbaijan & other #Muslim nations join the occasion.

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1. Why am I bullish on #StarkNet? A non-EVM blockchain? 🚀🚀🚀 Image
2. The EVM compatible blockchain like the satellite city adjacent to Ethereum capital without any barrier. So Devs can easily build a new home or move to a satellite city that is as familiar as Ethereum capital.
3. #StarkNet is not EVM-compatible, like a satellite city, separated from Ethereum capital by a river.

So how will the city like StarkNet develop? Is the non-EVM river a big obstacle?
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#Taiwan is part of #China - this is an indisputable fact. There is only one China in the world and #Taiwan has belonged to China since ancient times. In 1895, #Japan forced the #Qing government to cede Taiwan after Japan’s war of aggression against China.
In 1943, the #Cairo Declaration clearly stipulated that all the territories #Japan had stolen from #China, including #Taiwan, should be restored to China. The #Potsdam Proclamation of 1945 reiterated that “The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out.”
On Oct. 25, 1945, the #Chinese gov't announced that it was resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Taiwan & China had recovered Taiwan de jure & de facto. In 1949, #PRC was founded, becoming the successor to #ROC, & #PRC became the sole legal government of the whole of #China.
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🔶#Thread [ #STARKNET ]🔶

🔷Layer 2 pour #Ethereum, Starknet se base sur les ZK Rollups, afin de résoudre le problème de scalabilité de la Blockchain !

🔹Ce thread va permettre de poser les bases afin de commencer à communiquer régulièrement sur l'écosystème de @StarkWareLtd
🔶Sommaire :

🔹#Ethereum vs scalabilité
🔹 ZK rollup ?
🔶 #Ethereum VS Scalabilité

🔹Scalabilité :

Pour une Blockchain la scalabilité représente le nombre de transactions traitées à la seconde.

Hors celles-ci sont soumises au fameux "Trilemme".
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Yday, #Lavrov’s confirmation in #Cairo that #Russia seeks to “help the Ukrainian people to free themselves” from their regime gained - understandably -considerable attention in Western capitals.

But it might obscure other important aspects of #Lavrov’s visit to #Egypt. A 🧵1/14
There was much hype around #Putin meeting #Iranian & #Turkish leaders last week

But #Lavrov's engaged the Arabs extensively since Feb, visiting Algeria, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi. He also hosted other Arab FMs in Moscow

Now Egypt, where he also engaged the League of Arab States 2/14
This effort to engage evenly – Iran, Turkey, Israel, Arabs – is a long-standing feature of #Russia’s MENA policy, but will become more important in light of Western #sanctions.

Losing further friends would be costly, even in a region that’s of 2ndary importance to #Russia. 3/14
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Sigue el ciclo temático #LaFiebreDelOro, sobre los colores del #oro y dorados en el arte, para el #TwitterCultural.

El #oro ha obsesionado a la humanidad y sus culturas, como en el #ArteAntiguoEgipto.

Y como ejemplo: la máscara de #Tutankamon.

Sigue⬇️ Image
La Máscara del faraón #Tutankamon, Dinastía XVIII (1334-1325 a.C.), fue realizada por artesanos y artistas desconocidos, y es una de las piezas más conocidas del #ArteAntiguoEgipto.
Realizada en oro, oro batido y piedras preciosas, se exhibe en el Museo de El #Cairo.

Sigue⬇️ Image
¿Por qué de oro? Porque es el metal inalterable y eterno por excelencia, y se pensaba que la carne de los dioses era de oro, sus huesos de plata y pelo de lapislázuli.
La máscara, de 3.000 años, se encuentra en buenas condiciones aunque ha perdido algunas incrustaciones

Sigue⬇️ Image
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I am thrilled to announce that I'm joining @StarkWareLtd as #StarkNet Ecosystem Lead.
I will take this role with @GuthL, the pioneer Ecosystem Lead.
Our mission: spurring the growth of a community of developers around #StarkNet.
How I see this and what is my motivation ? 🧵
First of all, I want to say that I feel with #StarkNet the early vibes of #Ethereum.
The ecosystem is growing fast, and the community is vibrant.
I like to see all this creativity that is coming to StarkNet. I am convinced that we'll see a huge wave of innovation coming.
Ethereum is without any doubt the best settlement layer out there. Its security and decentralization are unmatched among all smart contract L1s. As well as the community of builders is truly awesome, and the research effort is impressive. However...
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Hello #StarkNet boys 🐺

Some of you regularly ask me : How can I take advantage of my early position on Starknet ? It's a good question🦜

As you know, Starknet network is still very early (alpha version) and the projects that are built on it are still in their early stage

If you are following me, I think you are already lucky enough to know this ecosystem and to be established in it. The question now is : how can you take advantage of it ? 🤔

If you are a dev, it's easy : learn #Cairo. But for others people 👉🧵

To get a maximum of chances (and get the holy grail which is the WL for a private/public sale or maybe an unlikely #Airdrop, yes I know you🥸), there are several levers to activate as a user.

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