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A classic case of how influence operatives such as Mohsin Dawar are allowed to gain a voice in #Pakistan.

How our media regulators such as @reportpemra & @pid_gov’s weak vetting processes allow such elements to gain a public voice.

I present to you Veengas Yasmeen:

She’s been peddling seditious propaganda for a long time, with sinister links to #Indian media establishment, recently she was laying low to begin a Sindhi/English News Service

Now, her ‘NONPROFIT’ network is being built to recruit local journalists (operatives) in #Pakistan
Her timeline was cleared of many tweets, when she applied for a news outlet license.
However there are ways to find those posts.
How much more obvious do you have to be in your anti-#Pakistan propaganda for the media regulators to take notice?

Read till the end:

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The Reality & Rumours Of #GIDC Rs 300 Billion “Supposed” Write Off.

A Thread:

1. GIDC was imposed by #PPP government in 2011

2. It was imposed to help build Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline

3. It is a Non-Tax Revenue

4. So it falls under the category of CESS Charge
5. The #CNG Association Of Pakistan was the first one to oppose it

6. They went to the court and took a STAY ORDER

7. Then the Fertiliser industry followed the foot steps of The CNG association

8. They went and took a stay order as well.

9. But the trick these co’s played...
.... was that they were collecting these CESS charges from the consumers but not depositing the money in the government accounts. Which is a crime in my opinion.

10. #NS government kept playing along by delaying the collection by force from these companies.
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102. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said nuclear war is not an option and India must abandon its nuclear weapons. In an interview with Fox News in Washington, he said if India complies with this demand Pakistan will also not use nuclear weapons. | #PMIKInUSA
103. US-Pakistan Business Council calls on Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Top opposition politicians in #Pakistan from multiple parties, led by #NawazSharif's #PMLN & #Zardari's #PPP, held iftar dinner of #Ramadan, in a message that they're united to topple Prime Minister #ImranKhan of #PTI just 8months after election. /1 #Thread
The meeting celebrated dynastic politics through the presence of #NawazSharif's daughter & #Zardari's son. Corruption cases & scandals is another thing that has united the Pakistani opposition. They're all facing two options: return corruption money or face jail time.
PM #ImranKhan remains popular despite trouble in his economic team (now resolved). The wealthy opposition is pumping huge money into psychological & disinformation wars against the govt & military to sow confusion. They partially succeeded thanks to weak govt counter strategy.
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#Thread | PM #ImranKhan did the right thing by owning #PTM. This one move destroys the designs of regional actors hoping to exploit legitimate grievances of a segment of #Pakistanis. Here's why it's good. /1

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Misguided or not, #PTM consists of young & educated #Pakistanis. The grievances are real, result of decades of political failures of #Peshawar & #Islamabad, and parties like #ANP #PPP #PMLN. /2
#Pakistani politicians failed to build on successful anti-terror military operations in #FATA. #PakMilitry had to enlist help of #UAE #EU #Japan #KSA to build schools & roads. Precious time was wasted in political squabbles. /3
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Local authorities in #Pakistan are not doing a good job protecting #Pakistani #Hazara population in #Quetta #Balochistan but the complex geopolitics involved in this story are terrifying. /1
There is a compelling case for categorizing attacks on #Hazara as acts of terrorism & war, not only sectarianism. #Pakistani Hazara & the State are embroiled in a complex situation that demands recognition & full disclosure. /2
#Pakistan law enforcement has eliminated key anti-#Shia extremist #Sunni militants in #Balochistan+#Punjab since 2015, & worked with #US & #Afghanistan to close #LeJ/#TTP/#BLA terror camps (involved in sectarian killings as part of a wider anti-Pak war)./3
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YOU, #POTUS, have been taking advantage of the United States, by fraud, theft, deception, and dishonor SINCE YOU WERE A CHILD!

YOU avoided the draft by falsifying medical records, where other young men died so you could continue to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE U.S. FOR DECADES. COWARD
Why have we not come together as a people to DEMAND,
Donald J. #TrumpResign as #POTUS after definite proof he IS A DISGRACEFUL, DISHONEST COWARD?
He has publicly said, he is "smart"& American's are SUCKERS & FOOLS, for
Being drafted into military
Becoming a P.O.W.
Paying taxes
So if we are suckers and fools, for becoming a P.O.W., serving in the military, then it can be accurately implied that he feels the same about those who have SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES for AMERICA.

#TrumpResign, Your thievery has taken advantage of our country for DECADES. #gth #ppp
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Thanks to Dr. @ShireenMazari1, the PM is advised to sign International Convention on Enforced Disappearances. Last two civilian governments were not allowed to sign it though.
However, Pakistan might not sign the provisions that allow 1/n…
...families of disappeared persons to file complaints to the Committee on Enforced Disappearances formed under this Convention; mandates the Committee to consider the comokaints; and empowers the Committee to hold visits to the country in question. Also, Article 6(2) of the 2/n
Convention says that no order from any authority - civil or military - can be invoked to justify an enforced disappearance. That might also be the problem for a state that proudly carries the ghastly military courts as a badge of honour. 3/n
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2018 / 2019
PBI -2,4% / -0,5%
Consumo -3,4% / -1,6%
Gasto público -2% / -3,4%
Inversión 0,6% / -9,7%
Expo 3,1% / 20,9%
Impo -0,7% / 2,8%

O sea: ajuste del gasto público y de inversión durará hasta 2020, pero año próximo esperan que vuelen expo (agro!).
2. Déficit de Cuenta Corriente:
2017, USD 31.300 millones (4,9% PBI) (por falta de Inversión Extranjera)
2018, USD 22.400 millones (4,6% PBI) (por sequía y menos importaciones)

Déficit comercial
2017, USD 8.500 millones
2018, USD 4.600 millones
3. En 2019 se prevé que se acelere Brasil, suban (acotadas) tasas de interés USA y guerra comercial USA-China
Pero más expo, por agro (sin sequía), Vaca Muerta y Brasil

Déficit de Cuenta Corriente sería USD 9.900 millones (2,2% PBI) y superávit comercial de USD 5.800 millones
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