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0/ similar to the sequencer, a centralized prover in #zk-rollup systems can introduce centralization & single-point-of-failure risks ⚠️

a 🧵 on a prover outsourcing mechanism proposed by @Scroll_ZKP (0/18) ✨👇 Image
1/ #zk-rollups demand an off-chain #prover to generate a succinct proof for a batch of transactions. However, proof generation for complex smart contract transactions can be expensive, leading to several limitations in functionality
2/ firstly, let's dive into the typical rollup tx flow ⬇️

⚙️ Users send transactions to a centralized #sequencer on #L2

⚙️ The sequencer executes transactions, packs (& orders) them into a #rollup block

⚙️ Centralized #prover generates a succinct proof of the sequencer's batch
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0/ @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer enables new network designs and makes spinning up rollups easier than ever before

a 🧵 featuring #RollMint, @dymensionXYZ, @Sagaxyz__, @EvmosOrg and @fuellabs_ exploring the modular future 🔮✨

(0/34) 👇
1/ I have talked a lot about modularity and how @CelestiaOrg's modular #DA layer marks the beginning of a new era in blockchain architecture

if you want a summary on that, check my thread below 👇

2/ what I want to show you today, is how these novel architectures that @CelestiaOrg enables could look like, how @CelestiaOrg makes blockchain development easier & more accessible than ever before and how the modular building blocks of the future fit together
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So, what an exciting week we have had, hey? Exciting and tragic. #ActionSA handed JHB back to the #anc by being naive, stupid and just plain know-it-all. Took over negotiations telling #DA who they should give what positions to, after they all signed an agreement about positions.
The #eff first voted with the #DA to get all the Metros, now they voted with the #anc again. Nothing new for them. They did this since 2016 with Mmusi too. They are by nature traitors and flipfloppers. Never to be trusted. The #PA sold their souls to the #anc again, like always.
Cope totally imploded and is now represented by a wild-eyed nutcase. #ActionSA started the instability in the Metros by constantly bashing the #DA and telling all the coalition partners how bad the #DA is. Then they went to the #DA and told them they MUST work with the #eff.
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@SkyeZedA has at last decided to sue @BiancavanWyk16 for abusing her for years on sm. @LoudMouthedChic is Bianca's lawyer, who regularly bashes @helenzille, @jsteenhuisen, @RenaldoGouws, etc. She brags she 'put @afriforum on their place,' + she regularly bashes the #DA.😳🤢🤮👇 ImageImageImageImage
🤯 Doxxes a Twitter user on Twitter, threatens him, etc.... ImageImageImageImage
🤡 ImageImageImageImage
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Makes for harrowing reading…👇…
“Parents can end up losing parenting time for trying to point out actual dangers because an evaluator assumes they are lying, he said.”…sounds familiar? #Cafcass
“She also suggested Elizabeth was projecting made-up medical problems onto her children when she sought advice for her daughter’s recurring stomach problems and expert opinions for her son’s special education needs.”
Sounds familiar? #FII
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Today at 2.30 we will be giving evidence to Women & Equalities Committee alongside @fairplayforwomen @filia_pix #womenatwesc Thank you for all your messages and long-standing support. Nothing about us without us.
Our portfolio of written consultation submissions relating to the rights of women including this #WESC consultation can be viewed here

We welcome our new followers watching #WomenatWESC

We are a left wing feminist organisation

To read our manifesto & our campaigns 👇🏿…
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#ICYMI Ep. 1416 The Real Story Behind What Soros Is Up To - The Dan Bongino Show® @dbingino George Soros Funding DA Elections, Secretary of State Elections, Ukraine Do Not Prosecute List, Soros Controls Streets & Elections, & More!…
Order Dan Bongino’s @dbongino #1 Best Seller “Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of Anti-Trump Cabal” for account of troubling connections between the anti-Trump lunatics. @dbongino #BestSeller #ObamaGate #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA2020 #Ad
Backed by Soros Cash, Radical District Attorneys Take Control in DC Suburbs

#Investor #Shorting #Stocks #Currencies #Manipulates #Crime #Levels #Manipulating #DA #Elections…
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(1/10) #Thread

Pakistan & China to sign Development Agreement of the First CPEC SEZ on Monday at the Prime Minister House, Islamabad.
The event would be attended by the Federal Ministers, Officials from line ministries and KP Govt and other stakeholders.

(2/10) Minister of State/ Chairman Board of Investment (BOI), @AtifRBokhari, said that signing of the Development Agreement #DA of #Rashakai #SEZ under CPEC would realize the vision of special economic zones’ development, ultimately leading to a prosperous & industrial Pakistan.
(3/10) Chairman BOI @AtifRBokhari highlighted the progress on SEZs under CPEC: sufficient headway has been made & the zones are now becoming ready for business. Pakistan’s proximity with China will allow these SEZs to foster economic interdependence for mutual economic advantage.
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1] Some of us who come from the ghetto will always say:

"if you can't say it to my face, i don't believe you".

The presser by #MaKhupe and co was just empty rhetoric.

Everyone looks brave when they feel safe.

It's only a matter of time when this charade will be exposed. Image
2] Its embarrassing desperation for #MaKhupe to claim Leadership over 103 MPs when she has 2.

Even stupid people know that the MDC-T was rejected by voters.

That rejection cannot be cured by legal technicalities.

It's even embarrassing for #Mwonzora to be part of this madness.
3] #MaKhupe continues to expose her naivety & #Leadership deficiency.

To argue that she is to the #MDC-T what #JohnStenheisen is to the #DA after the exit of #MusiMaimane is a joke that's not funny.

There was an undisputed #Leadership succession in the #DA.
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How social change happens. A thread: 👇
The town of #Pittsfield, MA got a new DA, #AndreaHarrington. She read my book, #NoVisibleBruises. She made it a roadmap 4 change. Ok. That's the only thing I'll mention about my involvement, b/c what the town did is so much greater.
The @CountyBerkshire DA partnered w/the local #DV agency (Elizabeth Freeman Ctr) & the local @bookstorelenox. The bookstore gave 20% of its profits to the #DV agency. The #DV & #DA subsided books 4 survivors. They made it a community read & had 50 (!) book groups. Then...
@CountyBerkshire @bookstorelenox The #DA implemented 3 changes to protocol: 1. evidence-based prosecution, 2. strangulation training for police, 3. a high risk team (last county in MA to do so @MassGov ). Whoa! Then, she invited me to speak--free & open to the public--& got healthcare workers who attended...3/
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Yesterday in Ijebu Ode, we had a town hall meeting with our people in Ogun East Senatorial District, on the 2020 Budget for the State. ImageImageImageImage
The purpose was for us to have a better understanding of what our people from that axis are in need of so as to capture it in the Budget. This is in furtherance of our resolve to run a government of inclusion. ImageImageImageImage
We will be taking the town hall meetings to the two other Senatorial Districts accordingly and very soon.

#DA #BuildingOurFutureTogether #ParticpatoryGovernance ImageImageImageImage
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So a few people have asked me about my reaction to @DoloresHuerta endorsing @KamalaHarris for her Presidential campaign in 2020. My thoughts on the matter and given with as much respect as I can give, as a person with Mexican family, and not quite fluent in Spanish. #DesculpaMe
1) @DoloresHuerta is a titan in Central Valley politics and for Mexican-Americans everywhere. She is often overlooked in comparison with #CesarChavez, but my understanding is that Dolores was more of the logistics of the @UFWF while #Cesar provided the #Vision. Sounds familiar!
2) In fact, my own Grandmother (mother’s mother) says that she marched with both @DoloresHuerta and #CesarChavez in the 1970’s. I recall the last time I asked her about her stories, I told her that I heard Dolores was fierce #AF. She concurred unequivocally.
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