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1/ Proud to announce that I'm joining a team of progressive #EastBoston residents seeking election to our local Democratic ward committee. It's a wicked local #bospoli story, but I think what we're doing here really matters--and that you should try it too.

Yes, you.

2/ Ward committees are as local as local politics get. They are (or at least can be) the foundation of party organizing, and the aspirational face of a community. They're the closest thing to Jeffersonian democracy most of us will ever see. (Photo credit: @SecretaryofMass)
3/ And they're fun! This guy gets it
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Working late again thanks to two awful Trump #immigration policies: #PublicCharge rule (scheduled to kick in on Tues) & the end of #TPSElSalvador in Jan.

We'd already been trying to get as many #TPS holders to residency as possible, & this new deadline has us all scrambling.
#EastBoston, #Chelsea, & #Revere are home to one of the East Coast's largest Salvadoran populations. We know from our clients & weekly visits to the consulate that reality is starting to hit: Thousands of my neighbors will begin 2020 by losing the status they've held for 18+ yrs
We have been able to process many of them for advance parole, a special travel permit which will allow those with immediate relatives who are US citizens or relatives to re-enter lawfully and qualify for residency. It's getting to be too late for those who haven't.
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1/ A timely story re: #ICERaids & how well-meaning people can do ICE's work for them:

A tweet about my neighborhood was posted last year w/information from someone who does not live in Boston. It went viral.

It was the worst thing any one person could have done.
2/ It was RT'd many times, and the information in it spread through many other tweets and posts. It was posted in all of the #EastBoston neighborhood FB groups. Calls and questions came in to our office about it. People were terrified. Not taking kids to school. Skipping work.
3/ Well-meaning allies kept RTing it for weeks after, and the waves of trauma and panic kept coming as people didn't notice the datestamp.

The worst part:

The info in the tweet wasn't even correct. ICE wasn't out "patrolling" or randomly checking people at a train station
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I went into solo practice 12 yrs ago with a goal of founding a non-profit #immigrationlaw org before my 40th bday.

I am proud to announce that the Golden Stairs Imm. Center will be opening its doors in #EastBoston in just a few weeks...

...and that I'll be 39 in June.
Our name honors the "Golden Stairs" new immigrants walked from the docks into #EastBoston seeking freedom from persecution & opportunity for their children. We hope to *be* the stairs helping clients in New England & beyond seek asylum, fight deportation, & keep families together
I'll be posting much more soon, but I just couldn't wait to share the news! We have secured amazing space with very low overhead and can't wait to move in. We hope to have a staff attorney and a place on the immigration court's pro bono list within the next six months.
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1/ Hell yes and 🀘to these two, but (judging from local FB groups) way too many of my white #EastBoston neighbors were basically OK with this actual neo-Nazi "blood and soil" fascist propaganda and we all need to talk about this NOW
2/ Andrew Anglin of the hate site Stormfront has been openly clear that he sees the alt-right/Gamergate/alt-light as ways to normalize hate speech and start to mobilize "normie" conservatives toward white nationalism and a full-on authoritarian state. That's the actual goal.
3/ #EastBoston has always been an insular community with serious racial tensions. This was one of the only places in #Boston where the busing fight was explicitly racist. African-American families were literally firebombed out. Seeing a *lot* of effort to erase this history rn.
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1/ One of the worst parts of the proposed new DHS "public charge" rule would resurrect a 400-yr-old idea, punish lower-income immigrants, AND deliver a massive new giveaway to Wall Street.

Not seeing much out there on this piece right now, so here's what you need to know:
2/ The idea of a "public charge bond" goes back to the earliest colonial days. If someone coming over from Europe didn't seem like they would be able to support themselves, the ship's captain would have to put up a given amount of money to keep them off the dole or take them back
3/ As part of the "Passenger Cases," SCOTUS struck down the city of Boston's attempt to collect public charge bonds from ship captains as unconstitutional in 1849, finding that only the federal government had this kind of power. But it didn't actually exercise it until 1882.
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UPDATE: Client arrested in #EastBoston court still in #ICE custody. Fighting to get him out, but that's not what this thread is about.

This thread is about how @bostonpolice carelessly railroaded an innocent man & handed him to ICE

#AbolishICE #bospoli

BPD maintains a "gang assessment database" with the Boston Region Intelligence Center, "fusion center" which combines the worst information and impulses of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Their intel on suspected gang members is... well, it's bad. It's very bad.
The database gives BPD cover to "confirm" who is a "VERIFIED & ACTIVE" gang member. It's a serious allegation, something they'd be immediately sued for publicly suggesting about a white Bostonian. But determine that someone is young, male, & Salvadoran.... and here we are:
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Are you a white person on Twitter who wants to do something to help immigrants? Here's an easy one.

STOP spreading rumors about ICE "checkpoints," "raids," or "patrols." They are 99% false and cause massive harm, trauma, and economic loss to immigrant communities.

Just try to imagine what it would be like to see that on your phone as you're getting on the bus to your second job. As you're about to take your kids to school. As you're deciding whether or not this fever has been going long enough to visit the ER.
I've been studying these social media ICE panics for awhile now. They are all either:

(1) Police security checkpoints at transit stops

(2) CBP security searches

(3) Targeted ICE arrests of known individuals

(4) Trolls

(5) Absolutely nothing at all
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Yesterday #ICE physically restrained my client just outside the #EastBoston District Court clerk's office immediately after he made bail. The chief of probation said it was the first time in 40 yrs immigration authorities had actually entered the courthouse.
2/ He is 21 years old. No crim record. 1 month away from a greencard. Facing serious harm if deported.

We had done everything possible to keep him from #ICE, but even the #Boston #TrustAct could not protect him.

This is a problem.

@LydiaMEdwards @marty_walsh @adrianmadaro
3/ Even when they are on a state-issued GPS bracelet, ICE officers will cut the bracelet off and toss it back onto a probation officer's desk. Even so, probation told me that they are officially "neutral" on #ICE actions. I tried to explain that there is no "neutral" here.
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Today I prepared a beautiful 6-year-old girl in a pink hat for an #asylum interview.

ME: Do you want to go back to El Salvador?

CLIENT [eyes wide]: No!

ME: Why not?

CLIENT [looking down at table]: Because of the bad people.

She'll be deported before her 10th birthday.
That tweet above is pretty much verbatim what she'll be saying on Monday; her father will provide the rest. He'll tell the interviewer about the threats of kidnapping & murder, and what gangs do to children of people they extort if they can't escape. She will not receive asylum.
The case will be referred back to an immigration judge, who will find that she & her family have not suffered persecution based on any grounds that the law can recognize. By the time of her hearing, AG Sessions will have personally removed any doubt of the law around this point.
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