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क़रीब 3.5 करोड़ की जनसंख्या वाला भारत का छोटा सा राज्य है केरल। चाइनीज़ वायरस के पहले तीनों मामले इसी राज्य में मिले थे। वामपंथी शासित है, महामारी के दौरान भी @vijayanpinarayi शासित ही रहा। गुलाम मानसिकता के पत्रकारों ने टीवी बहस में, अख़बारों में कोविड प्रबंधन की खूब प्रशंसा की
अभी भी बड़ा वर्ग है पत्रकारों का जो पहली फ़ुरसत में वामपंथ शासित, साक्षर केरल की चमत्कारी कहानियाँ सुनाने लगता है। बीच रास्ते गाय का बछड़ा मारकर उस राज्य में खाया गया, लेकिन वर्तमान संदर्भों में भी चाइनीज़ वायरस का क़हर देश पर लगातार टूटा तो उसमें केरल की भूमिका सबसे ख़राब रही
अब दूसरी लहर के कम होने की बात की जा रही है तो भी केरल एक ऐसा राज्य है जो चुनौती बना है। अभी केरल में प्रतिदिन 12000 से ज़्यादा संक्रमित हो रहे हैं। दुर्भाग्य से ठीक होने वालों की संख्या संक्रमितों से कम है। खाड़ी के पैसे पर पलने वाले राज्य की सच्चाई कम ही जानते हैं #FactsMatter
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For #Australia psychic reading client: You can feel a dense energy when you tune into deceivers. They use #ProLife to lure religious people to vote for corrupt governments. You can't pick and choose which life is important. They do. They rely on brainwashing (weaponizing) voters
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: The impact of religious weaponization on people of faith is why you see an overlap with the uptake of conspiracy networks. QAnon was setup to reach people of faith. They drop crumbs (fake clues) to stir the people up about everything.
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: What the people of faith aren't seeing is the direct relationship to disinformation (misinformation) with deceiver elite who are funding them. Koch Brothers, Mercers, Russian oligarchs, the mob are all behind secret networks #FactsOnly
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#factsonly RE: #BlackAustinMatters Mural - a thread:

1. The #BlackAustinMatters Mural was a collaboration between @CapitolViewArts and @AtxJustice. They city helped with the stencil and logistics. Dassit.
2. The black artists that were out there did NOT WORK FOR FREE. ALL and ONLY the Black artists are getting paid for their labor. Volunteers of other races and backgrounds were out there to help as well. #BlackAustinMatters
3. We also wanted to highlight and spotlight Black Artists thats why we invited them out. #BlackAustinMatters
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{A THREAD} One of the dangers of this moment for white counterparts in placemaking is to be invigorated to “do something” instead of just picking up the best practices, voices and research of women/black ppl/white allies from the last 5+ years and put that work to work.
It is important that we amplify, fund and implement the work of people and organizations that have already spoken loudly on the intersection of place and race. With that in mind I’ve decided to interrupt your lunchtime to do some amplifying…here we go…
A study from 2008-2011 in NYC found bans on sidewalk biking to be enforced disproportionately in Black and Latino communities…
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Il fallait s'y attendre la journaliste de @LePoint qui s'auto-estampille #FactsOnly relaie les manipulations de Kervasdoué, un marchand de doute, minimisant les effets de la #charcuterie sur la santé

Evidemment que la consommation de charcuterie cause des cancers.
Je suis étonné que le collectif @nofake_science (ou ses membres) qui semblait si attaché à rappeler les "consensus scientifiques" ne l'ai pas fait dans ce cas.

Du coup on peut lire :…
Kervasdoué a déjà minimisé les effets de l'amiante, de la pollution de l'air, du tabagisme passif. Il a accusé à tort les écolos d'être responsables de millions de morts par l'interdiction du #DDT (qui n'a pas eu lieu) dans la lutte contre le #paludisme…
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WaKenya: the apoplectic @AmbMKamau is unaware that we don't need to go back 10yrs to know that Jubilee has consigned Kenyans to slavery through expensive loans for poorly thought out projects.

(long thread)

2. WaKenya: Considering that his entire adult life has been supported by taxpayers in big cities abroad, PS @AmbMKamau should draw his salary quietly & stop displaying his ignorance in public.

(he should ask for a Diplomacy School refund though)

Twende Kazi with #FactsOnly
3. WaKenya: Crony capitalism is real. Eg Kenya Railways was dismembered in order to give Transcentury a grip on its asset. Rift Valley Railways was then created & Citadel from Egypt was sucked in. @AmbMKamau, how much did this cost the taxpayer in money & opportunity?

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This may hit by tomorrow (Monday). #Coalition…
On the 6th of February 2013. I finalized my strategic advisory having witnessed the agreement & success of the merger of a New Political Party (APC) given the impertinence & complacency of the PDP back then. It wasn’t long after this that the structure was hijacked. #FactsOnly
History has a funny way of repeating itself. Politics void of ideology is most definitely not my kind of clime. If I didn’t take advantage then to belong why would I now that I’m far wiser and more experienced? Ignorant griots would still say I’m PDP for lack of dirt to haul.
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Fayose's decision to borrow 56 billion with a fresh application of another N25 billion in 2017, without any significant socio-economic impact puts @GovAyoFayose's understanding of governance & economics in question. And also confirms his lack of transparency. /1

#Fayose @Ayourb
With low jobs growth, no wage growth, no industrial development, no investment in agric & no socio-economic plan, where does future govt revenue come from? @GovAyoFayose has presided over the worst govt ever to drive up #Ekiti State's debt without a plan to fix the economy. /2
Contrary to the lies by @OlayinkaLere & @GovAyoFayose, the first 30billion in this chart is an accumulation of accrued debt b4 & during @kfayemi's tenure. He ensured that 14.5b was paid out of the 25b loan before he left office. By Oct 2014, #Ekiti debt profile was 10.5b. /3
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Today we explore loopholes in Nigeria's electoral system that could threaten the credibility of 2019 Presidential Election & trigger post-election violence. We also share what citizens, @INECNigeria & non-state actors can do.

Take a deep dive with us.

68% of PVCs representing 21.4m of the 31.7m citizens accredited to vote in 2015 presidential election failed full accreditation with the Smart Card Readers and had to use incidence forms for accreditation.

Only 32% or 10.3m of PVCs presented passed full accreditation.
42% of 31.7m citizens accredited to vote (i.e. 13.4m) used incidence forms because @INECNigeria's Smart Card Readers could read their PVCs BUT COULD NOT verify their fingerprints as the authentic owners of the PVCs they presented.

This problem was prevalent in the North:
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