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Balaji asked, "What are you bullish on for 2023?" on the last day of 2022.

Here's what Vitalik replied 👇🏻

Curious about #EIP4844 and why it's a big deal?
We've heard it a million times:

Visa is lightning fast, but #Ethereum struggles at 11-15 TPS.

Rollups like #arbitrum and #OptimismFND provide relief, but they can be pricey at times.
But why are rollups pricey? What drives the cost?

It all boils down to data storage.

Approximately 90% of transaction costs are allocated to it. 🤯

Here's the scoop...
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#Ethereum #Danksharding #EIP4844
在2020年下半年,以太坊扩容思路从根本上发生了变化,开始围绕 #rollup 来扩容,这个思路奠定了以太坊未来的发展方向。

在rollup扩容思路下,以太坊本身需要加大对rollup的优化适配力度。在这些需求下,#Danksharding 和EIP-4844应运而出👇
EIP-4844提案可以认为是以太坊优先级最高的扩容方案,其主要作用是引进一个Blob交易类型来更好的支持 #rollup ,为之后的 #danksharding 打下基础。

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EIP4844 综合指南:它将如何让 L2 费用便宜 10 倍?

Arbitrum、Optimism 和其他以太坊 L2 的交易成本即将降低 10 倍。 如何做?

#EIP4844 能够做到。这篇内容介绍了:

✅什么是 EIP4844?
✅为什么选择 EIP4844?
✅为什么 EIP4844 会使 L2 费用会更低?
✅什么时候实施 EIP4844?
EIP-4844 是以太坊分片设计的第一次迭代。

随着过去几年的发展,以太坊开发人员已经将分片方案从完全执行分片转变为仅数据分片,V 神将此描述为“增加实用主义”。

EIP4844 试图在不破坏 L1 上的可组合性和执行层的情况下,在以太坊上增加数据可用性容量。
EIP4844 的重要之处在于它的价值将渗透到用户手中,因为我们都将能够从较低的 L2 费用中受益。

该提议背后的原因与以太坊以 rollup 为中心的路线图一致,并进一步提高了 L2 的可扩展性,同时与未来的分片向前兼容。
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The scalability of a #zkRollup IS NOT limited by the prove.

I'm detecting some missunderstandings of how a zkRollup works.

Let me explain in this thread why the prover is not the limiting factor and what are the actual limitetions of zk ( and optimistic ) rollups. Image
The first step is keeping the network synchronised. This is not specific to a zkRollup, this is the same for any chain (L1, L2, .., L43, zk, optimistic, side-chain, etc)
Once you have one (or many) nodes syncronized, you need to build the proofs for all those batches ( we call a batch to an L2 block to distinguish it from the L1 blocks).
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Looks like @coinbase just partnered up with @optimismFND in the L2 arms race! Let's take a glance at the current most important person in the room: @buildonbase!

2/🧵 Why is it a big deal? Some bullet points:

→ Coinbase is the biggest American exchange, and they'll onboard their 110m+ users into #DeFi

→ It'll be their on-chain base of operations
→ They'll build a bridge from Base to most L1s, L2s, and non-EVMs like #BTC and #SOL
3/🧵 @coinbase and @optimismFND first worked together helping develop #EIP4844, an update that will rise #ETH's TPS to 1,000, as a way to allow L2s to achieve exponential cost savings, making crypto affordable for mainstream users.
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0/ @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer enables new network designs and makes spinning up rollups easier than ever before

a 🧵 featuring #RollMint, @dymensionXYZ, @Sagaxyz__, @EvmosOrg and @fuellabs_ exploring the modular future 🔮✨

(0/34) 👇
1/ I have talked a lot about modularity and how @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer marks the beginning of a new era in blockchain architecture

if you want a summary on that, check my thread below 👇

2/ what I want to show you today, is how these novel architectures that @CelestiaOrg enables could look like, how @CelestiaOrg makes blockchain development easier & more accessible than ever before and how the modular building blocks of the future fit together
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1/ A follow-on 🧵 from yesterday's post about the #ArbitrumOdyssey fee spike.

This thread will discuss, in more detail,:
- the nuances around Optimistic rollups (ORs)
- what are the primary costs associated with ORs
- why there's hope
- @OffchainLabs roadmap
2/ In the case of ORs, no computation is actually done.

They “optimistically” assume all state changes are valid & post the off-chain txs to #ETH’s L1 as calldata.
To counter any potentially fraudulent txs, a dispute period is put in place for ~one week after posting to L1.
3/ During this time, any 3rd party can publish a fraud proof to verify the validity of the txs across L1 and L2.
If the txs are found to be invalid, the invalid txs and all affected txs will be reverted.

@ArbitrumDailyTK , @optimismPBC , @bobanetwork , and @fuellabs_ are ORs
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