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Follow this🧵for live tweets of the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
Dr. Siri Suh is faculty at @BrandeisU & teaches Sociology of Reproduction.

Last fall after the #Dobbs decision, enrollment in this class doubled. Shows interest but also alarm in the aftermath of overturn of #RoevWade. @minnpop #Barnraising #abortion
Dr. Siri Suh's research area is post-#abortion care in Senegal, which is a country where abortion is prohibited.

Recently, she has focused on use of misoprostol & working to decolonize reproductive health knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. @minnpop #Barnraising #healthequity
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We'll be live-tweeting the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
The in-person #Barnraising group is grounding in the political history of #abortion in the US & globally, with @minnpop member Dr. Elizabeth Heger Boyle outlining US restrictions on #RoevWade from the 90s to #Dobbs. #healthequity #ReproductiveJustice
Dr. Elizabeth Heger Boyle continues to define PLACE as a social delineation, a distance, and as physical environment.

@WHO advocates for #abortion across the globe, but that international authority has different meaning in US. #Barnraising #healthequity #ReproductiveJustice
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For many #ConstitutionalLaw scholars, last years' #Dobbs decision on #AbortionRights at the #SupremeCourt came as a dismaying shock, because it showed conclusively that #conlaw wasn't a realm of ideologically consistent intellectual foment, but rather, a matter of *politics*. 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Writing for @CreditSlips, the #FinanceLaw scholar #AdamLevitin admits to feeling a bit of schadenfreude in that moment. The "blue collar" law scholars in "grubby" banking and money fields have always treated the conlaw set as "slightly clueless toffs":… 3/
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At #Roe's 50th anniversary, the nation is seeking new legal frontiers to safeguard reproductive freedoms. As the battle over abortion continues to evolve, I join Rebecca Reingold of @oneillinstitute in @JAMA_current to talk through key legal strategies:…
To mark the anniversary, President Biden signed a memorandum to ensure access to medication abortion. Now, new FDA rules allow clinicians to prescribe mifepristone in pharmacies or dispense by mail. DOJ also clarified the lawfulness of sending abortion medications through USPS.
DOJ has suggested it might challenge state bans on abortion medications based on FDA’s power to set national uniform standards. Whether or not DOJ succeeds, states should not be able to pick & choose which FDA-approved medications to allow. That would cause grivious harm
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SCOTUS recognized a woman’s right to bodily autonomy 50 years ago today with Roe v. Wade.

Last year, it overturned its landmark ruling, pushing the fight for those rights back half a century.

It’s been 7 months since the #Dobbs decision. This is how women have fared.🧵
At least 13 states have banned or severely restricted abortions since the fall of Roe v. Wade in 2022.

Legal abortions dropped 95% in states with strict laws, especially affecting women of color who:
▪️have high abortion rates
▪️face many pregnancy-related deaths & health risks
Poverty and poor access to maternal care can kill up to 4x as many Black women as white women during childbirth/labor.

Limiting access to abortion disproportionately affects Black people, causing poverty rates to spike by up to 20%, per @blkwomenshealth.
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1/16 I said 10 words inside of the Supreme Court and got locked up for 30 hours. A thread. #SCOTUS #Dobbs #Roevember #Roevemberishere
@kai_newkirk @ErikaAndiola @exultycat
2/16 Last night I was released from federal custody after spending 30 hours in jail. My crime?
Nonviolently disrupting the Supreme Court to denounce Dobbs and call on women to vote to restore choice.
3/16 Shortly after the court started its session on the morning of November 2, I stood and shouted: “I rise respectfully to denounce Dobbs! Women of America –– VOTE!” Two other brave women stood after me and made their own, similar statements. We were immediately detained.
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Because no one else will say it out loud about Democrats, Biden and womens equal rights (the #ERA), I’m starting a thread that I hope goes viral because it will educate people enough to pressure the president to do his fucking job this year.
@POTUS #Biden is completely responsible for the #abortionbans in several states. It’s true. Here are the facts. By the numbers, so use a number if you want to argue back:
1. The #ERA is the 28th amendment to the #Constitution but #Biden refuses to allow the National Archivist to publish it — at least not before the #midtermelections
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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After the Supreme Court issued #Dobbs some Muslim supporters of Roe v. Wade mocked the idea that Roe's extreme liberalization of #abortion led to promiscuity and contributed to the very problem that liberal abortion law purports to solve. And more fornication & more abortions. 🧵
But let's take a look at the Indiana lawsuit filed last month by the ACLU on behalf of a Muslim woman claiming that Indiana's new restrictive law on abortion violates her religious freedom because she follows the lenient position that Islam allows abortion before 120 days. 2/9
Indiana's law bans all abortions except if there’s a lethal fetal anomaly & in cases of rape & incest up to 10 weeks. The Muslim plaintiff in the ACLU suit says that violates her religious freedom as she believes Islam allows abortion before 120 days for any reason. 3/9
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Draadje: #Graham & #Abortus en waarom het een achterlijke campagne strategie is

Dit is zo ongeveer de slechtste move die je je politiek strategisch kunt voorstellen:

1. Wat probeert hij?
2. Base-maximizing vs triangulating
3. Gevolgen
4. Democratic angle

1. Het doel van Graham is om een 'verenigd front van de GOP' te creeren.

Zijn pitch is, stem GOP want dan kunnen wij een nationaal verbod op abortus na 15 weken doorvoeren op federaal niveau.

De grap is dat dit voor de Dobbs decision een logisch strategie was geweest 2/

1. De evangelische achterban vind het geweldig
2. Het helpt met fundraising als issue
3. Het dwingt Democraten om abortus te verdedigen
4. Het drijft independents uit elkaar
5. De campagne gaat over culture wars.

Deze punten zouden allemaal voordelen zijn voor de GOP 3/
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On the heels of #Dobbs and state abortion bans, @MittRomney is seeking to cut aid to millions of single mothers under the guise of "promoting marriage." New @iteptweets data reveal that 2/3rds of single parents would face tax increases under his plan. 1/…
People having kids outside of marriage would be targeted in this latest escalation of the nation's culture wars. Romney's plan is to rework our tax code to require more of single parents so that married couples--especially those with a stay-at-home parent--can pay less. 2/ Image
About 1 in 3 kids living in families that earn less than $50,000 per year would find themselves on the losing end of this bargain. Among that group, the average impact would be about $1,300 in lost income each year. 3/
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On Tuesday I will be joining @heidiforindiana to discuss what the abortion ban what this means for medicine and Hoosiers

A year ago I would not have done this- being public about politics was verboten

I quick 🧵 on how that changed for me

If you want to hear me bloviate about this with @ETSshow, you can listen to us chat about much of the content of this thread here

Anyone who is on the bird app a lot has noticed over the last 6-12 months that my tweets have become more and more about politics

I realized during the pandemic that the Indiana Statehouse was generally opposed to real science and public health

I got mad

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New in @NEJM– I argue that medical societies should support (socially, financially, legally…) members who disobey state laws that put pregnant patients at risk of harm. *Professional* civil disobedience has some important unique features. A🧵… 1/…
First, you should know that there is remarkably strong agreement among medical associations that the #Dobbs decision was a terrible mistake and an infringement on fundamental human rights. Just try Googling “medical association statements on Dobbs” 2/…
75 orgs, led by @AmerMedicalAssn and @ACOG said #Dobbs “will harm patients, impair the integrity of the medical profession, and have a devastating and unquantifiable impact on the patients and clinicians...” 3/…
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Dear @POTUS @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse,

1/ I've been an admirer since the 1980s when I would've identified as @GOP. Joe Biden always seemed like one of our smartest and most decent public servants. You were my 1st choice in 2008 & I was very happy when you were chosen as VP.
2/ Obv I supported you in 2020 & was able to help advance that campaign in small ways. Having a good person for the nominee was a happy bonus. But overall it was a crisis that called all-hands-on-deck. I would've helped anybody.

That crisis still is here. It hasn't gone away.
3/ Now as we near the halfway mark of the #BidenAdministration & #Midterms2022 the crisis actually has worsened. Things have gotten worse, not better in #Biden years. Now is an urgent, maybe last chance to muster the nation to meet the crisis.

I'm worried you're not doing that.
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Adtech is at its core an immoral and dangerous business practice that reveals its injuries to the innocent during ground war in Europe and the rollback of civil rights in America.
data privacy is a fundamental human right and stealing it save money on your ad spend is costing society somewhere else
Replace RuTarget with any domestic data broker or DMP and replace Ukraine with a vigilante state that offers abortion bounties and you’ve got Alito’s America
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1/6 El fallo #Dobbs de Corte Suprema 🇺🇸 sobre #aborto revitaliza los debates sobre el control constitucional fuerte de las cortes y su rol en la protección de derechos. En 🇨🇴, por ejemplo, tenemos una confianza importante en @CConstitucional por su rol que en los últimos 30 años.
2/6 Es un debate válido y fascinante que debe mantenerse activo. Pero creo que tanto opositores como defensores del rol fuerte de las cortes, debemos este tema más allá de ese debate, también pensando qué podemos hacer para mejorar la legitimidad de las cortes.
3/6 Ideas para debatir: inconveniencia de mandato vitalicio o muy extenso que dificulte renovación de cortes; inconveniencia de poder fuerte de nominación en ejecutivo; contrapesos en quien ejerza poder de nominación; mejores criterios/salvaguardas para promover jueces idóneos;
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Here’s how YOU can fight back to restore & protect all #Women’s rights:

Women's rights are under attack like never before. SCOTUS erased constitutional rights for pregnant women in #Dobbs#TitleIX was destroyed in 2020 when most sexual misconduct on campus became legal./1
These vitally important rights for women cannot be fixed by Congress or by Biden. Indeed, Biden's recent announcement that he plans to fix the Trump-era 2020 Title IX regulations is misleading; his boondoggle 700 page proposal will not restore Title IX to its full potential. /2
Codifying Roe will not help bc there’s no constitutional guarantee that it will be ENFORCED equally on Women’s behalf. Only the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) can help by establishing a constitutional foothold to ensure full & equal protection of ALL women's rights in ALL courts./3
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Against hundreds of years of congressional action, against solid #SCOTUS precedent, and hundreds of years of history, the Supreme Court held today that states have jurisdiction over certain crimes in Indian Country by judicial fiat. A devastating result for our democracy. Image
There is little to say here other than the fact that our Supreme Court has become a superlegislature. Precedent, statutes, separation of powers, reason, the rule of law, these things all mean nothing.
So what can we do? Unlike #Dobbs, Congress can undo #SCOTUS without any constitutional difficulty. We can send the Supreme Court a message TODAY that its decision to take over all branches of our government will not succeed. With a single statute, Congress can "fix" this result.
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After reading the Dobbs opinion, here are some thoughts on what the future might hold:

First, much has been made, rightly, of the Thomas concurrence, which basically invites test case challenges to the rights of contraception, same-sex marriage, and bedroom privacy.
As the dissent observes, there is no principled reason those issues would end up any differently based on the majority's analysis. If the men of 1868 didn't believe in abortion rights, they also didn't believe in contraceptive rights or LGBT rights of any kind.
Thomas's concurrence is a clarion call to the conservative Christian Legal movement, Federalist Society, Blackstone, etc, to tee these cases up and get them to his desk ASAP. They hear him, and they will.
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1/ My starting point for #SupremeCourt jurisprudence since 2000 is a telling quote from Joel Klein's "The Natural" in which a Republican Senator concedes to Clinton that Republicans don't believe in government, but they love power.
2/2000: #BushvGore, the Supreme Court stays the Florida recount with any opinion justifying the stay and then reverses the Fla. Supreme Court recount order as violating the Equal Protection Clause in a per curiam opinion that can't be cited as precedent.
3/2002: President Bush signed the #McCainFeingold campaign finance reform law, which foolishly included a restriction on the use of independent expenditures for commercials 60 days before an election.
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Given the United States' role as trendsetters globally, the US Supreme Court's decision in #Dobbs will resonate in a particular way in Western Europe, which tends to follow the States in sociocultural matters by a decade or so.
To be clear, Dobbs does not return the US to the status quo ante of 1973.

It dodges the avoids the crucial question of the personhood of the unborn child.

Critically, it refuses to rule on whether the unborn child enjoys 14A protections.
The Court was urged by Profs. Finnis and George in their amici to do just that, but the Kavanaugh concurrence suggests that there's little appetite for doing so at this stage.

The decision also avoids dispensing with substantive due process as advocated for by Justice Thomas. Image
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Some thoughts about the #Dobbs decision, abortion, dialogue, social media and death threats....
Over the past few days I’ve received several death threats, though not from where I usually expect them, that is, from the right. Usually I get what I call Catholic death threats: “I hope you die and go to hell, you heretic,” but occasionally I get real ones, too...

The recent ones, from the left, were in response to my posting the official statement of the Society of Jesus in the United States and Canada to the Dobbs decision a few days ago. (And since many people thought otherwise, these were not my own words...
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"Abortion is racist! Abortion is oppression!"

#WashingtonDC #Dobbs #SupremeCourt
It's gonna be a long day in DC
The Jesus Saves guy is back
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No clue who this is, but people don't like him
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